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I always love visiting shops and car builders. You see customer cars, cars that are being built and cars that you don’t see at the car shows. While visiting JB Tuning in Nieuwegein, Holland, I was greeted by this Skyline R34 that was wrapped in matte white vinyl. The car behind it was a car I had never seen before and I first thought it was a Toyota AE86 but after a closer inspection I realized it was a Nissan S12.

The 350Z is still a very expensive car in Holland so you don’t see it very often during car shows. This black version belonged to a customer and was in for some fine tuning.

After seeing Henry’s S12 that Linhbergh shot last year I had grown to love the car. This version might not be as clean but it has just as much character. The car has been lowered using Apex springs and it rolls on a set of steel wheels measuring 15″x9j. It still has the original CA18 twinspark engine. But Jack, the owner of the shop, said it was more than enough to get it sideways and have some fun with the car.

The front of the GT-R in the opening shot revealed a cool kill switch mounted in the grill. The Nismo intercooler shows that the car has had its fair share of track time.

While opening the hood this RB26 with its distinct red crackle paint finish showed itself. According to the plaque mounted on the front of the engine it is the first R-1 engine build by Omori Factory in Japan. That’s some history right there.

My reason for visiting the shop is the car on the left. A S14A that has the potential becoming one of the best Silvia’s in Holland. The S15 on the right is the one I featured at the Streetpower event in Assen.

The heart of the S14A is this fully built SR20 with oversized pistons, flowed head, Full Race manifold, Tial 40mm wastegate, CPC Racing intake manifold and a Garrett 3576 turbo. The intercooler has been painted black, below it you can see the radiator and on the left side you see the oil cooler.

In the rear there is this ATL fuel tank that has been placed inside a custom housing. Other items that are of interest include the EDFC equipped Tein Suspension and custom rollcage. I’ll keep a close eye on this built and will report back when the car has been finished. Not sure when that will happen because Jack is a very busy man.

Jack not only builds bad ass Japanese cars but he is also responsible for this Chrysler New Yorker. This is his personal ride that he uses on a daily basis.

Although it’s an American car Jack couldn’t resist injecting a bit of Japanese flavor. The hubs have been adapted to accept these 5 lug 18″ wheels and Nissan R33 brakes.

The small office on the first floor houses a lot of memorabilia including a picture of the S14A before it was completely stripped.

On the table was this RC R32. It must be cool to work on the cars during the day and race these smaller ones during lunch time.

While the guys rolled the S15 outside I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of the car. This has got to be one of the nicest cars on Dutch roads. I’ve made a spotlight on this S15 that you can find here.

Another familiar face was this Nissan Stagea I also featured before. There is a small spotlight here.

Jack the guy on the left runs the shop and he wanted to thank his two brothers Ron and Fred for making his shop a reality. He also wanted to thank ‘Klus’ for cleaning the cars.

I had a great time visiting the shop and I’ll make sure I’ll return in the near future.

-Jeroen Willemsen

JB Tuning



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That S12 is the POOP! Oh man pitchin' a tent!

That '64 New Yorker is bitchin' too, Nissan brakes and modern wheels on an early C-body YES.


That New Yorker is sweet.

I don't understand the Nissan brakes, though. There are plenty of companies out there like Wilwood and Brembo that make disc brake kits.


nothing cooler looking in an S chassis then a V mounted intercooler




Crey baby


so cool, I enjoy the creativity of the builds. That new yorker is so badass.


Varrstolen :P


Question: why is that exhaust angled down like that? I noticed all the exhausts on the D1GP cars last year looked like that too.... is there something special about it? Or is it just stylish?


Helps keep the noise down. D1GP has to meet noise restrictions at tracks too.


thry got a nice setup here, with some tasty bit of metal chilling outside..


@ Sky Render The Nissan brakes make sense to me. What do you do with the stock brakes after adding aftermarket Brembos to a Skyline? Throw them out, or add a custom touch to an old Chrysler, showing off your customizing skills at the same time?


Seriously, Varstoen is the perfect wheel? Wow guys....


that S14>matt power's pile


varrstoen has some sick wheels...

LOVE the matte R34 :)


shame about the wheels :/


@bquick222: Words from Dino Dalle Carbonare himself in an old post from a D1GP event in Odaiba:

"Most of the cars had to run special turn-down exhaust tips in order to limit the noise."

But it looks good in some cars too, in my opinion.


Shitty wheels, shitty Rotora brakes. Budget ballin = fail


as usual people gotta hate on the wheels. wonder if anyone is gonna notice them at 200kph p:


@bquick222 exhausts in D1GP are angled down for some courses (like Tokyo Drift in Odaiba) so they make a little less noise. maybe same principle here? or maybe they're just doing it for rice points. i wouldn't put it past them judging by the punk-ass Volk replicas they run


@ bquick222 some tracks have strict noise regulations... angling exhaust downward helps reduce the noise level. @DRFTmonkeh are varrstoens knockoffs of te-37's? they look reallllllly similar...


Some nice cars but ain't digging the replica wheels and some other things. If they can afford the quality parts for the engine, they should at least get some legit wheels that actually improve performance and not bring it down. Replica wheels weight more than the originals.


Any closeups of the matte white R34?


001 R-1 RB, talk about rare! Nissan candy store : )


the S12 is sweet. a very rare piece of the s-chassis history right there..

do a feature on it pls..


You pony up for a Nismo built engine but then buy FAKE ASS wheels..why?u obviously have the scratch....u have the most bass ackwards logic....makes zero sense.


>bquick222: Don't know about that BNR34, but In Japan, circuit noise regulations have become stricter and stricter recently, so the people point exhausts down to make it quieter.


what's with varrstoen wheels? hope it's not gonna be the next wheel brand to wage flame wars on.


Seems like a cool shop, some nice cars there.


Colourful rims on white cars looks really cool.


Like the varrstoen wheels the deliver offset`s others don`t

S12 is badass


I did not know that shop was definitely in Nieuwegein.

I live close by, but still: P


thanks for the answers! I have always wondered why they did that


That GT-R, was really a special car at one point. Original NISMO demo car featured in HotVersion, it was originally Bayside Blue with a huge NISMO R1 logo on the side.

The engine has since been rebuilt in the UK and most of the parts added including the Z-tune fenders are knockoffs.

So yeah, pretty much FAIL...


No to Rota but yes to Varrstoen?

Speedhunters still going downhill...................


This pretty much looks like the kind of shop I would like to have! With the exception of the daily driver, I'd go for something else, still american though.


S12 love!!!