As the count down to Pikes Peak comes closer, it seems as though the mountain is getting more and more crowded –especially in the Unlimited class. In addition to Monster Tajima, Rhys Millen, Dave Carapetyan, and Paul Dallenbach, a new contender has entered the fray. Jean-Philippe Dayraut will be joining the battle to break the 10 minute barrier with a 850hp Dacia Duster prototype. The Dacia is powered by a Nissan GT-R’s 3.8L VR38DETT which has been tuned for the high altitudes on Pikes Peak.

After seeing the video, I'm definitely pumped to see this car in action on top of the mountain in a weeks time.




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cool, but what part of this car is a Dacia? :D


"what part is a Dacia?"

The logo.


Got a group B feel to it.


I don't see how this setup can get past a mid 11 minute run.


If they put this engine in a normal Duster and remove the spoiler , i would buy the car ;)


James May is going to be so excited


True! I'm from Romania where Dacia is made and believe me when i say the only thing "Dacia" on that car is the name.


Good question henness!

I lolled until i saw it smoke tires..


I never though that Dacia and Pikes Peak would EVER go? into the same sentence! Just search for Dacia 1310 and you'll get an idea where Dacia comes from....



Dacias are always based on Renault/Nissan parts, so at least the engine is Dacia.


This is just incredible! I can't believe how fast it was moving around that track!


Just thinking of the power to weight alone... I would love to dip in that thing, at least for one lap. If I could just sit in it, that would be great too, hahaha.


Well the name, the logo and that's about it. Hy from Romania ;))


Love the rear spoiler. So little bling, so much function.

But yea, agree, that`s no Dacia anymore, come on, GT-R engine?.

Dacia Sandero love, anybody?


Don't wanna be pessimistic, but the VQ38DETT is a production engine. It was not designed as a race engine (although it can make a 1000hp).

I think they should have used a race engine instead, such as JUDD or Hartley....those engines are much lighter, more compact and have a higher output (based on their displacement).

I'm eager to see what Rhys Millen will show up with. Last year

his PM850 was not too competitive (although super badass). We shall see.


Reminds me of a ford rs200 when the rear body work is removed.


Seems like the base is the ANDROS one, upgraded to pikes peak.


Cool Car, great to see it out there.

For you Romanian users... support the car and stop whinning that the only thing Dacia is the emblem.

Could we have anything better than this?... think about that question