Shift2 Unleashed>> Announcing The Legends Pack

Being involved in the creation of a Need for Speed racing game could be considered to be a bit of a double edged sword. On one hand, you get to design and detail out your wildest automotive dreams. If you can imagine all the details of a complete automotive racing experience, and have the  skills to organize and present your ideas, there's a good chance that your designs will see the light of day.

However, video game production is also an extremely stressful, tough environment. One is always battling the realities of deadlines and these constantly threaten to compromise the integrity of your creative vision . So it's one thing to dream up a game design and feature set, but quite something else to actually build it. 

You must to have a huge amount of grit and tenacity to make it through a production cycle. No Joke. Troubleshooting and problem solving skills become just as important as creative vision.

Personally speaking, I find the rewards of working in the video game industry far outweigh the stresses. Yes there are moments of difficultly, but overall I feel very privileged to help create these racing games. It's more than enough motivation to keep pushing forward, year in and year out.

The release of the SHIFT2 UNLEASHED Legends Pack Add-On is a moment of pure excitement for me. Like many members of the Slightly Mad Studio's team, I'm deeply passionate about old school race cars and race tracks. It's this kind of project that keeps me fueled up for the future.

I'm sure you'll agree, there's sometime just so pure about old school race machines, especially those which aren't too far removed from their street driven brethren.

So I'm very pleased to announce that tomorrow we're going to be releasing thirteen classic racers from the 60s and 70s.

This includes a full range of GT's and Touring cars allowing you to recreate some of the great rivalries and battles from the golden age of racing.

Not only do you get to race some iconic machines, but you also have the proper vintage courses to run on too. We've included five period specific old school race tracks in the pack.

It's wasn't that long ago that Hockhenheim was one of the fastest tracks in the world and SMS has lovingly created the 1982 layout. Get ready for some high speed runs through the German forest!

Check the track map… This is what Hockhenheim used to look like prior to the 2001 "modernization". Serious.

Compare to the modern layout after Herman Tilke got his hands on the track. Perhaps it's suitable for Modern F1 racing, but I can't help but think that something special has been lost.

Silverstone is another circuit that's seen it's fair share of modernization over the years. However, it's managed to keep a lot more original character than Hockenheim.. Here's a shot of the old Woodcote chicane.

This is the Silverstone where Keke Rosberg famously set what was then, the fastest F1 lap ever, while qualifying for the 1986 British GP. Keke averaged 160.9 miles per hour (258.9 km/h) on that famous lap which stood uncontested until 2001.

And now you can race for yourself on the unfettered 1975 version of Silverstone. 

Monza is one of the few tracks still being used for modern F1 which has escaped the surgeon's knife remarkably intact.

Even so, we thought to let you try the chicane free layout of the track: the 1958 version to be exact. Like the vintage Hockenheim and Silverstone layouts, Old Monza was high speed course famous for slip streaming and wheel to wheel action… oh how things used to be…. (sigh)

Cool stuff huh? You'll find the 70s GT's like the 911 Carrera RSR great for top speed runs around Monza.

You also have the option to drive Youngtimer oriented Touring cars like this Group 4 spec 1974 Capri.

What a beauty! 

Ford fans will also be excited to see this Mk1 Escort ready for action.

My personal fav is this Group 5 spec BMW CSL "Batmobile". It's great fun to drive, with progressive, balanced handling offset by just the right amount of power.

We've also included the Porsche 914/6 GT. VAG fans will appreciate this underrated Porsche for sure.

Some limited customization on most of the Legends cars are allowed too. You can paint them up how you like, change the wheels and upgrade performance parts. 

My favourite circuit of the Legends pack has to be the Rouen-Les-Essarts circuit. I've spent many, many hours over the past 10 months driving this legendary track.

Those of you who've been around the various PC mod scenes over the years will definitely know this classic French street course. It's a popular one in the PC sim racing world.

Rouen hosted five French GP's up until 1968, but the track was considered just too fast and dangerous for top class racing and eventually closed in 1994.

Rouen is based entirely on public roads, with high speed sweepers and massive elevation changes characterizing what was once considered one of Europe's finest racing circuits.

Here's a shot of the famous brick surfaced Nouvelle Monde hairpin.

Check out those downhill sweepers! Rouen has absolutely zero run-off, so any off-track excursions will absolutely result in a total wreck. It's a pretty frightening course to drive, especially if you're crazy enough try peddling some modern GT1s. Give this a try and let me know what you think!

Now you didn't seriously think that we has forgotten about S30 chassis this year did you? Rather than create the standard 240Z/Fairlady model, we decided to go with the Fairlady 240ZG homologation special.

And before you ask: YES you can swap a modern RB26 into both the 240ZG and Hakosuka GT-Rs.

Other models included with the Legends package include the Lotus Ford Cortina… the world's original drift car.

Next we have the wonderful Alfa Romeo GTA. With its nimble tail-happy handling, this car is a joy to drive.

No classic touring car collection would be complete without an old school Mini Cooper! YES!

We've also included a few 1960s Grand Tourers like the Ford GT40 MK1…

The special lightweight version of the E-Type Jaguar…

And of course the venerable Shelby Daytona Coupe.

Mixing it up with these grids of newly released Legends machines, are all the other old school machines that shipped with S2U. From vintage Trans-Am, GT to Touring Car racing you now have the ability to directly experience the golden age of racing. Have fun with it guys! This downloadable package is a real work of passion for everyone involved in the project and I hope you enjoy the fruit of our labours.

For more release information about the Legends Pack Release please check out the official SHIFT2 UNLEASHED site. 

And finally, I also wanted to start gathering feedback from you about the SHIFT2 UNLEASHED game itself. I'm quite interested to know both what you liked about it, and what future features you want to see in the SHIFT franchise. Please try and be as concise and detailed as possible. If you have suggestions for future features, tracks or cars models, now is the time to speak up.

Let me know! 




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Is it just me, or do all the twin drivers in this pic look hella creepy? LOL


I'm a gamer and i'm really really bored that video games editiors and you,release DLC just for make money. Because sincerly,Shift is out for a really short time,why didn't you put all this crap directly? Because you just want to MAKE MONEY. I will not pay for this pack, i'm not a sheep,and I paid about 70euro for your game,don't take us for idiots.



guess I'll have to upgrade my pc.


will there be any group 5 celicas?


Handling is ok, but not as good as Forza. It lacks the smoothness. Drifting is not very fun in Shift. I love the graphics and track details such as bugs on windshields, etc....

As for cars, how about 92-00 Honda Civics? They are easy to mod in real life and would be a nice addition to the poor selection of Hondas in the game. 95-01 Integra Type R would be welcome too!


