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On a recent stop over at Subaru Tecnica International in Mitaka I spotted a rather interesting JDM-only version of the new GVB Impreza WRX STI Sedan, the tS.

I initially thought this brand new satin white pearl example was soon to be picked up by its lucky owner, but it turned out that once registered, it would become…

…STI's own demonstration car. Seeing the great fun I usually have when testing anything STI fiddles with, I'm already looking forward for a drive in this latest addition to the "Tuned by STI" tS line-up.

Engine wise there is no change from the regular GVB, except the manual does get a special twin scroll turbocharger.

Like every complete STI car the tS gets the very innovative Flexible Tower Bar. In fact I've been so intrigued by this little passive suspension/chassis upgrade that I'm currently testing one out on my Legacy Wagon, but more on this later on in the month.

The interior on top of tS badging on the kick-plates…

…gets these cool optional Recaro half leather half Alcantara sports seats.

Of course one of the most obvious additions to the Impreza tS is the carbon fiber roof, meant to shave precious weight off the top of the car to lower the center of gravity, thus improving handling-feel and precision. Obvious performance advantages aside, it looked really nice against the body's shade of pearl white. 

Lightweight 18-inch STI wheels further point out that this is not your ordinary GVB.

The rear is finished off with a small trunk spoiler that improves aerodynamics by decreasing lift at high speeds.

Which Impreza WRS STI do you guys think looks better, hatchback or sedan? Is the tS a car you'd like to see sold in other countries too?

STI Japan

STI International

Legacy tS test drive

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Hatch still looks way better. The sedan doesn't have the aggressiveness the hatch does IMO.


The sedan looks much better than the hatch...I would love to see the tS sold here in Australia but doubt it would get registered with the carbon roof.


Subaru has losts its way abit since its WRC departure, i hope they return to there glory in the future


David: The M3 has a carbon roof - if that can pass no reason why this couldn't.


Subaru needs to have Recaro's come standard with STi's IMO


Kinda looks like a hyundai elantra


What a great looking KIA! =]


Hope it comes state side. Is that an automatic?!


My favorite STI? 2011 Sedan, much much improved over the previous versions.


i want this in the USA


Nice writeup. Regarding your question, it took so long to get used to the hatch that now that I have, it's now ousted the sedan as far as looks are concerned. Even though bean counters that would calculate the cost to gain of shipping this to foreign shores may look at this as targeting an enthusiast market only Japan knows; the only way to build that market here is to make enthusiasts, and that's by selling them elsewhere.


Too bad it's still mad ugly (even for Subaru standards).


Hmph... I remember the when the TS was the 1.6L version of imprezas, we used to call them (T)otal (S)hit... Now me and my friends have to find a new acronym for thus one. LOL

Though I would have said the Sedan looked better in the past, I gotta say that when you see the hatches in person, they grow on you. Pictures usually just don't give the hatch its justice. However I oddly do dislike the non-STi versions of the hatch. :S


STI sedan! looks awesome!


I prefer the hatchback to be honest, it has really grown on me and the sedan just looks too boring.


An Impreza is supposed to be a 4-door sedan. Welcome back ! I hope we will get the tS in Europe.


Wasn't this posted up previously? Maybe I'm losing my marbles...


There was no mention in this article about the paddle shifters? Am I just behind on the times or what?


The wheels are boaring Audi had the same wheels on their 2002 A4 LT


I want to see this in North America


Bring it to Canada. Ah I can't affford it anyway. Wait, my kids don't need college educations.


Love the interior of these, but in my opinion the outside is suffering, both mitsubishi and subaru have gone downhill since it seems every car these days is getting heavier and heavier, the sub-compact wars are officially a part of the past. and that makes me lose respect towards what used to be a GREAT rivalry


I'm all about sedans. This is badass and a subtle rear windshield spoiler would look great. The car looks great though.


Those seats! Why did the stateside Evo's have all the fun!

I love this car, the problem is the trunk/tail lights...


See, I really like this. What I dont understand is why they dont bring something that awesome to the US.


Hatch all the way!


Hope it comes state side. Is that an automatic?!


That particular tS has a slushbox, BLASPHEMY! I'm not a fan of the sedan STI, but this example doesn't look all that bad...


I'm still getting used to the new shape


I think the STi died after the hawk eye and trunk spoiler, even though they brought it back, it will never be as nice or have the same attitude as 2007, I just don't like the impreza anymore.

R.I.P. The worlds greatest 4 cylinder.


i think it looks a lot better inside than outside, i like the look of the front-end but i gotta agree with 'Tyler' tho', the rear end looks a lot like the Hyundai Elantra - wouldn't mind if it sold in the UK because i'd like to see what people would do to it.


great car!


It's not an Impreza... It's a "SUBARU STI WRX"


Is an automatic? yuck




personally id only rock a sport wagon.... and ewww..... paddle shifters.....


I go for the TS version sedan instead, that carbon fiber roof, plus paddle shifter is a good deal. i hope they will be selling this on Guam.