Car Feature>> Joshua Garcia’s 1uz V8 Corolla

Back in March, I had the opportunity to spend a bit of time in Houston, Texas to check out the car scene out there. The culmination of my Speedhunting adventures in that city was a very special street meet which centered on the nostalgic automobile offerings from Japan. There many cars that caught my eye when I was out there, but the one that stood out the most was this 1985 Toyota Corolla owned and built by Joshua Garcia.

The single most important thing that makes this '85 Corolla so special is what's underneath the hood. The car saw quite a bit of horsepower gain from a quad cam, 32 valve, Lexus 1UZFE 4.0L V8, coupled with a Toyota W58 transmission, swapped in. The headers were custom built and was ceramic coated by Rowdy Flanagan from Flanagan's Mufflers in Corpus Cristi, Texas.

The engine is managed by the stock Lexus LS400 ECU. The motor mounts designed and crafted by Joshua himself!

I thought this modified Yokohama sticker, found under the hood, was a nice personal touch to the car.

The car's exterior styling has been beef up with a set of kouki front and rear bumpers, a zenki lip, OEM side skirts, Shine Auto TRD wing, Redline tail lights, CBY fender flares, Hibino mod fenders and a VIS carbon fiber hood. The front splitter was home brewed by Joshua as well as the, brake cooling ducting, oil cooler ducting, hood drop vent…

…and the rear diffuser. 

Here's a close up of Joshua's home brew rear diffuser. The exhaust is a dual 3" mandrel bent exhaust which was modified to a Magna Flow muffler and terminated to Greddy DD style tips.

Joshua went with a set of Stance GR+ coil overs with camber plates and pillow ball mounts as his suspension of choice. He also has a slew of Techno Toy products which include adjustable front lower control arms, front strut brace and a rear triangulated strut brace. When it came to the sway bars, Joshua chose a Cusco for the front and stock GT-S sway bar for the rear.

Bronze Volks TE37V were the obvious wheel choice. They've got a great sporty look and a good range of size and offsets to pick from. Joshua went with 15×9" -16 for the front, which were wrapped in a set of Nitto NT01 205/50/15 tires.

The rear wheels are 15×10" -25 (with 25mm spacer) and wrapped with 225/45/15 tires.

With rather significant upgrade in power, the stopping power of the car also needed to be upgraded. Joshua went for a set of FC RX-7 calipers, with Hawk HP plus pads front and rear, and were installed thanks to some custom caliper adapters from Hondarue at The axle also saw a bit of an upgrade thanks to Weir Performance. The actual LSD itself is a modified KAAZ two way.

The interior is a mostly stock and fully intact interior. The few additions Joshua did make to it, like the Razo shift knob, Corbeau racing seat and the Schroth Clubman harness were to enhance the driving experience of the car.

One of the coolest features of the car are the motorized OEM fog lights. Here they are in the resting "off" position…

…and here they are in the "on" position. Pop up lights and motorized fog lights? Quite the killer combination.

A cleanly modified AE86 with an engine capable of lots of low end torque? That sounds like a recipe for tons of fun.

I've been holding off on this feature to showcase during our 86 day celebrations, but since then Joshua's Corolla has seen quite a few changes. I hope to back to Texas soon to see exactly what Joshua has up his sleeves now. 


86 Day 2011



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RESPECT!! good job on that build!


That's one way I would build an 86! V8! Damn.


That is a crazy 86, I really want one of these now


My husband is amazing, he truely is incredible with his craft. I am very proud of him and his accomplishments.. I am a very lucky woman to have such a compassionate husband who truely gives hus heart, soul, and sweat into his love of autosports. I thank speedhunters very much dor featuring this article. Thank you for your support and kind words and taking the time to visit us here in Corpus Christi,TX.


Yo Josh I am so stoked for you brother! This car really needed exposure its been through numerous upgrades since you first had it, let it go then got it back again. I really hope you keep this car although I'm sure you won't lol. You have had almost every car most people have dreamed of having this is probably just another check off the list. I'm sure this won't be the last car you build, and I can't wait to see your next project come to life. Keep doing what you do man your a great influence to the scene here in Corpus Christi Texas, and the auto scene in general.




