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To kick off my contribution to Honda month I'd like to introduce you to Alex Pope's 1994 EG Civic. Although the chassis is nearly two decades old, they are still incredibly popular, and a big reason for this is how versatile they are. 

For a person that has been into Hondas, more specifically Civics it's great to see Alex building yet another EG. This particular one was a personal import and is actually a JDM chassis. The Civic serves as Alex's daily driver, but it also sees regular track action as well. Although not extreme compared to some of the other builds, this is a good example of a cleanly modified EG.

Lets get straight to the heart of this little beast. The standard motor has been replaced with a B18C and transmission from JDM Integra Type R.

A Koyo radiator has also been installed to keep high temperatures to a minimum.

Taking a closer look around the engine bay you'll notice things are very clean and organised. Notice the aftermarket bolts and washers? 

Beneath the EG are Endless Zeal Function X coilovers. The spring rates are 14/kgmm up front and 10kg/mm at the rear… quite stiff for a little car! 

Just like the rest of the car the interior is super clean. The whole cabin has been stripped almost completely. A pair of Sparco Sprint seats replace the standard ones nicely along with a Momo Monte Carlo steering wheel. 

As for the rear, well there isn't too much back here apart from a Spoon strut bar.

Another thing I noticed in the interior was the Circuit Hero shifter extender. The audio system has also been deleted.

The car has Spoon parts left right and centre, such as these carbon fibre mirrors and rear spoiler.

Alex has been through many sets of wheels on this car and actually has more coming from Japan. The current ones sitting fitted are GAB Sports, 15×7 +45…

…Wrapped in 205/50/15 Federal 595RS-R rubber.

In the rear the exact same size and rubber have been applied. The brakes have also been swapped with those from a JDM Integra Type R. As the donor was a '96 model, the stud pattern is now 4×114.3, which opens up a whole selection of wheel choices.

Project Mu rotors and Endless MX72 Pads front and rear have also been fitted to help out on the track.

Directly straight on you'll notice a J's racing CF intake duct and if you look closely enough you may notice the extractors through the front grill.

At the rear you can also see the ASR rear subframe brace peeking out from beneath. 

I have to admit I'd be a happy person to not only have this as a track car but a daily driver. I think Alex has done really well modifying this little Civic and even better it doesn't attract any attention from the Authorities!

I'd like to thank both Alex for allowing me to feature the car and Chuong for giving me access to the workshop for the shoot, it means a lot guys!

-Casey Dhnaram

Honda 2011



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Hey, to Casey and the SH crew in general, alot of the SH readers aren't as familiar as Hondas as they are with other cars like Skylines and the like. So when talking about engine swaps, would you mind just outlining what car that model engine is from and such? Most SH readers knows an RB25DETT is from a GTS-T Skyline, but I doubt the same people know what a B18c is, I certainly don't. At least judging from the comments on previous Honda related articles, alot of people here really don't know much about them.


Very clean hatch, textbook pretty much. Any chance we're going to see a feature on the JDMYard EG?


Since it has no rear seats, I think a roll cage is asking to go there...


Honda+FWD+Speedhunters = MASSIVE FAIL


soooooooooo clean

i think u can compare this car lap time to American muscle V8


Gooly: Not deliberately picking on you, but an RB25DETT was never an engine... GTST's had RB25DET's, while GT-R's had RB26DETT's. I don't know Honda's that well myself, so I agree in part about putting the donor car in the description. Otherwise, use it as an opportunity to do a bit of research, then you'll be more likely to recall the information in future.


To the ones asking for which car the motor came out of, it says, B18C and Trans out of a JDM Type R Integra...however that may have been edited and added since you guys have been asking. your mind buddy, not everything is about RWD and Nissans/Toyota's etc!


the civic should have an rallcage


Nice work Alex, Car looks great!

You have heaps of sneaky little mods I have never even noticed before in real life. =D


So bright, but so very awesome.


this one is very well turned out - nice to see a car for once with sensible improvements/modifications.


This is almost too nice for a Civic! Great attention to detail, looks like a well planned and perfectly executed build.


Damn, this is what SH needs more of. Super clean car, well maintained, genuine parts, rare oem parts, and still tracked! Whats not to love?


I don't know if I would call it "a beast."

It's a well taken care of EG; but "a beast" it's a stretch.


very very clean civic!)))


Gorgeous. Perfection.


clean and simple... but dress up bolts? seriously?


