Car Spotlight>> Not Your Usual Vw

I know I’ve been harping on alot recently about how sometimes style over function is okay and how it’s nice to relax the presence of a bunch of good looking cars and appreciate the aesthetics. But of course I’m going to completely contradict myself now by showing you this rather cool and performance orientated Volkswagen Vento.

Sitting in a shaved engine bay lies this R32 (Golf not Skyline) sourced 3.2 litre twenty four valve engine with individual throttle bodies.

Stripped interior with a Recaro driver’s seat, Isotta Vigarano steering wheel and Willans harnesses.

The interior also features a bolt-in roll cage.

I’d be disappointed if anything but BBS LM split rims adorned the outside of this.

If you’re interested in more information on this car, our friends over at Fast Car magazine have a full in-depth feature on the car in their May issue (#303)

Paddy McGrath

Early Edition Coverage on Speedhunters



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Hi Paddy! Do you know rims and tyres size? Thank you.


Love the staggered height ITB's!


R32 throttle bodies have to be staggered, because of the narrowness of the Vee. Only way you can get equal length on them...


Great VW! awesome track inspired theme except that steering wheel is terrible


Bolt-in cages and mismatched velocity stacks are a sure sign of show, not go.


the owner openly admitted it doesn't leave the garage apart from driving to a show. fucking waste of time.


Finally! A VW that has performance!! And it looks soo much better than the usual - airbags, merc wheels, no power cars we see from the VW scene.

This Vento is just brilliant!


love the part.. i like it. is it a trailer queen?


Just sick. Nice Vr-engine inside


Forgive me, but the trumpet lengths do different things to the torque curve. So yea, its more aesthetics.


josh, derek, read the above. then look at the spark plug angles and the trumpet lenths. then think a little before talking about an engine that you don't understand.


josh, derek, read the above. then look at the spark plug angles and the trumpet lenths. then think a little before talking about an engine that you don't understand.


wallpaper of the engine shot: DO WANT


Thanks for the correction :)


Wow that is bad ass! Lol@josh and derek.

Even though I prefer track cars, this is very refreshing to see.

The motor alone is art.


More in focus on engine shots PLEASE!


Could we please get that engine shot as a wallpaper? It's beautiful.


performance oriented? this is a show car, and nothing more. It's obvious from the tucked/shaved bay and stretched tires. This is absolutely all show.


All the people harping on about this car being all show and no go seem like the type who would drive tuned Silvias that look like dog's testicles around a track and claim it to be "performance oriented", as if that's an excuse for various bodyparts to be held on with nothing but cableties and there being nothing in the interior but a wheel, bucket seat and some gauges.

In the end it's all about opposing cultures, but my deepest apologies on the owner's behalf if sometimes the general presentation of a clean, quick all-rounder car matters to us.