Shift2 Unleashed>> One For March Second

I hope you guys are taking stock of this ongoing SHIFT2 UNLEASHED conversation we're currently having. I know a lot of you have very strong opinions about what you want to see in the game and are certainly not holding back your thoughts. I completely appreciate your candid comments and it's a fantastic feedback process. 

In some ways this is a similar process to what happened around the release of Shift1, and the game that we are about to unveil is a direct result of previous conversations and feedback. As I've said before, many of the feature details in SHIFT2 would not exist without this dialogue. So please keep the comments coming!

BTW we've taken note of your questions, and next week you can expect a more detailed post to shed some light on the technical aspects of the game.

For now though, I'm going to showcase all the Nissans that ship with the game.

This is going to take a two part blog post as there's quite a lot of ground to cover.

And this being March 2nd, I want to narrow today's piece down to just one car.

I'm very happy to show you this brand new car model to the Shift franchise: the Nissan Skyline GT-R R32.

It's interesting to note here that the actual in-game 3D model of the car was built by Bryn Alban from Slightly Mad Studios. Some of you in the UK scene might know Bryn from his Banana yellow R324 Bee-R drift machine.

His involvement with the project means that this R32 is an absolutely true recreation of the the real deal.

Bryn also designed the car's bodywork upgrade stages himself.

And they look fantastic I have to say!

SMS has set the car's suspension up so it can be dropped right into the weeds.

But this may not necessarily result in the best handling car possible.

As you work on the car setups, you'll be needing to think about how the ride height affects the handling of the car…. especially on demanding courses like Bathurst. Style doesn't always equate to speed I'm afraid.

Here's the next kit.

It's looking fantastic outfitted with a set of Advan RGIIs. Also check out that carbon fiber chin spoiler. Spot on.

BTW some of you were asking about vinyls, paint jobs and stickers.

So to answer your queries: each car comes with a group of preset race liveries along with a set of preset colours. Additionally, one can paint the car or the individual body parts with a full range of custom colours and paint types including Gloss, Metallic, Candy, Pearlescent, Chrome, Matte and Flip (twin colour).

You can also make your own race livery too. And YES the logos and layouts can be mirrored from one side of the car to the other now along with new controls for sizing and placement. You can also determine if the stickers/vinyls are matte or gloss finished for tone on tone effects.

Nice work Bryn! I love those rear winglets (or Vortex Generators as some people call them).

This cockpit shot already has a few layers of upgrades added. As always with S2U, all the gauges work.

Another cool component of driving the GT-R in game is the sound. As you hammer the Skyline, it starts to emit chirps from the blow off valves as you power up through the gears. Fun stuff!

And here's the final Works kit version of the car outfitted with one of the preset liveries.

Bryn elected to style the car  with a period specific JCTC look. I think it looks quite appropriate.

I'm loving details like the wear and tear on the intercooler and the small race style mirrors.

What you can't see here is that Bryn also added a huge single turbo into the engine bay of the Works R32.

You have to smash the car up pretty badly to see it though!

 Ok I hope you're as excited to see Godzilla in SHIFT2 UNLEASHED as I am! Next up I'll show you the range of S and Z chassis options which ship with the game.

Enjoy the rest of Skyline week peeps!




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Any ability to convert to 2wd for drift? Just curious....


will there be an option to attach aero parts to the chassis as opposed to just the body? what sort of engine bay customizations are currently available?


My goodness the visuals of this game!


Looking good.

Can't wait to try a demo before handing over my cash though.

Oh, only BOV's or can you have the good old compressor surge instead :)


would love to find out more about the engine customisation, also the car tuning :)


Is Honda civic type r fn2 in the game???


I really what to have the ability to convert to 2WD as well! it possible to make detail vinyls like "Itasha" in the game XD?




@Rod Chong

Just wondering why if this is a racing game with rl based race tracks ,why is 90% of the content is production cars that wouldn't be allowed on track in any kind of sanctioned race.

Looking at your bio and the types of racing you list as what you follow

DTM, WRC, FIA GT, LMES, ALMS, Super GT, Le Mans, WTCC, F1 etc why not just made a racing game based of real series. Hell Nordschleife 24hr race would fill out most of the car list.

I get this site is about modding or pimping your car but they are not racing cars, maybe ye need to split the Shift game in to 2 , one for the racing fan and one for the modding fan obviously both with realistic physics which wont really be know by the customer about till release date.

