We live in a time where the old school masters of yesteryear are slowly fading away. Life-long disciplines like tailors, leather tanners, fabricators, custom car builders and pinstripers –trades which require delicate hands, and a discerning set of eyes, are quickly becoming a rare art. Luckily, there still a few around that stubbornly grasp onto their life-long studies, endlessly toiling away creating quiet masterpieces, like the very pinstriper which is portrayed in this film, Andy Kawahara.




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So cool. I wanted more.




While I enjoyed the theme and overall content within this short film. I find it really ironic that the pin stripper is talking about his art form that takes years of dedication to perfect. While being filmed by someone that doesn't take his own art form seriously. Please refer back to your camera's operating manual and look up "Focus Ring" and since he edited it also. He must have noticed that he missed focus on 90% of the interview. Cover it up with more B roll, Com'on man. Awesome idea-poor execution.


one of the most amazing forms of painting ever.

the skills involved are something that mere mortals can't achieve.

just like the guy says, you can't do it for money, you HAVE to love it!!!!!!!!!!!!



need more of this. awesome video, makes me think back to the guys I saw pinstriping in sm during crusin' nationals


My man Andy!!! He has pinstriped my cruiser bike, old toolbox and even some Christmas ornaments! Great pinstriping skills and a true hot rodder! Stoked to see this posted on SH!

For more, check out Andy's blog: http://andyspinstriping.blogspot.com/


I'm a 17 year old car enthusiast and pin stripping is one of my favorite aspects of the car world. Would love to learn how to do it!


My Dad use to pinstrip here in hawaii b4 he passed away. im glad that their are some people still keeping it alive. he's right when he says only a skilled artist can do it. cuz being his son n seeing him do it all those years n i still cant get it. i wish i could. but great video. MUCH LOVE TO ALL THE PINSTRIPERS OUT THERE!!!


Very interesting video. Pinstriping fascinates me, can't fathom how you can just look at something, start painting and with the designs both sides are perfect mirror images. Really, really awesome!


wow incredible talent these guys have! How do they get them soooo symmetrical and smooth at the same time?!


wow! i agree with the first post that could have been a 20 min video. please give this dude a plug, as in where is he


good insight into what really is an art form.. yes its dying out too - such a pity! - it would be good if these guys passed the skill down or a offered to train people who want to give it a try.. would have loved a longer video roll of this one, plus why isn't it in focus half the time?? Thanks tho'..


soo sad to see pinstriping fade away!! it truely is an artform that definetly deserves respect!!


So cooool!!

I like!!


It's so sad to see this and Airbrush work dying out due to the vinyl industry. A friend of mine that Pin Stripes was pushing me to get into it for years, he then sent me this video and it pushed me over the edge, but it is hard to keep alive in the current world of wanting it done now and not waiting!