New Cars>> The New Porsche 911 Breaks Cover

Today Porsche released photographs of the highly anticipated 911. Codenamed the 991, the new model's world premiere will be at this year's IAA Frankfurt Motor Show, however these shots have just broken cover.

The Carrera is usually the first model shown when a new 911 generation is released. Today Porsche showed off both the base Carrera and the Carrera S, which is pictured here.

The new 991, which replaces the old 997 model, features a variety of interesting improvements. In true Porsche fashion, the 911 has evolved rather than been reinvented. What are your thoughts on the new silhouette? The height has been reduced, while the wheelbase has been extended by 100mm.

Performance fans will be excited to hear that the 991 generation is up to 45kg lighter…

…With the Carrera S' integrated dry-sump 3.8l producing 15hp more this time around, bringing the power figure to 400hp. The base Carrera's 3.4l outputs 350hp (5hp more than its predecessor).

By using the Sport Plus function that comes with the Sport Chrono Package, the 0-60mph is covered in just 4.1 seconds. The Carrera and Carrera S will also be available with the world's first seven-speed manual transmission. The first six gears will have performance-oriented ratios, with the 7th a longer ratio for highway use.

Interestingly, while the new 991 produces more power than the outgoing 997, it's also become more fuel efficient. The Carrera has up to a 16% reduction while the Carrera S consumes up to 14% less fuel.

That said, I'm sure most of the Speedhunters readers have a stronger interest in how the new 911 handles. In addition to the increased power output, the 911 also benefits from a wider front track, improved structural rigidity and a revised rear axle design. For the first time, Carrera S buyers will have the option to select Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC) which actively stabilises roll through the use of hydraulic actuators.

Quite a few of us on the Speedhunters team have been working secretly on an exciting project: the new Need for Speed The Run game. In the coming weeks we will show you some of the cool elements the Speedhunters crew have been working hard on. But for now we can reveal that the new 911 will be part of the game's vehicle line-up.

Here's a sneak peek at the painstaking work the NFS Vehicles team have been doing to recreate a virtual 911 that mirrors the real world counterpart. Collaborating with Porsche, the guys have spent many months using actual CAD data to create what you see here.

It's certainly becoming very difficult to distinguish the virtual cars from their real life counterparts don't you think?

Need for Speed the Run Limited Edition

- Charles Kha



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looks typical of its family group.. i do like it tho'


The back looks like a little Audi TT with a little Aston Martin in there as well...


Beautiful =)!


I like the 7-speed manual and dry sump, but it got wider and the wheelbase got longer and only 100 lbs lighter. 991 seems like it's still a grand touring car like the 996 and 997. I was hoping the 911 would return to being a sports car like the original 911s. Maybe a 964 with a water-cooled engine.


Somehow it looks slightly more aggressive than the outgoing model. Its nice.


Porsche still uses CAD? well whatever works... but good god "For the first time, Carrera S buyers will have the option to select Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC) which actively stabilises roll through the use of hydraulic actuators." that sounds so badass!!!


An actual 7-speed manual? As in, a real gearbox? That's a pleasant surprise. I never thought I'd see that




Looking forward to Hamster's review on the next series of Top Gear. And just where is that road?!?


Porsche has the laziest design team in the auto industry. Bring us something new man!


Porsche's all new 13 gear manual transmission!

haha, love the 911, love the new 991. i like the new look.




haha, ill find it hard to see whether the detail can match GT5! both on looks and feel of the car...Shift 2 was a COMPLETE let down :(

and the car does look a bit 'iffy' in places but its not too bad.


Oh no I don't like the rear tail-lights. Everything else is just awesome


Perfection. The only bit I'm not so sure about it all the badges on the back, but that's easily fixed!


@ evan : Yaaa the light are the same as aston's.

@Speedhunter : U just could have stop at lower and wider :) i LOVE PORSCHÉ


Great driving cars, but to a untrained eye it looks the same for the last ten years. Not impressed.


I really think Porsche should change it up a bit I'm really tired of seeing the same style,but no lie it still looks nice though


a twist of Aston Martin there. like it! thumbs up!