Absolutely amazing work guys. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy and experience REAL racing at it's best :D


EA, Speedhunters, Slightly Mad Studios, we NEED the Lamborghini Aventador. It is a MUST! I request you wonderful people to add that beauty into the game! Thank you!


just awesome! gotta love these cars


911 RSR in drift mode ? YES PLEASE !!!


Sony better figure out its PSN issues by tomorrow...


this game just came out... gt5 and polyphony doesnt do shit like this. my suggestion to the developers of nfs2 is to learn from the pros. customer loyalty is worth more than 9.99.


i bought shift2 for ps3 immediately on release... and as much as it looks beautiful, i don't enjoy the handling. every movement is delayed and every directional adjustment is either too little or wayyy too much. i shouldn't have to spend an hour mucking around in menus to fix this, the defaults should just work. the car seems to slide around constantly... it should not be hard to drive in a straight line, but it often is! i'm a huge fan of GT3, GT4, GT5, F1 2010, R factor, etc., i've done my fair share of video game and sim driving... and i think this game is the hardest to control. and that's not a good thing.


no one rich enough to let you guys get your nerdy hands on a Porsche 356 eh?

if there was ever a vintage Porsche racer, it was the 356.

either way, glad to see some respect given to the cars that are the reason for modern day racing.


Say one thing: and the PC players? We will like to have this and others packs with some new cars to drive.

They always forget about us.


I really enjoy the career mode racing with the fantastic AI, but the physics and livery editor really is bugging me.

The grip is really weird, in real life we can powerslide off the corner naturally, but in S2U, slide only happens when u "throw" the car into the corner or lose balance at high speed, and race car shouldn't be that slippery at high speed because of the downforce, they should be stick to the ground.

The livery editor is probably the worst i have ever use in a racing game, No copy layers, limited shape size, highly pixelized image, unchangeable color for most of the stickers, adjust control too sensitive and lots of bugs such as shape's color and placement changed itself, and the whole design copied to other car for no reason. All i can do is to put 2 stripes on top of the car because it took too much time to get thing right and don't wanna see the system ruin my effort at the end. It's almost like u guys didn't bother to think about it at all, even Shift 1 has better livery editor, which is also very bad.

One thing i wanna suggest is that the variety of engine swaps should be increase even can be limited to within the same manufacturer, such as the ability to swap RB26 to the 350Z and 370Z, also i want to drive works car without the turbo, becuz now the system just put it in automatically, even though the car was originally NA.

If the few things i mentioned here can be fix, this game will definitely be a top class racing game.

Sorry my english is not very good, i hope the words can explain what i want to say well.


I'm with moby: I picked up the game on release day and almost snapped the disc in half due to frustration with the handling. I've played Gran Turismo 1-4 and Forza and the handling/steering just seemed totally dialed in right out of the box, whereas with S2U I had to poke around on some forums to get a better steering/handling set-up. It is slightly better now, but even while using the "best line" feature to properly actuate acceleration and braking I feel as though the cars (even GT3 and GT1 cars) are not handling as tightly as they should.

That being said, I think you guys have totally nailed what you were going for in terms of the sense and feel of racing. As long as you're releasing quality DLC like this I'm game...but maybe raise the driver level cap and drop some new events eh?


argh i seriously wanna swap TDU2 for this now, that games a pile !£$% Lets hope that the PSN is back up and running very sooooooooon!




It has most of these cars and a better track selection, but we need more people playing multi.


Will the legends pack be available for pc?

I really hope it is! Please don't disregard the pc players!

This IS absolutely AMAZING! We all love oldschool me on that. OLDSCHOOL RULES.

I love all these mk1, datsun 240z and the various BMWs and Porsches.

With regard to NFS SHIFT 2, it has amazing graphics and great lighting effects. Please keep this as a benchmark for your new stuff. however, i am sorry to say that i do not like the drift handling.

My suggestions for the future are:

We need the high quality graphics of the shift franchise for a new nfs underground title.

Most people would agree that underground 2 was the best nfs with regard to the gameplay.

Lastly, i would recommend to use REAL bodykits like bn sports, dmax and let us adjust the ride height of the cars and the width of the wheels.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give you feedback!


I hate paying $60 for games and not be able to drive all of the cars when I want (quick mode or whatever). Fine to earn cars in career mode for use there and maybe in online competition but when my friends are over to race .... I want all of my cars. Also, not a fan of the DLC - these cars couldn't have been added in a download? Take a hint from angry birds - new content keeps fans and brings in new ones.


ps - wish some more time had been spent on trouble shooting. The game freezes regularly, I've lost progress on account of it, and have found niggling little bugs (eg hud telemetry loses the track map) which send me to other games out of frustration.


Why do you keep ignoring PC gamers?

We all appreciate your effort but please do not forget your roots.

The PC community does not appreciate being disregarded or having cheap ports from consoles.

Don't get me wrong.

WE love NFS. Please give us some love back!


To give a very short review:

I am extremely happy with this game. I've been waiting very long for a racing game as real as this one. So far I only have 1 thing that I'm (very) disappointed about: When creating a custom vinyl for a car, it's also automatically used for other cars in the garage when you give them the custom vinyl. This way I can only give one specific car a custom vinyl and even colour, leaving the rest with a preset.. I'm not the only one with this glitch, though there are people not having this problem. I didn't find a fix yet, but I really want to find one.



I have given up on this game. I was looking forward to it, but after 5 or 6 hours of trying to fix the handling, I gave up. I'll stick with GT5. The game has potential, but the handling is terrible.

It is virtually impossible to keep the steering wheel from going from a slight touch to full lock. The steering wheel should not do a full turn at a slight touch. It is impossible to get the balance right.

Anyways, the helmet cam is awesome, the concept is awesome, but the handling sucks. BAD.

I am assuming that the experience is better with a wheel and I may try the game out again if I can afford a G25 soon, but until then, this thing sits on the shelf.


I hated the drifting, I mean the driver auto counter steer ruined it for me, I grower to do some awd drifting and the drive just straightens it right out and I'm in elite mode! Wtf!


I think the new Shift is a far better than its predecessor however, the game freezes on me constantly., especially in the car shop and garage. Any fixes coming (PS3). Also the option of tailoring the AI would be nice; the default setup leaves most of them seemingly suicidal. PS legends package looks sweet.

Also need a couple more FF's to compete against the hondas


Good to see a post outlining this most highly anticipated DLC,

Since you have proven to read these posts in the Past I thought it prudent to point you in the Direction of in case you haven't been active there already, Considering a Forum dedicated to Sim racing will be a more plentiful and accurate source of feedback than the comments section in this excellent post.

As far as my Feedback is concerned, Mostly it is going to be addressed in the first Patch so there is no need to re-tread that water, Suffice to say my single biggest let down with Shift 2 is the Visual Tuning, specifically the Vinyl editor but the paint selection is also unfortunately lacking the quality that the rest of the game aspires to. The most glaring of these are following:

- Complete inability to finely tune/line up the placement of vinyls, the sensitivity is broken.

- Woeful lack of basic primitives, namely No Numbers, No Letters, No usable racing/rally stripes.

