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The wife and I are once again in the market for a new daily driver/Speedhunting road trip mobile and there are a few cars in the running at this point. Naturally, we are looking for something that's inexpensive, good on gas, roomy, and maybe even a little fun to drive. The good old Honda Fit is certainly a car that has all those attributes.

My "research" for our next car includes lots of browsing Minkara profiles, and that's where I found this tidy looking GE8 Fit done by Axis Styling out of Japan.

Any other suggestions?

-Mike Garrett



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I like your economy idea. You already got the power with your mustang (like me, though yours is newer.) A good reliable good looking car is a good idea.. i am currently building my daily driver ( a 240z with a N/A L28 stroked to a 3.1 no emissions to worry about. ) i say go with a fit and get some classy 15 inchers to save on money the low pro tires will cost.





Ever thuoght in the lines of a Diesel..... I know I know but as a daily drive they are perfect: fuel efficient

and the newer diesel you pay less emissions taxes. Maybe a Golf BLue Efficiency or even a Bora. I have a 2003 1.9 Tdi Bora and in town i get 900kms to a tank... Just a thought.....


It's a shame that the US never got most of the wonderful hot hatches that are so plentiful in Europe. Mike, how about buying something older, but much roomier, cheaper and more fun to drive than a Fit? In Europe a quick saloon or estate would be an obvious choice (think Civic VTI with the B18C4 or the Accord Type-R), but I'd be hard pressed to find anything like that in the US.


Focus... known for reliability AND great drive...


what happened to your mazda 5?


Fits are full of win given your requirements. I would suggest a golf tdi.


I ultimately went with a Honda Fit, but was also considering the Fiesta SES and Mazda 2...


YES to the Fit, such a sweet blend of sporty handling, crisp braking, and unbelievable cargo capacity. Not to mention one of the best interior layouts in the class. Get it with no regrets.


I just bought a 2012 Mazda5 after comparing it against the Golf Wagon, Fit, Focus, Civic and Elantra. It was the best balance of price, utility and standard features. I'm picking it up tomorrow and can't wait to start messing around with it.


new Fiesta.


Diesel Golfs are pretty sweet and you can make them look cool very easily. If the power rating seems a little low there is alway chip tuning option (I chipped my diesel astra from 100 hp to 130 hp and I acctually get better gas milge with it now). Too bad you don't have much choice in diesels in the states.


nice but naah!


Mazda 3 or Speed3. Lots of room, Spacey, Fun.

I've personally moved across the country twice, fitting everything I own in a small Hatchback. I love that car.


I was in your shoes looking for a small hatchback/wagon that could haul people, stuff, be reasonably fun to drive and good on gas. I considered the fit, but ultimately I settled on a first generation toyota matrix XRS. Significantly faster, more torque, powerband didn't feel like a rubberband being pulled back and let go, and actually had some clutch feel. Added bonus is that it is a lot bigger and with the passenger side front seat flip down feature, you can haul some pretty seriously sized stuff.

The down side of the XRS is the requirement of premium fuel and lower gas mileage. Of course 30+mpg is only low when compared to something like a fit, but it does bear mentioning.


How about a Mazda3 5-door?


I'm not usually a Honda fan, but a Fit is a great choice for you, considering your love for vanning/vip, and the fact that you used to drive one in .jp :)


Fiat 500 should be on your list.


There's really only 1 other car I agree with Satsuma the MAZDA 3 plus she has a little bit more horsepower for those canyon drives.


I me and the wife both have Fit's check out fitfreaks.net for a lil more info


I wholeheartedly support the Fit. I've got a GE8 (USDM, unlike the one pictured) and I love it. If I had more room in my budget, I'd be saving for wheels and a more proper suspension setup, but this is where I'm at right now. http://www.flickr.com/photos/12727768@N07/sets/72157626775290663/

If you want to go for more power-add modifications in the future, the GD-chassis fits are the way to go, but I love my GE, and think it's a near-perfect daily driver.