Another question would be regarding a previous article posted here where all the individual items were listed that you could upgrade your car with. How exactly are ye going to match cars for racing when the players car might on paper seem like a far more powerful car but handle like a boat.

Maybe im wrong but normally in a race (rl) rules are in place to make every car as equal as possible so that the race is interesting and it comes down to driver skill, and there are also rules without which its anarchy. Are we getting racing rules ? because the ai in the last was anarchy.


So, is this game going to have individual body kit pieces, or just stage 1-3 kits? NFS Underground 1-2 had awesome customization (who cares if it was rice as hell). I think it'd be cool to bring that body mod system back (with more tasteful mods, of course). Also, is the wheel fitment mod-able, or does that come with upgrades/tuning?


Looks amazing Rod. I've wanted an R32 for so long, and those visuals just remind me of why. If only I could figure out a legit way to register one in North Carolina... that blue widebody R32 looks incredible.

Can't wait to play with these cars in the game.


This has looked good enough that I decided to give Shift a second chance and put money down for it. I hope you'll be touching on the photo mode of the consoles. I hope the resolution has been increased, at least to match what can be captured on the PC.




Is there an ability to change wheel offsets? The RG's on the GTR look a little flat. RG's that fill the guards on an R32 GTR are quite concave, It seems like the those are on spacers?

Otherwise, looking good! I've always been a bit anti NFS due to the arcade style racing, but to hear that this is going sim is great news. I'm a big fan of FM series and GT, always have been. Forza still rocks, but GT5 has gone kind of stale. Keen as to give this a whirl if it's all it's cranked up to be.

Oh yeah, do drive-train swaps come with the engine swaps?


How about some evo love in your next shift 2 advertisement?


Wow. The Yellow 180sx looks so good. hahaha.


shit me that looks good

i hope there is going to be jzx90/100 chaser on this game


Awesome. Can't wait. My question is can you do RWD conversions to AWD models? I would love to be able to slide some Skyline's around!


Please don't be a dream, this is amazing!


look great !


I like the S15 picture! nice fitment!


hope to see some toyota x-chassis's on here


If you can get the feel of Forza and Gran Turismo, then I'll probably get it. I'm not sold on cars and customization alone. Make it as real as possible. Do not make it like Shift 1, terrible game in my opinion.


The R32 looks awesome! Seeing that it's a GT-R, I guess that we can convert it to RWD for drifting?


This looks so awesome!

Just I think it's bad you still have the same seats as in shift 1.. you should really step this up so you can get real recaros and brides for example :)


It's good to see my favorite Nissan in the game, now all I need is my favorite mustang. The 2000 Cobra R. Hope they put it in the game, and so do alot of ford and muscle car fans to, on the NFS forum atleast.


Yeah, I wanted to ask that as well, any 2WD conversions?

Overall the game looks great, but I'll be honest, the textures for the cars don't look too great. They all look a bit plasticy tbh, especially when compared to the likes of Forza 3. I really really want this game to be good though, and will be buying it regardless. And the interiors look spot on which is what matters in the end :D.


Will you be able to see the upgrades to the engine?

BTW I am almost giddy, cannot wait for this game to come out.


so i guess the G35 or G37 wont be in the game =,(


Ya R32 GTST or RWD conversion would be awesome !!!!!! not just a worx version RWD theyre too extreme for drifting handling.


looks great, some realy nice bodywork mods to play with.

might have to buy the game.

getting bored with GT5



The R32's headlights look weird. Either the lenses are too transparent or the light housings are too dark. Either way, that should be easy to fix. Compare the color of them to real life pictures.


The cockpit graphics look f'ing great! But so far the exterior car graphics are weak as hell,..especially the paint...that needs a Lot of work in terms of looking realistic.

Is there a list of cars that will be in the game so far?

may i suggest JZZ30 Toyota Soarer/Lexus SC300? we REALLY need to see that car in a game sometime this millenium.


Let's see something TRULY original in this game. Something has hasn't been done in this type of game for the best part of a decade.

Let's see the 1991 Mazda Cosmo. Please do a mazda feature sometime and have that car in it?


what are the weather dynamics going to be like?


the graphics are excellent. i await more info! - thanks!


As a designer myself, I appreciate you hired a guy involved in R32s to do the modeling.... but that rear wheel spat of the first bodykit looks AWFUL. It droops way too far down, for no reason whatsoever. Please change that rear wheel spat on the first bodykit, it really looks like shit.


