Our TNFS BMW Z4 GT3 has just become available in Need for Speed World, the online play-for-free game. World is a bit different to Need for Speed's other titles, as it's a Massive Multiplayer Online game where you race against other players in an open world. Recently World's registered players surpassed the 5 million mark. I must say it's quite cool to see our beloved Z4 – in its 24h Dubai winning livery – being hooned around streets rather than on a track!

For more info visit Need for Speed World

- Charles Kha



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Looks like an interesting game. I've been looking for a decent MMO racing game to play for many years.

However I can't help notice at 0:48 when the Z4 corners it looks quite fake. Such a tight corner, the rear tyres are spinning and smoking, yet the car seems to pull through and almost understeer out of the corner.

Otherwise, great looking car and game!


Ok, ok, but does it have the cool reflecting design when lights shine on it at night?


needs OSX support. then I'd play


and i predict the same disappointment for NFS:W to their last release.... IF this game played like it suggests and had those sounds and graphics to go with it. I'd buy it. unfortunatly I believe this is another EA game vomited out to the masses with hype and no real content.

Ill be happy to be proved wrong.


genkin, its a need for speed game. they arent supposed to be realistic they are for children. only the shift series has any hint of realism.


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This is awesome!! :D


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