Shift2 Unleashed>> Frequently Asked Questions

Hey guys I’m going to interrupt my planned Nissan showcase article to answer some of your specific questions about SHIFT2 UNLEASHED.

Of course, it’s impossible to answer every single comment that you guys and girls have thrown our way, but we endeavored a broad range of questions to give you a deeper understanding of the game. Let’s get started!

Speedster502 said:

“It looks great so far, the only thing that could make me completely sold is if you could show a full lap from the interior view of the car. So far everything looks much improved from Shift”

Speedster502, Charles Kha and I thought this was a great idea! We recently had Tommy Milner at our EA Canada studios here in Vancouver and took the time to film him driving around Bathurst and Laguna Seca. We’ll have this video online within a week or two, and it will give you a better sense of the new physics developments SMS have produced for S2U. Tommy did these laps with a G25 wheel/pedal combo with no driving assists.

thelolbus said:

“I wish this could be realistic, I mean like live for speed realistic, gt legends realistic, that kind of realism, but it just won’t happen with nfs and I’m not getting my hopes up anytime soon.”

An interesting comment… What you may not realize here is that I was the designer and producer of GT Legends and most of the key Slightly Mad Studios crew who made SHIFT2 UNLEASHED also created GT Legends too. For us, S2U is a massive leap forward from this old PC sim racer.

TheOnig said:

“And please…. next time use real gamers as testers! I know these drivers does give some use full information. but i guess you guys can achieve allot more if you had some “game tester experts” (read sim racers) also to give you guys feedback. ;-)”

I can assure you that we had a wide range of sim racers play the game at least once a week. We ran test after test, week in and week out for months. It’s normal procedure when creating games.

Rook said:

“A couple questions though: how realistic is tire wear?  Do different pressures and compounds impact tire life.

A good question Rook. I went to SMS’ physics guru Doug Arnao to get the answer here. He said:

Tire wear (along with heat) is modeled and is pretty realistic. Safe to say you’ll know you’ve abused your tyres. For pressures, they affect the tyre spring rate, and the across the tread heating, so ultimately will affect life of the tire.

BTW the SMS crew were quite impressed when we created the above screen shot  as it captures the real time 3D tire deformation modeling in game. Pretty cool!…

dave said:

“Just wondering why if this is a racing game with rl based race tracks ,why is 90% of the content is production cars that wouldn’t be allowed on track in any kind of sanctioned race.

Looking at your bio and the types of racing you list as what you follow DTM, WRC, FIA GT, LMES, ALMS, Super GT, Le Mans, WTCC, F1 etc  why not just made a racing game based of real series. Hell Nordschleife 24hr race would fill out most of the car list.”

Hmmm… a challenging question this. I’d say that in the design of S2U, building and tuning your own cars is almost as important as racing them. We’ve created a customization system which allows you to rebuild just about any production model in to a full fledged race, drift or time attack car. You’ll be able to get creative and make some exciting and perhaps unusual race cars.

But I get the point that at there’s something special about driving purebred, real life race cars which is why we’ve got the full grid of FIA GT1 World Championship and GT3 European Championship machines. Almost every single car which raced in both championships is included in SHIFT2 UNLEASHED.

These are some of the ultimate production based GT racers on the planet and I hope you enjoy driving these cars as much as I do.

Of course we’ve included a few GT2s too such as Tommy Milner’s 2010 BMW M3 GT.

RobbyLotusV8 said:

So… is there anything but Japanese cars in this game?

Robby I’ve put this gallery of images together just to give you a bigger picture of some of the cars which ship with the game. I hope you like what you see!

Mike Crocker said:

Fantastic…  Now, is this going to be a sim-style or will it have the arcade-styled handling?

Mike S2U is firmly in the simulation style of physics.  We’ve layered in a full ensemble of driving aids to make the game accessible to different skill levels, but at the base of it all, we’ve focused on the direct experience of realism, especially the feelings of danger, speed and intensity. I should point out that this is a different sense of immersion (superior IMO) than some of the more mathematical focused simulations engines but the difficultly level is similar.

Like I’ve written a few times, SHIFT2 UNLEASHED creates the experience of sitting in the seat of a race, time attack or drift car. This is how we all drive cars in real life and this is the area that we’ve really focused on.

I should also add that both steering wheel and game pad controllers are offered along with a full range of adjustments so you can get the game to drive exactly how you want.

SteveT said:

Will this game be able to use the full 900 degrees of steering on the logitech wheels?

Absolutely yes and it works beautifully. The in-cockpit animations are perfectly sync’d to what the player is doing, so when using 900 degrees you’ll see the animated hands properly shifting position on the wheel to turn it beyond the standard angles.

There are also different wheel tuning options for drifting so you can get a different set up working for sliding.

gtr fan said:

This looks really good. Just some questions. When is the final release date? Where can we see a full list of the cars?

The release dates are March 31st, in Europe,  April 1st in the UK and March 29th in the US of A.

The car list is being revealed week by week on the official product page HERE.

Douglas Burns said:

DLC though? Need some more oldschool cars!

Hi Douglas. We have not announced our DLC plans just yet, but I can say that we have some amazing addons almost ready to go for SHIFT2 UNLEASHED. I can’t say much more right now other than you will be VERY pleased when the first package is announced.

Monty said:

ARE STEERING WHEELS SUPPORTED (for Xbox 360) ???? If so, WHICH KIND (for Xbox 360) ?? If not, count on me not buying the game. You can’t make a “realistic” game and heavily rely on the use of gamepads.

