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I’m almost certain a lot of you will recognise this car, even from the rear which conceals this particular cars most identifying feature –

The Bee*R R34 Skyline front end.

The car is owned by Bryn Alban, a guy I met quite sometime ago on the Driftworks message boards. I remember reading the build thread when Bryn originally acquired this R32 GTS-T and remember the moment well when I first seen it with the Bee*R front end conversion.

However, it’s been one of those cars that somehow always seemed to elude my camera. We had often talked about shooting the car but things just never fell into place.

Thankfully I met Bryn at the recent Japfest show in Castle Combe and we agreed to finally put this shoot to rest after the event. With no where to go, we pulled into the services on the M4 and finally started shooting.

I think Bryn will be the first to tell you the car is starting to look a little rough around the edges. Being his daily drifter driver, it’s no surprise. To be honest, I think it adds a little bit of character to the car knowing that it’s used hard on a regular basis.

I was fortunate enough to shoot the car before it goes for paint shortly, as Bryn plans on reinventing the look of the car.

Anyways enough **** talk and let’s take a look at the details. The original RB20 has been swapped out for the larger capacity RB25 unit.

A Holset HX35 provides the boost in this setup which includes a GSRacing 60mm wastegate and 1.5″ screamer pipe, Nismo 740cc injectors, Bosch 044 fuel pump, GT-R intercooler and an Apexi Power FC mated to an RB25 gearbox via a HKS twin plate clutch.

The inside has been kept relatively civilised whilst still retaining a track ready theme. Flocked dash and suede Momo wheel …

… along with a pair of Corbeau Sprints with Driftworks / TRS harnesses.

A Lifeline fire extinguisher mounted to the half-roll cage.

Aerocatch bonnet pins retain a hint of subtlety. Well, as much as one can expect for a bright yellow and often sideways Datsun.

The car rolls on Work Rezax wheels, measuring 18×9.5 ET-6 up front. R32 GT-R brakes feature at all four corners.

The fuel filler has been craftily relocated to the bootlid.

Sat on Tanabe coilovers at the front and Tein Super Drift coilovers at the rear, the car also features Driftworks rear camber and traction arms along with Driftworks rear tie rods and control arms.

The rear wheels measure in at 18×11.5 ET-24

For a home built, daily driver you have got to appreciate a car like this, especially considering the state of Welsh roads.

We’ll be sure to bring you photos of the car’s next incarnation once completed. Bryn if you’re reading, you might be better taking those photos yourself because if we’re to wait for the stars to align once more, it’ll probably be quite some time.

Paddy McGrath



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unfortunately for me, i live in Canada where for some reason...the government has made s15's and r34's illegal (my 2 favourite cars of all time i should ad) i suppose it's because those 2 cars are just too awesome for the Canada. simply because these cars are illegal i have decided to move somewhere where they both are legal. so willing to change the future i have already set out for myself for these two cars says enough about my passion for nismo. none the less, because of this irritating factor, i often see allot of 32's with r34 front end convert's but this is easily the nicest one i have seen in all my days


gnarly ride... I like that he has an actual functional amount of fire spray haha



The cars are not illegal for ever, only import laws state that they must be 15 years old from DOP. You are wasting far more money and more time then you would just waiting. 15 years old means the first R34 will hit Canadian shores in 2013 because production started in 1998, the S15 however did not start production until 1999 ( I think.) meaning it will hit Canadian shores in 2014. Not trying to appear rude or critisis you, just trying to save a fellow canuk a buck.


wow this is an amazing looking car love it but ill love it even more if it was silver


what a beautiful machine


Very cool. As cars and parts get more and more rare, it is really interesting to see what people are coming up with.


needs a 326 power wing


that rear end looks awesome, love the 1st shot!


why the hell would you call this a datsun?


- as a joke ? PMcG




wow that is awesome, ive always loved r32's


Oh my....can we please get a desktop of that 1st pic...SICK shoots man.


s15s and r34s are only illegal in canada until they are at least 15 years old. give it some time and there should be plenty on the road


That is just NICE !


