Car Spotlight>> Tamaki Ryuji’s Ek Hatch

You'll probably remember a Random Snap I did earlier on Tamaki Ryuji's EK Civic. Having spotted it near an Up Garage near Suzuka Japan, I chased it down to get a spotlight on it. While its styling certainly isn't to everyone's tastes, I thought it would be an interesting insight into Japan's interpretation of the U.S. Honda scene.

The K-Tours guides had a word to Tamaki and invited him along for a drive into Suzuka. After browsing through the stores we stopped at a gas station where I snapped these photos off. This is something I've always wanted to do, shoot an awesome car in Japan at a gas station!

I can't quantify just how low this car really is in person. Both front and rear USDM bumpers have been fitted also an EK9 grill. You may also notice the aftermarket fenders. 

ZEAL coilovers and custom camber arms front and rear were used to drop the Civic to the ground. During my time Speedhunting I can easily say I've never come across something as low as this.

The clear tail lamps are a throw back to the late 90s… 

…While the front has some custom headlights with 6000k HIDs. 

Tamaki-san really is a true fan of the Japanese intrepretation of USDM styling. He's also fitted aftermarket U.S. mirrors which have replaced the standard ones. I'm not sure if you can see the sticker on them but it goes along the lines of CALI F******N FORNIA. 

I literally couldn't stop putting my hands under the guards to see how the 15" DE Racing wheels actually tucked underneath the fenders. The 8-inch wide wheels have been pulled onto 165/50/15 rubber.

As Tamaki-san was in no rush to leave he ventured on with us through Suzuka stopping at many more local shops such as Up Garage and even ended up having dinner with us.

The interior is groovy as can be. Visible modifications here are a Lecarra steering wheel and a Rouge Status shift knob…

…Along with a five panel Wink mirror that's been 'bombed. 

Replacing the standard Honda seats are these comfortable Leather Recaro LX seats. Even with these seats installed riding in this car probably isn't that comfortable. 

I noticed these stickers placed around the car, this is Tamaki's Zoku (team).

Here is a shot I snapped whilst stationary at the traffic lights in the middle of Suzuka.

This was definitely an awesome day, I can't believe the awesome things that happen to me every time I visit Japan. 

Tamaki followed us 45minutes back to our hotel in Suzuka just to get this one photo with our group. 

It was great to meet you Tamaki and I hope to catch up soon!

-Casey Dhnaram.

Honda 2011

K-Tours 2011 



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Guys a legend! :)


Whats that pattern on the headlights called? I know there is a clothing brand with the same "logos" - dont know what its called though



You're thinking rouge status


hard to believe it runs withn that camber out-back, liking the steering wheel & those Recaro seats. - it looks good, not everyone will like it but hey.. - i like what he's done.


HellaFAIL - enough said


I guess the rarity of the USDM parts is what makes this car stands out?? I mean, it's a killer Civic, but it doesn't look particularly American to me. I mean, we didn't start the demon camber thing. And those wheels scream Euro to me. Don't get me wrong: I give the guy props for a nice build and rocking that low of a static drop, I just don't quite get it.

Now I understand the confusion the Japanese car guys must feel when they see us drooling over JDM parts for our Hondas.


Not digging on the rear fitment but I like how it's so low he hasn't even bothered with a front lip haha, those rear louvers seem to be catching on it japan.


There's white people in Japan? hahaha


funny what is totally hot in America, is considered a joke in Japan/Rest of the world. That's a good thing.


It's called Rouge Status, I think


gold in wheels, dumb, fenders, dumb, tail lights, dumb.


Doug: Rogue Status.


Rogue Status clothing is the brand your thinking of doug :) and this is a fantastic car! great overall effect with all the little details. more of this please :D


the epitome of rice. I cant believe you guys spotlight this bullshit.


Nice car. Not a fan of extreme camber but still... Nice care.


i like the total package tails, rims, stance, colour.. that camber is brave.- at least the parking wardens won't be able to 'clamp' it. - Rouge Status shift knob? didn't know they branhced out - cool!

[via NuggetG60YorkshireUK's computer]


Hmm, nothing about any performance, not that it well ever get traction with this setup


He's doing more of a European style, as you can see by the rice bits. Clear taillights, that gaudy exhaust tip, fenders, and the color matching spokes. But hey, he got the Honda and Stance right. Also, I like the custom rouge status print in the headlight housing.