Hi Monty. Of course steering wheels are supported for PS3, PC and X360.

PS3 supported wheels:

Nascar Racing Wheel
Logitech Driving Force
Logitech Driving Force EX
Logitech Driving Force Pro
Logitech G25 Racing Wheel
Logitech G27 Racing Wheel – full support for all buttons
Logitech Driving Force GT
Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S (and similar models)
Thurstmaster F430 FFB
Thurstmaster RGT FFB Clutch

X360 supported wheels:

Microsoft Force Feedback Wheel and compatible wheels (eg, Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S and similar, Logitech DriveFX, etc).


Logitech G27 Racing Wheel – full support for all buttons
Logitech G25 Racing Wheel
Logitech Driving Force GT
Logitech Formula Force EX
Logitech Driving Force
Logitech Driving Force EX
Logitech Driving Force RX
Logitech Driving Force Pro
Logitech MOMO Force
Logitech MOMO Racing
Thrustmaster RGT FFB Pro Clutch
Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience
Thrustmaster Ferrari 430
Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S (and similar models)

D1RGE.EXE said:

Next question though….are ALL Team NFS cars in here? Mad Mike’s RX8 & FD3S (D1NZ), Tanner’s Scion, Matt Powers’ S14, Fredric Aasbo’s Supra, etc?

Hi D1RGE.EXE. Hey we’ve been looking at ALL of your feedback very closely, especially about drifting. Once the game comes out drop me an email: rchong (at) as I’d like to get your detailed feedback on S2U.

Regarding Team NFS cars. All of the 2010 cars (including a version of the Dmac86) appear in SHIFT2, but one of the cars has been saved as an exclusive for the mobile version of the game. More information will be revealed soon.

The 2011 cars will have to wait for a future game release as its obviously too late to include them in S2U.

Max Schrepfer said:

Are there going to be any roads in the game like the Wangan  circuit in GT5 or Touge courses like Fujimi Kaido in Forza 3? I know that you guys are focused on race track experience, but it would be really cool to see some street courses as well?

Max, the tracks which ship with the game are a mix between real world and fictional road courses. S2U features a several city courses including some new maps based in Shanghai (above) and Miami. We also have some amazing new racing modes slated for DLC which we’ll reveal in due course that I’m particularly excited about. I’m pretty sure Max you will be too.

If you want to see the track list as it gets revealed you can go HERE.

Darve said:

So how does the painting work? Pre-determined liveries or what?

Hi Darve. Each car comes with a group of preset race liveries along with a set of preset colours. Additionally, one can paint the car or the individual body parts with a full range of custom colours and paint types including Gloss, Metallic, Candy, Pearlescent, Chrome, Matte and Flip (twin colour).

You can also make your own custom race livery too. And YES the logos and layouts can be mirrored from one side of the car to the other along with new controls for sizing and placement. You can also determine if the stickers/vinyls are matte or gloss finished for tone on tone effects.

David said:

Does the game feature the ability to remove certain body aero parts eg stock spoilers? I’m looking at you S15.

Hi there. We know that wing deletes are important for proper drift style so some versions of the the S13 and S14 kits have had their rear wings deleted already. But the circuit oriented aero packages for the most part are all about downforce and lots of it.

Shaer Reaz said:


Righto… well it’s good that you are feeling passionate about these two cars and I can assure you we haven’t forgotten about them! You’ll just need to watch this space to see our future plans for these two very important old school machines.

D1RGE.EXE said:

Any ability to convert to 2wd for drift? Just curious….

We have engine swaps in S2U but no drivetrain conversions. The request is duly noted though.

Rook said:

Since we’re berating you with questions, here’s mine: What are the endurance races going to be like, if there are any? 

In the S2U career mode there’s an Endurance Branch where you’ll race at Road America, Brno, Mount Panorama, Suzuka, Spa, and the infamous Nordschleife.The Spa endurance race is run at night whereas the Nordschleife event is split over two sessions. The first session is at day and the second session is at night, with the finishing positions of the first session determining the grid positions for the second session.

These are all designed to last around 45 minutes in a car like Tommy Milner’s BMW M3 GT ALMS. Stamina and concentration will be needed to set competitive Autolog times with your friends here.

In Online Events you can create Endurance events of 25 laps (ie.. 30-45 mins duration dependant on location/car selection)

In Quick Events though you can increase this all the way to 99 laps if you have enough time and energy drinks!

Darve said:

Are all the cars left hand drive?

Absolutely not. The cars are a mix of LHD and RHD depending on what the original reference car was.

Our S13 is a LHD USDM model whereas the S14 is a RHD UK spec 200SX. The S15, R32 and R34 are of course RHD JDM models. Interestingly we have both LHD and RHD R35s shipping with SHIFT2 UNLEASHED.

The GT1 spec R35 is a RHD car of course.

KB said:

how did u get the job u have ? id love to get into designing cars and the physics/graphics behind them.. i spend most of my time drawing them.

Hi there, that’s exactly how I got started too! I used to do nothing but draw and paint cars day in and day out.

I got going in the game industry over ten years ago when I started modding the PC sim game SCGT. I co-founded a mod group called Virtua_LM and we built a few well known mods including Prototype-C for F1CS. After this mod was released, myself and few of my crew were headhunted by the game company Simbin to produce the PC sim racer GT Legends.

In 2006 I joined EA to work on the Need for Speed franchise and its since then that things have been moving quite quickly!

