Event>> WÖrthersee Tour Part 4

Time for a look at all the parked cars in Reifnitz. It was the place where the manufacturers like Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda had their own stand. Although I'm not sure if I could call it a ‘stand' because they were huge and contained almost every model they produce. I especially liked what Audi did. They had a closed off area where you could grab something to eat or drink and look at cars they rolled onto a stage.

This Golf MKI was parked under the Volkswagen arch that crossed the street and connected both the pavilions they made. One pavilion was reserved for the Golfs while the other one, that was built in the water, had the new 2012 Beetle on show.

There is something about this car that I really like but I haven't been able to pinpoint exactly what it is. The exterior looked super clean and the addition of the BBS wheels made it a winner in my book.

I absolutely love the Audi RS5 with its naturally aspirated 4.2 liter V8 engine. I found a complete build thread on this car that you can see on the A5OC forum.

These custom made wheels measure 21×10-inch et26. They have been made by ADV.1 exclusively for the RS Quattro. Behind them are the ceramic rotors and Audi Sport calipers. A truly amazing package.

Here is a part of the show that Audi did at Wörthersee. I'm standing in front of the Audi A1 Clubsport Quattro and I'm looking towards the rotating car platform. On the left you could buy all sorts of Audi stuff from keychains to rain jackets. On the right is the bar where you could order food together with a Mojito.

The A1 clubsport quattro was drawing a lot of attention…

…And Audi also set up a simulator so people could test drive the A1 clubsport quattro in Need for Speed World.

The cool thing about all of this that you could drive your car into the Audi pavilion and have it judged by people that work at Audi. One of the judges was a engineer while the other worked at the design department. Everything was filmed and shown on the big screen behind the car.

The third judge was this lady although I'm not sure who she was. She did like the cars however and had a special interest in this Audi TT on golden BBS wheels.

After your car was judged you got a personal show that ranged from cheerleaders to this girl doing an act on the pole.

At Volkswagen they debuted their latest version of the Golf GTI. It was pretty hard to take photos because of the crowd that gathered around it every time they rolled out the car. But I don't think everyone came to look at the car!

This is the Golf GTI Edition 35 to commemorate the 35th birthday of the GTI name. It has a new set of rims, a few extra badges, 25hp extra and some interior changes.

The first incarnation of the Golf GTI race car…

…and the latest descendant 35 years later. I hope to see this car run at the end of this month at the 24hrs race at the Nürburgring.

On the pavilion that VW built in the water was this Beetle. It is the most powerful version with a 2 liter turbocharged engine.

But in all honesty I still like this version better. I didn't even noticed the dented rear fender until I loaded the pictures on the computer.

A perfect example of how I would build my MKI except for the interior because that would be more race inspired.

A very sinister looking MKII on chrome OZ-Racing wheels.

It doesn't get any cleaner than this MKVI on Audi wheels.

Skoda brought their concept RS2000 with them that has been based around their Fabia Super 2000 rally car.

Inside the car I found more eye candy.

I thought you guys might like this.

Back on the streets I found this Audi Avant sitting pretty on BBS LM wheels.

I have even more to show you guys so get ready for another post shortly!

-Jeroen Willemsen

Need for Speed World

Wörthersee 2011

Wörthersee Treffen



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I love the Fabia. And the Interior "Features". And that last Avant is THE BOMB.


New Beetle can never beat the classic Beetle.


You got any high res pics of the girl in White at the Skoda stand (second to last pic) ;-)


lolcameltoe...nice cars btw :P


that RS5 is amazing, love the color


I gotta say you are killin' it with your Worthersee coverage Jeroen. Nice work!


i love that green vert


Jeroen, let's build a Mk I together then :)


Are there no BMW's at this event?


I hope you jeroen will come up with with at least one post on "show girls"...



hmmm some heavy duty bits of metal here.. these Golf GTI Edition's?? they just don't make them 'that' different from a top spec GTi anymore, i do like the MK1 Golf GTI race car, it looks like it can fly. The lastest Golf possible 24Hour Nürburgring entrant has some wicked styling gracing its lines. - Skoda Concept RS2000 looks mean as hell, Skoda have just about shaken off that bad rep. they had in the UK now. MK2 Golf in black running OZ rims is very sweet indeed. - oh yes!.. the Honey's look very fetching - all in all 'coverage-wise' its been top quality! Thanks


the mk1 & mk2 look clean as a whistle, Immaculate body work


You got any high res pics of the girl in White at the Skoda stand (second to last pic) ;-)


Great coverage Jeroen !

Any chance you can get a spot light on both the white Golfs? The first and last racecar? Those are looking great !


Oh my god... The RS5 looks insane!


Wow...part 4 of covering eurotrash...Speedhunters when will you return to your former glory?



there must be "some" high-res pictures on the net. ;D

Am I the only one that remarked that Skoda had p0rnstars on their stand? O.o

Shame I could not be there...


That RS5 OMG please do a feature


More on the green Avant in the last pic


wow great pics of our RS5 and our wheels... thanks.... Youry


Green RS2 replica is stunning.


More on the RS4 please!!! Want to see what wheels to put on mine. Great coverage too!


Jeroen you have good tastes .. lol


I also think that the Golf 35 isn't really special enough. If you debadged it and deleted the red strip around the front it would look like any top spec Golf. The edition 30 we had 5 years ago looked hotter with those BBS? rims.