Desktops>> A Selection From Wtac 2011

It would have been sacrilegious to have concluded our coverage of the 2011 World Time Attack Challenge without releasing a few desktops. We have put together a nice selection from us all…

…and as you should know by now you will have to head to the Desktops section to download your favorite ones.

There you will find shots of our favorite Time Attack cars as well as a few images of Kiwi drifter Mad Mike, along with his insane sounding Mad Bull FD3S!

At events like these it's easy to focus too much on the high profile cars that participate in the Pro class, so to keep it balanced we've got some images of more street-based cars like this stunning BNR32…

…the crazy Tilton Interiors EG Civic…

…and a little Toyota Supra action.

Want to grace your computer's screen with some Japanese time attack goodness? I think you'll find what you need here!

The Cyber Evo quietly sitting in the pits…

…or out in action.

Sasaki-san behind the wheel of the Pan Speed RX-7.

Kinoshita and the Revolution FD…

…and to top it off David Empringham with the Sierra Sierra Enterprises Evo 8 MR.  


-Dino Dalle Carbonare

Pictures Dino Dalle Carbonare, Casey Dhnaram, Matt Malcom



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Thanks for all these awesome posts on the WTAC! I can not get enough of these cars and the progress so many teams made in one year. 2012 will be crazy, hopefully bringing some UK love, and some of these big talking teams from the US that keep pulling out. SSE holds it down just fine though.

Ohhh, an MR! Bilsteins, a 6 speed, and amenities! lol... Do you think labeling the SSE evo as an "8 MR" is accurate at this point, or even correct to begin with??

How about: SSE's 05' Evo? or SSE's Evo8?

Not only is it not an "MR", but at this point in the cars build, even if it started life as an MR (which it did not), it sure is not applicable now. It is an evo8.


THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the desktops of MAD MIKE'S RX7 ...the COOLEST drift machine in the WORLD!


awesome pictures as usual!!! Keep up the good work guys


Glad you included the SierraSierra :)

Love that car :)


Awesome desktop of mad mike's sick nasty rx7. The definition of B.A.


No Scorch S15?


Very Very nice pictures...

But when you are announcing them as "wallpapers" why don´t you offer them (at least as a download link) in 1920x1080 ??

Why should I use such tiny pictures as a wallpaper?

Please provide them in a larger size... thanks :-)


^^ the article mentions that these are examples of what you can find in the desktops section of the site where they have larger versions you ignorant jew


I have to say i'm a little disappointed with the coverage. Plently on the pro cars but what about the other 120 cars... There was heaps of cool cars there surely you could do a post with a selection of the open and clubsprint cars?