Formula Drift Round 1 was the roughest weekend of my career. I made two stupid mistakes behind the wheel and failed to qualify for the show. While "disappointment" would be an understatement as to how I felt, I have shaken it off and I am looking forward to clawing my way through the field at Round 2 in Atlanta. The unconditional support from my team and all of my supporters has been incredible, I really appreciate it!!! 

- Vaughn Gittin Jr.



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I think Vaughn has a really great attitude toward drifting.

He's an ambassador to the sport.


I agree his attitude is tremendous. full credit to him for hanging out with fans and making the most of a bad situation. Hope he tears it up in atlanta


hey things like this happen. at least you can learn from it. Vaughn Gittin your 'big things' as far as your fans are concerned!


i think i didn't catch all of this... (not a drift fan but curious). the qualy first run he got a score of 40. i can understand that since hi didn't drift all the way. on the second run, he got a 0 ? why ? can someone explain it? couse that second rn was good, at least better than the first run.


the title says it all...!


sounds like you won in the sense that you didn't flip out and then stayed on to sign autographs and hang out with fans. GL in ATL!!!!!!


Gittin is a great drifter but in all honesty his season is probably done. Think about it, he podiumed in almost all the events. Now he didn't even qualify! Idk i think it puts a HUGE dent in his season. Def. don't see him winning this season though.


Where do i get that monster hat he is wearing i want it


i guess you your mind was too busy back with the RTR-X project.

I really admire that you are not blaming others for the bad runs.



some one can explain me why on that drift car there's no direct steering as we install on our race car ? it could be easier to drive no ?

nice video


Oh yeah the rain ruined the track? Well everyone else managed to handle it.

Maybe you shouldn't have spent your time on the new huge disappointment of a game, and more time practising.


@ StopH8rs - with the points gap last season from JR podiuming 6 out of 7 events, he actually could have not qualified in Seattle and still had enough points to take the Championship. It won't be easy, but its not impossible. :)


Releasing a video that documents your failure shows awesome character. Not blaming others and taking it like a man is even better.

Good luck with the rest of the season.


Just dont let it disencourage you. It does hit you right in the balls when the other day everything turns such a mess that you start thinking of how much time you have put into it and it seems like you have wasted years on something you fail in at the very point but this is just how sport/art is , there are peaks and bottoms and with out bottoms peaks wouldnt be peaks instead it would be a one straight boring line...... SINE is a function of joy ))))))))))) PEACE OUT )


JR, you are such a f***ing boss!

You are the real deal, bro!

Good luck with the rest of the season :)