Most people I know got their start in gaming by either taking a game design course or computer programming. Others got their in by becoming game testers and worked their way up through the ranks as assistant producers or designers. Some (like me) learned their craft in the film industry or computer animation houses. There are many ways in, it’s just a matter of staying focused, keeping your eyes the horizon and never, ever giving up on your dreams and passion (as corny as that sounds!).

MX5r said:

I’ve been playing driving games for longer than I really want to think about and the problem that every ‘sim’ game has is a feeling of cronic understeer, no bite from the front end. The current Forza 3 is a great example of this, as much as it looks great it’s no fun having to bring the car to a near halt to negotiate every corner. Resonsive turn in and cornering fast differentiates a car that’s fun to drive from one that isn’t and the same applies to a gaming experience. Gran Turismo got progressively less fun from through the first 3 games as they tried to increase the realism. F1 2010 feels good but as it’s F1 there’s no yaw and no slide. I can kind of see what you were going for with NFS Shift but it didn’t really work and I’m not exited by this helmet cam either, there was never an issue with the view – it’s ALL about the physics.

MX5r I couldn’t have said it better myself. For the S2U physics model you are constantly dancing with the limit of adhesion and have the ability to control the angle of the car with a combination of throttle and steering inputs. It’s quite an active experience that personally speaking is rather challenging and satisfying to drive. Again to the doubters: it’s a bit leap forward from Shift1 and has stepped away from any sense of arcadeness.

bonaparte said:

Did you focus as much on the experience with a steering wheel as with the controller?

100% yes.

BlueSlug said:

looks great, guys!  question: is there going to be some sort of apex-look option for the helmet-cam?  I remember appreciating the option when i played GTR2, and it would be pretty realistic, nobody just looks straight ahead while driving a race car, right? :)

Absolutely yes. The driver head looks and leans into the corners so you really get to feel the build up of g-forces… For those who don’t like this though the normal cockpit view from Shift1 returns too.

I should also mention that while the AI code has been heavily revamped from SHIFT1, they act like proper competitive race drivers. They are not automatons who jump out of your way as soon as you get near them. If you are running in nose cam or hood/bonnet cam and turn in on an AI opponent without properly clearing them, you may find yourself in an accident. Driving the cars inside cockpit and helmet view allows you to more clearly see the proximity of other cars to you and fight with them accordingly. Simply put; it’s a more realistic way to drive a car and the in -game race experiences have been tuned with this in mind.

Riley Wiebe said:

Is there a clutch…?

Yes definitely. You can also map the clutch to a game controller button too if you like.

-_- said:

Rod, saying “realism space” and SHIFT2 UNLEASHED in the same sentence makes you sound like a tool. Just so you know ;P

Damnit! I’m spending too much time around corporate marketing people!

FG2_FrAn said:

As I stated previously…the team has done a GREAT job with these graphics. Work packages are drool worthy. My only small concern is….will we be able to toy around with wheel setups on cars without the works package. As far as width, offset and diameter?

Hi there.Once you upgrade your car to works, it automatically puts slicks on the cars and resizes the width and offset to perfectly match the race chassis setup. Within this you can still change the rim diameter though. Rim sizes are limited to what is available in real life too.

Prior to the works upgrade you have full freedom to change rims and play with three types of tire compounds up to a semi-slick option. The track tires are matched to slightly wider rims too, but the main change you can make to the rims is an adjustment in diameter. Front/rear rims types and size can also be changed independently for those who want a drift style machine or staggered setups.

matt said:

just reall quick. have you made the steering angle of the steering wheel more realistic?? i notice in every racing game and in shift that it only ever turns about 1/4 of a turn, when in real cars it turns alot more, i know race cars dont but yeah.

Yes the steering wheel in game animations are matched up to the steering wheel angle settings. Personally I like racing sim games with low steering angles, but if you want 900 degrees of rotation, you can do it.

ky said:

Does this game support 2-player split screen?

Sorry no it doesn’t. The game fully supports Autolog and online multiplaye with up to 12 cars racing at once.

Shane B said:

Can you lower your car as much as you want or to a predefined height which is still 100mm off the ground??

We’ve made sure that cars can be lowered a hell of a lot more than they could be in SHIFT1, especially machines which are central to the drift scene. We wanted to make sure that players can build cars which have proper stanced out street drift style. I’m sure you’ll agree that we’ve done quite well in this regard.

So you can slam your car but not beyond what’s physically possible in real life. Bear in mind that doing so may have you riding on the bump stops!

rubberduck said:

Is this going to be a racing game or a blinky – blanky – shiny -cooly – stupid drifting game? Of course, it’s nice to modify your car appereance with stickers, and it’s even better when there are plenty stickers to choose from, but it’s more or less useless when the vinyl – editor isn’t reworked HEAVILY (without making it uncomfortable like in ProStreet). Furthermore, it’s nice to have all these setup options (and a instant – check – function!), but  then there must be a introduction on how every option actualy affects your car.

Each setup option has an explanation to go with it so you can learn how to setup your suspension geometry, shocks, diffs etc etc. There are many, many ways to work on your car’s setups so we’ve tried to make this as accessible as possible by explaining every single detail in the menus.

rubberduck said:

And again, i’m wondering if this game really focusses on being a racing game. If there is a career mode i hope there are more options to develope a real own “driving – style”. No big – banger – GT – pilot can be a adequate drifter at the same time. Maybe he even doesn’t want to be one?

