Car Spotlight>> Ek Civic At Cadwell

As Speedhunters, we must learn to appreciate all aspects of the automotive lifestyle. We need to understand that there is a clearly defined difference between those who are interested in the aesthetics and those who are performance orientated. Even more importantly, we need to realise that there is more than enough room for us all to co-habit the automotive world.  

This EK was parked amongst some other cars of questionable modifications at Modified Live and it really shone in its surroundings. 

What I think is a B16 of some sort providing the power with an aftermarket exhuast manifold and a couple of other trick bits helps balance the performance / aesthetic worlds. 

Some dished BBS wheels with gold studs look the part although if I was to be picky, I think that there's a little bit too much negative camber on the rear. 

Still though, it's a solid all round car with consideration to all the important aspects of modifying your vehicle. 


Paddy McGrath



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Why post junk, this parker would be unsafe at any pace beyond walking speed?


@Marc- then walk. Non one's asking you to drive it or even look at it. To each his own. I dont see bagged and dropped and slammed VWs take so much flak. Why just Hondas?


I like it. Haters gon' hate.


Speedhunters needs to revamp their commenting system. There are a few consistent readers that do appreciate the work these photographers so and don't hate on every ride posted. Make the commenters sign up and have mods able to promote constructive comments and give them more weight.


Right on the first comment man, why yu hating so much? If yu don't like hondas look at other cars at the site,i love hondas, and this one is a good example, lay low on the negative comments


"To each his own" Really???

Not hating at all but Its cool if he's trying to be different though not at the expense of drivability or safety.

There is a point where you have to draw the line somewhere between looks and being able drive around safely.

Marc is not hating at all, just simply stating the truth.

At that height, your axle angles are out of optimal movement, look out for broken CV joints, worn seals, etc..

Your suspension does not have enough travel to cope with bumps due to decreased travel and insufficient dampening.

Sure the car may look good body wise, but check out the undercarriage. It is probably badly scarred and the frame rails have nasty bumps in it from going over small speed bumps lol.

Constructive criticism wise, the engine bay is really tidy nice contrast against the exterior.

Don't get me wrong Hondas are bad ass.......when they are setup nicely.


looks weird o.O


""As Speedhunters, we must learn to appreciate all aspects of the automotive lifestyle"""- Paddy

very true man, cool stuff, but arent there pictures missing for these to be a feature?


I don't care for stance/hellaflush crap but the fitment on this car is fucking atrocious. Way too much poke. Speedhunters needs to stop spotlighting trendbag/craplace/sceeney cars like this. In three years people will look back on this style with as much contempt as they do to clear tailights and veilside style aero now.


Looks like poop.


@Doug, I'm sure the owner is well aware of this, and he probably has the funds to replace the seals and he probably doesn't care about frame rails if he is this low in the first place, I'm pretty certain this isn't his daily either, and if so, then I give him props, because it's not like the parts are rare or expensive. Props for going where many dare not go


@Marc Sasso, why would this be unsafe? It's not like the upgrades suspension which allows this low setting will fail under daily driving...(Agreeing this car isn't for circuit driving at all)


It's interesting that people either don't read or don't give 2 seconds to digest the opening paragraph of the post.

I have no idea who owns it or why they built it but so what. "Set up correctly" is a relative term. Perhaps the owners only motivation is to show the car and it's ultimate performance is of little importance? It may not be your version of correct but that doesn't make it incorrect. If he showed up at an autocross or a track day then I agree it's not correct. But for a car show it seems awfully correct to me. I'm not into the hella whatever scene, nor am I any fanboi of any particular marque, but I can appreciate when someone has a clear vision for their car and executes it.

Ratrods aren't "correct", led-sleds aren't "correct", R comps on a street car aren't "correct"...but there is room for everyone in the hobby....or at least there should be.


This type of car makes me more careful when I visit this website in case a coworker walks past and sees the vulgar automotive shame on my screen


If i could describe this car in two words they would be, No steez.


is it static?? cus if it is that car must be unbelievably hard to drive especially if its in the UK!


At least the wheels are nice...


@Marc Sasso I totally agree


FYI you can peek right down there to the left of the header and see the engine code on most newer (80s and later) transverse Honda engines. No need for guesswork on Hondas :)


^Build shitty car. Call everyone haters...


