Wow, what a crazy few days it’s been. Today was the public release of the Launch video I’ve been working on, so check out the link and let us know what you think. Everyone involved with the video has been working tirelessly around the clock (my sincere thanks to them all!), and one of the reasons for that the action seen in the video was all done in-game.

I’ve directed a bunch of the SHIFT2 UNLEASHED videos thus far, and reading the comments on YouTube afterwards has been interesting. A comment that popped up a couple of times, particularly with videos like our Pagani Huayra special, was whether the cars were CG or actual in-game footage. I can confirm that the way we capture the footage is to have someone play the game, using the same cars and tracks that are available out of the box. We also don’t use any special controls; the driving is all done with wheel/pedal combos (G25 and G27) or Xbox controllers.

Now it’s time to get some sleep!

– Charles Kha



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And of course, you still avoid the sound question... Why can you admit that the sound is ALWAYS doctired in your videos, Charles?


Holy Sh*t!!

I need to have this soon!


Looks very "stiff"

im not buying it...


And of course, you still avoid the sound subject in your videos.... Why don't you tell the truth about the doctored sound you used in nearly all your videos? I think there is a word for that, it's beginning by the letter L.


Mh. Did you also notice that a comment that popped up A LOT of times was that cars' behaviour was rubbish ?


great looking game, hit me @willscarcast id like to talk to you more about the game and maybe an interview.


Watching this has suddenly made me realise, what's going to be on the soundtrack?! The last few games, the original Shift specifically had me hooked, I had to find an OST and get all the music, I'm more of a house person, but I even found myself rocking out to all kinds of genres after listening to that stuff!

Any names you can drop?!


The cars doesnt look very shiny

I hope it lives up to they hype.. GT5 for now ;)


From the looks of it:

Gran Turismo 5 > Shift.

By far, too.


Want. Now. Drooooooool.

is there a PC demo out yet?


Wish we had a demo, so we could test before pre-ordering...


I gotta say that Speedhunters, EA Games, and Need For Speed sure have nailed it when it comes to daily blogging of automotive life. Then you throw in the development of a video game based on various racing disciplines with careful consideration of Shift 1 feedback along with pre-release Shift 2 feedback. I truly enjoy opening my web browser every morning to a new palette of content from this organization. Keep up the keepin up, and we'll stay tuned.

Pre-ordered my copy a moment ago. I love all forms of motorsports and am excited to play this game during down time.



Hey guys,

Regarding the sounds, the audio team records live sounds from a large degree of actual cars that are then incorporated into the game (there are a few pics in the Mad Mike post). In some cases they go to great lengths to obtain a specific engine note by chasing down limited production models, or one-offs (like Mad Mike's RX-8, or the TNFS Z4 etc.). The audio is captured from a variety of points: the interior, engine bay, firewall, turbo/supercharger (if applicable), the transmission, exhaust low, exhaust high etc, fly bys (from 3 positions), etc. These recordings are then incorporated into the game. We’ve used these source and in-game files for the videos.

Those who were at PAX or will be at NFS SOCAL this weekend will hopefully be able to see - and hear - the game for themselves :)

Here’s a sample of the layers of audio recordings that were done specifically for Mad Mike's RX-8:

If you are interested in how these sound recordings were done, check out the below links for a behind the scenes with our Audio Director, Charles Deenen:

Hope that helps!



Will there be a demo? Because actually playing it will be my final decision on if i buy this or pass on it, and I'm probably not the only one.




I hope the game looks better.


Rise Against? Bitch please...


I can only hope its as good, graphics wise for PS3 as it for Xbox.


haha is that rise against i hear?? mint, cant wait to get this game


awesum work ... will be getting this asap !! also ..... very good choice on the soundtrack

rise against FTW !!!!


Hi does the game has same camera control as Rfactor Video Playback. Most importantly. "Free Cam mode"?


"We’ve used these source and in-game files for the videos."

So you finally admit that you used the original recording (raw recording made before engineering for the game) to make your videos - Huayra trailer, realism trailer, Drift trailer... - and not the final ingame loops and sound effects that we will actually play, is that correct, Charles?


Thanks Chuck! Looks really good!


great game.. hope will have nissan gtr 2012 version in this game :)


great rise against song but completely unsuitable for the video haha

hope the game is good


Please Need For Speed give us a song!!


Wow, it's so pathetic how many autistic little audiophiles have the audacity to criticize the game's sound when they haven't even played it yet and writing with such condescension to someone who goes out of his way to fill you guys in on the development of the game.


Soooo..... When is underground 3 coming out?


How comes there is no demo or reviews of this game and were only a few days away from release. Seems like theres something sneaky going on.

I lose trust in EA and NFS every single time they release a new game. There is always lack of credible info, gameplay footage, reviews or a demo. Why exactly have you guys stopped releasing demos, is it because you know alot of people will not buy the final product, if they play a demo?


Is there coming a demo?? I am NOT buying one of EA's so called sim games again before testing it.


I almost got my hopes up that there wasn't going to be a pointless car crash like the last trailers...


Everyone who asked about the sounds ur question has been answered and it sounds good. Theres a video on the nfs forum about 20 minutes long that proves it.


Been playing this game for a while today. Honestly, I feel totally bamboozled. It's just as arcady as the others, the graphics are mediocre, no anti-aliasing on the xbox. The sounds are all the same, you can't change tire width (aside from the pre-packaged crap), the mods mean nothing. It's garbage, EA totally lied.

The helmet came is cool. That's it.


Graphically, it's buzzy. Aliased like a Playstation-optimized title. I wouldn't be surprised if the best looking version was on the PS3.


The initial base handling for the cars has a *lot* of artificial play injected in. Also, the cars fishtail easily -- feels like you're balancing a plate of chainsaws when trying to go fast. But throwing on a set of coilovers and sway bars (Level 2 Suspension mod) sharpens things up real quick. That mod alone pretty much settles down everything else, although it's far easier to drive the FWD cars than the RWD ones (as the in-game tips suggest). Be sure to tune to taste -- but you CAN tune the handling effectively.


Avoid this game on PC for the moment. I'm not sure if it affects keyboard or gamepads but with both my Driving Force GT wheel and my friend's G27 there's a ton of input lag. Completely ruins the game.


not as near to a sim as its should be. no pressure sensitive face buttons on ps3 controllers make this game a fail for me along cars that are hitting the rev limiter and still gaining speed that have upgraded transmissions :( . just a pretty arcade game just like every other need for speed though.


Disappointed with the game in general. Does not make me not want to play Forza 3. The racing is fun yet not very in depth. Most cars feel numb and slide around way too much. And as far as drifting goes, its not very good with a standard Xbox 360 controller and downright impossible with a wheel. Any sort of input sends the car sliding wildly out of control. You simply cannot countersteer like you would in real life. And yes, to the fanboys and naysayers, I can actually do that in real life.

What were the developers thinking when the drifting mode was being engineered? I had such high hopes and was beginning to think the NFS franchise was heading in the right direction. I guess I was wrong.

Graphically this game is great and so are sounds. The lighting effects are amazing.


If you want to be visually stimulated and play an arcade type game that is parading as a simulator, Shift 2 Unleashed is for you. If I want to drift I'll be putting my nearly two year old copy of Forza 3 in my 360. For that matter, if I want to race I'll be playing Forza 3.


You CAN tune the cars to handle -- but they are squirrelly out of the box...