Gallery>> Hondas In Japan – Pt3

I've spent a bit of time hunting around the 'net for some more Hondas from Japan and for Part 3 of my posts I thought I'd focus on some of the more unusual Honda street cars. 

Browsing through hundreds of archives picking out some of the coolest Hondas wasn't easy! I know each and everyone of you has a different interpretation of what makes up a cool Honda, so I've tried to hunt down a variety of styles that are a bit out of the norm.

Let's kick off with some older model Civics such as this one with quite a unique exhaust.

EF sedan lowrider? That's certainly different! 

This movement is quite popular in Japan, and not only with the Civic. Here's an early model Vigor (Accord) scraping its chin on the asphalt. 

Lined up alongside dozens of other Hondas.

CRX's aren't a car that I see much of these days but I tell you if I saw something as clean as this it would put a smile on my face. Here's a nicely done Del Sol on SSR Mark IIIs. 

But if we take a look at this older generation Civic it seems like it's seen better days, of course it's still slammed with loads of camber. I take it the rust is meant to be?

Here's the polar opposite; a truly immaculate Civic sedan! 

And finally a personal favourite, you seriously can't go wrong with a set of SSR wheels.

Browsing through more archives I found this set taken at Daikoku PA, which seemed to attract heaps of cars. I've always been a fan of the yellow driving lights fitted on this EK sedan.

Once again more SSR wheels fitted to these Civics.

It may be a little hard to see, but take a look how large the rear vision mirror is!

This four-door Integra looks super clean nearly touching the ground, I really wish we could drive cars as low as that over in Australia without getting hassled.

Aside from the primered-front guard, this EF is perfect! 

…And it looks even better from the rear! 

I have to say I'm really looking forward to visiting Japan again, meets such as this seem to be a regular occurrence and quite normal to the Japanese, but as an outsider it's breathtaking witnessing some of the cars they come out with.

For my next trip I hope to capture more grassroots cars and show you what really does roll around the streets of Japan at ungodly hours of the night.

Unfortunately I won't be visiting Daikoku PA again as I'll be heading south to the Kansai region which will have lots to display I'm sure! In this photo you can see some US influence has found its way to Japan.

Here is the EF that I posted a few days ago. Note the Speedhunters decal on the side mirror!

Finally here is Shota Mori-san adding a little something on the rear windshield of his very own EF. I hope you've enjoyed these posts.

-Casey Dhnaram.


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Loves those old school civic with such low stance.....


Haha, a lot of US spec parts on these Civic's..


i like honda being cheap cheap is a style


Typical. Would expect nothing less from a honda meet


SOCAL does it better! This doesn't have anything on the Eibach or Nisei meet!


more JDM, less USDM please


window louvers on that akebono EF sedan are the bees knees.


that ek9 sedan and the ef with that black n red pin striping is hot!


I spy a Z32


it looks as if socal honda scene has met Japan. And the NorCal Hellaflush movement did too!


this was the worst gallery yet. the other 2 i got loads of pics from but this one was all show and no go. no bueno.


miss the Del sol's...this is such a simple and beautiful!


the mirror on that civic sedan is a wink mirror! very honda haha although i have one on my miata. they are neat, you can see everything, barely need to shoulder check.


more honda-related posts for honda month please?


love the latino pride honda driven around by a japanese guy. i wonder if americans rocking bosozoku is somewhat along the same lines.


Wow, every single car is a USDM style stanced out trendbag. Cool seeing honda content but this stuff really isn't my cup of tea. I like drive-able hondas.


Soooooooo many EF's im in LOVE!!!!!


any EP's there ?


some really 'sorted' cars..i like the super-wide rear view mirror! yes i like the low-low theme it looks just right on these old-schoolers.. coupled with the right wheel choice it's win-win all round.


haha at the hawaiian flag in the second pic and Hilife sticker in the third.


when i see a title that says cool hondas from japan i expect to see cool hondas from japan and no the bs american movement cars, and for the person who says socal does it better, socal destroyed the hobby and i mean ruined the honda hobby, please speed hunters use the rest of honda month to show properly built hondas that arent herra frush, riceboy mobiles. i see enough hardparked trash on nwp4life and honda-tech for a lifetime. more cars built for function please.


Are those XXR 501s on that EJ6 civic??


Love the crx Del-sol. aren't enough of them rolling around anymore


token flat brimmer in the crx


yeeeeeah.... i like. Thank you for the pics. i really dig the flip ups!


Holy crap o.o i dare you to call them ricers! sick cars, especially the EF hatches!


Damn. Couldn't find one Prelude? Shame


How about some functional hondas instead of these beaner-mobiles. It seems the hellaflush cancer is a worldwide epidemic.


Wow "Latino Pride" in Japon...chale homes. vatos locos 4 ever ese.


SMH...what the hell happen. Japan went to shit if I wanted to see this shit I would go to Cali or the local HYPE spot.


I only liked 2 Hondas from this post. Please, don't show all these cars stained with this lame US fad. More Hondas please, but with more style and racing spirit.



You've never seen a clean Honda before.

Clean Hondas are out there.


awesome coverage! EFs FTW!


I'm a fan of Hellaflush, but trying to turn Hondas into lowriders (no, not the literal sense) is straight up whack IMO. The pimp-roof, Dayton style mesh, and cheap chrome-plastic trim looks dumb. Making a cheap car that I love so much stock and butchering it hurts. At least the Hellaflush guys know how to keep a car clean.


Really cool to see how US admires Japan and Japan admires US :)) Kind of funny and nice, but it just goes to show how cars and tuning brings the world together. If people didn't like cars, we would be here reading and commenting on SpeedHunters :)



Agreed. Because its cool to have slammed cars with broken axles, crack oil pans, and zero suspension travel.


That is cool that Japan is imitating fail.