Wold be very nice if it wasn't for the horrid wheel offset


Speedhunters is the name of the why post a feature about a car that can only sit still and be looked at by other noob ricers & posers???



You failed to read my statement as well. I think your missing the point.

Just so you don't miss it:

"There is a point where you have to draw the line somewhere between looks and being able drive around safely."

Did not mention anything about being a mad tyte race car yo.

That's fine if performance isn't a factor, that's is fine. Safety is the main concern I was trying to get across.

Yes people enjoy their cars, but what's the point if its a chore to drive? Wouldn't you agree?

Again, I'm not hating, just saying. There's no denying the fact this is one of the cleaner stanced out cars.

Its not about being "correct" it is about safety and practicality, that imo should help dictate what people do to their cars.

Btw, R-Comps on a that sees 100% street is a supreme waste of money. If the street car sees track time often there's a difference there.


nigga gonna hate i dont like the honda scene here in orlando fl but ill admit when a honda is done right and looks good and this is one of those cars i find that i like hondas is just the people that drive them that are gay and all about the straight line life i say fuck that


look haters r going to hate but im also not a fan of this kind of modyfiying, let alon honda's but still i apriciate the atenntion to detail and the asteticks of the car , and ofcourse the really nice pic's tho !

btw sorry for my bad englisch


The ek itself is dope, so are the wheels - just not together.


We don't need to appreciate every car on earth--this being one of those cars. Yuck.


being a eg owner, i have to say this is one ugly hard parker. the wheels/fit is just so mexican


:O Make the 4th pic a desktop!!! soooo sexy :)


to each his own? maybe. but this is SPEEDhunters. not STANCEhunters. post agile cars, post fast cars, post all that fun stuff. but posting a car only capable of parking? this is why i don't check this site very often anymore.


Great other than the camber on the back and the USDM size license plate; the plate in itself is fine, but the boot has been left stock which means it looks stupidly small compared to the recess.


This wouldn't be that bad of a car if it wasn't for the bad suspension and wheel/tire setup... I mean whats the point of having stretched tires if they don't tuck under the fenders. I agree with Doug's rustbucket S13, its just a waste of money and time if you build a car you can't drive.


This car wouldn't be that bad if it wasn't for the bad suspension, and wheel/tire setup. I mean whats the point of having stretched tires if they aren't tucked under the fenders? I agree with Doug's rustbucket S13, why spend so much money on a car that you can't drive?


Too much euro inspiration there.. Just my $0.02


I laughed hard... xD


Front tyres need more stretch to fit properly, but having said that, their is too much poke going on anyway really! Love the different coloured engine bay, and BBS RS' are always a winner!

@Gooly, that's the standard JDM size plate recess and the USA plate size is the same as a JDM plate, so it doesn't look out of place at all to's only Euro/UK's that run overly long plates and would think it looks odd.


like what the owner has done here.. must of cost a pretty penny. - schweet!


Beautiful wheels, but FWD stagger has always bothered me. Holy MexiFitment Batman!


For the record I love hondas too (I drive an Integra) but I can't stand crap like this. Even for stance it's poorly done stance.


Modding a car to be aesthetically pleasing is fine. But that wheel fitment is NOT pleasing at all. Even the douchey "hellaflush" guys would laugh at that wheel fitment. He's doing it ALL wrong.


@Dylan....trends are trends, they come and go, of course everyone looks back on trends and thinks "what were we thinking"! I'm no trendy sheep, but I can appreciate current trends whenever they pop up and seem to takehold, no need to be anti-everything trendy, just do it in moderation so it's not so fad-ish!

@Carguy Chris.....I really don't understand why people like you bother to comment. Speedhunters is just the name, this doesn't mean it has to have everything to do with SPEED, get over it, it never has been all about speed. Do you get in the Hot Rod stories and whinge, probably, what about show coverage, probably, but why? People who like show cars and Hot Rods etc don't get in the WTAC and drift crap and whinge about how they aren't interested in that sort of crap or how drift pigs are ugly, so why whinge about these sort of cars. Also, just for the record, this car isn't to my taste, it's taken a trend too far....but I just don't get why people need to hate!?!?!? Just don't click if you don't like!