- Inability to stamp or copy custom vinyls; without the ability to use numbered vectors to replicate scale/skew/rotation the simple option would have been to allow a stamp option in the vinyl placement. both are missing however.

- No option to change material to Carbon Fiber, the Shift 2 engine has an incredibly pleasing Carbon Fiber shader, however it is heartily underutilised when it is restricted only to the components of a vehicle that are preset by the body kits to be Carbon Fiber. the ability to choose any panel and make it CF...... if only.

Unfortunately the Decision was made to change the nature of the way Shift 2 is compiled and as such PC gamers have been left in the cold as far as our Modification options are concerned, I am sure that the old method will not be returned in the official updates to the Game, but a word to the wise, the More built-in mod support a PC game allows, the longer its life and the more profitable it will be on that platform. and the less you have to worry about picky PC gamers complaining about what should have been ;) (by the way, considering these Screenshots were almost certainly taken on a PC build of the game, I will expect to see this DLC made available to us Pc gamers right?)

All in all though, without doubt, Shift 2 is the most Immersive and Atmospheric driving presntation i have seen, and I am happy I shelled out for the pre order. it's just sad that other aspects of such a great package are less than elementary in comparison.

Thanks Rod!

Sorry speedhunters for the long gamer post, but hey, Rod asked,


I think S2U is a decent racing sim. There are a few things keeping it from being great. One thing, as mentioned so many times before, is the handling. Another thing is the inability to kick those users whom prefer to turn by spearing the lead car instead of breaking. GT5 has the ability to, and it used to great affect. A third item is the lack of paint/ vinyl customization options. Shift 1 had its flaws in this area but it is far superior to S2U . It doesn't even have numbers or the ability to color most vinyls.

Other than the points above, S2U is a fun game, not GT5 lever, but S2U is aiming for a slightly different crowed. I'm sure over the next few patches most of these problems will be fixed.


The physics was the dealbreaker for me, if it wasn't for that I would have bought and be playing S2U right now. In the 3-4 hour session I spent with it, the main thing I noticed is that it was more a sort of cleaned up version of S1 rather than an actual sim, and the twitchyness was still there in alot of cars. The handling was also very inconsistent overall. Of course the other thing was how we were straight up lied to about the drifting, which uses what feels like an entirely different handling model. Look at Forza 3, which has a very active drift community; it barely has any support for the sport yet the community is still strong. Why? Because it has a decent physics engine. Fine if you want to include assists, but then give people the option (And reward them) to let go of the assists.

Now, this is no longer first hand, but from what I've heard, apart from the physics, the main thing people are having problems with is with the game freezing in menus, and the online. People are saying that there aren't enough measures to prevent wreckers and dirty driving, which compounded with the sketchy physics makes for some pretty poor online experiences.


screw this. nfs have ignore the pc users. eas s*cks


Quick question: How about the Circuit de la Sarthe "sans" chicane on the infamous Mulsanne straight? (For those who have no idea, it's the Le Mans circuit.)


The game COULD have been great but the ridiculous amount of lag between me turning on the analog stick and the game actually deciding to acknowledge that made me return it within the week. If you guys were going for realism, I don't know what cars you were doing research on because my own car doesn't do that and it's on normal road tires.


Damn you console Gamers!


I dislike the idea of a DLC - why couldn't these cars and tracks be released in the base game!? Instead of realeasing an unfinished product? I know money don't stink and people will now have to pay again to have a go in these vehicles, but that's preciselly the reason why I won't even think of buying this (or any other) DLC - it's just not fair, the base game ain't cheap enough to justify the need to pay extra for some more content


It seems that most of these beauty have been converted from Gt Legends...


yes.. i think you covered all the bases with ones.. and Capri's too! - win - win!.. i haven't seen a Corrado yet tho'


Well we certainly don't like it when you release DLC this soon into the release when you clearly could have got it into the retail copy. I know it's not SMS that does this, it's EA, but it's still a rip off.

About the actual game though, it was fairly good. Night racing was on par with GT5 for the atmosphere, but the physics, even with a Fanatec, were a shaky at best. To call it a simulator, in any way, is wrong.


man the G nose Fairlady is really tempting.


bring the drift back to its roots more street drift with more drift orentaited cars like jzx100's and laurels

more street drift than just the opening tutorial

overall very good though


Gamer myself too.

I liked the overall feel of shift 2, BUT! there were 2 things that killed the game for me. First the steering sucks it feels so unnatural and its really all over the place. Second the drifting... Stupid game downshifts way to fast so you end up in first gear all the time on short tracks which is no fun...

about the DLC: well everyone does it... but still i think it sucks. The cars were already datamined from the original game so were ready for release. Just the bussiness model that you use holding it back from getting released. Miss the old times where things like this would just get patched in... All about the money i guess....


Like in the real world, being able to personalize your car is apart of the fun of being an enthusiast IMO. Especially now that you can play against the world itself online, the more options for wheels, wheel sizes, kits, fender modifications, engine swap options, all is pretty cool to me, and something I look fwd to. Not sure how you're going to put Matt Powers' Chevy LS7 in his Nissan S14 for Shift 3, but I hope you do!


forza demolishes this game. sorry shift2 but if you cant decide to be a racing sim or not, dont try to be. handling is terrible in this game....shame too because the graphics arent bad. just not up to par.

cant wait for forza4.


I was one of the people who won a copy of Shift 2, and I was excited to play it for the first time . . . with that said, after about an hour of trying to figure out why there was so much input lag, I gave up and went to play GT5. Too bad.


So where is the Datsun Bluebird? 1600, 510?


I bet the content is already on the disc too and when you pay it just unlocks it


Should add the option to the rear of the 914-6 GT for Mini-lites, some teams ran Fuchs, others ran Minilites. :)


You want some suggestions? I'll make one: PC VERSION OF THE DLC!!! I just love old BMWs and Hakosukas (especially those with RB26s :D) and I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one. So please, think of all PC gamers around the world. ;) And don't forget that the PC platform made the NFS series so popular. ;)


I WANT to like Shift 2. The graphics are great, there's a good selection of tracks and cars, the whole Works idea is awesome and the helmet view/the way the view moves around is cool. And kudos on this pack, love the old tracks and especially the CSL. But the handling is just HORRIBLE! There's a massive dead spot around the center, but as soon as you get past that it overreacts massively. It's like the developers decided to make the cars deliberately over difficult to handle to emphasise their whole "driving fast cars is scary!" schtick but at the expense of making the cars actually handle realistically. Like someone else said, the cars shouldn't be difficult to drive in a straight line, let alone through corners. It's a shame, because a game with everything else from Shift 2, but Forza's handling model, would be perfect. Disappointed.


no pc dlc :(


Anyway you might be able to use your influence to get EA to release the DLC for PC users? I really wish EA would learn to support us.


GRReat looking cars!

The game is sh*t though.


so far so good, i had a little trouble on getting used to the helmet cam at first, but then mastered it.. but on some tracks it's better to use the "third person cam", because you can see better the track itself.

