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One of the things I love about Speedhunting is that you are never bored, you just don't have the time to be. No sooner had I finished up at Donington Park with the Opener of BDC, I was heading north up to Teesside Autodrome to meet Paddy for the first round of the Drift Allstars European Championship.

Teesside is possibly the greatest drift track in the UK and is back on the drift calender for the 2011 season. I attended the very first drift day at the track back in 2004 and things have changed… a lot!

Wandering around the paddock it's very clear the Drift Allstars 2011 championship is a truly European affair.

The line up includes a brace of drivers from Ireland …

 … with France being represented well by Tony Jouin, Jerome Bucamp …

… and Benjamin Boubeles and Laurent Cousin.

Alberto Cona and Fillippo Pirini From Italy …

… and of course a large Selection of UK drivers. With more names from all over Europe joining the series throughout the year.

It wouldn't be a drift paddock with out some enormous wings.

Peaking out from its cover with all the right stickers ,Fillippo Pirini's beautifully prepared Mazda MX5.

I will be doing a full spotlight on this great little car next month.

With the compulsory driver Briefing over the action turned to the track.

The nature of the Teesside circuit promotes close competition. A long sweeping 3rd gear right hand bend …

… tightening into a tight right hand hairpin …

… through a quick transition into a a left hand hairpin …

… then tune for maximum smoke, as you power along a sweeping left hander towards the final flat out 3rd gear right hander. With a high bank surrounding the drift circuit the spectators never miss a thing.  

Twice over the weekend I was asked my opinion on long term tire smoke inhalation while covering drifting. I personally don't think its any more dangerous than living in any big city. Faruk from Works magazine on the other hand was taking no chances.

I just love the evolution of the SLR camera. From the ground breaking Nikon F in 1959, to the modern DSLRs capable of full HD video. Amazing.

Commentary for the event was in the safe hands of Bryn Musselwhite and Paul McCarthy.

With Judging handled by Matt (Mitto) Steele and Richard Clarke.

Our very own Paddy McGrath goes through some final details with Mr Musselwhite before the main event kicks off (More like trying to decipher Mitto's handwriting – PMcG)

In the main event it was domination of the Irish. Low Brain Drifters' James Deane came in 3rd.

Nigel Colfer with a hard fought 2nd place..

But it was Martin Ffrench who too the overall win for Round 1 of the Drift Allstars European series in the SR20 powered Toyota Altezza.

Paddy will be along soon with more from Round One .




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i would rather have tire smoke inhalation than smoke from ciggeratteaestes!


The pink RX7 with green wheels is so rad! Amazing shot guys... maybe a desktop? :)


Sooooo nice


Niiice!! Great work!!!


the shocking pink of that V8 RX7....


looks like a good time was had by all..


Why so formal Ross? ;-) Good coverage man, Teeside really was a pleasure...


Quality pics and wrightups only 1 thing missing (my car) lol


Jdm all stars way better than formula d, so much style.


Anthony scott's car looking awesome, love that rocketbunny.


awesome, awesome coverage, ffrenchy for champ, the driving was throught the roof and a great experience as ever, we need to see french-san with some proper sponsorship and get him over to D1 to show up the D1 boys in there HKS Altezza


Nice pictures !!! I wish my car run good for the round 2 !!! With my preparator we "find" the problem yeah baby !!


the DF is truly amazing


the rx7 is a large street port 13b rotary...


@Eugene- That RX7 is no V8, its a 13B rotary with a massive turbo strapped to it. Here is it being tested the day before--- http://youtu.be/AhnyrzSPXcg


Where are the Dutchies this year? I miss guys like Paul Vlasblom and Remmo Niezen!


sr20 for the win.


@teddy thanks for that, man. I thought this was the blue RX7 that had a V8 (the bodykit looks similar), which is also in the UK. forgot the name of the driver tho, but I do remember he named his V8 RX7 Ralph II!