Earlier today Josef Newgarden won the Indy Lights Freedom 100, however the race was marred by a spate of accidents (almost half the field crashed). The biggest incident occurred when drivers Jorge Goncalvez, Anders Krohn, and Bryan Clauson went three-wide into Turn 1 of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 

- Charles Kha



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so quick, so many close shaves in such a small time frame. its a testament to the design of the cars and cockpits, the way the driver is protected and shielded. horrific none the less.


looks even more dramatic than Sergio Perez's crash!


good to see him moving, that was a big one.


My first thought when I saw the crash was OMG HE IS DEAD. Ten or fifteen years ago that probably would have been the case. Technology has really taken a leap forward. The question is is there enough of a safety envelope to delimit tech regulations and allow speeds to climb again, along with better human performance enhancing technologies(g-suits)?


Goncalvez looked like he broke the right steering tierod when he brushed the right-side wall. The broken right front than steered left and he slammed into the left infield barrier. From his right front, it looked like he was trying to steer right but with broken steering there only so much you can do.


I was the photographer under the fire.. you see three men running.. I did not.. I got great photos from a different perspective.. see them on facebook


This is why I never want to do oval racing.

High risk, less entertaining to do than road racing.