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For how great the R35 GT-R is out of the box and when fettled with, you can’t ignore the continuous interest that the older generation of “R’s” generate. On the tuning front part makers not only continue to churn out performance upgrades to enhance every aspect of the car but there is still a great deal of R&D going on and new products coming out all the time. Kitabayashi-san at Pentroof may have dedicated a lot of his time to the creation of R35-specific upgrades over the last couple of years, but with his current customer base staying extremely loyal to the much loved second-gen Skyline GT-R (BNR32, BCNR33 & BNR34), the need to improve the mighty RB26 is something he spends the majority of his days on. And I’ll tell you, this effort has paid off, something I realized after spending 20 minutes or so riding shotgun with him in this particular R34 GT-R.

We have seen a few Pentroof-tuned cars on Speedhunters before, like the legendary orange Z32 I had the pleasure of sampling a few yeas back as well as Ryo’s Acura NSX I saw down in Daikoku once. What sets Kitabayashi’s cars apart from many others out there is the unique way in which they are set up. In the tuning world you will always find someone that boasts custom ECU maps and uniquely reprogrammed engine management systems, but out of the many cars I’ve had the pleasure of driving or riding in…

…Pentroof ones have always impressed me for their smoothness, linear delivery and unparalleled response. You won’t find Kitabayashi-san bragging about his obvious knack for understanding the complexities of fuel and ignition maps…

…because his cars simply speak for themselves. Take this san-yon for example. The owner wanted to create a powerful and explosive performance car, one that would blow away pretty much anything it would come across on the Wangan but at the same time not forgo the necessary compliance a daily driven street car should offer.

Combining this with some killer Nismo Z-tune inspired looks, has helped give way to one of the most impressive GT-Rs I’ve come across.

Years ago ditching the twin-turbo set-up on an RB26 pretty much threw drivability and low end response out the window. Developing tons of power was never the real issue; it was taming the resulting beast that proved the biggest challenge. Due to the lack of technology, as well as knowledge, there wasn’t much that could really be done. Like with the white-topped RB you see here the biggest concern was always guaranteeing the bottom end would be up to the job, something that for this particular build Kitabayashi-san did by boring and honing out the block to accept the HKS ø87 mm forged pistons and to balance the stock crank.

Turbo choice is always important and Kitabayashi decided to go with a Trust T78-33D, not the biggest of blowers but one that would be just right for the goals in mind. A Trust external wastegate screams away while keeping boost pinned to the preset 1.5 bar max and dumps gasses into a Trust titanium exhaust system. An Apex catalyst makes sure the car satisfies emission limits.

Once air is sucked in tough the T78s filter-less gaping mouth it’s compressed and cooled through a large core Trust intercooler before making its way into the Nismo GT plenum. When looking at maximizing throttle response and pick up on an RB, this is one of those parts that you can’t be without, it not only has a bigger volume than the stock plenum but is designed to equalize air-flow into each of the six cylinders. It was developed and used on the GT500 JGTC Skyline GT-Rs back in the day, so you know it isn’t just a dress-up part!

Here is a gadget that tuners would have killed for back in the nineties. The variable valve timing HKS V-Cam system is a prohibitively expensive intake cam upgrade but a necessity if you are looking to create the fullest torque curve possible. Since its introduction back in 2005 it’s become a must-have for anyone running single turbos. This Step 1 Type B V-Cam joins a more aggressively profiled exhaust cam, a set of HKS valve springs and special Pentroof bronze valve guides. Porting and polishing was performed on the head to really get the most out of the set-up.

The results speak for themselves, 680 HP and a usable and square torque curve, which tops out with a towering 506 lb/ft at 5,800 rpm. The driveline needed some obvious beefing up so a soft-action ATS triple plate carbon clutch was fitted along with a lighter flywheel.

While there is nothing subtle about the Top Secret carbon GT wing, the rest of the body is upgraded with tasteful Nismo items taken straight from the Z-tune parts list.

Downforce is of course the main reason this brute sits atop the trunk lid.

Up front it’s pure Z-tune goodness with the unmistakable wider aero fenders, the bumper and the Nismo R-tune dry-carbon hood, which has to be felt and fondled to truly appreciate its high quality and light weight construction.

Black 9.5J by 18-inch TE37s are mated to Yokohama Advan Neova AD08s in typical 265/35R18 “GT-R size” and barely contain the massive Rdd Brembo monobloc 6-pot brake kit. Suspension is handled by advanced Öhlins PCV adjustable dampers as well as Cusco upper arms and tension rods.

The kouki black interior has been left untouched, the comfortable stock seats joined by Takata harnesses. Check out the GT-R kick plates, still covered in the blue protective film they come with from the factory!

More Nismo goodies in the inside like this white 320 km/h and 11,000 rpm combination meter set and a Ver. 2 upgrade for the Multi Function Display.

I always appreciate when modules like this GReddy Profec B boost controller are subtly hidden away. Not a cable or loose wire to be seen anywhere…

…even around the F-Con V Pro piggy-back ECU mounted in the passenger side foot well.

