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Jenesis. The name might not ring a bell amongst all enthusiasts, but if Hakosukas are your thing then this small Japanese garage is right up your alley. 

I recently paid a visit to Jenesis, and some of the machinery there was astounding. These C10s have been built as GT-R replicas.

Within the confined space of the Jenesis garage was car after car of pristine Japanese history. It certainly made me smile seeing such wonderfully restored examples. 

Jenesis also runs a large online shop which you might know as Rubber Soul. Right at the door step were a number of gearboxes and spare body parts…

…Not to forget engines.

The younger model Skyline sitting up on the hoist was a gorgeous RS-Turbo DR30.

Just above the door I noticed this older Nismo logo.

Putting aside all the car parts for a moment, I instantly fell in love with all the old school stickers they had on show. Most of the guys I was with couldn't resist picking up a few.

If Rod was with me, I'm pretty certain he would have invested in some of these for his collection. If you take a closer look at the top one you'll notice it's almost identical to the one sitting on the hoist.

In the corner was Jenesis' office. 

After an L20? Yours for just ¥735,000.

The shop area is full of original parts and accessories like these old Skyline badges…

…And wooden shift knobs.

Just when things couldn't become anymore classic I spotted this faded, framed image of the legendary Skyline 2000 GT-R. It's amazing how far the Skyline range has come to this day and age.

Here's a closer look at one of the C10s in the garage. Everything is period perfect.

All of the small accessories and details give these cars so much character. Sadly fender mirrors are a thing of the past.

This beige Skyline was nestled in a far corner and was a little tricky to get to but I managed to get a shot of it. I can't get over how clean this particular model was. I'd definitely love to own something as gorgeous as this one day.

Down the back of the garage I noticed another two Skylines. One was stripped and on the hoist, in the middle of a makeover, and another one that was up for sale. 

Stare into the eyes of a Hakosuka…

…The rear is just as attractive as the front.

Behind a little Honda was this C10 GT-R, which was once again in perfect condition.

The workshop was not only filled with jaw-dropping Skylines but parts too. More engines…

…And tires. I take it they like Yokohama tires?

Outside the workshop is also a small parking lot where there were another dozen or so Nissans and Datsuns. There were no less than four RS-Turbo DR30s lined next to each other. This particular one was sitting on a full set of Watanabes…

…While this one had a set of black Works. 

Of course red and black is a perfect fit for a DR30. Remember the famous Tomica circuit car?

This black on black DR30 looked the part.

On the way out I couldn't help but notice this little guy, a very rare 1st generation Carina.

Visiting a workshop such as Jenesis has been more than a eye opener but an inspiration.

It's awesome to see the passion for cars of yesteryear are still as strong as ever. So what would you pick, a Hakosuka or an R35?

- Casey Dhnaram

Jesse Streeter – Jenesis distributor

K-Tours 2011



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i would totaly take a hakosuka


Hakosuka!!!!!!! Hands down. Any kid with Dad's money can buy a GT-R . What many poeple down now these cars were build in honor of the Japanese Emperor at the time. Its not just a classic japanese car, it also holds a symblo of classic Royalty.


Hakosuka... i have dreams of owning one of these cars


Am I reading that correclty? 378,000 yen for the silver Hakosuka?


oh my word....o.o *drool*


i would pick a Hakosuka any day without a moments hesitation!! its pure JDM goodness, i love it and i canty get enough of them!!! 1 day ill own one these beauties!

may i ask to have a desktop of the 19th picture please(Stare into the eyes of a Hakosuka...) ?! i beg of you!!


What's the URL for Rubber Soul online store and Jenesis(if they have one)?


'35 is nothin compare to Hakosuka.


I love this! I really like these car builder posts, especially the garages in Japan!


desktops please !!!!!!!!!!!

makes me wanna cruise around with one


Definetly a Hakosuka :)


So... what exactly do they do..? Rebuild..? Make replicas..? Resale..?

Cool pics, but this article lacks any real information about what the shop really does..


Hakosuka for sure


Definitely a Hakosuka!


Hakosuka all the way


ill take a Hakosuka. They look soooooooo beautiful with all theres sexy lines. Must be a hoot to drive as well.


I've seen the first picture on the SpeedHunters group on FaceBook and immediately fell in love with it. Glad to see extensive coverage!


I'll take a Hakosuka with a R35 drivetrain :)


I'm starting to love old school Skylines even more. As a guy who also collects Hot Wheels, it's been a great year so far for collecting in a long while....various 510s, Treasure Hunt 240Z, Hakosuka, and soon a Kenmeri; Jun is the man!


hakosuka. no question. an icon for generations


of course i wold take a hakosuka!!! jdm classics are the best!!


M@ - I would say it would be ¥3,780,000.


my answer 4 your last question::hakosuka!!


M@, no thats 3,780,000 yen.


This one is easy to answer: both! Could there be any other answer?


hakosuka!! this was an incredibly easy question to answer because i just watched the JDM legends video...again....for the 10th or 12th time....


@ M@ - its not 370,000yen its 378 is how many 10,000yens the car is real value is - 3 780 000yen.

Jensis stocks, new parts, had to get bits, full coilover kits, they have been around since the 60/70's they sell replica GTR's but also have had a few orginals. the first time i went there the owner had is daily there... a legit C10 GTR that he wanted 8 000 000 yen for. was complete, racing seats, wide steel rims, radio, ETC machine, Navi etc...


The older I get, the less i'm interested in speed and power, and the more i'm interested in classic cars with racing heritage.

I'd pay $40k for one of these anyday.


GT-R or Hakosuka...? that's too difficult..


Deffinatly a Hako over a 35.

However would of been better to of seen more DR30s and FJ20 bits though, seeing Jenesis is famous for its DR30's


my goodness that DR-30 sitting on those works very nice

all of those wonderfully restored cars are a work of art .


If only I had the money, oh man, they are so amazing.


hakosuka all the way..


So much passion, such beautiful machines...

Hakosuka, the R35 is nothing but a soul-less computer on wheels compared to a glorious old school Skyline. It's not about the fastest car, it's how much you enjoy the car.

I love the sign of the workshop, by the way:

- Motor Life Creator -

"We support your competitive spirit, anytime."


The pix are alright, but to be honest I'd rather find out more about Jenesis and Rubber Soul. What do they do there? Do they just make parts, do they sell cars, do they modify old Nissans?

Tell us an actual story, rather than just pumping out eye candy.


Thanks for the amazing photos. The lines on the older GTRs are amazing.