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Sleep deprived form the previous night’s 7’s Day in Daikoku and Umihotaru PAs I was up nice and early once again on Friday morning last week. My destination for the day was going to be the Rauh Welt workshop in Kashiwa where I would finally get the chance to shoot one of Nakai’s greatest creations to date, Rough rhythm.

The owner, Toshiya Ichiraku, is the man behind Rauh Welt Kansai and responsible for helping Nakai develop his brand overseas. He had come all the way up to Chiba-ken from Kobe city with is 993, giving me the perfect opportunity to spend a couple of hours with the car.

So after a quick lunch with Toshi and Nakai we were off to hunt down a suitable location, something that didn’t prove to be as easy as Toshi and I had initially anticipated. Not being too familiar with the area we were in, we ended up driving around in the Porsche for quite a while, before settling for a more countryside oriented venue.

Toshi’s 993 shares the same fender treatment as Nakai’s Tunerhaus, previously known as the Royal Montegobay, giving it the widest rear end ever to grace the back of a RWB Porsche. It measures 2,080 mm across, making it a top-notch fat-ass!

Driving around for close to an hour I was impressed at how civilized Rough rhythm really is, something you would never guess from its menacing exterior. The Bilstein dampers it rides on are stiff, but never really make you feel uncomfortable…

…while there is only very light rub on the front fenders under compression.

Toshi met Nakai-san at the track over ten years ago, before the actual RWB movement had began. At the time they were both driving 930s and that is where their mutual interest sparked a friendship. Toshi, who is also a Super Taikyu race car driver, was intrigued with Nakai’s “rough” style and once RWB had become a reality, had his then recently acquired 964 converted. He still owns the green 964, a car that last year graced the cover of eurotuner magazine…

…and still enjoys driving when he can. But there was a need for something a little easier to live with, a car that he could use as a daily driver and go and pick up his kids from school in, a job the 993 can do without any problems. He liked the original concept of his 964, where he had Nakai give it a modern 997 GT3 RS look; so the same was done to Rough rhythm.

The result, as I’m sure you’ll agree, is nothing short of breathtaking!

The car is based on a 1996 Carrera 2S and what makes it so easy to live with is it’s standard 3.6L flat-6, developing just over 310 HP and running only light modifications like the custom exhaust system and the RWB “Tunerhaus” ECU which has been set up by Gary from Powerflash Japan.

The cut out RWB letters on the rear trunk lid are backed with mesh and allow the tightly enclosed engine to shed some of that trapped heat.

Seriously, have you ever seen a tougher looking 993?

Along with the adjustable Bilstein dampers Toshi has swapped out the anti-roll bars with slightly thicker ones to keep lean through the corners in check. Stance, like on all of Nakai’s cars is extremely important, but even if the car looks like it rides millimeters off the ground it never causes problems for Toshi. The front rubber lip spoiler helps a lot in this respect as it can fold, allowing the car to access steep inclines.

The interior has been kept quite civilized seeing that Toshi likes to enjoy the car as much as possible. The steering wheel has been replaced a deeply cupped RWB alcantara item…

…and a bolt-in 10-point roll cage fitted along with soft protective padding.

Toshi has been working on fitting this cut off switch, that when functional will allow the car to be turned on using the starter button fitted in the little switch panel under the headunit.

A little touch from Nakai’s Rough World days is the rotated RPM counter, positioned so that the “exciting part” of the scale sits right at the top, for easy consultation. An HKS Lap Counter module is permanently fixed in position for when Toshi hits the track.

The stock Porsche tape headunit remains along with the A/C. Having air conditioning in the scorching Japanese summer is a must!

Carrera RS door cards replace the leather-clad stock units and feature a very simple red strap to open the door.

Toshi’s connections with the world of Japanese motorsport allowed him to score this Arta Racing carbon-Kevlar bucket seat for the driver side. The shell is unbelievably thin and some padding has been added for a little comfort. Takata belts are obviously the only choice when it come to racing harnesses for Rough rhythm, they are green after all!