Amazing visuals on this new NFS franchise. I hope they bring back those old autosculpt feature to customize every parts and more customization in the future with more bodykits just like nfs underground franchise. I think that's a good combination coupled with good physics engine.


Can you see the engine bay and the modifications add to it ?? Would be awesome.

And it would be cool to drift this car


Over the past few weeks ive been extremely pleasantly surprised by shift 2 and to be honest I cant wait. But tell me, Will this game have jzx100's ?


Is that really all the nissan's shipping with the game?

No Zeds? Or early skylines???? :(


I really hope the game is as good as it looks and sounds. I really didn't get into the first one but I have high hopes for this one and will get some time in my xbox but only renting it at first. I think everything you are able to show us is great and helps me really want to play this. I am a hard core Forza fan but I love racing so I give all racing games a chance before I judge.


So... is there anything but Japanese cars in this game?


Seeing what the game has to offer, the gameplay looks awesome but its still missing the personal style that older NFS had.. I want to have different kits and stance then the preset kit like Shift 1.. that was the part i hated most about the game.. other then the boring story dialog.

Just food for though for Shift 3.


I am an avid buyer of all realistic need for speed games. So when i heard about shift i was all in, but it was terrible. Vaughn Gitten JR should have been ashamed of himself for telling me how "realistic" it was. Mate if thats what your doing when you drift then i have no idea how you can win anything.

SO im hoping NFS S2 will be better, since they are comparing it to GT5 (which isnt even that good).

I dont even have to tell you what was wrong with the first one (everything)

i dont even know why i bother sometimes, im just going to stick to real life...

Bring back NEED FOR SPEED UNDERGROUND 2, just modernised. that game is all-time WIN


This game *looks* very impressive, but I can't shake the feeling that the physics will let it down massively, which ultimately was the let-down of the first Shift game.


No PS13? :(


looks fantastic. can't wait to get my hands on.

btw, did you mean JGTC, Japan GT championship, not JCTC?

anyway, that Advan Skyline looks amazing. kudos to Bryn.


preset liveries. ugh.

when is a racing game going to incorporate sponsorships as part of the progression?


Wow, SHIFT2 includes old school tuners too like FC3S RX7 and BNR32 GT-R.

But no SW20 MR2 and R33 GTR :-(

Whatever, can't wait to drive a R32 in SHIFT2!


I agree need the old school cars too. Graphics look amazing cant wait to see more!


i hope it the car wont automaticly spin when you just feather the throttle in 1 gear... that it is possible to sort of drive normal and accelerate fast without whining the wheels. :)


Does the game feature the ability to remove certain body aero parts eg stock spoilers? I'm looking at you S15.


well one thing that you guys have really outdone yourself is in the customization by far the best in a sim im loving all the freedom your giving us with that, the helmet cam ill have to try for my self first alone with the physics of the game which is what were all skeptical about honestly if a demo came out and it would demonstrate that the physics have really being fixed you guys would make a killing selling this game i have alot of friends i drift with in forza 3 i have team there as well im definatly getting it just cause of the customization and track choices but if i am happy with it ill be getting all my friends to get it! hopes this essay i wrote for yous guise helps.


i disagree with dave this is way this a game because if it was all like your saying and i had to to on a straight line with no choices i would certainly not fucking buy it im sure they have carreer mode where it limits you to certain cars for certain tracks as well as certain restrictions on those cars so quit being sketchy sketchymane


OK. So I know there were some serious downfalls with the 1st game, and it seems the NFS crew put in some serious work and thought on improvements in this sequel. But the thing is, with all these comments about why these cars shouldn't be on these tracks, wheel fitment, and all these other technical issues, just remember..... it's a game and its meant to be fun, challenging and overall entertaining. They have to make it appealing to everyone, not just hardcore car enthusiasts. So don't be so picky and whiney when all you have seen are trailers and screenshots. Wait to play it then complain about everything that isn't technically sound, 100% realistic and perfect and whatever else you can pick apart. I am, and have been looking forward to this game.


finally a game where low doesnt mean 6in of ground clearence. i was higly dissapointed about shift 1 which sucked terribly in the racing and tuning aspect.


Just hope they don't give an advantage to people using handling model Normal with steering assist again!? hate those fools who can't drive without it!


