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BMW recently unveiled the new 2012 1 Series, a car that is steadily growing its own loyal fanbase. The only RWD in its class, BMW seems to have carved itself a niche with this winning formula. The new model is slightly larger than its predecessor (length is up 85mm, width 17mm, and wheelbase 30mm longer) and BMW have announced that all variants will come with TwinPower Turbo engines. The 1 Series above wears the M-Sport package which, in my opinion, is the nicest looking of the five-door bunch, but I think the three-door will be the one that enthusiasts find most desirable.

Question is, what are your thoughts on the new, bolder headlights?

- Charles Kha

Source: BMW Blog



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Damn it! Ugly car!!! Really ugly car!

E82, E87 are cool designed sporty agressive (not all, but with some additions), and thi9s one is... ugly kaka!((((


Omg i don't like it, front looks like a 4x4


Ugly, ugly, ugly. Why is this on Speedhunters?

...and where is the Le Mans coverage?


non M sport is even worse!!!!!!!!


didn't even like the last one. now its not just funny shaped, its outright ugly.


The person who designed the 6 series, the 7 series, the X6, have ruined the aesthetics of these cars, now look what's he's up to.


I`m driving a BMW 1series of the first generation:

But this peace of **** is really ugly...


Looks like a cow nosed much for ever wanting one of those!!!


Ugly. Bring Bangle back!


BMW will soon have to introduce a new series and then announce that the have a new supermini or related class, now that the 1 series is bigger than the old 3 series, and the current 3 series is as big as the old 5 series.


What's the matter with all the beautiful Vision concepts BMW showcased at auto shows?

The new 1 Series follows the same language of the 5 Series GT, which is not beautiful at all.

The front end is too large, with oversize headlights and grille , and it seems to me they raised the ride height a lot.

This is not supposed to be a SUV, this must be the replacement to the only B segment car worth buying right now.

I can't believe this came out the same place the astonishing Z4 did.

Sorry BMW, done it really wrong.

Chris Bangle was such a genius.


bmw seriously needs bangle back... theyve now lost him to samsung..

love my e87 with m sports package


So ugly. A Renault Clio with a BMW face.


Utter eyesore


even if I'm a BMW fan, this one is really ugly. I don't like it at all ....


I don't know. The previous model wasn't by any means a "pretty car" but dear god with this one the make it looking even worse. The real point is that we want to buy a three volumes, like the mighty 135... give use also a little sports coupé version with a tail.




Hate it!! better start looking for a 2011 model 135i before they sell out! or better yet 1M


Now, let's not be rough.

just look at the new X3, this looks way better than it. the new headlights make it look less agressive indeed, but i swear that by 2012 everyone will get used to it's new design.


i feel that any one of us could design a better body...i'd love to hear the designer justify its looks, i'll grab a chair.


Really ugly. Eve uglier than the current 1 series.




One of the last RWD hatchbacks of today. Though the new model is horrible looking, you have to cherish that fact.


"Hey, guys! Let's add a few more lines here, here, and here. That will make it look fresh and new, right? Right, guys?"

I wasn't a huge fan of the previous model's styling but it was a whole lot better than this. Did they try to make it look like an SUV on purpose? The styling is WAY overdone. I think they should to start over for the next model... at least styling-wise.

Actually, that might be a bad idea. They would find a way to make it weigh 4000 pounds and be the size of a 5-Series.


The latest 5 series and 1 series look like someone has taken the good work Bangle did on the previous versions and removed all that was good about them. They look about as dynamic as a washing machine.


...So far, I seem to be the only one who likes it. It's a bit ugly stock, but it has a shitload of potential.


Coming from a BMW enthusiast who llikes meany diffrent looks, I really hate this car i have no idea what BMW was thinking


Even uglier that the current generation, but it will sell like cookies. Look at the badge: it says "BMW".

I don't understand this new design trend of putting huge headlights on small cars. It completely ruins the proportions. Citing Jeremy Clarkson, "The 1 series is crap".