Little close up of the featherweight Super GT seat. The passenger side gets a slightly more comfortable Recaro SPG.

Up front the GT2 Evo style front bumper is joined by a pair of downforce developing canards, the same that are used on the rear overfenders

The 18-inch SSR Professor SP1s measure a rather wide 10.5 inches at the front (-13 offset) and a massive 13 at the rear (-19 offset) and are shod in Khumo Ecsta V700 rubber, 265/35 and 355/30 respectively. The stock Porsche brakes remain but are fitted with higher friction pads all round.

There is a little rubbing at the front, but considering you won’t be able to fit a ¥100 coin between the fenders and tires, this is more than acceptable…

…when you can boast looks like these.

Like all of Nakai’s works of art it’s individuality that dictates what the end product will look like. Each owner and each car have a different story behind them and it’s this that Nakai uses to determine their final appearance, color and of course name. “Rough rhythm,” as Toshi explains, was chosen because he and Nakai share the same taste for what a Porsche should look and feel like, a unique “rhythm” that follows the “rough” way.

Nakai has really killed it with Rough rhythm, and in the short time Toshi has had the car it has already flooded all corners of the interwebs. If this isn’t a modern work of art, I don’t know what is.

Stay tuned for more from RWB as I spend some time in Nakai’s workshop. After all it’s been since Rod and Mike’s initial visit back in 2008 that we haven’t had a look in possibly one of the coolest garages around!

Rauh-Welt Begriff

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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seriously the car looks so beasty that I expected a number of BHP close to 500 or maybe even 600.

310 is a little surprise.


loveee it,


Wallpaper on the last shot please!!


desktop this!

all please... :D


Insanity! Nakai san just elevated himself to semi-god status...

Desktop all of it! ALL! PLEASE!


We need this on desktop !! Please.


A bodykit and aero for 600hp and a nealy stock engine - so it's for looks not for performance. But the standard car looks a lot better than this.


Love rauh welt porsches!


@ Dino: "Toshi has swapped out the roll bars with slightly thicker ones to keep lean through the corners in check", rollbars? You meant sway-bars (the car leans due to sway-bars), rollbars are bolted cages.

The steering wheel is a Momo with a RWB plaque. (I know because I owned two of them).

Honestly, let's be real here: all the RWB are menacing and have this "aura", so let's stop the hype-they all look the same.

They have wide-fiberglass body, they're slammed, they wear either SSR SP1 or Work Mesters, and they have flashy colors. This particular green one has 310hp, while some of you might wet their pants, you look at the car and hope that it has AT LEAST 500hp.

As much as they look cool, it's gets old when the media features them every damn week. Shall we move on?


Rough World is a style shop, they are styling these cars to be beautiful street cars. Some of them race and are super fast but most are like this. I like this style, just blam here you go. Don't like it? They don't care, the guy designing these body kits is killin it and if any one can make these look better then this get on it, we are waiting.


Mega menacing aero, immense wheels, and bone stock power.

What a waste. A stock Varioram Carrera 2 would probably wipe the floor with this poser.


It's been close to three years already since Speedhunters took their first look inside Rauh-Welt


I am going to sleep well tonight after seeing this!


Yeah, the one disappointing thing about RWB is the lack of power. When it boils down to it, sticking body kits on cars is, well, sticking body kits on cars. The real work comes in the form of engine, drivetrain and suspension.


green car on green background.. "can't see sh1t captain"


i don't like Porsche's but this one make me want to go buy one right now, love it


He picks up his kids from school in this?! LOL


MY workstation needs so RWB wallpapers pleaze


...this sh!T because AWESOME!


That's a great picture quality (and a car).

What camera did you guys use?


I agree with Nicko... car looks so menacing yet it's tame with 300 horses...


whhooaaa,, stop the presses. alex aka jdmized doesnt like something.

perhaps it's his time to move on.




Amazing shots as usual Dino.