Also loved the Drift courses.. i hav had a lot of fun!


BEAUTIFUL GAME! it's too bad there's something weird going on with the steering(lag). Sold the game after 2wks.


So I take it PC owners are getting shafted yet again...


@moby: totally agree with you.

I was really looking forward to slam the E30 M3 sideways, just like I would do to my own E30 touring. It, however, seems to be totally impossible... it feels like there's lag in the steering, and in drift mode oil under your tires. I play on a PC with a Logitech Driving Force GT.

Fix this silly issue, and I'd say Shift 2 is one of the best racinggames outs there.


S13 Silvia coupes!

Civics!!of all generations! Integras! all that good stuff


Oh wow, I think you might have just sold me


Would like to see some more in depth customization. Like the ability to swap out splitters, diffusers , caranards, and fenders. You know like the real time trial racers, and grassroots racers do in general.Also u guys should consider getting rid of the works package, people should be able to build their own race cars, like in grassroots racing. Would like a feature on the all the Fords in the game please.


The control dynamics still annoy me. I am an xbox owner and racing lover, particularly games from Turn 10 and Codemasters. The previous developers' games all feature a very linear steering feel. I don't have space for a wheel, so I'm not sure if that makes a difference, but with the controller it feels like Shift 2's steering input is on or off. It gets especially obnoxious on high speed straights/kinks (think Nurburgring). I've still been enjoying the game, but it would be so much more enjoyable if you tweaked the steering controls just a bit, or at least made the linearity adjustable in the options menu so everyone can find a comfortable balance for what they like. I'm not sure if this will be read, but if it does, thanks for listening at least! Who knows, maybe y'all might even give it a try. Your involvement with the fan base was a big factor in buying the game, keep it up!


I'm liking the game so far. The tuning was a little difficult to get used to, as far as finding base settings. The Need for Speed blog was helpful for it's tire pressure and sway bar advice. I wish that advice had been built into the game or that the base cars had more friendly set ups. It's definitely no Forza, and I think if people take it as seriously as they would a Forza or a GT, they may get frustrated with it (people are impatient). But if you're willing to play around with it, it's a lot of fun!

As a suggestion for a future game feature, I'd like to see an on-screen tachometer in the helmet cam view. I wanted to use the helmet cam so badly at the beginning, but had to get used to the sound of the shift points, because in some of the un-lit dashboards, it's nearly impossible to see the engine speed until you're bouncing off the rev limiter. Plus, there's no way of telling the "perfect launch" rpm from helmet cam, unless you've already begun a race in that car in another camera mode before.

I was a little disappointed to see that the pictures still come out (on Xbox 360) as being heavily compressed. They don't seem as bad as I remember them being in the first Shift, but still a far cry from Forza or Gran Turismo's pics. Also, off topic, why is there only one song in the soundtrack?

All in all, it's a fun game. I'm not certain I would have paid full price for it, but it was definitely worth the trade in of F1 2010.


I really enjoy the career mode racing with the fantastic AI, but the physics and livery editor really is bugging me.

The grip is really weird, in real life we can powerslide off the corner naturally, but in S2U, slide only happens when u "throw" the car into the corner or lose balance at high speed, and race car shouldn't be that slippery at high speed because of the downforce, they should be stick to the ground.

The livery editor is probably the worst i have ever use in a racing game, No copy layers, limited shape size, highly pixelized image, unchangeable color for most of the stickers, adjust control too sensitive and lots of bugs such as shape's color and placement changed itself, and the whole design copied to other car for no reason. All i can do is to put 2 stripes on top of the car because it took too much time to get thing right and don't wanna see the system ruin my effort at the end. It's almost like u guys didn't bother to think about it at all, even Shift 1 has better livery editor, which is also very bad.

One thing i wanna suggest is that the variety of engine swaps should be increase even can be limited to within the same manufacturer, such as the ability to swap RB26 to the 350Z and 370Z, also i want to drive works car without the turbo, becuz now the system just put it in automatically, even though the car was originally NA.

If the few things i mentioned here can be fix, this game will definitely be a top class racing game.

Sorry my english is not very good, i hope the words can explain what i want to say well.


I LOVE Shift 2, it's by far one of the best racing experiences I've had in a long time.

I wanna see more Hondas in it though. EG, EK.. we need more then the S2K, new Civic and the NSX. =(

The RSR is looking great, can't wait to drive it either :D


Just realized the DLC is adding a new career branch and rival...nice haha.


INPUT LAG. I spent a long time in the menu trying to fix it and finally got it to a reasonable level. I'm not a noob to sim racing and every other game has a nice crisp feeling, while s2u feels sloppy. Also, fix the livery editor. It should be good, but the controls are way too touchy. There is a lot of potential here, but the controls limit it from being truly great.


worst drifting game EVER! did you guys even try it on a steering wheel before cashing in?, cos its horrible just like your after support, they wont even fix the game thats clearly broken yet will bring out another DLC to make more money, i think they didnt bring out the dlc on pc cos no one would by this POS on pc. #justsaying


Theres a severed head in that hakosuka.. :\


I like the game, it has real potential, but the driving is a bit weird to get used to, its not as smooth as the likes of Forza or GT5, even sim racers on the pc. I love the cars and wheels your putting into the game, especially the Mini in this pack, as i own one! But a few other cars i'd love to see would be chasers, KPGC110 and more awesome old school Jap metal.


very nice. now all we need is an update for the livery customization, make it easier to precision-place the decals/vinyls!


First off, the game is great; the graphics and visuals are even better.

But what is with the automatic counter-steering while drifting? It makes it very hard to drive in a straight line to get up to speed on straights and then to control the drift later. I try to counter steer a little less and it turns the wheels the opposite way and I loose the drift. And why can't I alter my tuning while drifting? I can do it while driving. So in order to tune my car for drifting I have to guess at the tuning, save, back out of the menus, do a quick race, test, back out of the race and menus, go back and change some settings, and repeat until it's right. It takes forever.

Also, something is weird about the normal/grip physics. It's a little twitchy, especially with the normal controller. It's been so frustrating that I've mainly stuck with the drifting portion of the game; but even that is frustrating (see above).


I would kill for a good sim racer with the Le Mans version of the 917.


I didnt like the game at all.

Th handling is as expected from anything that is or used to be related to Need For Speed series, Unrealistic, having retarded controls doesnt make the game realistic. Having a car stopping or spinning out even for the smallest skid is just redicilous. The Force feedback doesnt send you as much info as it could. And the drifing is probably among the worst ive played ever... ive played "mini-games" online that has better controls.

The helmetcamera is a fun idea but it wont work with the bad and unrealistic handling of the game. If you like simple games with cool graphics and doesnt care that much about cars then this is a game for you.