Respect to anybody who can build a car that clean. Whether it's practical is a moot point, as its intended purpose is clearly to look good at car shows. I would like to build a track toy from an EK, and there might be those who would complain that it's not clean enough, or sits too low, or too high. Their loss.


Also, I like the color. It looks like Iced Teal Pearl, like the '99 (EJ) sedan I bought new off the showroom floor.


It's fucking shite waste of an EK shell.

I fucking hate these hardparking twats and it's invading the UK car scene more and more!

Hellaflush uk meet: "NO I copied the Americans first!!"


@jay dub. Ummm if you look real close under the Speedhunters logo you'll see "car cultures at large"



i like it ... its alot of work kudos to the owner

if any of the other speedhunters posted this then there would be nothing but praise for it ... but as its Paddy everyone hates it !!!


I dont get why people MUST hate on this style or even in general. When there's something i dont like on ANY site or even in person, i just dont care. Why must people feel they HAVE to give their reasoning on hating? Seriously if you don't like it, ok cool u dont like it. No one said you had to like everything. Get over it people.


I'd rather rub my neighbours dogs warm jizzum all over my face and my corduray trousers then be seen dead driving this hippy-coloured-scene-clashing-misfit of an automobile. If this was a racehorse, or indeed any kind of horse at all, then I'd shoot it. I hate horses. But not as much as I hate scene-bunnies.


funny thing is a lot of people will state their opinions on what is safe, but in fact without detail you can't tell squat.

he could in fact be lowered on coilovers, and not need the extra travel.

he could in fact be using bump steer spacers to bring his suspension geometry back into the correct orientation.

and with modern cars you would be surprised how much deflection the cv axles can run at without having too much strain on the system. and even if he was lowered beyond the point of correct deflection, he could always lift the engine and tranny up a bit in the engine bay bringing everything back into correct geometry.

the rear wheel fitment i do agree is a bit extreme, and does in fact defeat the purpose of running a wider rim, especially since he's running such a large stretch, but poke in fact is not anymore dangerous than running really wide tires on a rim, as long as the bead is seated correctly, he has adequate tire pressure, and he's not pushing the car, the tire won't magically pop off.

kudos paddy on being able to accept that there are different walks in life, hats off to you.


I want more of that Opel/ Wauxhall Astra


i feel bad for those people who say bad things to a piece of art.. everyone has their own taste.. not all tastes are the same.. not all can satisfy your taste.. just keep it to yourself if you have a ugly comment..


this is the generation of car enthusiast............ very very very sad i think. full respect to this car and its owner. to the haters. FUCK YA'LL, wont ya jus leave others alone, let them do there thing and do wut ever ya do in the hate book manual. cause so far when ya hate, it basically stats that u hate others that work hard to get where there at for example. homie in the EK, or u hate that others can afford high dollar shit and u cant. if you cant stand shit like that then jus put a gun to ur head and pull the damn trigger and u wont see no more cause you goin to see more and more of it. Owner of this site should really band all hatin comments, cause ya fucks jus have no respect for others art. butt as i say again. mad respect to the ride and the owner


We don't care about those who don't know.. it's those who know that we should be afraid of. in my opinion as an EK owner, that rear camber is way off the charts, tire size looks wrong too.. look at the 4th pic ftw


Lol at the people defending broken fitment. That height is UNSAFE PERIOD on a street driven car no matter what you do.

Skulls of correct, the design of the EG/EK/DC's double wishbone design creates addition camber when compressed.

So with this excessive camber, just imagine how much camber is created when being unnecessarily low like that. Think about it for a second seattlejester.

Not hating, stating facts.

From my experience installing tires, you do not want to risk unseating the tires. It is very critical to follow safety precautions. Sure people had done this stretch stuff so many times but out of the 0.1% chance the tires fail on you, do you want to be in that car when it happens. Properly sized tires are there for a reason and shouldn't be taken lightly.

Kids nowadays...


some people are just looking for keyboard arguements... ok so you dont like the car. so why click on the car in the first place, let alone scroll to the bottom of the photos and comment. Seems an awful lot of effort to just hate on someones pride and joy. So what that it doesnt constitute to your perfect car.

and the point about it being unsafe ? im 100% sure it wouldnt be on the UK roads if it was unsafe. I see an awful lot of unsafer cars on the road that are standard.