So, all in all: Please do not advertise a “non plus ultra racing simulation” when it’s only a bloated customisation toolbox for all the “Street Style” guys out there, which has the opportunity to race your street machine (with added aero parts to make it look cooler and faster) on a real race track while all the people who hoped for improvements in track racing with real track racing cars being dissapointed when spotting two to three BMWs, 2 Audis, 2 Porsche but 20 different specs per model  of all the Nissan Silvia, Mazda here, Honda there and other cars motorsport people don’t even know…

If you have zero interest in drifting then that’s totally cool. The career is non-linear and isn’t gated in a way that you HAVE to drift in order to proceed up to end-goal of winning the FIA GT1 World Championship.

I hope Mr. Rubberduck that you’ll see here that this game has a wide range of cars on offer. Yes we’ve tried to reflect aspects drift culture in S2U but GT racing comprises a big chunk of the game too.

SQ said:

is there an LSx swap for the rx7s? :) please

SQ I’m our licensing agreements with the car companies prohibits us from mixing and matching engine and chassis manufacturers. So we’ve had to keep the engine swaps inside manufacturer families. None-the-less though you can come up with some pretty crazy and fun chassis-engine combinations.

ronweez said:

will this game have 4 door toyota’s? like the jzx chassis? if soo i’m sold

Does the IS-F count? We haven’t included a JZX chassis this time around but it’s definitely on my wishlist for future projects.

OK I hope this has answered some of your questions about SHIFT2 UNLEASHED. Tx all!

:Rod Chong

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I have a car list question! On the site you are showing the car list a little bit at a time but on some manufacturers like Honda you only show the Civic FG2 Si and the S2000 AP1. In screenshots however an NSX is shown too! Are theyre cars that arent being showed on the website? Will there be other Hondas such as the Civic type R or Integra R? Its to see the Civic, S2K, and NSX will be present. Any others?


Great job on the game! It looks awesome! I have one quick question though: How realistic is crashing. I remember in Forza 1, if you crashed into a wall, the steering would be off and the car would have less power. What would happen if I crashed into a wall in S2U?


If I can drive Aasbøs drift Supra I will orgasm.


Wow, so often I see game devs go on and on about how they listen to the community and yet questions remain unanswered or avoided. Rod, you've done a great job with this FAQ, you tackled the more challenging and probing questions which most devs would steer clear of, so big respect for that ^_^.

Anyway, only thing I find really disapointing is the lack of splitscreen. I really don't like how games are moving away from offline multiplayer experiences and more to online. Online is awesome and all, it can give a game unlimited playlife, but splitscreen IMO is also pretty awesome because nothing beats a head-to-head race where you are actually sitting next to your opponent.


Well it certainly sounds all good, and you did answer the critical questions.

I am excited to see if everything is as you have said. It is good to hear that they have taken time in setting the game up to be used with a steering wheel.

I really do hope that everything is as you have stated.

While watch some of the videos that have popped up in the last few days the handling seems slightly off however I cannot draw conclusions overall as i do not know what it was being played on.

There looked to be a wandering while the xbox wheel was centered and receiving no input. This was common in the first game as well.

So this is my question(s);

How is the force feedback and what was your goals in developing the force feedback in this game?

Did you have a driver specifically help in the development of feedback?

Did you take into account different drivetrains giving different feedback to the steering wheel?

Will tires as they cycle through different states transmit different feedback?

Will neutral steering to opposite steer be realistic and not overly sensitive like it is in many other sims?

These are all simple parameters I would think to implement into the game and would make the "immersion" that you speak of that much greater.

This is only a few of the ideas I could think of at the moment.

As I have said before I hope this game is what you say it is. Even more so as the team at SMS certainly now has the tools(ie; money, technology, any many many assets that some true simulation developers out there don't have.).

I really hope they embrace these opportunities and redefine a true multiplatform sim.

-Brandon Chappell


Stoked the Cobalt SS made the cut. You guys really should have put the LNF Turbo version in the game though. It has more power and has completely revised and improved suspension.


Great FAQ!

and its nice to see some new cars like the Golf MK1, E190, and so on...

Will the Video ,which you are going to release in a week or so, be in "Sim" Mode or in the "normal" mMode?


Guys, this game will be definitely the best racing simulator ever! Great work, great improvements and great car list. If you include my 2 favourite cars (a Hakosuka and Matt's S14), this will be definitely my favourite game! :)

PS: ...and of course the option for RB26 swap for the Hakosuka (devil) :D


What about chassis deformation, is there real time aerodynamics calculations combined with any variable wind the track may be experiencing? Will the track surface temps affect the tires in wear and adhestion, in addition to affecting the cooling of the engine. What about engine and driveline wear? Will some cars have notably better fuel consumption than others? Will active suspension and aero systems actually work on the cars they belong to? Can you destroy your suspension by hitting a curb or clipping another car too hard? Will the driver be affected by in car heat? And also will you get any warnings from track marshals for exceeding the limits of the race course or for bad conduct?


I have a love for Nfs because the game always are fun except for the shif and now the new shift 2. And for me is because in some aspect turns the game like sayd a guy about been realistic for be realistic but for some people like me we used to play this to have fun and thats whay is a game. Please try to do this a fun game and intereactive game not a boring game that you need like 1000 hours of game.

Thanks and all the pics really looks good.

Go for more JDM cars!


Wait, are there tire marks on sand?