I think you should have a look at older games. Live For Speed is a game that has been far superior to most other car games out there, it have bad graphics, bad sound effects, and mostly "imagination cars" due to licences. But the handling makes up for it, its way to slippery compared to real life, but its pretty much as dead-on as can be.

Even other old games like rFactor and GTR2 has WAY better handling than this game. I would probably stretch it as far as to say that even NFS underground 2 has better handling(not more realistic) but way better handling thatn this game.

Im so glad i didnt pay for this game, and instead tried it out from a friend before deciding.


The ZG Flares on the S30 look off.


I'm ready to take this game back to the shop, The issues with driving and control are not acceptable for a game release, I feel like we should get the DLC for free for making us put up with the crap that we have.


I was seriously asking my self a question. DID YOU REALLY PLAYED THIS GAME?

SpeedHunters : Are you getting paid for saying it's great? the 1 second latency between the g25 and the actual driver kindly kept me away from ANY DRIFT. and i'm 56% career done, just began the GT1. Race is cool, ok. sometimes cars are like floating. but ok. but seriously, drift???

Vaughn Gittin JR. : Now i understand why on promotional videos, you were playing with xbox pad. YOu would have never been able to hold your drift for more than a second.

now, if they release a patch with 0 latency ... maybe i'll get to this game again.

for now, i'll stay on LFS. maybe it has crappy graphics, but that is a simulation.


I agree with all the people saying how the handling and livery editing in this game is awful. I bought this game a few days after it's release and I returned it only an hour later. It feels like they took NFSS1 and took a few steps backwards. also, on a minor side note they need to get over this thing they're doing with the awful menu music.














PS for all the hype for this game i was expecting waaaaaaay more from the store bought copy... thinking of trading in my games and buying the real thing. This game is still arcade.... GREAT MULTIPLAYER!!! wheres the private lobbies where you dont have to race every 1:45 pfff have fun....


Great game Rod! This Legends Pack is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree with Mark though, the drift mode was a letdown tho. The auto-counter steer makes it eternally frustrating to the point where i go back to just driving grip and trying to drift that way.

Other than that tho, best racing game ever in my opinion.


Thank god the Z lives!


Over the years I have seen how EA Games have been rushing games just to make it on a deadline. This is not right. If you actually took the time to make a bug-free game, with proper features and not leaving the gameplay experience aside, and not just focusing on the showy graphics like this company has done for a good amount of time, you could have a better final product.

Plus, this may be a bit offtopic, but I do truly miss the old style Need For Speed games had. I don't consider Hot Pursuit 2010 to be a proper NFS. PLEASE, do a remake of the old games, like a mix of the first four games (The Need For Speed, Need For Speed II, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, High Stakes) with proper phyisics and driving feel, NO nitrous, NO exaggerated cutscenes, better soundtrack (techno, trance, rock - Rom Di Prisco, Saki Kaskas) pure supercars/dream cars, challenging and scenic courses, weather features, proper police modes and please, NO AUTOLOG. If you could make a simple game like the old ones, you could have great success. Just in case you can make a game like this, don't name it after an old school NFS again; you could stain its reputation like it happened with HP 2010.


Ask and ye shall recieve Rod.

Livery Editor: Its crap. I'm unsure which dev signed off on it being done but they should be fired. ProStreet had a better livery editor, and so did Unleased 1.

1on1 Mode Collision: I hit them I get DQ'ed. They hit me they continue on. Mind you all the times it has happened I was doing the racing line.

My C6R works is undrivable: Ugh!!!! I don't have a wheel/pedal set up and so far all I do is spin the tires and crash into walls. The ovals the car is great, but throw in some curves and forget about it.

Handling: Another UGH!! Some cars handle like they have in previous NFS games and other games I've played but the majority handle like they have bald tires and trying to drive on ice. Yes its primarily the Super Cars that handle like this but jesh its nuts.

The good stuff though goes like this...

Autolog: LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I just wish more of my friends on PSN bought the game so I can play 'em.

Selection of Cars: At first I hated how little there were. But when I thought about it I realized the choice's you had picked were pretty much the only car's I'd choose.

Graphics: A nice blend of realism vs. arcade and I love that fact.

NFS VIP: I LOVED THIS!! Thank you for giving loyal franchise players a bonus for being as such.


Tracks: Walkins Glen, Lime Rock Park are two right off the top of my head. If they are in the game I havent seen them yet.

DLC: Give us some DLC every 3 months and I'll be a happy camper!


GREAT STUFF!! wish I could get this on a PC :)

and about S2U: it's an epic game. Its giving my old graphics card a little too much to work so I have to play at 1024x786 but not at full screen so that is the only minus besides the AI which is IMHO a little to aggressive. Too often i drive perfectly into a corner and "someone" behind me touches me just a little and all is lost, I mean, cant they "see" where i am and be a little less aggressive (gittin says you got to give the other cars a little respect! :)

The tracks are great, selection of cars is amazing, customization is also great (or not-if you do it wrong)

the campaign is great! I never drive the "campaign" in racing games, but I'm almost finished in s2u.

I'm loving the preset settings for the wheels, they are almost spot on! Just had to do a little tweaking and steering is perfect but PLEASE put tweaking options in the pause menu options, so you don't have to quit the race :)

Overall: best NFS game ever. 9.5 / 10


I bought the game about a month ago and I love it. I would love to see some more of the older gen. Honda's, the ones that are always popular, and a RSX. I can't believe you guys didn't include the first gen RX7 in this pack, it did have a very limited run in racing but when it did race it beat everything. A great addition to the game would be real body kits for cars, such as some seen on popular race cars (i.e. Rocket Bunny). Oh and fix the small glitches, the best line sometimes leaves, random freezing. All in all, I have to say the game is spectacular.


Game freeze's on me too. The quirky steering is still there, but at least the bouncing around like in Shift 1 is gone almost gone. Hard to just drive a straight line when going slow.


visuals 4 thumbs up, car selection 2 thumbs up, track selection 4 thumbs up, wing deletion 1 thumb up, only some cars you get to delete the wing wtf.... HANDLING? 0 THUMBS UP totally bogus. Drifting gets a -2 , there is no flow to it, and since when does your car counter steer for you? Driftin in shift 2 = GARBAGE


with the playstation network down there wont be any money made on release of this awesome DLC....and to be brutally honest it really should have been in the original game....kind of a lame duck attempt at drawing another 10 spot from my pocket. sorry guys but its unlikely that i will be making the purchase, as good as it looks.


*corey* i whole-heartedly agree, there needs to be a patch for the ps3 to fix the freezing problem. it happens very often. i also cannot get the game to initiate a start when i am downloading something off of the PSN. just freezes the whole system.


I like this game. The problem is no DLC pack for PC. Seriously I dun mind pay extra for new car track and etc...

What about PC community. First NFS developed for PC, but now EA keep forgetting about PC user.


NICE DLC!!! pls add Renault 12 TL + Gordini and Renault R8 (both street and race version)


Why cant we tandem drift in Shift 2? Formula D is splattered everywhere in the game but you cant drift like you would in Formula D against another competitor. I've seen online tandem, but not offline. Weird.


