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Regardless of what you think about the stretched tire and roof rack movement, you have to admit that this 1/24 scale EK Civic model is pretty awesome.

For more of this great modeling work out of Japan, make sure you check out the builder's Minkara page.

-Mike Garrett



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I love scale cars!


looks amazing.. a work of art. - but hey!... is it on airbags or is it a static drop??!




i pray that this dosen't catch on in New Zealand.EVER



this is the video with that EK in it, awesome stuff. its a mini USDM jam


I absolutely love this! Hell yeah!


building models is a great hobby, but this model is a great one to mess with but for goodness sakes when will the bs low offset crap quit showing up on everything?

if anyone understood how bad the vip car builders of the past hated this and made fun of it when it started showing up on anything smaller than a vip car then you would also understand why you see less vip cars doing low offset wheels. another trend stollen by vw guys(btw they didnt start wire tucks either, and they arent reliable enough to make fast so why not huh?) this is why i also dont support print anymore cause they just shove what they want and whats cool to the kids down everyones throat, i visit speed hunters to see realistic street cars and racing coverage, not to see more garbage i could see in a magazine.


cool as hell - where can i get one?? are there any other models?

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Awsome job , makes me want to build a kit!


He is a member of our modelers club!

Check it!




this is the video with that EK in it, awesome stuff. its a 1/24 scale exhibit from the recent shizouka hobby show


This style should be kept only to scale models. It looks good and it doesn't ruin a car's performance, cause its only a model :) But please don't make reala cars look like this!


this is awesome, the detail is nice...

also, print doesnt set trends, it showcases whats hot in the scene, the most popular thing going on..

what kind of true car enthusiast just simply cant accept someone else's style..hondas and VWs werent made to go fast, although they can be made to, it isnt their destiny. so if the intended purpose of the car isnt set into stone why would you close minded individuals try to decide how other people should build their cars? furthermore, i think we can all agree that seeing these negative POS posts are really uninspiring and are of no good contribution to society. f#@king think about that...


InteriorAlligator is spot on. Very true!

All the hate posts on here are not enthusiasts. They're do-nothing kids, who want to try to "own" a part of the tuning culture, by marking territory and defending it.

Go out and DO something! Build something. Don't just sit on your hands and hate.


so many haters


as a model builder i can appreciate this, being into the whole "flush" thing just makes it even better.

very few people build in this style and get it right. the lack of good wheels and tires doesn't help the situation much though. they are out there but it takes some digging to find the good stuff


I likey..!


If this were real...

@ Michael: New Zealand needs to embrace more of this and stop dropping JDM's over chinese chrome wheels and crystal taillights. Id park this next to my group A VK SS if it were real.


Besides offering a much more affordable way to own your favorite cars, scale models can allow you to build stuff that might not be feasible in real life. Take this scale Evo X for example, which has been outfitted with the front end (and rear end) from