Thanks for answering my question! Game looks fantastic and i'll be picking it up for sure. Even if this is just a stepping stone to what NFS will become in future realeases i'll be supporting it. The thought of more grassroots cars, and drivetrain swaps would seal the deal as i hope whats going to be one of the best racers out there. Also the introduction of older cars such as the KPGC110 and older Japanese/European cars would be really nice.

Keep up the good work!


Nice update Rod! Been following Shift2's progress with great interest. Haven't brought an NFS title for...ever! with defo be on my wishlist for this year, I just hope theres some nice American (old school) muscle in there :-) One little question if anyone can answer me at all, can we take screenshots (or photos if you like) in a replay mode or anything like that? I would love to take some photos of my creations!

Thanks again to everyone involved :-)


Its great to know that our comments are being read!! Its one of the many reasons I come back to Speedhunters at least twice a day ^^

I still want two player split screen though.. would it take a lot of data space to incorporate it? or is is just because two player split screen isnt popular anymore?

I was quite worried last week when I preordered the game, but now seeing this update, im confident that it'll be well worth it! :3


The part about the 360 wheel support is a little vague. I have a Mad Catz MC2... will it be supported?


Two part question.... is the sounds the same as in Shift 1? because I LOVED the car/engine sounds from Shift 1.. also with decals and stickers, can u put them on windows? because ive never seen a racing sim were you can and thats stupid when you cant


Final question: Will the DLC (if any) come to the PC version? I distinctly remember being shafted when it came to the Ferrari pack in Shift, and the speed pack in Hot Pursuit.


why can't it just have the same graphics and physics as GT5 with that cars... Damn!

I'm a little afraid it feels too much arcade, because of the idea to make it feel ultra realistic. I played shift 1 for about 5 minutes and that was already too long. But the track and carlist makes me wonna preorder it.

waitin for the demo


no split screen?!!! why?! that kinda stupid for a game like this!


All of what is described in this game sounds great, but what really destroyed my love for NFS Shift 1 was the amount of online players that used cheats, speed hacks, modding to gain a clear advantage over everyone else. It made online game play non competitive and disappointing.

If there isn't a defense against people who cheat then this game will not live up to it's potential and players will lose interest fast.


No idea if this will get answered or not. Now, considering this is basically a GT/Forza style game, with an event-based career mode & goal of upgrading your car to the max, have you guys made sure there isn't one overly-dominant car that would be abused in online play? This has ruined a few games for me. In the original Shift, you'd only see maxed-out Murcielagos online, or in Pro Street, it was 69 Camaro's all over the drag leaderboards. I don't want to buy a game where the sole goal of career mode ends up being "save up $1,200,000 to buy the Ferrari F50GT and level 10 upgrades".


1st and foremost ; Hats Off to the Shift franchise , nobody IMO does car models like you folks do....they truly are SEXY!!! Literally Works of Art....Bravo.

I come from a long line of well dressed men who understand....the best way to spice up a boring suit is to put on a great pair of socks & shoes , in this case that would be rims & tires.

It's funny how we've seen these cars in dozens of games before...but when you go the extra mile to re-create them with the level of precision and accuracy that you do , it just makes you want to take'm around the block...maybe just one mo time...Now only if these babies handle as well as they look , who knows....i might just go two blocks...LOL!!


please have all the civic generations! lol and all s-chassis! and RB30/31??


Hey Rod Chong can me and other mustang fans see a Cobra R in the game any time soon, or any kind of mustang at that. It just so happens that one of fords top mustangs was the cobra R. Please ask the devs to put the car in the game, we mustang fans have a sick obbsession with Sn-95 mustangs.


Is the drifting going to be to easy?,when you just turn the wheel and start sliding or will it actually take some skill? :)


Is there any chance you guys will come back to the Mac side of things?

I am still playing NFS Carbon on my new Macbook Pro, and feel really left out


nice one - thanks


Rod Chong ftw.

I hope S2U doesn't dissapoint, based on your coverage it seems we have really good communication between the customers and development team!

I'm just hoping for really good physics and a progressive clutch when using my G25 not an "on-off" like Forza 3..(package a seperate G25 handbrake and I'll be 110% sold! haha)


this game is definitely going in the right direction for me!

I bought 3 games in my life (3 racing sims :) looks like this will be the fourth.



Quote : "What you may not realize here is that I was the designer and producer of GT Legends and most of the key Slightly Mad Studios crew who made SHIFT2 UNLEASHED also created GT Legends too. For us, S2U is a massive leap forward from this old PC sim racer."

Are you serious ? I'm sorry but I've bought GT legends and GTR (1 and 2 ), and they just don't anything in common with the SHIFT series. And of course i DIDN'T buy Shift ...

You might be the designer/producer, but it is clear that SHIFT (until now) is not a driving simulation. Forza and GT are more focused/specialistic tools...

I still have a lot of expectations from this sequel ... if just the realism would be as spectacular as the qwill be a masterpiece !


thanx a milion on the reply err can we get back to the Nissan coverage and so on


The detail of these cars is incredible. I can't wait to get my copy of this.


Woo! awesome article! I can't wait!


Thanks for answer my question even though I was really just being a pain in the ass. I do have another question (or questions), though. Is there going to be a horsepower limitations when building certain vehicles or are the horsepower outputs set to an exact number on each vehicle after modification? Can the vehicles be tuned differently? And can the vehicles be tuned personally to create huge horsepower numbers say beyond 1000hp? The reason I ask is because when racing a friend online... I personally want to be able to race them with the same make vehicle but have a different outcome in power even with the two vehicles being completely modded. It gets quite boring when you have to race vehicles that drive and produce the exact same horsepower numbers as you. I prefer my vehicles to not only look different from other vehicles but be powered and tuned differently too.