Glad to see the Batmobile but Ill always be a bigger fan of the "Barbarian"/E3 Bavaria... maybe it has'd to do with me owning one... ohwell..


I love the graphics and the way you can customise the cars. BUT... as a massive drift fan i am VERY disapointed in the drifting. It auto counter steers! Why? Why? Why? Most gamers that would buy this game are into cars and racing and maybe even drifting and deserve not to be treated like 11 yr old kids that need everything softened up for them. I was under the impression (based on all the promo stuff that Speedhunters put up) that the drifting would be at least semi realistic.

Very pretty game but... needs more realistic drifting.


Two comments.

Firstly as pointed out before, it's quite frankly rude to release a non-free dlc so quickly after release. No matter how good the intentions, this just screams customer-milking (financially that is..) and is certainly nothing nice. either wait a while or even offer it for free - the latter will ensure a healthy commmunity, which as you certainly will know has numerous positive outcomes.

But onto the more important second comment - while one might argue that sim-oriented games should require a wheel, it is certainly stupid to not implement a qualitative gamepad-steering solution. stupid in particular viewing the context of the game - it's addressed at a young audience (relatively) - many of these will love and appreciate features such as the engine-swaps which is an amazing feature! and while implementing drifting seems a great idea, the quality of this implementation is nothing good, as some also already pointed out. a hint here is to look at GRID - while i dont know how it handles with a wheel, i do know this is my all-time favourite drift game due to being somewhat realistic-ish (compared to lets say NFSU) but easy to handle and thus loads of fun. and in the end, such games should be that - loads of fun (rather than frustration!).

and in extension to that, i do absolutely love the idea of a cross between nfsu and shift 2 if you will - for example the player could be left with the choice whether to compete illegally or legally or maybe even try both. this should evolve around an open world like in nfsu2 - including shift 2's great engine and very nice modification features such as the engine-swaps. If further complemented by more ways to change details (lets stay the ability to flush,stance, poke the wheels, or to "clean" the car, i.e. removing wipers, interior. and a easy to handle but comprehensive vinyl editor, this sounds to me like the recipe for the perfect game for motor enthusiats.


Game has Been big hit in my house using steering wheel setup

Was blown away how dailed in it felt first go.

A car I would like to see added is the Nissan skyline ER34 GTT


You can still be a race car with four doors.


I was excited for this game but after playing for a while i'm pretty disappointed.

pretty much my only problem is the biggest and most common problem that everyone else has.

which is, handling. i can't drive a car in a straight line without eventually swaying back and forth so much that i spin out or something. and everything really is delayed.

i know you guys said that this game should be as fun on a controller as it is with a steering wheel, but i just do nt get that feeling at all.

also a major concern is will the DLC be available for PC players?

Your game released on steam and they have supported it for many other games making it easy to obtain so its not like there is any excuse for us not to have it.


To me it just looks like you guys put a copy of GT Legends in the computer and thought to steal all of them cars, I didnt even play the game for an hour, thank god I downloaded it because you guys didnt deserve one bit of my money with that poorly released game


rod, the HANDLING! its terrible.

I don't understand how the game was overlooked and tested by Vaughn Gitten Jr, Chris Rado, Mad Mike, Charles and youself (to name a few) and it handles this badly out of the box..??

Has no one at EA played GT5??

-30mins in and I was on NFS forums trying to work out how to improve the handling.

The steering is so sensitive in Shift2; anything more than 1-2mm of input on a PS3 control stick and a drift car spins out. The problem is, it takes a car half a second to react to any of my steering inputs which always results in a spin anyway.

During the first drift tutorial with the 240sx (where's the original 180sx?, we don't all live in the USA :D ) you're asked to drive the car around in a complete circle first, I CAN'T do this! its impossible to do without spinning.

Its weird that during an in-car view, the driver's steering inputs match those I input on a controller, yet the vehicles movement physically lags behind.

At least release a patch that allows players to adjust steering sensitivity and input to help remedy the issue.

I do really like the game, but in fear of clogging up this post, I'll stop here.

Thanks Rod.


eg, ek, dc2 or dc5 integras would be nice, as would the fd2r.


I Lol'd at the porsche with matt power's livery :3


I won't lie... i was planning to purchase this when it came out as I loved the idea.. but have held off - and based on the reviews above, it looks like I won't be getting this one (until it's available cheap 2nd hand perhaps). A lot of the comments surprise me as it seemed like you guys spent a lot of time testing this game with other communities.. but perhaps not truely listening to the feedback?


Im so dissapointed, if Shift 2 handled like forza and didnt need the crappy leveling up system it would have been my fave game of all time.

However everything's locked at the start, even wheels. Yeah. How realistic.


You want feedback? I'll give you feedback:

Before I start ranting: Some turns at Brno can't be mastered by following the race line. I think they are 9-10 and 12-13 (the S-turns)

Now, with the rant:


Let's count the ways it sucks:


Hellaflush stickers yes, numbers no? WTF?! We're painting race cars here, how about some freaking numbers?


Try making racing stripes. You'll need like 10 squares lined-up perfectly, which thakes us to 3)


The controls are WAY, WAY too sensitive. It's impossible


I've gotta tell you, I was considering selling this game because I was kinda half and half about how i felt about it, but after seeing this, i am reconsidering that idea and getting the new pack. Thats a great addition to this game!


love the handling of the cars in the game every tweek is felt. although i wouldnt say the same about the selection of cars. I personally would love to see more of real grassroots racing. like starting from a civic eg, ek, ef, or evo 3 etc.


Forza and Gran Turismo for life.


The DLC looks great! Awsome that you incorporated the Z ;)

However... I will most probably not buy it...because to my experience the handling is soooo bad, I was like wtf...has anyone actually tested this before shipping (using a G25 on a PS3)? Then the drifting, that's even worse, it has nothing to do with driving or drifting. I've never been so dissapointed with a game before so much. I would expect a honest preview here of the game, but sofar it seems more time is spend hyping the game, than actually developing decent physics, correct input processing and lifelike forcefeedback. I can understand this is a commercial 'game', but I cannot understand why it's impossible for companies like this to develop a decent physics platform before starting further development of a '' simulator ''.

Don't get me wrong, I like alot of the game's graphics and sound, but it feels nothing like a driving a car...

BTW if any of the developers would want to experience how an s13 drifts irl, so they can get an idea of how it should feel in a game, then feel free to give me a shout ;)


As a fan of the Need for Speed series, I can say that Shift 2 is definitely what it set itself out to be. It's not perfect, but for what it is, you can still have plenty of fun with it. The handling definitely takes some time to get used to, but it's not impossible to get a solid rhythm down to balance the steering lag to the point it isn't impossible to achieve clean overtakes, etc. I've even dedicated a series of videos on my YouTube channel to showcase the career mode...complete with live commentary and tips for those new to the game and cars/tracks. Check them out here: Thanks.


needs more Rice Racers from the 90s


The game is awesome and fun to drift but i will admit that the steering is a little hard to get used... but the thing that blows my mind is you have horse thief on the game to drift but you cant switch directions of the track and run horse thief in reverse like you should!!