I consider myself a Honda guy but this is just disgusting, not even in the US there are Hondas with a camber that wild, a little less would look much much better, wheels are strange and the fenders and tails..... yuck :S i don't liked it at all


That's low.. Giving the VW crowd a run for there money. Love the mirror. Wonder how heavy it is


love it.

rebel 8

sedless stickers


hell yeah!


Too much camber, it looks absolutely ridiculous. What an abomination.


looks sick...Rouge Status FTW!!!


WOW im not sure what to think a random snap would have sufficed now Im just more confused... All bullcrap aside screw what people think is cool, the fact is its a awesome detailed modified HONDA...MUCH LOVE good job man. It is definatlly USDM maybe some of you guys noticed the SEEDLESS stickers, awesome.....


The exhaust is a Remus? Anyone can confirm that?


This is REALLY rad!


Ughhh... what is this?? 97' throwback superstreet feature?


Thus disproving any and all possible stereotypes that intelligence has any correlation to ethnicity.


lets all post comments about how much we hate this car. i think people care about what we say and it's actually worth something to them. together we can stop this stance movement madness by trolling car blogs and forums!!



fully out fail car, only reason I click on the spot light was hate, just like almost everyone else.


nopi nationals here we come!


Car is dope, F the haters.


oi menz dun be hatin' on my HONDA ya'll just a bunch of playa haterz.


I don't like it to be honest.


This is such a good article. Gives us insight to what the japanese think of us trying to get as many jdm parts as we can. It also shows us that even tho we think we're jdm because we have parts from japan does not mean our car will look like a japanese styled car. Those wheels def look euro and that camber... oh my lol. Nice build, but how the hell can he fit 165 series tires on 8"?!?!?D: did i mention the camber?


Casey, teach Jeroen Willemsen how to pick cars to Spotlight!!!!


Haters, go finish your projects then call Speedhunters HQ to get your own Spotlight, If he has achieved what he set out to do then it's a success! Style is personal, get down and dirty and finishing your sh!t to street legal spec then using is freakin sweet!


This shit is terrible




It's USDM Yo!


What a waste of zeal coilovers. Car is 100% rice.


The site is called SPEEDhunters, but yet this car feature seams leaps and bounds from being a serious speedhunting machine. Its so comical that the car feature focuses completely on all aesthetic features, and yet not one mention of what kind of gutless engine it has, or any performance modifications made to the car.

If you want to call the site Trendhunters, or Fatlace Annex, then this feature is PERFECT.


First of all, there's different sections of the automotive world that are completely different from one another and this is a great example. Tolerance is a great virtue to be learned... One guy said something about "i dont see anything about performance" well...are you serious? The website may be called speedhunters but it isnt all about speed, its about every single aspect of car life, anything involving automobiles, in the world. Second, the stance movement is about enjoying the car, just as any automotive enthusiast does...just in a different way. while some people like to experience G forces, others like to break necks and set out to do something difficult. Thats why riding static versus bagged is such a big deal, you get more props and more respect... you might say "thats retarded, you cant go up a curb" but they could easily say "thats retarded, you drive fast and get tickets" you know? And every type of automobile, whether it be japanese cars, european cars, exotics, classic cars, mini trucks, full size trucks, muscle cars, hot rods, rat rods, what ever...every one can agree they look better with NO wheel gap. Lastly, having no personal influences or bias toward any scene in the car world, i can say easily that i dont frown upon any scene out there. When you see how passionate people are about what they do, the smile they get when they're doing it right, whatever "it" is to them, its just something that you just cant hate on.


Scrap the thing.


a car is supposed to be a reflection of the person not everyone else. gtfo and work on your own shit. goddamn everyone hating sounds like they are on their period or they have just been put in time out by their grade school teacher. smh


Such a rad car. Tamaki is an awesome dude as well!


SPEEDHUNTERS - CAR CULTURE AT LARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The car scene worldwide has been ruined by young internet bandwagoners and internet keyboard warriors that do nothing but hate. Show some respect to other modifiers and realise that everyone has different tastes and styles. Just don't bother commenting if you're going to hate!!! Its the kids of today with loud fingers who have nothing better to do but scour the "cool" blogs and faddish stance forums and hate on everything. It's lame! Before the internet and before blogs and forums, no one really hated on anyone else and evreyone just accepted a car the way it was and that that car had been modified by the owner the way they wanted to for themselves and not to get props on the internet. End rant!