Now this looks greaaaaaaaaaaat !!! \o/


No JZX100? Damd!

Put it in next time!!


This all sounds great Rod. I'm still hoping you'll answer about whether the consoles will be able to take high resolution photos like the PCs, which I suspect is what we're seeing here. If not, it's not a deal breaker, but it just seems a waste of developer time to make things so realistic looking in the game, if they can't be shared in a photographic setting a la Forza 3 or GT5.


I also have 2 questions :

- Will the eventual DLCs be released on PC this time ? We PC gamers really have enough of being forced to hack your DLCs from the console version ... Nah seriously, we would really like to see them on our machines. :D

- Will we have the opportunity to get a skin editor ? If so we could make our own liveries easily. Importing our own images would make us able to reproduce the latest liveries from our favorite race cars. I used to modify the files from SHIFT 1 manually just to be able to have the SuperGT liveries for the BMW Z4, Porsche and Nissan GT-R ... It was long and difficult, I would have done it faster with an editor. ^^


NFS Shift 2 Nürburgring Race Track WHOLE COURSE MIA?

I see no listing for any variation the Gesamtstrecke ("Whole Course") that combines Nordschleife ("Northern Loop") and some variation of the tracks located on the Southern Loop that are used for 24 hour races and other events listed on either the official EA Shift 2 Nordscleife's or Nürbring's configurations on their respective track web pages.

See my post at EA/Need For Speed Shift Series General Discussion:


Really amazing job on this game. I really was impressed my all the epic questions :) cant wait to get a hold of this game


so what about car degradation?? like brake dust and small scratches etc??



I have written many about the sounds of Shift 1 and ideas for Shift 2 sounds.

I would like to ask about the sounds of the cars in Shift 2.

1. Are there new or resampled engine sounds all of the cars?

2. Are there upgraded engine sounds? In Shift 1 the stock car had the same sound like a race car.

3. Are there new and better transmission and turbo sounds?

Please answer my queations.


umm rod i have one question and ONE QUESTION ONLY AND PLEASE ANSWER IT . ARE THE CAR SOUNDS REALISTIC!!!> i am a car sound fanatic. if madmikes rx8 or rx7 sound retarded and not like a real three rotor(which has a VERY distinct sound) i dont think ide wanna really play the game if its missing that aspect.. know what i mean? thanks for the answrs btw u have a buyer


I totally agree with what Gooly said. Local splitscreen is so much fun. Not everyone has an Xbox or PS3 to play online with everyone else. I think splitscreen should definitely be included.


One question, how big will the garage be this time? is it big enought that you could fit one of everything in it or even more than one of the same model?


It`ll be even better then GT !!!


I understand you have completely ELUDED the Sound subject and the fact that you NEVER use any REAL Ingame sound in ALL the trailers yet? Is there a reason for that? Apart to trick your fans in believing that they will have the quality sound of the Pagani Trailer (and all the other) ?


man these people complain a lot. and half these questions had been answered in the dialogues over the last few months. take the time to read people.....

good on ya for being so patient rod, i couldn't have done it....


are there going to be alot of grassroots drifting style parts in the game? and is there going to be different s13 models like 240sx coupe or s13 silvia???


Awesome you're awesome you resolved all my Qs

Let's face it some questions are really stupid like dave's question (PS.: who wants just racing without tuning, please dave you're so...but so...)


also any headlight/taillight conversions like kouki?


I'd like to see the IROC cars


Why no Demo ?


Do we get the DLCs for the PC this time too?


so u say that there will be dlc already? the game isnt even out yet and u guys have dlc planed for it which i am sure we will have to buy right? why cant this content be in the game? i pay $60 for a game then to buy dlc is a rip off and its not like its cheap either


hey guy's

Sure like the whole project and the game, I'm allready sold for the game.

just hoping i don't need to get a newer PC.

1 question: Can you adjust anything like in GT legends, i just love the way the car changes when you change the anti roll, tyre pressure, damber rebount etc...



Holy crap you were on Virtua_LM? I remember the Group C and Le mans car mod for F1 Challenge '99-'02 like it was yesterday! YES!


What about the SOUND? You cannot ELUDE it forever, guys...


Does the in-game driver shuffle steer? It was a nice touch in Hot Pursuit.


YESSSSSSS NO LS SWAPS IN RX-7s. My wishes have been answered. If you want an LS, just get a Corvette, for goodness' sake.


A question for you ..

What if i would like to customize a default livery ..

so i can have a PINK sumoPower R35 :)


If you guys can get put together some DLC JDM Sedans(Mark II's, Chasers, Laurels Skylines and Cefiros) for the drift part of the game that would be "epic"


Got a question I bet most of us wants answered:

Will the physics be different when drifting?


Hey Rod, do remember that you can't please everyone, so please don't try :].


Hi, I was wondering how in-depth the customization is in S2U. I remember in Shift, i was agitated I couldn't paint my wheels or have desired sizes on certain wheels like the Volk CE28 that could only go up to 17s (i believe). Another thing was that I couldn't increase the size of the manufacturer decals which really sucked because I could not make a sponsor car. Basically, im asking if you can make a fully complex racing livery as you would see on real race cars. In order to do so, we would need a lot of vinyl layers. How much is the limit in S2U?

other small questions.

is the Toyota MR2 2nd gen going to be in the game?

are you going to be able to do front end conversions on the S13,S14, or S15?

is drift mode based on the settings of the car for it to drift or do have a preset drift setting like in Shift 1.