Foglights melts my brain! check out 0:22. Best shot I've ever seen!

Amazing car!


I want some TE's so bad.


My favorite V8 on my favorite hatch ... :o

I don't know how to describe this anymore , it's just pure perfection !




Sooooooooo sick! Wow.....just awsome


Best AE86 ever!


One word. Clean!


I'm wondering how good of a fuel economy figure he'll be getting, since the car's pretty light.


Need sound clips asap




Finally a corolla done right. If only some itbs could be fab up on that v8 to give it a nice tone. My 510whp ae86 hasn't seen my cars that can keep up but I bet that v8 could come close. Good job great build


wow that rear diffuser is sharp


This is one sweet 86, really love those foglights. looking forward to seeing what's done to it after the feature


thumb up for you.....


There really isn't a set of words I can use to describe this car. I could call it 'clean', 'unique', 'well built' or something else along those lines. Those adjectives don't do this 86 justice though, this Toyota seems to transcend verbal description. As car people we can't really describe how a car like this 86 makes us feel, so as a community all that we can do is nod and smile, taking solace in the fact that this Toyota made each one of our hearts beat a little bit faster.


Great car! Nicely done!


Great car! Nicely done!


Simply INCREDIBLE....that's all the words that are needed for this car.


That's my boy right there! Congrats on the feature Joshiroku! This hachi sounds as amazing as it looks, and the owner couldn't be more proper. Can't wait to have a beer and smoke when we catch Circa in October.


Well deserved cover Josh! Such an awesome guy, lent me a jack a year ago [still haven't returned it]. My car is almost a twin... almost.


Awesome build! It's obvious someone knew what they were doing ;)


Nicely done! What manual trans was used in this conversion? What car does that trans come from?


saw this ride over on Mayday! such a clean car its unreal!


sick! nice touch that v8 in there looks almost oem. wondering if its still a cornerkiller? The foggies must be flown in from Mars because they are off the planet cool


Josh is great at his craft. Beautiful car Josh, beautiful car.


Josh Garcia AE86 (camera car)


Jake Groves 2012 Boss 302


John Zepeda Turbo Miata (

Texas has epic Time Trials and Corpus Christi is a hot spot for epic rides...


seriousrly one of the cleanest hachi roku's EVAR

i'm speechless!


man thanks for all the kind words, im very lucky to have so much support from family,friends and fellow enthusiasts


dam josh looks so sick bro this car came a long way i rember when it was 4cil w/itb and still sik and u just got crazy and built a beast !! one of the bad'st cars in town and prob my fav!!! CONGRATS JOSH !!!


Does he race it? TTB is NASA i think.


needs ITB's! :D

im pretty sure its gonna get one sometime in the future. :P

i love this build. :D


wicked.. now this is an AE86 that none can be negative about.. i like what been done here, 10 out of 10 from me. - excellent.


I like this car a lot, very good work and great overall build! Race inspired


josh i hate you! hawt car, hawt wife, cute kid! lol jk fyi this is the coolest guy you will ever meet.. no matter if our dirt poor or have all the money in the world he treats you like family.. hes good ppl..

major props to him!


Damn man, from the stock motor, to the 20 valve silver top, to this?!?!? The car looks sick and i enjoy driving by every now and again and seeing it outside on my way home. You never cease to amaze and you keep out doing yourself. You're an inspiration to us all man keep it up.


OF COURSE HE RACES IT lol Great guy, im glad he got the chance to showcase his art/skill gj brosef


Awe No mention of the Quantum Auto manual conversion kit used to make the 1uz into a 5 speed.


Wicked car and awesome build, quite the nice attention to detail and great to see its loved by the owner! This is what makes Speedhunters proud! Great ONE!


If only Takumi had the V8 instead of that wimpy 4-banger. He would have totally beat everybody. Oh, w8...


The only '86' that has made me want to own one. Well done, Sir.


This car uses a Quantum-Auto manual swap kit FYI.




Man I was thinking up an exhaust for my wrx wagon it its exactly the same! I'm going to go with a magnaflow race muffler and have two slanted tail pipes cut like his.

On another note Japanese Hot Rods FTW! Since this car is the definition of a hot rod.


Oh what i'll do to get one like that