Out on the streets around Haneda airport this R34 was shockingly fast, building up boost instantly at each prod of the accelerator. The way in which it supplied its aggressive power delivery was very similar to an upgraded twin turbo set up, Kitabayashi’s ECU settings maximizing the tractability of the car while on and off the throttle and most importantly at half throttle.  It was hard to believe there are six big 1000 cc/min injectors supplying the fuel, no hunting or coughing, smooth all the way. As a GT-R owner it makes me very happy to see the progress tuners like Pentroof continue to make with the RB, along with the support of part makers like HKS. The RB26 is one engine that will be screaming away for a very long time…


-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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im in love


speechless this car is more than amazing, one of the best looking GTR's ive seen.


wow................ im lost for words , amazing amazing car , looks so tame and civilised aswell .


Love it.


wallpapers please!

that gtr is the real deal :)


Nice to see the car that turn me into car crazed maniac aswell JDM lover still around kicking some serious asphalt still :)


You would think that after so many years of "journalism" Dino would know by now that a F-Con V-Pro is not a piggyback but a standalone. Well.....sad indeed.


This is one of the BEST R34 i have ever seen so far!!


A true workmanship, true beauty within the beast, I would buy if its for sale


so siiiiccckkk


That car is awesome!!!! I love R34's


@JDMized, wow, Jealous much?? Do u feel better/smarter now that u pointed out some minor detail that Dino didnt get right ? me nobody cares about how much you know (or dont know),, I follow Dino's features cuz they're exactly the kind that im interested in, So do us all a favor and submit a feature on the difference between PiggyBack and StandAlone ecu systems im sure it will b so amazing, thoughtful, expertly worded and beautifully portrayed that Speedhunters will immediately fire Dino and offer u any position your remotely interested in


Such a perfect clean example of a GTR.


@JDMized From the HKS USA site: "The HKS F-CON V Pro is a full featured standalone engine management system that connects easily to the factory Engine Control Unit as a "piggy-back" fuel and timing controller."

Quit being such a douche!


Dino, great stuff as always amazing pictures and a beautiful find!!

Also wanted to say great write up !! Error free and great word flow.... Props!


Please, Please, Please can you do HIGH RES DESKTOP PHOTOS ????

THis has to be one of my all time fav GTR's Kudos to PentRoof for such a clean an amazing build.

We here in the US can only DREAM !!!!


Such a perfect clean example of a GTR.


I think this car is an example of what a pure heart GTR should be. Clean, funtion, stylish, powerful, and reliable I'm sure.


I think this car is an example of what a pure heart GTR should be. Clean, funtion, stylish, powerful, and reliable I'm sure.


very cool, you should do a feature on the Blue GTR that over of the guys from full race has, looks very intetesting.


I am often perving on Nissan Skyline's but R34's are what I dream about more than anything but this is a stunning car!! Makes me want one even more so than I have done since I been a kid!

Look forward to seeing the next R34 coming to Speed Hunters now!


P.S Engine Bay Shot.... so going to be my work desktop wallpaper for the next month or 2! lol


Awesome story


LOFL!!!!!........Piggyback FCON Vpro huh?........keep up the bad work!


i was always wondered, where the hell is the air filter???


Second that request for wallpapers!





best car on speedhunters yet.

seriously it's the little details like tucking away the electronic controllers that makes all the difference.


That is GT-R perfection. I wish I could get one of these cars.

Love the last pic!


i guess everyone loves R34s, i mean, how could you find something to dislike when you see it, even stock.

and when it gets tuned like in a dream like can't get any better.


any wallpaper of this beauty?




I think this GTR stands up to the Mine's GTR


tho it's white it still does the job for me...


will the staff @ speed hunters pleas delete ALL post made by JDMized. Its clear no1 likes him here.


A big long sigh as I stare at yet another amazing machine that I will never own.. Ah well, awesome pics Dino.


JDMized just got OWNED again. But even when his posts get deleted, the child will just post the complaints under another name anyway. JDMized can go and build a sand castle somewhere else. Maybe in a shape of an Audi A7 badge. Or is that too challenging for you?

What's with kids these days?


wallpaper is a must


Woah I'm in love!!

Please get a high res version of the rolling shots up!!


I absolutely love it! Pentroof builds amazing cars and this R34 is no exception.

Nice pictures too, I can't imagine how fun it must be to blast down the Wangan in a machine like this...


Has there ever been an engine like the RB26? How many performance engines, in some cases 20 years old, can perform like the RB26? Will we ever see its like again?

Sorry, got all misty-eyed for a moment *sniff*


Has there ever been an engine like the RB26? How many performance engines, in some cases 20 years old, can perform like the RB26? Will we ever see its like again?

Sorry, got all misty-eyed for a moment *sniff*


this example certianly ticks all the right boxes. - after some sensible and pricey upgrades i'd love to know what kind of times this one puts down. - quality photo's too - Thanks


how i wish this car could keep up with MINE'S R34.


Wallpaper this beast!


JDMized is a fa***t!


Gorgeous car. Functional as well as nice-looking.


Yes wallpaper that is good idea :)


JDMized- the F-Con V-Pro can be used as a piggyback or a standalone ecu... Personally I run it as a piggyback on my gtr :)



Would have preferred twin low mounts for response.

But nothing beats a single high mount for a top end hyper blast!




Can't Wait Till The Day I Will Drive My Dream car. The Nissan Skyline R34 GTR V-Spec II Nur.

The Skyline is The Reason My Interest In Cars Became More About Japan.

Simply Love It!!!


I want to buy this car, now