Settlejester has his head screwed on.

at the end of the day what makes the automotive scene one of the best in the world is variety. Live with it and shut up winging...



iLol'ed at people supporting stanced trash today.


Pride and joy? I wouldn't be proud of this hella crap cannibucket.


Still does not change the fact that it is safe...


Fix the wheel fitment so it at least sits flush and I won't hate. I won't like it, but I won't hate.


Too funny!!

Lol at people trying to justify this trend. Lol at the 18, 19 yr olds the love this broken fitment trend looking for internet points yo!


The facts are out there from every "hater" read it again.

Yeah, you do all that just so you can get stuck in a speed bump regardless of whether you go through it at a 45 degree angle or not. It is UNSAFE PERIOD.

Build crappy cars, call everyone with a better car haters. Hats off to you.


Its ban, not band.

What art, where is the art??? Cranking the coils to the lowest settings? Other than the nice bay and cool BBS rims which don't belong on that car, where is the art?


I suppose this could be cool because he's gone for a quintessentially Euro wheel on a Japanese car. But that camber, just way too much. Other than that I guess it's all right.


i bet the owner never dreamed his car would provoke so much 'venom' when he thought to himself (or her) 'i'm all done now'.. aside from that i'd love those rims on my car/project! - in the famous words of Rodney King.. "why can't we all just get along?"

[via NuggetG60YorkshireUK's computer]


To the guy saying would it be driveable at walking speed, my friends car is on the ground 80% of the time and it never gets stuck, its driftable, it looks great, and it can go 75 on the freeway no problem. Lets just all Shut the f u c k up about that BS already. its not your car ,we dont needa hear your complaints about somthing you're not driving.


All these negative comments make me laugh. Im sure 0ver 90% of dont have a clue what your on about and just making assumptions. The level of work on this car is awesome and apart from the paint its home grown.

This has made a good read cheers :)


I'd rather scrub my face with a chees grater then drive around in that.

Stance!?! STANCE!?! Is that what all this camber bollocks is about? Get a Dodge Ram. Stance as standard.


LOL at morons still trying to justify this fad of being slammed.

Wayy to funny.


speedhunters made this to share different kinds of car cultures.. please stop fighting... please stop hating...


If you dont like it, dont view it, simple as..

And if you dont like it, why do you feel you need to comment on how much you dislike it?

Why cant you just shrug it off and view something you do like? This site caters for all automotive tastes, i dont much care for drifiting but i just skip over the articles that focus on drifting.

some of you people are way too wound up to be crying about someone else's ride. its their car, their problem if the set up causes issues.

Get over yourselves.

Also, it may be called speedhunters but the slogan is "car culture at large" - trends such as stance are a significant part of car culture


Something else, BBS on Golf's is so boring. Golfs are way overrated and all look the same, even though i've thought for a long time that BBS rims on EK's is win, at least they aren't on yet another Golf.



What a diverse culture, this falls under the same category as clear tails on 240's, graphics on an eclipse.

What a waste of a clean EK.


deff not into the hellaflush trend but how come no one is hatin on the rear drive chassis of nissan and mazda when it comes to this?


holly carp all u fanboys r gona hate on this ek? and everyone is in love with drift unions legacy? just goes to show how jaded the scene is getting.

72 import world got more bullshit drama than muscle


@ Vicoboi

(speedhunters made this to share different kinds of car cultures.. please stop fighting... please stop hating...)

i totally agree

dont worry haters next year is the last year for this world, after that you dont have to bitch no more........unless you goin to be bitchin about whos's goin to heaven :) lol lol


You have to be slammed and drag your muffler on the touge, that sheet is badass.

2 legit 2 quit yo!


My opinion... I don't like the color of the car, don't like the color of the engine bay, a doesn't like a the stance either... too much camber.

my 2 cents


I had seen this car on show, and had taken a few snaps of my own. It's hands down, the best civic I have ever laid my eyes upon! The colors are amazing, and that camber - to die for! I really want to see more of this car so I can get some more snaps!