Don ´t like the front end...1st gen is by far the coolest one!


Still baffles me why they even bother to bring out a 5 door version as it's impossible to even sit in the back in this little car. If the grill get's any bigger they could be starting mounting the headlight units in them. No way near the clean lines on other models, this just seems overdesigned.


not really good loking.... lets see it on the streets, guys.


this is UGLY AS PHUCK!! it looks like a really bad copy version of the A1, why on earth would BMW think that this is a good look...really?!

i agree with SomeRotard some of the new BMW models are seriously messed up, they need to bring back that dude that designed the old skool BMW E30 and the 850 CSI and so on....


not the best looking car i've ever seen but they have made some good design improvements.. strap yourselves in.. as you know the '1' is BMW's entry level volume car! - If you can, hold out for the 1 Series M Coupe at least it looks typical of the 'M' range.


actually, looks pretty good


mouth vomit.


looks terrible...


I was just starting to like the old 1 series, and then they make a new one there is ten times worse than the old one!


i thought it was another suv.


Please, give it time, people! Most Bangle BMW's took some time to get used to, I'm sure it's also the case with this one. Not to mention it may look much better on the road than in pictures. It's funny that people are calling for Bangle back considering the flak he used to take for the 7/6/5 series.

Just give it time to sink in.


I'd go over to BMWs, and slap the designer.


Weee! Thanks auto makers, cars are incredibly hideous now. Godamm¡t, why can't you make small and good looking cars anymore? Safety laws? What the hell is up with the"aggresive" front ends?

Once again, I'll stick to cars made before 2000.


well i have to say, as bmw fan, there's no way this car looks like a bmw should.


hey guys. new models often look ugly but after a while your idea will be somthing else. and thats because of the complicated designs that peole just dont get it at that time.

lets say it is somthing diffrent!


you need to read the strapline under the word 'SPEEDHUNTERS. This is *****


Im not a fan of 1series but like every new bimmer it takes time to get used to the new models.


this...? this is a sporty car? if you had told me this was the new X3, i would've believed you without thinking twice. this is just terrible.


The headlights are better than that currently on the 5 series that may as well stretch back to the front doors because they are nearly there as it is. But this just looks like someone took a 3 series, drove it into a wall forwards and backwards, made the body smooth again and called it a 1 series.


Look for a picture of the rear, the rear lights are a blatant copy of the newer VW Polos.


First thing that came to mind was EEEEWWWW. It was a bit to swallow before with the un-BMW-like roof lines, but this... just wow. Who's designed for BMW again??


it looks .. so tall.. is it the camera angle?


Someone, please show comments to BMW designers ot those who made stats about pplreactions)))


The car has weird looking bubbles throughout the car and I don't like the headlights that much.




I think this looks slightly better than the last gen model but it's heading the same way as every Audi: it looks the same from the front as lots of other BMWs. So better but kinda dull.


Oh my..

I thaught the original 1 series coulden't get uglier.. it seems that BMW just proved me wrong. Somebody needs to tell BMW that their new look of the 2011/2012 cars are incredibly fugly. The 2011 5 series, 2011 6 series, 2011 7 series, 2012 3 series, and now ofcourse the 2012 1 series are all fail cases. I've always been a big fan of BMW but now all I have is shame for the company and what they're producing today.


1. I think that today's manufacturer's have lost sight of the meaning of the word "mini" :)) It's really getting ridiculous. BMW and all of you other "big" manufacturer's out there: Really!? Are you guys serious? You really think that these trucks you are making can be called "minis" !? You all need to go for an eye check cause your dimensions are all wrong!

As far as this mutant.... I think good designers are a dying breed. Bangle was a genius compared to this 9 year old!

Heck, I guess it doesn't take talent, vision and skill to design cars nowadays, especially at BMW and Subaru.

As long as you know symmetry, you can draw some crap and get payed bucket loads of money....

F&#@ all of these, the Z4 is a masterpiece and I love my E30!