I didn't like the tail lights but overall, it's a nice and flush car.


this looks alot better than some of the hellaflush cars i seen out here in the us!


If he's having fun with the modifications he's done on HIS car... you know where this is going. STFU

Its a nice ride and i'd say he gets a good kick out of driving it. Good coverage speedhunters. I like the choice in rims and seating...definitely take some elements from this to my ride.


Sick ride, but I love driving too much :)


Everyone quick to drop the "rice" bomb and start hating on people's builds. That's the problem these days, people are so fucking trendy that if anyone builds a car out of the ordinary to the way THEY like it and it doesn't conform to what the masses like it's immediately called "rice" that word is so fucking played out it's not even funny anymore. I've been modding hondas since the mid 90's and I personally like the all clear taillights, those shits are gangster, altezza's are the gay ones. But I guess If they're not left stock they're "rice" right? Ignorant.

Anyways the guy built the car car the way HE likes it and I'm pretty sure he doesn't give a shit about the hate you lame asses throw at him. Lol yea I'm sure he's going to change the whole car now that you guys dont approve. I'm a fan of all different types of cars, not one to just instantly hate on shit.

Anyways sick ride, good work.


The guy built car car the way HE wanted to and that's all that should matter as a car enthusiast, build YOUR car they way YOU like. Dropping the "rice" bomb is plain ignorant, that word is so overused and used out of context that it's lost all meaning. The all clear tails are gangster, takes me back to the mid to late 90's when the scene really got started.

Anyways, sick ride, let the haters hate that's why their cars don't have their on spotlight right? The haters car's are soooooooo fresh that they get no mention hahaha.

Keep doing YOU bro, clean ride.




hate it like poison


Interesting ride for sure. Thanks for sharing such moments and looking forward for more!


That I think is the lowest you can possibly get that car, any lower than that i don't think it could move.


Illegal Sick.

Engrish at its best and possibly the only nice/interesting thing on this turd of a car. I'm willing to bet that every single person looking at this car and thinking it's cool will look back on it in a couple of years time and throw up a little in their mouths.


nice feature.




@ Kyle S.


@ Beef Supreme

thumbs down you dont get it

@ InteriorAlligator

thumbs up you do get it

@ porto


@ ruined

thumbs up dont hate appreciate

@ Chris Davy

agreed :)

@ Raceboy


sweet headlights:) free speech people if you have an issue with it write your local congressman as for me I plead the fifth

* see @ ruined


this shit is wack, hideous, and has ruined this car with its "fitment" and "stance" speedhunters please resume featuring cars that actually can achieve speed.



Some poeple like it, others defending it don't necessarily like, but are sick of the's completely unecessary and it's killing the scene. Every few years a new trend appears and then you look back and wonder why???? But look now, 80's/90's style seems to be making a come back, so we improve upon that era and remake it for now.


Sigh......"fitment" and "stance" are just badnwagon words of now, things that no one even spoke about a few years ago, now they are the most overused sheep words of the scene.....waiting for the next cool kid saying to come along soon. As for speed being the be all and end all, it's not, get over it, not everyone is about speed and handling, some just like to cruise. Been there, done that, with high horsepower 1/4 mile killers, now I don't have anything in my garage of 5 cars with anything near monster power, I gues you grow out of it. Not everyone that looks at this blog is looking for high HP cars you know!

True car enthusiasts will be just that, enthusiasts forever. Trendy scene followers, forum warriors and blog haters will come and go and once the "cool" thing they like about cars is no longer "cool" they will drop out of it because it's no longer something they can be "seen" doing, it's just another wave of wannabe's!


wah wah wah bitch bitch go jump in moms kia and go run her errands for the day bitch boys


so does that thing just roll along on the inside wheel rims?

trendhunters- good one Beef Supreme



do you think that what someone thinks looks good on a car has anything to do with intelligence?

way to make yourself sound like a total prick.


how did you fix this and how much money you put into it


any info on that rear window "shutter"?


any info on that rear window "shutter"?