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One new D1 car we’ve all been waiting to get a closer look of is Kumakubo’s new Laurel. I’ve been seeing this car slowly turn into reality after spotting it many times up at K-Style in Nihonmatsu and to finally see it out in action is a real pleasure.

I never thought they get the damn thing so competitive from the get go, but they have really managed to create one hell of a machine. At Odaiba it looked like Kuma was having a blast with it, almost winning the first round if it wasn’t for the mistake he made during the Sudden Death run against Imamura.

At the heart of the Laurel is a custom built RB26, mated to either a Trust T88 or T78 single turbine depending on application. Aside from the crazy 900 plus horses it can develop, what really makes it special is that it’s been converted to dry-sup lubrication, fitted with a belt driven scavenge pump, an NTS designed and machined special sump…

…and a remote oil tank. This means the engine is supplied with optimal lubrication even when subjected to the highest G-forces, boosting reliability compared to even a well baffled and extended wet-sump. NTS also designed the intake manifold for this specific application, taking into consideration the nitrous oxide system the car also runs (but has yet been tested).

When the car was in the pits for some quick repairs to the rear bumper…

…I managed to get a look at the interior, which is pure race car, not even the stock dashboard remains. Custom switchgear is located on the center console with only a Stack dash unit being the only thing Kumakubo needs to be concerned with.

There is definitely a lot going on in the trunk, from the rather large ATL fuel cell (this thing must guzzle fuel down at an alarming rate!) to the two nitrous oxide tanks neatly positioned in front of it. We saw how RE-Amemiya took care of cooling the fuel in Suenaga’s new RX-8

…but things are done slightly different on the Laurel, with this little exchanger contained in a cooler box which holds dry ice to really bring fuel temperatures down.

The suspension has been set up to allow quite a lot of squat at the rear, helping provided more grip when the rear tires are lit up.

It’s really good to see Kumakubo back in the game again, and I’m sure the Laurel will allow him to get back on top, so best of luck to him!

Team Orange

Ebisu Circuit

D1 2011

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Beautiful. That is the definition of Drift Specific.


That's one seriously sick car! And inovative! The special dry sump system, the dry ice? That Laurel could've never dreamed of such technology on it and so much parformance!


im not as knowledgeable as most people on here but i do like to follow all kinds of motorsports .. so with that said .. i dont understand the nitrous in a drift car.


crazy set up in the laurel. guess there no need to stroke to 2.8 especially since its NOS assisted. nothing against this model of laurel, but personally would have liked it to be in a C35 shell.


that car is NUUUUTS! Love it! If he can't win with that crazy beast of a machine then he is doing something wrong!


this one typifies its genre..


kyleD japanese like to do things just because they can, there is also absolutely no reason to need 900+hp, in fact having that much power can almost be a lil hard to control, but they do it just to show they can.... cuz japanese people are absolutely rediculous.


why does the fuel needed to be cooled down? its going to be burnt any way.


why does he need to cool down the fuel, its going to be burnt anyway??.


what a cock up of a roll cage! why would you fit the front legs AROUND a scratch built dash?


Simply a sick car. Best luck to Kuma!


@MrMike0c Cooler fuel means a cooler fuel/air mixture which results in more power and less chance on detonation aka knock and pinging. Less chance of detonation also leads to more power(ignition timing, compression or boost).

Hope that helps