By all accounts, the new Fiat 500 is a fantastic car. The one thing that it doesn't have though, is a rear-drive layout.

The guys at Motore Centrale have seen fit to convert the 500 into a proper tail-sliding performance machine and it looks like they've done quite a job.

The proof is in the video!

-Mike Garrett



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oh yes lots of fun to be had now..


Forza 3 FTW.


Okaaaaaay... So what they've done is take an awesome little hot hatch, and made it worse...... that short of wheelbase, rear wheel drive, and in a chassis that was never meant for it, equals very twitchy and very easy to spin. as demonstrated in the vid.

I'm sure all the "RWD is superior" drift fanboys won't agree with me, but that's just my .02.

I will admit though, it does look cool :p


you can't be serious?, POS car! POS driver


WHAT THE ....?! Okay shure RWD is pretty awesome.... but like Peter said .. in a freaking Fiat 500?! C'mon this is ridiculous ... its like the Smart with a Hayabusa engine...


No plan for drifting?


Brilliant car. Shame they put such a novice in the driver's seat to show it off. Take it on a street course, or a track, or hell anything besides e-brake pulling in a small parking lot


has it a differential lock??


I wish we could see the engine setup


lol @ haters. most autoslalom cars are -exactly- like this, it's perfect.


Probably would have been better videoing the cars in the background


So its obvious that Peter and Onecton have no knowledge about the original Fiat 500. If they did then they would've already understood that the customization of the vehicle is primarily based on the original Fiat 500 which was a smaller car with a smaller wheel base yet had a rear engine and rear wheel dive set up. I'm proud of these boys for reaching back to the vehicles roots rather then leaving it as your typical fwd hatchback fail.


Very bad driver...


I bet the FWD version is faster around a track.


if all of that work was for nothing but doing lame donuts on dirt bike paths in the park and in empty parking lots while the REAL racecars are running on the track, YOU FAIL!

lets see some video of real world road driving and how well it performs on a racetrack in comparison to a fwd 500 and then we will see if there's something worth bragging about or not


this must be hard to drive but, i can say anything without speen a weekend or more with the car =D, sent it to brazil.


it's hard to believe these are such high performance cars that get such great gas mileage. Looking to purchase on in the next few months.