Hey guys i love that its honda month but if your gonna do it do it right. Don't get me wrong this is a nice eg but there are a million just like it. Show something unique, show all the non Honda guys whats going on in the Honda world right now, like the T1 Integra or the NRG Tech eg. Thanx for hearing me out and keep up the good work!


^Moron that has never driven a properly-tuned FWD car.


Douglas Sinatra said:

Honda+FWD+Speedhunters = No power sliding, real driving.

Go Honda.


@ Goofy, they covered it in the write up but a B18C is a DC2 chassis Integra Type-R motor.


awesum ... nice to see somthing diffrent on SH .... shame the anti-FWD fanboys are out and about ... FFS just appreciate the car for what its worth and stop being so fucking narrowminded !!!


@ Gooly; When you try to make a point make sure you get your facts straight ;)

Because a GTS-T carries a RB25DET and not DETT...

Only the GT-R's carried a DETT (RB26DETT)

*NOTE* Not trying to flame here ;)


Douglas Sinatra said:

Honda+FWD+Speedhunters =Less powersliding,real driving.

Go Honda.

This is great example of a proper Civic that can hold its own on the circuit with half the power.

Props to the owner for seeing regular track time.


I believe the b18c is an Integra Engine


been there, saw this back in 1999 and didnt care then either :(

aftermarket bolts is the only cool part :(


nice collection of parts.lacks soul though.


Nice EG Civic! Very clean and simple.


Gooly and Sciclone: Close but see below.


R33 GTS25-T = RB25DET

R34 GT-T = RB25DET

R32, R33, R34 GTR = RB26DETT

Good point though. I'm from NZ eg. Jap import heaven where all of the above plus more are available and for cheap.


Killing it. Shame the front lip wasnt fitted for the shoot. And it can definately hold more than its own on the track.


If your going to strip the interior, you need to roll hard with a roll cage. That's what I used to do.


Neat and fairly tasteful if you like FWD cars but pretty bloody mild too for a feature car. Photos of the exterior almost look like it's just a digital render.


Clean.... but how can a bright yellow civic not get attention from police?!


haters gunna hate alex, but awesome photo's dude, speedhunters xan showt they want whether it's fwd, rwd, honda, nissan, toyota, a write up is a write up any car and make :)


haters gunna hate alex, but awesome photo's dude, speedhunters xan showt they want whether it's fwd, rwd, honda, nissan, toyota, a write up is a write up any car and make :)


Very well modified, I'd happily punt it around the track. Quite extreme interior wise fro a daily driver - props!


Heh to ANYONE who hates on FF's, sorry, you're no car enthusiast.

You're just another drift-b0i poser who reads too much internet articles & wathces intial-D. Enthusiasts like any cars and can appreciate them one way or another.


Very nice and clean. Love how there's no stereo HAHAHA.

JDMyard's DC5 and EG features would be real nice!!


I dont know about the rest of you, but what your looking at is just an example of what its like to enjoy ones ride. He's not tryin to break records or take on V8 powered RWD's. its a simple rebuild with all the simplicities in mind. Most of you so called "car guys" and haters can take a lesson from this.

"Sometimes the simplest of actions get the biggest reactions"

By: Me.

P.S. Doug Sinatra, calm down its not that big of a deal, aight.


I'm often the first to sulk if a car is FF but theirs something about Hondas that kinda make it all work for me. I think its just how easy it seems to be to just treat parts like lego and if all you want is a fast street car theirs nothing wrong with a swapped out Honda


Thanks Casey, photos turned out nice dude!

Appreciate the comments good and bad, my only aim for the car is to keep it simple and functional.

I have a cage, but it was out at the time that these photos were taken.

Engine bay bolts are there because the old factory ones looked out of place after the car was painted. Just trying to keep everything neat and tidy. I'm a strong believer that little details make a big difference.


sooooooper clean


Not normally a Honda fan but hard not to appreciate the attention to detail on this car.


Alex, top job on the car. One of the best examples of a Honda Civic that I've ever seen. Pleasure to meet ya!


Get rid of the tints! other than that it looks like a fantastic little car.


Yea, wanted to say what Ian Lo said above.


The perfect street eg??? Minus a Rollcage


Nothing lame here, all I see is win.

A clean track ready Civic will never go out of style.

Trends will come and go but this functional style will always be a winner in my book.


what yellow is this?I LOOOOOVE IT


^Carnival Yellow.


nice one..........


This car is so clean. I'm not really a Honda guy, but I want an EG Hatch now.