@ Rod Chong

First appreciate you taking time to answer


A couple of things come up with your answer

You say you can customize any car up to a full blown race car

Does that mean at the end i can run a custom golf in a GT1 race ?? kinda unlikely

Again regarding the GT1 and GT3 grids, a full grid to me means all the cars that took part in rl

yet you say that ye have most of the cars, can you clarify

also ye don't seem to have all of the required tracks to emulate the rl GT1 and GT3 Championship

Next tire wear, funny i heard it said it wasnt in the game ?

How is it going to work regarding the normal 3 lap races(if they are back in) compared to if a guy picks a custom race of 50 laps. Do the AI have tire wear ?

GT1 races run an hour why only 45 mins

Why only 12 online , no Full grid GT1 and GT3 races there

When you are comparing your physics engine to other games can you be forthright and say exactly what the particular games are that you are referring to, i assume you are not a politician

With regards to the vids up over the weekend, how old is that build

Why cant the AI get around the track in some tracks and seemingly deliberately run into the barriers at others

And whats up with the sounds compared to the official trailers that ye are doing, they are not the same car sounds

Online, you give your history, how come as ye have moved along in years and games that ye have dumped the only way to get full grids for online play, ie dedicated servers for people who want their mates to be on the same track at the same time as them, im not saying not to have autolog but why not bring back the the only system that will allow full grids.

A suggestion for DLC , 1995 DTM full grid


Just thought I'd ask why isn't there any drag racing in the game, I mean I know its to late now but I think it would be a great for the game and for those who don't like drags it wouldn't effect there career mode progress or something along those lines because the drag racing scene is huge with all types of cars ranging from Japanese cars like mazda rotaries, surpa's and nissans and muscle cars like camaro's and mustangs ? Put a ADD-ON with drags in it maybe ? it would be good 2 test your cars against your friends and see what time u get and even better for autolog

Also will there be any Australian cars to accompany Bathurst because that would be really depressing if there weren't, 1 holden and 1 Aussie ford would be enough and even if its in a DLC or something ? it would be a turn off for some Australians looking at the game.


Damn. Question time has gone but i really wanted to know if there was an in game photo mode and replay exporter!

Maybe next time.


The Xbox steering wheel was a little vague. I have the Madcatz MC2 race wheel, will it work?


Looks good so far, I hope it is. I like a lot of the details I've read about so far, very nice.

I seriously hope that the menu cameras have been seriously improved, I want free rotation..

In shift1 it's a pain in the ass having to wait for the car to turn to see the bodykit... (and then it still sucks)

and the lack of rotation for painting and vinyling is not helping either.

I also hope the photomode is better(assuming it's there)... why do I always need to login etc to take pics(without crappy UI)

So, to sum it up; free rotation(+maybe zoom?) and good photomode = happy screencapturing people ! :)

PS. Will the '91 Honda CR-X ever show in NFS? T_T



i was honestly not too interested in this game until i saw the last recent post about it on speedhunters

"it's a bit leap forward from Shift1 and has stepped away from any sense of arcadeness."

but now after reading that you guys are shifting to Real physics, i'm WAY more interested in the game...

"real time 3D tire deformation modeling".... crazy!

as for the comment about too many street cars/not enough race cars

that's one of the best things about games like NFS is that you (average joe, not a pro race driver) get to race out cars that you're already familiar with... it makes the gaming experience so much more personal/enjoyable imo

as someone who purchased a PS3 solely for GT5 (just days before it's ACTUAL release date), you guys have got me on this game and I'm actually really looking forward to it now!


Can you clarify that TIRE WEAR is in

"Adding to these detailed impressions, Johnny also got some answers from Andy Tudor that reveal some new facts:

- There will be no demo version of Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed

- The title does not simulate tyre wear or fuel consumption, there will be no qualifying either.

- There will be an improved livery editor with an emphasis on race car style design"

Someone is confused about what is and what isnt in the game


Im still wondering how the customization will be... Has anyone here played Street Legal Racing Redline ? that is like the best game in car customization BY FAR !!! And no new game has surpassed it yet... Would be cool if the NFS guys make customization for real petrolhead people, not like Performance kit 1, performance kit 2, performance kit 3 lol... i want to choose my single big or two small turbos, i want touprate my engine internals when running a bigger boost, hell i even want to blow my engine on the track when running a lean mixture...


Is the sound gonna be updated? cause i see some of the sound of the game is not really realistic.

And yes the comment above me is interesting


WHATT?! No split screen??! WTH... Reason to why you dont have split screen 2 player??


The biggest question from a PC side and given your background I would imagine that you are in favor




Very nice to see you taking time to answer all of this. Now I have a question myself I've been wondering for a while. Have you guys ever given thought to including some rally racing or hill climb? Even just one track and a small selection of cars to start, Lancia Stratos & the Castrol Celica, to name a few, would be amazing. I really liked the game "GRID" because it had a nice mix of racing types and with how promising S2U looks, I'm sure it could turn out well.


Ok well those are some good questions, but i have a great question are there any front end conversions available for any cars??