Amazing car photoshoot. Love the car and detail, stunning



Can't get enough of Rauh Welt, and of course the shots are brilliant. Loved this one.


incredible car! as always with RWB!!!!

desktop the last picture!!!....please..!!!!


Could use a wider wing, but it's still totally amazing.




wallpaper on the 4th shot would be awesome :)


Yes! God yes! Hahaha, RWB does Porsche right. Every damn time. Thanks for the feature Dino!




this is amazing.


Just as a Porsche should looks like. So racing, so focused, so inspirational. I like it !!!


OMG....all of Rauh Welt's cars just give me boners. Even the S15.


For the speedhunters that aren't liking this feature, I think you're missing the point.


Desktop for the last photo please.


I'm a huge RWB fan. Hell, I even styled my own 997 after their cars by slapping on some wide Meister S1's. But I can't believe the engine on this thing is nearly stock! The car looks like it's running so much more power than that.


Not a fan. This wide makes it look cartoonish and ricer.


This is the definetly the shizzle..its just pure awesomeness..i mean its a street car yes?The owner wants a proper fuss-free daily ride so there's no point arguing it hasn't got a beastly long as it look this good nobody on the streets will ever complain!


@ JDMized, anti-roll bars and sway bars are the same thing. One is an english term the other is American. What you call roll bars is actually a roll cage. A roll bar is the hoop you get behind the head-rest in cabrio cars.


Got to love the H20 pipe insulation on the cage, highly stylized, that will do your head good in a street car accident!


I don't really care if it only has 310 HP (some of you guys really exaggerate this "problem"), it looks menacing and ready for racing. The owner wanted a cool customized Porsche that could also work as a daily driver, and so he got it. Slamming a set of lumpy cams and ITBs would be awesome, I won't lie, but for the purpose this 911 was intended, I think it's a great result.

Also, how can you not like a 993? Seriously, it's a beautiful car (and when it falls in hands of RWB it becomes a mean looking machine).


desktop on the 4th shot!


High Horse Power RWB coming soon...


Stop bitching about the (relative) lack of horsepower. You don't need 500hp to have a bad ass car, just like you don't need a 13 inch dick to be a porn star.


wallpapers!!!! hahaha. also a great photoshoot, love the shots by the fence.


It's good you guys feature such a "ricey" shop constantly. In most articles about Rauh Welt you mention the engine is nearly stock yet it has extreme aero kits. Sure the cars look great but if you're running a stock engine you're no better than the big wing Fast and Furious Honda goofs of the early '00s.


yeah it owuld be cooler if all RWB cars had madd power, but who cares when they look so nice?

300sl sucks because it had no power!

/ROFLCOPTER, who cares when it's sexy?

only ugly cars have to have tons of power to be cool :)


how about a desktop for each! please!


amazing car wallpaper please


This is so nice. Truly modern art. Wallpapers please!


Great article and awesome pics, hope to see a bunch in wallpaper! I love these cars and the widebody look without overpowering the platform, great idea to keep it street friendly. Some poeple just hate on these cars but theyre unique enough to be loved by any car guy. Now my only fuss is that they are so pricey and havent made their way into the US scene much, I hope they get marketed hard here so every US city can have a RWB car roaming the streets and track having fun!




I'm in love.


how come the spoiler is longer on one side than the other?


@ tbag - The spoiler is even on both sides. It curves towards the end so Dino snapped a shot favoring one side more than the other, it makes the further side look shorter. Look at the fourth picture....the same!


He doesnt want a ton of power, he has another nasty RWB porsche for that. Anyone who has a problem prolly has less than 310 in there fag ff car so fuck off :)


jdmized , what an ass you sound , if you dont like the car dont come on to the feature. so why dont you move on and leave people alone to enjoy what they like. i dont like classic hot rods but you dont see me on mooneyes features lecturing whats right and whats wrong. idiot. bet ur an ignorant american.


Is Rough rhythm Nakai-san's best work? That's probably hard to say as his cars are meant to appeal


Excellent post, these RWBs make me drool. BTW, they're spelled Kumho.