Event>> WÖrthersee Tour Part 3

After a good night's rest at the hotel, I headed to Reifnitz, a small town located on the other side of the Wörthersee lake. This is where the actual event is held. The village has several access roads and one main street. The streets are quickly filled with almost every thinkable model Volkswagen has ever produced.

After I found a parking spot I got my camera out and started shooting. In this part I'll concentrate on the cars that roamed the streets, while the next will focus on the cars parked in the area.

This VW Passat Variant came all the way from Holland to showcase its ride height and the black BBS CH wheels.

The Corrado seems to be very popular according to the comments in part 1. Here is a purple version looking very clean on a set of chrome Porsche branded wheels.

While walking in between all the cars I suddenly heard a loud rumble. When I turned around I almost got run over by this yellow Audi R8.

The owner must have a thing for yellow because the entire car was covered in this striking color. The car also has other modifications like the enlarged air intake on the side of the car.

I saw several MKIIs with these Hella (the brand, not phrase guys) headlights.

Low, clean and a set of RH wheels is all that a Corrado needs.  

This MKI came rolling by while I made my way back to the Audi stand. More on that later.

An older Porsche never fails to amaze especially in black with chrome wheels. I wonder how it would feel like to join the party in a Rauh Welt built Porsche!

I loved this color on yet another Corroda on chrome Porsche wheels.

A classic styled MKII on old school BBS mesh wheels. The guy driving the car had a foam ‘shocker' symbol that could be bought at one of the many stands. Another popular foam hand symbol was the ‘I like' hand from Facebook.

This Audi RS6 Avant drove by on a set of MTM Bimoto wheels in a bright orange finish.

When the RS6 is a bit too much you can always pick up its little sister the RS4. Instead of the 5 liter bi-turbo V10 from the RS6 you get a 4.2 liter V8.

Maybe the wheels are a bit too small for today's standards but the overall look of this Corrado is still stunning.

The white piece of paper behind the rear window said ‘3000kms from Portugal, 2 blown tires & 1 broken coilover… but we still made it!' Pure dedication and they were proud to show off the battle scars with one wheel on the roof.

A bit later in the afternoon the line of cars grew bigger and bigger. A perfect opportunity to check out the cars in greater detail.

The MKII is such a timeless design and the older it gets the better it looks. Although to get the car to this standard you will need a reasonable balance on your bank account.

When I went back to my car to grab a bite to eat I saw this Corrado running down the hill very slowly. I could hear it scrape its belly on the gravel road. It must have been a butt clenching experience for the driver.

I'll be back with more shortly.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Wörthersee 2011

Wörthersee Treffen



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I <3 this coverage.


Nice presentation!And good pics.


RS6 wagon = WIN.....maybe minus the fluro wheels/mirrors.....either way, I'd have it for sure!!!

Nice coverage, thanks for adding......any more to come?


The Audi R8 does not have a modified intake, it is the R8 V10, they have a bigger intake scoop standard


I had the pleasure of having that Portuguese Passat in an event I organized at 25th of April (wich I asked if Speedhunters wuld like to publish some pictures, and was ignored...)


i think that it is not a RS6, this one has no widened arches. (http://www.worldtopcars.org/audi-audi-rs6-tv/)

its maybe a S6, but u took the pictures, you had a better point of wiev. :)


i agree <3


Not so beautiful VWs. I really cannot got the point on vehicle underfloors scratching the streets. Looks programmed damage for me.


VW's everywhere..... it is good to so many veedubs in one place.....


the first pic of the MK1 Golf with small bumpers looks just right, very cleaned. - the Purple Corrado is sitting just about right, i think the second Corrado is Fresco Green in colour. (they do like chrome out there) The Red one looks ok on those rims, its just not quite stance perfect, plus its had those BMW 'corona-wannabe' headlights fitted (sacrilege to us Corrado owners in general) - one of the few cars that has stood the test of time and has aged well. - the MK2 Golfs with "Hella" headlights, we refer to as 'Westmorland' after the plant that manufactured VW's in the 70's i think , mainly MK1's tho' - here endeth the lesson. - Hon. mention to the Passat Estate sitting on some Zender-ish rims ,looking very well turned out - i'm well pleased with the coverage.. keep it up. sorry about gushing, i do love me some VW's.. Thanks for the Corrado's too :-)


What's a "shocker"?


i love the wheels on the red golf in the first picture. do you have more shot on that car?


Love the MKII on BBS!!


That RS6 lacks the wide arches so it's probably a rebadged A6 Avant..


The Corrados are mad sick


those arent RHs on the black Corrado....they called S2 Edition :-)...nice pics nice cars!!


Love this post. As a Corrado owner I'm happy to see it getting some coverage on Speedhunters!


Selling shocker foam fingers?

Dont wanna go there ever. That shit's retarded


Desktop please of that last shot. Oh, and I think I just fell in love with Corrado's.


These pictures are sooo money!


@Alex.....2 in the goo, 1 in the poo! Or...2 in the pink, 1 in the stink!


great coverage , keep up the good work !


great coverage , keep up the good work !


@MM3 you sure thats not an rs6? there's a nice v10 badge right above the wheel. or does the s6 have a v10 as well?


Not a fan of Volkswagon but I thoungh that some of the cars are kind of cool in the photos.


Hi there!

Don´t you guys have more pictures of the portuguese passat?

I am really curious about it!


@USBlues42 - as we all know u can put a W12 badge on a golf or something, but that doesn't mean that it has a W12 in it. :)