D1RGE.EXE:FWD not posible but i read vaught blog and i think he tell somthing like 4WD cars for drift so i am sure on 4WD cars well be able to do conversion so you can have subaru rwd maybe wee well see but i a msure game well be just ART.


need for speed underground on real tracks


Looking very promising! (only the s13 doesn't look up to it still under development?)


I think im gonna give it a try.

When Pro street was just released and bought it is quick as i could.

I think its the worst 60 euro's i spend on a racing game.

After carbon (wich isnt my favorite either) NFS just didnt make a good game.

I hope this one is not gonna dissapoint me,because then this is the last NFS i ever gonna buy.


FAO Rob, who posted about the first bodykit, and the rear wheel spat, thats exactly how the real Nismo N1 body parts are (ducts either side of the front plate, side spats and rear bumper spats, boot lip spoiler) although he forgot to add the N1 front lip, which is only slightly different from stock so no biggie. be nice if the lip could be colour coded though!

Forza 3 fucked up on the R34 with that, no matter what colour you painted the car, the front lip would stay black :(


is shift2 for mac?


how a bout a spotlight on damage physics and stuff?


fantastic looks)


Game looks unreal, can't wait for the release. Keep up the good work!


Can you remove the wings?


YAY! Finally the Skyline R32 in the NFS franchise!

Thats my favourite car ever.

Thank you EA for putting this awesome car in this game!


The visuals that you guys have posted so far are really quite appealing. The in-car views look very well done, and the fact that there are bits of tire scattered across the track really adds to the realism.

Since we're berating you with questions, here's mine: What are the endurance races going to be like, if there are any? In GT5 I can participate in 6, 12 and 24 hour races. Will I be able to do something similar in Shift2?

Furthermore, what kind of strategizing will I have to do in endurance races? Are there pit stops? In-car areo adjustments? Different tire compounds? Fuel management strategies? Or am I just going to drive around Road America thirty times and get a pat on the back for completing an 'endurance race'?


And also what engine tuning you can do in the game.

Also have to agree with alot of people on the graphics on the R32 gtr.

Bride/recaros seats and Also that you should change the interior as well with your own colors would be awesome as well :)

Other then that it looks great!


The rest of the Nissans? S and Z Chassis' ? Yes Please. at thi point I think I am one of the more trusting potential SHIFT 2 Players here, I have seen enough to at least expect a much more quality physics engine and know from the Dev studios involved that they would not be going to such lengths try and assure people that the Engine is wildly improved if it wasn't.

Now if there are no pre-90's Z's in the game I will be hoping for a Vintage Car DLC in the future, because if the level of customization, and the quality of driving is what it is claimed to be, I am going to need some Vintage Loving. so fra. The game is Looking Great and I have my copy pre-ordered... what can I say? I trust my judgement,


So,will there be in an option to remove the rear wing?Never have seen a game do this,and it would be great to see some people try to replicate Fredric Aasbo's supra,or Ian Fournier's R32,or even Bryn Alban's immaculate spectacle.


I think that the lighting could use refinement. I don't know how accurate the renderings of the game thus far are to what will be revealed, but it all looks, frankly, plastic.


oh and its a real shsme the r33, s14, and z30 arent there! they all played a huge part in nissans racing pedigree and should be included


just a suggestion... the s15's blowoff valve sounds amazing in wmmt3dx+ i dont know what it actually sounds like :P but check it out guys

i like the looks of the cars and the mods and everything in shift1 and shift2 but the handling in shift1 is pretty crap in my opinion. i love the game but i would love it 2000% if the handling is better


I'm brazillian so i have a question: will Interlagos gonna be on S2U?


If this game is not realistic and not what all these professional race car drivers are saying it supposed to be SMS and EA will all look like fools.

All credibility (what little is left since the last games failures) will be lost and this so-called "realistic" branch of the need for speed series will be seen as just another way to milk the system and consumer instead of actually embracing those who want this game to be the new benchmark for simulation on consoles.

EA and SMS if you are reading this I hope you realize that this game better be exactly what you and all of your paid drivers say it is otherwise the backlash seems like it will be fairly severe.

I am pretty sure most everyone now-a-days wants a realistic and immersive game that could be adjusted towards the easy side with aids instead of the other way around.

As a Driving Instructor, former Kart champ, current racing and time trials driver I can honestly tell you that Shift 1 was horrible. All of this after thinking and being told that Shift was going to be the most realistic racing game out there.

