Team Need for Speed driver, Matt Powers, finished up the install on his newly acquired LS7 V8, running on a

Holley Performance EFI, and went straight to the dyno. The result? 563whp / 562wtq! Despite what your opinion may be on the whole V8/non-V8 debate, you let your inner gearhead loose and admit that the motor sounds absolutely beastily, especially at 7100 RPM. We can’t wait the Matt and the car tear it up on the track.

Long Beach really just can’t come quick enough.


P.S. A special thanks to our good friends from for the video



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Luvin It...

You Should Were a LeBron James Jersey and be the Bad Guy of Drift....

Go Heat


While it sounds nice and I do see the advantages of a drop in crate V8 and I will say I think the LS series is a really good set of engines.... kinda wish they kept it all Nissan and gone with a VK and not some bastardized GM Nissan hybrid... but that's just me.


Never much love for the engine sound of a v8 ( except for idling). But the way it jumps on the dyno.... Gives me a bit of tingling in my pants xD


yeah sure! throw a VK in there... because the VK is abnormally tall, has way more moving parts inside it and is a reliability nightmare at high RPM?

just ask Forsberg all about how awesome the VK was for his team in 2010. why do you think hes building a new car NOT based on a VK motor this year? hes put the VK56 motor into an M35 sedan that was featured here on speedhunters not long ago

Nissan V8s have horrible throttle response at high RPMs. theyre supposed to be TRUCK motors, designed that way from day one, more-so than the GM LS V8s, which power the Z06, ZR1, Camaro SS. name one factory sporty car that nissan/infiniti built with the VK. the VK has enough torque to tow a boat out of the water but it falls flat on its face after 5000rpm. also, good fucking luck finding go-fast parts for the VK, you can build a bulletproof 570whp GM V8 for 2/3 the cost of an unreliable 400hp VK56.

GM LS > Nissan VK any day of the week for this purpose. give me a boat and a trailer to tow and ill be singing NIssan VK all the way though, and damnit the VK sounds AMAZING when it can breathe properly...


If u want a v8 from nissan, VH is the only way to go.

Nissan runs the VK in the I think.


i can hardly believe this is the same super low super tough s14 i used to idolize a couple of years ago :(


a little bit jerky at first.. the delivery of power isn't smooth - but thats just me being overly critical - as we say up North 'nuff power! - i like those figures!


fucking nice screaming!

matt powers will rock on that


V8 or not who cares..?! It's about the skills to use whatever motor you got. Last year I didn't see Powers having the skills to use the motor he had back then... So... This season should be straight comedy.


If u want a v8 from nissan, VH is the only way to go.

Nissan runs the VK in the I think.


LS7 gets the job done PERIOD!


Keep drifting fun, Matt! Money ruins the sport! competition sucks! Do it for the love of drifting! Man, that car is so grassroots!


Sounds like a beast.


All the fan boys need to get over it, the point of any competition is to be competitive and WIN.


Tough car! But i prefered it when it was green and 4cyl powered. It's a shame that Formula D has got to the stage that you need a V8 engine conversion to be competative. Grass roots drifting on tight tracks ftw!.


Screw LeBron and the Heat. Go Thunder!


Badass!!!! And WESTECH!!!!!!!!!!!!


the vk45de is the one they used on gt500 for its highreving cap and reliability, the vk56 its just a comercial cheap based power plant the vk45de its a more performance oriented machine 340hp (stock).

Well back to the topic i have driven ls motor on S chasis and they are very good, but i just hate that everybody goes that route i know reliable blablabla! but to chose somethong diferent and be original its pretty much priceless, dont blame matt for selling out blame the big money making companies that instead of a good driver skill and decent motor they chose to just pack alot of HP and just steep on it and win, they dont care about the people or being original they just see the money and formula D thinks we want to see that.

We dont want to see unreal RWD scions TC or all the cars sporting LS engines, the rules are unfair anyway you cant modified the car to a certain point but only aplies to independents, big companies can bend the rules (v8 rwd tc), anyway good luck.


I see drifting heading in the same direction that import drag racing went a few years back, watch now all the big money sponsors are gonna ruin the sport


this gave me butterflies.


I'm with niclol on this one. Looks like the sponsors own this car more than the driver does now. DSPORT just had an article talking about this very situation. What are we teaching tommorow's generation of gearheads on engine tuning? Car slow? Just throw a v8 in it. I have respect for the LS series engines but c'mon really? How many times has this been done already again? Booooring.

R.I.P. little KA-T. :/


Oh and to i said, you obviously haven't read shit about this topic, hes not switching because of the big corperations, he's switching because he wants to be a better drifting and hes sick of bogging behind eveyone else. Don't act like you know what your talking about when you don't.


i hate when people say they hate something, but like it at the same time, [henrik]

the new engine is fucking amazing, i could not be more happy for the whole need for speed team this year, especially Matt. He's doing great, good luck Matt.


Now he's got torque!