Event>>eibach Honda Meet 2011 – Pt.3

My mindset has been in a strange state this week, going back and forth between coverage of Toyotafest and the Eibach Honda Meet. To have both of these events only one day apart is overload for any fan of Japanese automobiles. If only there could have somehow been a Nissan meet thrown in for good measure…

Anyway, here's my final set of photographs from Eibach 2011.

Gramlights with a mild stretch and aggressive aero give this S2000 a slightly different vibe than most.

My wife and I actually picked up a Honda Insight as a daily commuter a few months ago. Don't think I could convince her to let me do it up like this though…

You can never go wrong with a bit of Spoon style on a Honda. Never.

This clean CRX is wearing a set of 949 Racing wheels, a very popular choice among both the Honda and the Miata racing community.

AP2 S2000 looking very proper in gray with the ever-popular Mugen hard top.

You wouldn't think blue on green would be the best color combo, but it looks surprisingly good on this Integra sedan.

You see not every Honda owner is about stretched tires and roof racks. There were lots and lots of more traditional Hondas at Eibach, like this black Civic coupe.

What's that in the engine bay of the N1 Concepts S2000?

Yep, a 3.2 liter Honda V6. Front engine NSX anyone?

This EK was one of my favorites of the day, coated in what looks to be BMW's Laguna Seca Blue.

Judging by the number plates, it looks like this car came out to the meet from Arizona.

There were some very low cars at the meet, and this Civic was one of the lowest for sure.

Not quite as low, but here's another one of the countless Civic hatchbacks spread around the Eibach HQ.

Can't forget about the Acuras either. Here's a VIP-inspired CL.

Fit with a JDM nose conversion and BBS wheels. Love the bumper design.

I love this TSX more and more each time I see it. It seems to have a different set of wheels each time as well…

OEM Acura wheels give this Civic a unique look.

How about the front diffuser on this EF? Hmmm…

This was one of a handful of well-done Del Sols at the meet.

Another view of the traffic madness outside. Walking around, you'd think that every single modified Honda in Southern California was there.

Well, that concludes my coverage of the 2011 Eibach Meet. I'm sure you can see why so many Honda fans come to this event from near and far every year, with no signs of slowing.

-Mike Garrett

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NSX's were DOHC. Durrrrrr.


Can anyone tell me what are those wheels on the blue ek hatch. Frigging sick!! They look like Work RSZ.. but... they cant be or are they?


Can we get more on that swap, Please and thank you lol


Can we get more on that swap, Please and thank you lol


what that yellow s2k has is something honda shouldve put in that car in the 1st place.. would also justify the price tag abit more


That aint a NSX engine... that's a J series engine


love that CR-X on 949 wheels.

And more info on the N1 concepts s2000 please.


"My wife and I actually picked up a Honda Insight as a daily commuter a few months ago. Don't think I could convince her to let me do it up like this though..."

Did you get rid of the Mazda5??? Say it ain't so!


must've sounded like the world had beans for dinner with the number of fart can exhausts there


Wow wow wow I'm loving that S3200, what a great idea! Looks finished although whats up with the throttle cable (lol?). Great pics, always a stunning meet.


Good stuff Mike. I kept my eye out for you, but looks like you came and went fairly quickly.


I love that DAP EK with the SPOON windshield banner. If you are the owner and reading this NICE WORK!!


Shame on you for taking a photo of the insight instead of the white NSX besides it :(


So what, 8 out of 10 Hondas are lowriders these days? I remember when people used to actually race them. :(


J32 is not C32.

J32's can be had at a junkyard for less than a 100k mile B-series swap on the forums.

if it was a supercharged J32, maybe. the J32 hardly made more power than the F22 and its a lot heavier.

aside from the wonderful sound, why?


loved all the Parts in this 'episode'.. kind of surprised nobody did anything with the old Legends tho'.. 2nd generation KA7/KA8's or even the 3rd generation KA9's[?] surely candidates for the VIP look? or well maybe next year.. or sooner?! Hon. mention:- the CRX sporting the 949 Racing rims. - Thanks for the quality photos & coverage.


NSXs had a C32B (dohc) thats a C32A out of like an accord or legend


this is the place where honda drivers get together and talk about how much they love haters LMAO!


NSX motors were C30 and C32 series respctively. J's are out of the FWD/AWD vehicles.

Still. Can't argue with a V6 F/R Honda. :)

When will HONDA build one?


makes me miss my crx


Bruise Wayn; im fairly sure they're Work CR01's. Work only very recently (march) re-released the wheel as a Meister CR 01, so either those are some brand new ones custom painted white, or some refurbed originals.


feature on the S200 with the NSX motor please.....


@mash You obviously don't know what a "FART CAN" is I guess you call all exhaust on a hondas fart cans. There was maybe a couple fart cans there and none in any of these pics. Just because its in a tubular shape doesn't make it a fart can. Most the exhaust there are high quality perfomance proven cat-back exhaust.



I'd Rather have that bike than any of those cars


great coverage, too bad there aren't any pics when the sun came out. still good stuff!

More pics at http://www.stickydiljoe.com.


@ RdS. Thanks mate. I'll got check that out!! Those wheels r awesome. hellaflush yo!


I saw that blue ek on the white works at the scottsdale pavillions car meet tonight in az. definitely caught my attention, looks even better in person!


Wow that v6 s2k is FAIL!


Yeah, im pretty excited about the re-release of the CR01...I tried to buy some a while back and they were in the wrong lug pattern and everything. In regards to the lowrider comment, road course inspired vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in the honda scene now. I attribute it to the time attack craze...from drag-racing to road course, i wouldnt say its 8 out of 10 lowrider. Thatd be tragic..

And comparing the J32 and F20/F22 is apples to bananas... while the horsepower numbers stock may be similar, the potential of both is clearly way different. A spec sheet jockey might not understand, talking numbers stock for stock, but looking at the displacement and engine layout, a 3.2 liter 6 cylinder versus a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder with the same amount of money invested WILL yield better numbers. The best thing about a swap like that is that the s2000 has no torque, a boosted 6 cylinder will surely solve that...


Not one Prelude....wtf.


honda for life. keep them coming boys


Not so sure that qualifies as a diffuser (on the EF) a splitter instead, maybe?


That ef with the "splitter" is the cheapest wood you can purchase at home depot. seriously the owner of voltex probably face palmed himself when he saw that picture. pure garbage, please speedhunters quit giving crap products and crap aero a spotlight on your blog. that ef makes those of us who purchase quality aero look bad.


What are the wheels on the red del sol??


What are the wheels on the red del sol??