I really hope it is all that your previews say it is.


will you be able to use 4wd cars in drift mode ? I hope so


Just hope this game is not just about looks, but it feels as good as the graphics. Its about time that someone come out with a game that have all the ingredients, physics, graphics, in depth tuning, chrome fittings, carbon fittings and decals, and hard core body kits. Forza3 is sweet but lack some very important details; Lets see for Forza Motor 4 Anyway can't please every one, it is impossible thats life. when is the release date?


Hey guys i know that the game is going to have the ebisu touge course but will it have the course that the d1gp round is held on is that going to be on the game???


wow! shift 2 is really shaping into something special. i just hope that the driving will be realistic like in gran turismo 5 otherwise i might not be playing this one. hopefully when it's all done we can call this a driving simulator, and not a video game. great work


@Lewis and Brandon Chappell

I totally agree with these statements.


a simple question.. about the games engine more than the game it self.. will we have Anti Aliasing ? since the Hot Pursuit did not have it im quite worried Shift 2 with those nice looking models won't have it either..


i completely agree with what BRANDON CAMPBELL said...and you over exaggerated shift one to be something it was not...if this games physics cant beat or at least meet forza3 physics, it will be a huge disappointment and not be worth purchasing.this needs to be a redemption for nfs after all their games went to shit starting at carbon. shift1 was sooo bad i had to return it within the first 5 days of buying


Interior shots look promising! I've spoken my piece on the first Shift as well as what this sequel could play like based on the original. So, after seeing these screen shots of various Nissans I'll say this; You guys have done a decent job at answering many requests of potential buyers, with the fitment, aero options, and even car selection. So please, do us all a favor and listen to EVERYONE when we say the game's physics NEED to be better. When a large majority of the comments here mention how crap they were in the original, I would hope this goes without saying. Otherwise change the franchises' name to NEED FOR PHYSICS. Oh and I hope to see Ebisu Minami/South Course, a Hot Road aero option for the 180sx, and Tsukuba.. K thanks bye,


I can see an R35, R34 and obviously the 32... but no 33? Bit of a disappointment in a way, but can't complain too much with the quality of the cars on offer!

How will DLC be handled, will there be additional cars to download later on? That would be awesome...


Just a thought: I think it would be nice if we would be able to see the engine bay or even the trunk/fuel cells setup in the Upgrade flow so that we wouldn't have to try our best to trash the cars each time to get to see under the skin. Think of it like this: in a decent Speedhunters post or any proper car post for that matter you can't really show and talk about a performance car without showing at least the engine bay. Thank you :)


I don't want just physics realism with gamepads, please do not forget about the hardcore racing game fans with steering wheels.


Thanks for the blog/pics the cars look amazing. Glad to see NFS is using more cars than Shift1. I enjoy Shift, my few gripes are the limited garage space (why??), limited body mods, REAL tuner cars IE Amuse, RE Amemiya, Spoon, Top Secret Etc. And the tracks could be better, layout wise. I'd KILL for a legit version of Tsukuba. I'd rather have Tsukuba than the Ring

Thanks Again for all your blog posts/pics, can't wait to slap another sticker on my Shift2 cars!!


is shift2 still have hakosuka in car list?


Hey folks. i really hope that the cars won't spin and burn tires just you feather the throttle. As in shift 1. i hope you can floor it and accelerate fast without this whining from the tires. and i hope that the way you push the throttle is really authentic to how much the car will push itself in real life.. thanks. BIG FAN AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. I love what ive seen so far. :)


Hmm... GT-R 32 there... interesting... but i didn't saw even 1 game which recreates ATESSA and HICAS systems... Forza, GT , other games represent it as simple 4wd - i never felt like real gtr... And i hope they make some of 2wd mods to it... AND biggest part there - i hope for good physics and PLEASE MAKE 900 DEGREES SUPPORT!!! In Shift1 it was COMPLETELY AWFUL... Drift with 900 was like u control some cow on ice -.-


how ome the only civics the lame one id like to see an ef and eg even an ek i just think the new ones arent as "racey" even though the have k20s


The pictures and details of the game sound great, I really hope the damage is realistic like...being able to overheat your engine if your pushing too hard, just to make it so you buy better upgrades to better the car overall and better yourself as a racing driver just to give it that edge of realism!


hopefully they toss in the s13 coupe.. maybe s13 silvia... something coupe other then the hatch. even the ae86 coupe would be dope


I like the yellow 240sx, but it would look better and more like a drift car if the lettering on the tires was removed.


Mazda rx3 would be awesome ?