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The day couldn't have been any better. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, the whole of Evergreen Speedway was covered in a soft cool breeze and after all the tire smoke settled, there was Daijiro Yoshihara standing on top of the podium. Chris Forsberg took second and Fredric Aasbo took his first podium finish at a round of Formula D!

We send our congrats to all the winners. More coverage from Evergreen Speedway will soon follow.


Speedhunters 2011 Formula D Seattle Coverage



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Happy Fredric is happy...


Very good event. Agreed with pretty much every call, and all top 8 drivers were killing it. Big ups to Aasbo for driving the pants off the Scion, it looks like he's finally getting the car dialed! Millen deserves credit for finally coming back to life, and Dai was a killer :)

*note - watch the replay of Millen's last 2 chase runs, all the tire smoke from front wheels on the bank. Total rally driver left-foot-braking mastery.


Great show from the drivers! Also super proud of how the NW scene PACKED every nook and cranny of that speedway. We roll hard & deep up here!!!




If he was left foot braking the LEDs on the front of his car would have been fully lit.

Well done all drivers really dont like this layout though.


"Who's that guy with the giant lens and umbrella dancing around and screaming at Fredric?"

"That's Linhbergh."

"Okay....why is he skipping?"

"It's Linhberg."

"Oh it's THAT Linhbergh."


Exellent driving and third place finish Aasbo! Good job keeping your head in the game even though the worst single-man shooting massacre in the history of man happened in Oslo on friday.

Sidenote: Who the f*** is the idiot running with two irish flags on the wing? He didn't get that Aasbo had a Norwegian flag on the rear of the car in tribute to the, so far, 93 victims of the terrorist attacks in Norway?


well deserved podium spots.. good coverage too. Peace


Congrats to Dai..., two bunnies advanced to Top 16, too shame they should kill each another..., but at least, a bunny killed the mustang and win :D

btw, anyone can tell me what happen to andrew coomes and erich hagen at pro am?


Hey excellent, good driving....


What a great event. Perfect weather, sold out show, awesome fans. I'm sad it's over but super happy with the outcome!


Aasbo did good but he should have never made it past the round of 32 - wrong CALL - a spin is a loss - outside the line = deductions - the dif from 1st run to second was not enough to give Aasbo the win..SHAME there!


Was down in the trenches taking pics and checking out the action. It never ceases to amaze me how much the NW supports drifting. it was a SELLOUT, they turned people away because there wasn't a seat left in the place.

Lots of really close battles and some surprising upsets. . Disappointed that Walker didn't advance further. In talking with a buddy who has been covering these events for many years, at Monroe, there is ALWAYS someone who podiums who has never made the podium, in this case Fredric Aasbo. Our hearts go out to all the people of Norway.