I can't quite put my finger on it, but it looks almost exactly like something I've seen before? Who else felt this feeling?

Wait a second it looks just like the old one! And the one before that and that, it even looks like a beetle!


It's a Porsche. Styling we've all come to expect... It's always nice to see, though. Definitely.


Its same-old, same-old. Photographer needs to step away from the Photoshop


the ass is getting so "tall"... it does look too much like Aston Martin sometimes now. love the mechanical improvements but i think 997 looked better (more true to 911 style).


the ass is getting so "tall"... it does look too much like Aston Martin at certain angles. love the mechanical improvements but i think 997 looked better (more true to 911 style).


Looks pretty sweet. Loving the rear window slats and the widened stance. Mean as hell.


I'm waiting for new version of targa.


Of course it looks like the old one, if people are paying arms and legs for a Porsche why change it? Face it, the Carrera will always look basically the same, it will ALWAYS have the engine in back. I like that it's shorter and lighter, but the wheels are really humongous and it's length and width have grown which is a disgusting trend in all automotive "segments." Porsche is continuing to cash in on its pedigree and keeps pushing the "911" further from it's heritage of being light, nimble, a handful, small, charming, and within grasp of Das Volks.


It's just me, or the car looks just like the other Porsches? O.o


its the same thing


Looks great. Love it. Tail treatment is beautiful.


I think it look great.

Why people are criticinzing the styling? It's a 911, it must have this iconic shape, it's just how is mean't to be, is a 911. If you don't like it just buy a cayman, 370z, lotus evora, 458italia, gallardo, M3, RS5, Noble M15, CTS-V coupe, Corvette, etc etc etc... Let the 911 be what is suposed to be, I hope they will never let this shape die, is just an icon of the automotive culture...

Thanks Porsche for still keeping your history and tradition, is so sad to see so many brands loosing their roots. :(


Aston Martin - ish lights in the back, other than that, same design. Nothing new.


How so? Changed the shape of the useless LED front day lights? Oh sorry, and the tailights!


it looks like..................... a Porsche...


Just read that EA denied Turn 10 the licensing rights to Porsche. Is this the wrong place to ask why?


Yeah, Porsche will probably be the only selling point for NFS: The Run, because EA blocked T10's sublicensing which means FM4 won't have Porsche.

Not gonna stop anyone from buying FM4 though, but it's sure as hell gonna stop people from buying EA games.


The revisions make it look like a baby Aston Martin.

Looks good in my opinion though, great color choice and refined styling.


I do agree with that statement, almost every successor of a car gets more and more bloated every year.

If they kept the styling but somehow shrunk the car at little, it would be perfect.


wow! thinner taillights. other than that... meh..


Wow, that is stunning! That rear end is amazing!


Looked dated 20 years ago, and even more so now.


Best look ever!!


I drive a s13 and ae86 and this is ugly. I would never buy it.


Awesome to see the performance improvements. Porsche really knows how to continue bringing the soul and dna of a sports car into every ongoing model... Its a shame some manufactuers seem to have lost that. I think the rear could look a bit nicer to really give a slightly better porsche feel but when you se it, you know its a porsche. Im very excited!


as always, the 911 is a classic. little tasteful updates here and there, but porsche enthusiasts don't want to see too much of a departure from what it is meant to be. looks great!


glad that companies out there still developin manual gear box! =)


[View:] Porsche recently released the commercial for


Porsche means "optimization".

The 911 is the perfect example of form following function, so it is useless to ask Prsche to do something different.

Then we can talk about the personal taste, and Porsche can be liked or not, but will not be ever changed just because someone said "OOOOh it looks old"'s engineering at its best, it's the most pure driving experience you'll ever have, and this over the years has been a demonstrated fact.

No one has a better steering, better manual gearbox, better suspension working with that armony.

So welcome to the new supercar killer.

I can't even imagine what they will do with the 991 GT3 RS.


P.S. Someone said Aston Martin? I suggest to watch an Aston Martin a little more accurately...this time with a pair of good glasses.