That is absolutely disgusting. I don't even know where to begin on all of the disgusting things done to this once great car. I guess the stretched tires and retarded fitment are a start. I would be ashamed to release a car like this from a tuning shop.



Atleast you don't live in the US where even though r33's and 34's are "legal" the US government has decided to confiscate numerous which where imported legally... Not to mention that there isn't a single S15 legally driving on US streets....


looks sick! i think the colour suites the car well, but even for a home built daily driver, to me i dont think that the R34 front end on the R32 looks that good...the normal stock front end would have look better (in my opinion!)

But a nice car overall!


wow, i (obviously) like the colour, although i like the tie-wrapping of bits and bats in general is it absolutey needed? oh yes.. i live 2 clicks away from where that turbo was manufactured, - all in all an fine car.


I've always wanted a R324


It's a pretty good idea combining the back-end of a Nissan R-32 Skyline with the front-end of an R-34 Skyline.Very nice and tighty built. Clap Clap Bryn well done.


this is the best conversion ive ever seen. it looks so clean


I'm canadian too ! And Both of you are a bit right... The car can be imported ... But can't be use as a road car anymore. Only those that were in canada after 2009 can be driven ! Saden's me 2 :(


@Dakota Dewolf

im so happy its like that, dont want the west to pollute the best from the east. i REALLY hope it never changes. But in NZ its the complete opposite hahahahah


met this guy @ japfest the car looks mean in the flesh a+


Saw this on my way home from work last wednesday I think, was in the Damson S14a behind you (if you read this) lovely car dude


@ Candien and James thanks you guys. i had no idea that in fact the 15 year production law was in effect for those cars. i just thought it might have been a chassises code law which come to think of it didn't really make much sense to me considering that the s14 and r33's are legal hahahaha. well ive been saving for an s15 since i was 12 so i think i'll be good lol. and @ Dakota Dewolf i did hear about the "skyline seize" in california in 2009 and the story nearly made me cry ahaha i just wish north america would accept the fact that these cars are awesome! just let us drive them already!


I thought it was a legit GT-R on the first place. Nice car! :) A GT-R engine will make this car even better!


actually, those cars are illegals in some parts of in Quebec, no more RHD cars can be put on the road since 2010....and it truly sucks...LIBERONS NOUS DES CALISS DE LIBERAUS TABARNAK !!!!!! AH et des criss de conservateurs a la con aussi...


Very nice.


I want one of these so badly and here in Canada you have to wait till they are 15 years old which sucks. But I can get one just after my 18th birhtday.


That car has 'bad intentions' written all over it.


im glad you re-featured this car n how its progressed. yea sure it looks like a hack job n yea its body kit has seen better days but... damn such a cool do it yourself budget beater. if i could pick any of the late 80's cars to mod its this one. (and i'd make it look like this and beat the hell out of it too)


daaaaayyyyyuuuuuuuuummmmmm.... love it


north america has by far the most opressive BS rules in the world, and has since the early 70s. even today many of the coolest cars of japan and europe cant meet the utterly foolish, politically-motivated regulations north america requires. it was even worse in the 70s-90s. we dont get cool cars because americans ALWAYS vote for stupid morons with their "durrrr cars are dangerous we has to ban them durrrr" or "cars pollute too much, we need to subsidize POS hybrids and up our insane emissions regs even more durrr" or "durrr cars with tinted windows and loud exhausts are a menace to civilization durrr". its why we had the 55mph national speed limit for a long time (and many democrats want to go back to it), its why we never got badass cars like silvias and skylines, and why north american spec cars have lame bumpers and make less power than the same models sold elsewhere. and its why a pig can pull you over for having your windows too black. thanks, dumbsh!te american/canadian voters..




pstar, the 25 year ban has nothing to do with "dumb americans" or "dumb congressman" and more to do with Mercedes Benz crying bloody murder in the 1980's because they where losing money to Grey Market Imports from Europe.

+30 years ago we developed our own set of safety and emission standards in accordance with what fit us, while over seas other countries developed their own standards. Why not cry about how Nissan and others felt certain cars where not destined to profitability so left us out. Grass is always greener after all, if we never got Mustangs, Corvettes and DSMs you'd be crying about those.


Wonder what it looks like now.