Car Spotlight>>20-valve Ae92

The Toyota AE86 has to be one of the most frequently posted cars on this site. While we all love the hachiroku, how about a little love for the later model Corollas?

I spotted this very tasteful AE92 at Toyotafest and thought a Car Spotlight was in order.

While the AE92 doesn't share the 86's rear-drive layout, it does share its powerplant. In this case the factory 16-valve 4AGE of the Corolla GT-S has been swapped out for a 20-valve blacktop engine.

No doubt those individual throttles make a sweet song when the 4AGE is running flat out.

15" Work Equip 03's are a fine choice to compliment the AE92's angular body.

US market cars of this era usually got the short end of the stick when it came to exterior styling, but this one's been upgraded with JDM Trueno bumpers and taillights.

The AE92 might not be the icon that the AE86 is, but as you can see here it can still be built into a damn fine machine.

-Mike Garrett



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Yes, absolutely nice corolla!!!

Talk about FF, I really love AE92 and AE111. Thanks for share some "different" car on the scene.


From what I have heard and read, these cars make excellent autocross vehicles. So somewhere they are getting some respect.


Hell yeah, thats fricken nice. Shame that the 92s dont get the love that say DC2s or those old Civic hatches do. Its a handsome enough car and came with a good engine (gt-s at least), its no 86, but I think it more than holds its own against other fwd coupes in coolness and potential...strange


pity we didn't get these in the UK - fine machine indeed.


probably the best looking AE92 iv'e seen so far ;)


it's so sad that Toyota decided on a FF configuration for this model. this is honestly the most gorgeous Corolla ever produced.


FF ain't usually my favorite layout but a clean car is a clean car. but where's the interior shots? howsabout some more info on the suspesion? haha.


Mad Props To the owner Never Thought They would Look This Good



Im a real big fan of FWD corollas and levins, and I own two of them, so much fun!

+1 on the fact that these cars dont get the recognition that hondas get. There are so many awesome looking corollas out there... and some quick ones too!

Can I ask for more FWD corolla goodness please? :)


That car belongs to my good friend Menard Torculas =]

And yes... that car sounds like sex at WOT


wow, super clean!!!! i like turtles!


had the ae101 and then a ae111, never this shape but the levin definately made me love coupes, wish to get back a coupe soon


Underrated cars, AE92s would be as cool as AE86s if it wasn't for the FF drivetrain. Looks very nice!


very nice, would love to swap a blacktop into mine, super hard to get jdm bumpers for ae92 insane


Boo. I think Toyota should have at LEAST made the AE92 the last FR Corolla since it's styling says "I need to be RWD!!!" Unlike the AE111, which actually LOOKS like a FWD car.


That is absolutely stunning, though I would have liked to have seen the battery relocated to the rear if I'm to nit-pick. Gorgeous colour combination; clean, classic and simple.


Nice! A 20V into an AE92 was the first conversion I did myself back in 1997, to think it's still popular today and viewed as a nice conversion......I wonder where my old Corolla ended up?!?!?



What an awesome car! It looks like it would be fun to drive. Very clean and tasteful, defenitly something else!


Very nicely done, but I will never understand why Toyota decided to stop making the Corolla in RWD =\


i have a soft spot for FF cars in my book. this might be an interesting project to take on.


Guess with this sort of love I'll be in touch once the build on my twin-charged AE92 begins!


Saw one of these racing at the local short track recently. It went like, well, it didn't do so well, but this is nice.


Pitty they didn't make them RWD...


makes me wanna sell my 4AGE KP62 and get one of this


ah yes... the best looking corolla of all !!

brings back memories of my red gts, had SO much fun in that car.

yes I agree, this one is probably the best looking ae92 i've seen. great job


ah yes... the best looking corolla of all !!

brings back memories of my red gts, had SO much fun in that car.

yes I agree, this one is probably the best looking ae92 i've seen. great job


Always loved the look of these, very very clean build.


I realy like this Corolla and the engine

Hope to do once a swap into my AE111 Corolla Hatch


The best looking Corolla by far is the Ae92, hands down kids


it reminds me of jamaica


Yes! Up until 3 months ago I lived next door to someone who drove a white AE92 that was in really good shape. Eventually he put it up for sale but I didn't have money for it at the time, I'm still a little upset about that :x


Beautiful attention to such a great car.Check out how the rear valance has the wider bumper fender added.
How about the AE92 sedan's? They also look sweet .Try to find a clean one on cardomain like KZ's corolla in the Thailand.


KZS  corollla is fire but not many ppl are on it i follow all thae92 sedans as welll but the guys in thailand are not  on the ae92 Coupe


@mikeae9220v checkout bazda on club4ag.He's in Australia and has a ae92 coupe with about 500 hp.


@mikeae9220v checkout bazda on club4ag.He's in Australia and has a ae92 coupe with about 500 hp.


Love this car as I am doing a similar JDM ae92 Trueno build myself. Does anyone know where I can get in contact with this owner? My main reason is I am trying to source the rear Bomex spats / mudflap and want to see if he would have them reproduced or a mold created from his own.

Any help appreciated or location of the car?