Yah, just echoing a lot of what has been said. Game went in the trash after 2 hours of play. Looks gorgeous but the handling is awful. I dont care what people say about "real racing" feel, i have to wonder if they have ever been on a track, because this game feels nothing like a real car does, if my car felt like the ones in this game, id know something was broken. Then you release a DLC for the game in what, 3 weeks after launch? Then you dont make it available to PC players? and.. you include the G nose s30 instead of one with a regular air dam.. just like every other game. Congrats. I was holding out that you guys had made enough improvements, as i like to support anyone who tries to support our community like this, but you just permanently lost a customer. What a joke.


will buy just for S30 and Hako.


Very much so agreed David C on your comment....I've been drifting on Forza for almost 4 years....the physics that TURN 10 puts out in their games compared to real life are phenomenal, especially on the steering wheel with full simulation mode turned on, it's almost identical to the real feel...I am impressed with the graphics on the tracks and cars, they are very good (aside from the backfire, it looks pretty fake)....My advice EA and Need For Speed, go back to arcade street racing games like Underground 2 and leave the simulators to people like Turn 10 and Forza. Especially with Forza 4 coming out in the fall, and if anyone saw the leaked gameplay footage, it makes NFS: Shit 2 and GT5 look like crap.


Would you give us RWD japanese saloon like toyota chaser, cresta, mark II, Altezza/IS, Aristo/GS and nissan Laurels, cefiro, 4 door skylines, which is common for drifting for next car pack release. I'm bored playing with nissan's S-chassis.


this game is terrible. I couldnt even play the thing online when i spent my money buying it!

It wouldnt connect to the servers... so there goes half the game content... screw that! Useless game!

(also on a more constructive note, the menus seem way to complecated. there was a lot of time switching between them which got annoying after a while)


So glad I didn't waste my time and money on this like I did on your last game, I knew you'd f**k up the handling. It looks so good but it's all a waste of time without HANDLING.


your not serious ??

why did we not get this in the origianl game ffs ? shove ur dlc and fix the god dam game before ya try and take more money from us.

we want proper handling

we want drifting online

we want higer level than 20

we want the game to stop randomly freezing when it feels like it

what we dont want is dlc that should have been in the game in the first place,


Use the same graphics for NFS Underground 3.

Improve handling.

Use real bodykits.

More oldies.

More 4door goodness like chasers and other vip sedans.

Remember PC Community is equally important (if not more) with consoles.


can someone show me where they are figuring out how to get rid of some of the input lag?


Taken me a while to get into this game but now i love it :D

The one thing is i've never tried a Front wheel drive car, you need a boss for it to get people to try them. Maybe then you'll bring in the old civics and stuff in. Just my 2 cents :P


Matt powers Livery on a Porsche??!??!?! why not on the S14?


This looks awesome. A few of these cars I've raced in real life, most I've lusted after.


It might be considered automotive trivia, but I would really like to see a Yenko Stinger in a game, just once. Or any 2nd-gen (1962-1969) Corvair.


What I wish:

60fps and less blur :)

LAN Play / System Link


I sold this game within four days of the release date.. Only reason I had it that long is cause no one wanted to buy it.. Biggest let down in games for me in a long way. Way to hype the crap out of a terrible game. I can't believe you'd tell us you did soooo much and improved the drifting when it felt the same if not worse..


I think the game is awesome! The graphics the feeling of the suspention and everything. However, I play on PC with a keyboard and it's so anoying that the imput on the steering is either too much or too little and I have to "guess" sorta what needs to be done. Plus I've noticed one really bad thing, sometimes when I steer right the "driver" steers left in a perfectly easy and simple corner even more so in difficult ones and I go WTF!? Picture yourself driving a real car on the road, you're on the first lane and you want to change to second lane on your left and you do that and immediately after you steer, the car goes hard right into the sidewalk on its own!? Really makes me want to get a steering wheel for the game, but I can't help but ask myself (would that be better and fix the problem or make it worse?)

Other than that, it's a really difficult game to handle even in easy mode and I kinda enjoy that, I like the challenge and I play it in the weekend which makes me feel like I'm really going out to the track for some weekend warrior racing.

Just love the head cam! it's awesome!!!

Drifting kinda sucks though, I haven't practiced that much in Shift2, I am much better at drifting in Underground2 free roam.

Barely started the game though still waiting to catch more experience on it.

As a advice for the future... improve handling, game-wise, the cars themselves are great but game handling.... and in the future keep the same cars you got now in Shift2 and just add more to this lot. I noticed that over the years you took some cars out and replaced them with new ones (which is cool) but isn't it possible to keep the old car lot and just add new ones? Is there a realistic reason why you guys gave been doing that?

Thank you and keep up the good work!


Can you make a Drift only and open world version of this game? Like Need for Speed Carbon know bring back the streets and fun places to drift like Ebisu or some JDM back-road..


Tried the game... handling is laggy and imprecise (very frustrating). Games cannot live by looks alone.


I have a lot of respect for the work that's gone into this game; it's been clear from the start that the team behind it have gone to great lengths to produce something that would please both the mainstream casual player, and also the hard-core car/motorsport enthusiast. The small details haven't gone unnoticed, and I’m sure many others as well as myself commend you on bothering to include them.

I've got to say though, as with the original Shift, I'm once again defeated by the controls. I play on the Xbox, and like most using a controller, and I have found the analogue stick to behave like a finicky on/off switch, managing to throw the car clean off the circuit when I'm simply trying to adjust my position on the track. I haven’t played the game with a wheel, but with a pad it seems that you’re constantly walking a tightrope with the controls, which if you get the fine balance wrong can result in a comedy swaying motion down a straight piece of track.

The decision to leave certain iconic cars out of the base game got me a bit too (I’m thinking Honda here, from a personal point of view)… I have no doubt that there will be some DLC adding a bunch of key iconic cars in the future if the game development is anywhere near as ear to the ground with the tuner scene as I believe it to be, but considering that and if you were making the game with us in mind, I think those are the sort of cars you should have included to let us play to begin with. I know it’s all business, but I feel far more conned with this than I have with many other games.

I’ve still got high hopes for this series and wouldn’t rule out trying another instalment (although not without a demo first). To me, the sights and sounds in your game are more immersive than any other racing game I’ve played and are genuinely exciting, it’s just I can’t stick with the game because I can’t have any fun driving the cars with a pad.





