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There were some great Hot Rods came across during my visit to the 2011 Cruisin' Nationals, but there was something about this '31 Ford Coupe out of Lemoore, California that really caught my eye.

For the most part this coupe has a traditional vibe to it, but it's far from a show car. At the same time, it avoids all of the "rat rod" cliches.

Engine view. Interesting to see it's running a single carb where you might expect to see two or three.

Big wide chrome reverse wheels with wide whites add to the period look.

The inside may not have been show quality, but you can tell that it gets driven.

This car was running the logo of the Coachmen Car Club out of Southern California. Boy do I love car club plaques.

If it looks this cool sitting in the grass at the Santa Maria fairgrounds, imagine what it looks like rolling down the highway…

-Mike Garrett



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so many details to like and absorb, i think the interior is quite tidy looking, the colour is just right and i like the look of the 'bay. i'm quite surprised that it's only running a single Carb. setup tho'. even so, it should sound pretty 'meaty' when its fired up!! - there's quite nothing like having a car that you take to a show for others to see and judge, but also drive it. - after all its a car no matter how much time, effort and love you put in to them.. they have a purpose.


I love these things, wish we had more of them in the UK. Thanks for the spotlight!


u would run a single carb setup too, if u intended to drive the thing daily.


look the front wheels, is there something strange whit the right wheel?