Wall scrapes anyone? Running the wall at Ebisu has become a common practice during the Drift Matsuri's and with the Summer event just around the corner (August 13th and 14th) Luke Huxham has just released this video reminding us all just what a blast the event is. So hit play and see some rear bumpers get grated with no mercy!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Nope, sorry I don't get it. Slamming your car into a wall ON PURPOSE stinks. I don't care about this whole 'missile' ethos, this is just stupi.


Everytime one they slam on their brakes and hit that huge mound of grass/dirt I cringe, because that should have been avoidable if they eased up on them... Sweet video nonetheless.


Who is the singer of the background music ??


Abusing cars on purpose is stupid. Would have been impressed with the whole thing if they were drifting cleanly with properly cherished cars.


So I'm slightly confused because Luke was "making" a documentary "We Are Drift" and he is apparently using all the same footage from this video that was supposed to be released almost a year ago... He was "selling" stickers that never made it to any one even though every one was paying for them, then he disappears for nearly a year then comes back? I don't understand what he is doing here....


Obviously it's a misunderstanding. Its usually means - touch the wall, but if u miss a little, then, yeah - it's ram the wall)))

I can't say whether i liked it or not the increased playback speed during the video.. Video+music feels great.


i love watching these drift colours videos! keep up the good work guys!!


WTF!?!?! Please dont tell me that was a Skyline that guy was slamming into the wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are they so cheap there they can be trashed like that? Not here in the USA they aint..................................................


who care about the cars ? they are just piece of metal


I agree with t_s and Pedro.

Destroying cars like that is plain stupid. They should care for those cars as you'd care for your firstborn child... They don't make cars like that anymore... If they keep trashing them, soon there will be no cars to play with...


No offence, but hitting the wall on purpose seems stupid to me. Yes, I know they try to get as close as possible without damaging the car as an spectacle, they even put bottles or balloons so the drivers can hit them, but in the end, these cars will end up heavily damaged and that is not a pretty sight, especially for the fact that these RWD Japanese cars are very appreciated around the world (even though in Japan they are cheap). If I was drifting there, hell, even with a beaten up "missile", I would do my best to not to damage the car.

On the other hand, nice video, nice cars and I hope to see lots of action from the upcoming Drift Matsuri.

P.S. Dino, where are the desktops from the 7-7 Meeting? :(


curious.. they seem to want to hit the wall?? - anyway i did like the video, but couldn't work out if it was intentional abuse or stupidity - or even 'banger-racing/demoltion-derby footage' Thanks[?]


Now that's how you learn how to drive...and true, who cares about those cars...they are just cars...


As Andy said thats how you learn to drive and yes they are that cheap over in Japan, Most of the guys who are hitting the walls are Ozzies and have been there all week and just cant take the cars with back home so they have alot of fun and take whats left back with them if its worth selling like Turbo,s ,seats and coil overs etc this pays for their next Matsuri


by far this is the stupidest video ever grace dev.speedhunters.com.


It's painfull to see such nice cars being slamed into the walls....


its not as if theres a shortage of these cars in japan. you can pick up a rwd r32 for about the same price as a crappy 240 here. plus most of the cars shown are missles anyways that are meant to be used as practice/ cars you can beat on. plus if it wasnt for cars like this, we wouldnt have as many readily available engine sets that we love so much here in teh states haha


WIsh to tell you so u won't forget. most of those missiles are usually weak stock versions of those S13-14 or r32, These are not GT-s, gt-r or turbo cars.. just vegetable once.. Why care for the body so much? In fact it's usually been driven not by one person, but rather several people.


Silly haters, missiling is a bi-product of pushing the limits, not an intentional act as your ass-tards seem to believe it is.

Plus, it's the owners car, not yours, go shed a tear for your Hyundai, fgts.


sick video keep it up


oviously drifters at ebisu dont think of a sustainable future for drifting.. pretty sad.. cause no one will be able to drift in 20 years cause all the nissans got wrecked at ebisu.


I dont think people will be drifting many skyline in 20 year


Go for broke!...........these guys are going for it.........rad!



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