Yes, while I agree that the game has some minor handling issues that could be worked out, I for one believe that the game is a SERIOUS step in the right direction. This is, in my opinion, one of the few racing games ever made that not only focused on the on track idea but truly put the everyday enthusiast into the equation. I just downloaded this car pack and, because I watched Jeremy Clarkson's "The Italian Job", bought the '71 Ford Escort MK1 RS1600. This car has single-handedly rewritten what I think old school cool is! I love this car. It's beautiful, handles well, and is one hell of a SICK drift car! If I ever get stationed in Germany, I gonna find one of these and ship it back stateside, and I don't care if I gotta punch my Congressman in the face to do it either


Great, now I really have a reason to start going online (I prefer not to play online, plus it costs me nearly an arm and a leg). Maybe for Shift 3 we will have all of these cars and tracks. I also have to agree with "J", I would like to have a driver level higher than 20, I got S2U a bit after it was released, and only a week later I was at level 20, in the driver level area of things, the original Shift kicks ass.


GT Legends by Simbin. Same cars. Same tracks. Plus Nordsleife. And challenging physics. 5 years ago. Why all this hate and fuzz?


tell me theres a bmw 2002!!!!


Im very impressed with the games graphics, cars, tracks.. its a great racing game, the cars are very true to there roots,,, there are some things i dont like about the game,,, the stearing wheel support is very bad... its poor responce to input and force feedback could have been alot better.. over all the game is one of my favorites!!! im a retired motorcycle racer, raced pro ama superbikes for 22 years, and the racing lines, braking points, and corner exits are spot on!!! keep up the great work !!! one of the most real racing games i have played!! hope you guys get the stearing wheel support sorted out :) and thank you for the resent DLC i have been playing it all day and love the old race cars and tracks!!


Shift 1 was a failure, shift 2 is decent. I still don't understand why EA won't design another underground/most wanted... Everyone that I know, that plays driving games, wants them to come out with a game like that. C'mon EA! LISTEN TO YOUR FANS!!

Some things that would be cool to see in a new underground/most wanted would be jdm parts, V.I.P. styling, Wangan, touge, missions, photo-mode.


Cool Game , going PLAY ;]]


Overall.....Great Game!!!.....Love Need For Speed.........However....the HANDLING needs a LOT of work........NO OTHER PROBLEMS..............


I have one more advice for a future game. From now on, if you are going to include "drift" as a type of event in a racing game, especially if u intend it to be a sym, how about NOT creating a "drift mode" handling mode? Let us countersteer ourselves and not that pesky "pilot".

In real life you can get a car and very well grip with it as well as drift. If I go to the track and grip for a few laps and then decide to drift, the car doesn't morph into something else and I have to figure out what car I'm driving all over again. It remains the same car, it's just that I, and I emphasize "I" am driving it in a different way using different techniques. The only thing that can affect one grip or drift is my settup. If I slap chunky slicks on it and give it minimum chamber, it's gonna be preety damn hard to drift; if I use drift tyres and increase camber (for instance) it's gonna be damn difficult to grip.

It's preety simple in real life.

Why do you guys have to create a "drift mode"? That just spoils the whole thing. When I steer my real-life car left, it goes left, it doesn't suddenly jerk by itself and steer right!? I'm a big fan of drifting and I honestly think that if you could fix that issue and handling in general, stop putting so much "assistance" in it and let it be real... than you guys will dominate and we and I as fans would be able to go out there and yell NFS ROCKS!!!!

Now I can only say: NFS SHIFT 1 and 2, hmm the're cool games, awesome graphics, but hmmm... yeah...


loving the style of the game, getting to grips with the handling and after finely tuning an FC me and my mate have made an awsome drift car and the drifting is actually quite fun now, the only problems i have with the game which are annoying is -

- Not being able to change wheel colour, so all the wheels look really boring, would be cool if we could have 3 different colours on the split wheels etc

- vinyl placement too sensitive

- can't change width of wheels

Would be cool if you guys could put this stuff in an update, doubt it would take that much effort, cheers!!


Although there are a lot of things that I don't like about Shift in general and especially Shift2, what I adore is the cars, the graphics, the tracks and the feeling of the suspention/tires (hate the "pilot"). I remember spending hours in Undergroung2 and thinkin' "it would be so cool to have a realistic true racing game" with cars that I see on TV or the net in GT championships and what not; real rims, real bodykits, dope stuff. I haven't even asked and the dream came true, but only part of it... I love that I can look inside the cockpit of the cars... so many great things. If only, if only handling would be what it should be... Real life driving still kicks ass, but I still really love and enjoy NFS games at the same time.

Dammit! If I had the means and knowledge I would make the game myself!!!

Other than that, respect for all the hard work and giant leap you guys Rod, EA and SMS have done with video racing gaming!


A proper manual option with no automatic overide! aswell as a better integration of the clutch pedal eg gt5 with stalling and actually needing the clutch to be in for gear changes




This is a bad game that looks good, which is a shame, if forza 4 looks like this nothing will be able to beat it for the 360!


Rod, where are the hondas at? PLEASE!!!! get rid of the counter sterring in drift, I got used to it but it was as annoying as a passenger touching the sterring while. Apart from that i'm in love with this game


F*ck the haters. This game goes so much farther in capturing the essence real racing than any other game. You guys did a fantastic job in focusing on what is really important to car culture as a whole. I really appreciate all the hard work you guys (and surely all the bullsh*t you had to overcome) to make a game that we'd really like instead of what some executives determined would sell well. Mad props.


Don't forget PC gamers please. I want!!


im very pleased if you guys make an expansion pack that contains tsukuba circuit.


What about PC? There are a lot of people who are willing to buy this but why isn't it on PC? Not to forget SMS has already implement DLC support for PC but EA is the one holding back. Why EA? The content is good, please don't left PC version in the dark.

I'll pay for this pack in a heartbeat.


u need to tune your car and lower the steering lock. just adjust a few things and the handings fun and rewarding


in an earlier post, you said the physics were awesome and a huge improvement.

You Lied! Very disappointed in taking us Speedhunters for a ride.

The graphics and cars are simply awesome. Lack of customization with liveries is disappointing, handling (drifting is nasty) and steering lag

+ I'm PC, so no DLC for me.


I'm certain this will disappear in the responses but..

Racing KPGC10 Skyline would have a lot more visual impact if it had 'semi-works' style front and rear overfenders (basically ZG style at all four corners, not just rears) or even the later big 'works' overfenders; it would also look a lot better minus the bumpers (I think you'll find they practically never raced with the front and rear bumpers fitted). I have to wonder if the designers looked at any/many pictures of the race cars.


Hi Rod, 
I see no one posted here yet, but i recently picked up Shift 2 and i must say it's a very enjoyable and well thought out racing game. More fun racing than hotshots GT and FM, and in my view better tracks and better race formats.
Thanks for this legends pack also, it's a privilege to be able to drive the old Hockenheim layout. I hope more and more of these classic layouts will be added to your racing games, as they were great tracks before safety concerns stole their identities.
Hope the classic Imola will make it one day too ;)

Can't wait for PCARS, keep up the good work!