Earlier today, Mobil 1 arranged for F1 driver Lewis Hamilton to switch seats with NASCAR legend Tony Stewart. The stunt occured at Watkins Glen, with both champions getting behind the wheel of the other's race car. First up, Lewis piloted Stewart's NASCAR…]

…And after a few attempts at getting the F1 car off the line (which wasn't televised), it was Tony Stewart's turn to experience what Formula 1 is like. You can check out their reactions here.

- Charles Kha



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I was there and watching a modern F1 car in full song down the front straight of the most historic road course in America had to be one of the coolest things I've ever seen with my eyeballs or heard with my earholes. David Coulthard was also on hand as the pace car driver in a Z06 turning hot laps before the fun began. Coulthard: "They don't make road courses like this any more I'll tell you that." This is the track where Porsche DEBUTED its turbo technology, where Lotus scored their first ever victory in F1, where road racing first began and flourished after WWII, where Can Am races fielded the largest collection of racing legends from many disciplines than ever before in the early-mid 70's.


Lol, Hamilton's reaction to the reporter telling him that Stewart was faster than him was priceless... "Yea, def sounds like hes getting into it on the straights"


Of course Hamilton will turn much faster laps... there were right-handers on that circuit.

NASCAR rules are:

Rule #1. "go left 4 times"

Rule #2. "keep doing that"


They should do something like this more often.

Let professional race car drivers experience race cars that are out of their usual comfort zone.


Funny how the commentator when talking about the carbon brakes seems to be completely lost, like "what the heck I'm talking about here?"


awesome to see camaraderie between two different areas of racing!


"Lewis Hamilton, I believe is sitting in the middle in an F1 car" Not really DW's best moment on TV right there. It's funny how they say he's got to adapt to having to sit on the left in the car and using the stick shift. Like he's never been in that position before and every F1 driver must sit in the middle of their road cars and use flappy paddle shifters.


oh dear americas ignorance never ceases to amaze :|


Very, very cool. I'd love to get behind the wheel of both. I'm not much for oval racing, but stock cars, like V8 Supercars, racing trucks, touring cars, and nearly anything else, are badass when you put them on a road course.


I give credit to both drivers cause it's cool to see them changing sometimes like that but on every technological level F1 is greater. It would be much more thrilling for Tony than for Lewis. Don't get me wrong, Lewis would have fun but it surely wouldn't be more challenging for him.


a nascar driving on an un-oval course!?

sickk... watched the whole nascar video, that was cool!