Never been to Ebisu Circuit? Wonder what it’s really like? Why not take a tour of each of the circuits within Drift Heaven with Naoto Suenaga as your host! Luke Huxham of We Are Drift has just released the first of five episodes showcasing Ebisu Circuit as you have never seen it before. It’s a well put together and executed look at what the place is all about and after the recent disaster Team Orange and all the people up in Nihonmatsu have been through, a reminder that things are now back to normal and the place is open ready to host this year’s Spring Drift Matsuri.

Ebisu Circuit

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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was ebisu damaged in the earthquake?


Makes me want to go back even more


Good stuff. I feel there hasn't been something this Honest, Fresh, and Real since Toshi and Eric and the gang had the JDM Insider series....I hope the rest keep true and follow that.


Welcome back on the scenes Luke !


Ebisu is greater than ever...


wow.. its made to look quite easy and 'do-able', even the Touge section which is very difficult, is made ot look like childs play, not intentinally but thats how the driver makes it look.. a testament to his skills behind the wheel. for the amount of drifitng and drfit related events that are covered on Speedhunters i'm surprised more Video Roll shwocasing it isn't shown[?]. - this one was well worth the watch! - thanks


Awsome circuit and amazing video!


Yes it was. But it's Japan, they can repair everything in 2 days :)


Wow - this is the dude who made this video is a complete con-artist. Theres like a huge thread on Huxham on ziptied about how he was ripping people off for parts and stickers. youd be crazy to trust anything he does.

And speedhunters puts this up here? is that some sort of endoresement?


awesome! anyone know what spoiler he is running? love it


Just seen this linked on facebook awesome video! I want to go!

I got my stickers off Luke about 3 weeks ago and i bought a few sets of wheels off him when he was doing car parts last year and the only problems i had were customs holding them quarantine.


Song name ?




It is good see the leading automotive blog on the net getting behind people trying to do something positive for Ebisu and drifting in general. Ebisu needs all the help they can get right now, Abbits video was sick aswell!

What ever huxhams story is at the end of the day this video was awesome, it was free and it promotes drifting and Ebisu. Thats a step in the right direction and i think would endorse that any day of the week. If it were not for speedhunters i would know half the information i do now about the Japanese drift scene. This website alone has convinced me where to go on my holiday next year! Keep these video coming, can't wait for episode 2!