"Our S13 is a LHD USDM model"

Why? Its a classic jap car! Why not have the option of RHD or LHD? as it was produced in both! an I guess its got the poo stain KA24DE in it too? an most of the USDM model 1s were automatic wernt they? so why not be forced into flickin it between N and D round the drift course! ;)

Reason for being so sad about this is im sure you said in an earlier post that you HAVE to use the s13 in drift training (whitch im hoping you can skip)

I take it the NON GT1 spec R35 is LHD too?

Your getting alot of my frustration from playing many other games over the years that have the same issue, its just 1 of them little things that can really get to you

I have to repeat an hope you include in the next version of NFS: Why not have the option of RHD or LHD? if a car was produced in both!

Lookn gudaz tho! When do we get it down here in NZ and AUS?


BUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN YOU GO WINGLESS !?!?

im serious about this too


How about adding sport trucks? I think it would be sik if there were a 90-93 chevrolet c1500 454ss, or the ford lightning? Dodge ram srt-10? I'd be tickled pink! lol


I really hope you all give the PC players all the DLC's this time instead of shafting us again.


I bought many nfs titles but to be honest this is the first one that I am really looking forward too buy. It seams it's made the way I dreamed on a future nfs title years ago. Finaly nfs it's spliting into sim and arcade. I am aware that this wont be a hardcore sim but I don't really care as long as it's sim "enough".

Good job EA, good job...


I have a question and I hope I wont be ignored. Will PC gamers get screwed over DLC content like in Shift 1? I know we got the Muscle Car pack, but no Ferraris for us. That was a shame. Any info on that? DLCs for PC?


Is there pitstops? I mean 99 laps without pitstops is not good, especially if tirewear is real as you say?

Hope there is!


The Xbox wheel support was very vague. Will the Madcatz MC2 be supported?


so are details like brake dust on wheels bugs on windschield etc going to be implemented into the game/ little details like this really add up to the experience of a game like this....


You had me @Red MKI wide-body Rabbit


bro,whether there will be KE70 in S2U?



Will there be any SuperGT cars




My question was going to be if it supported 4 players in split-screen, but knowing that it doesn't even support split screen at all is a HUUUUGE let-down


you start your carrer making mods for racesim based on ISI engine, S2U will have any modding tool avaliable?


How was car modifications for this new S2U? I been playing NFS since its underground franchise because I love modifying and designing cars aside from driving them fast, of course. I think the one nice addition to this new S2U is many customization possibilities from bodykit and wheels more like the underground franchise coupled with prostreet's autosculpt and added is the new S2U physics,realistic gaming, I think its just a one off racing game that could compete with GT5 and Forza. Byt the way, keep up the good work guys for creating this amazing racing game! :-)


Shame it will never have a s13 silvia (not a 180sx)


pretty? check.

content? check.

physics? we'll see, let's hope its as good as you say.

the make it or break it point for me would be the feel of the game. force feedback will be the decider for me.ill give you my opinion when i play it.


I would like to see Toyota Supra in the game or the new concept of Toyota ---> Toyota FT-86 II


Can you choose the individual downforce parts that go on the car (lips, canards, spoilers, etc.) or is it going to be just a package like in Shift 1? As much as I like having a pre-made setup that saves me time, I'd also like to see Gran Turismo-esque suspension tuning. Oh, and I'm hella psyched about the R32 and FC3S :D


one question can u put stickers on the windows


Regarding the Hako and 240z.

They have been in many games, and yet, I can only think of 2 games where you could get a 240z/hako with ZG flares and wide wheels for them WITHOUT a gnose bumper (s30z). Please please please put in a 240z with zg flares, properly fitted rims, and the street type air dam that TONS of us s30 owners use. it sucks to own a dozen or so racing games and only be able to get anywhere near such a popular set up in 2.. which by the way are both 10 years old.


With tire wear in the game are pit stops going to be included? What will happen in endurance races if they're not? Also will qualifying be included in online & career races?


Kudos for introducing engine swaps! My question is, will you be able to use engines from other chassis' that dont appear in the game, eg dropping a 1UZFE into a Supra to create a UZA80 or putting a 20B in a RX7


Does the game also simulate some of the technical intricacies of various cars in the game? For instance Nissan's ATTESA and HICAS systems on the GT-R? I don't expect proper simulation, but something similar. The GT-R for instance has variable electronically controlled torque split, yet every game simulates a fixed one.


I have a question.. In the past NFS games, physics when drifting, and grip are very different.. Is it in SHIFT 2??

I think thats stupid, TIRE physics should be different, also how you setup the car yourself.


im particulary worried about the in-car camera because in shift 1 the drivers head shaked to much! don't get me wrong because in real life i does. but the thing is in real life your ready for it and you don't notice but in shift 1 it was like the drivers highly drunk :P


that was an interesting read.. a lot of nice upgrades to the previous version...looking forward to playing it


Okay so if I'm not blind, I SAW the questions and answers about STEERING WHEEL COMPATIBILITIES and it seems that NFS 2 has a wide variety of Steering WHeels compatible for PS3. I own a DRIVING FOR GT LOGITECH and i am happy now since that it is supported in the game! I hope I am not dreaming because driving with steering wheels is just beyond reality. :)


Please, oh please, oh please...

Let us have track debris removed after the pack goes by, not left on the track the entire race (as an option, if you like). There isn't a track racing series in the WORLD that leaves debris on the track to mess up cars on the next lap. Especially huge, car stopping concrete berms, blue boxes and bits of cars that have dropped off. How can you claim ANY degree of racing realism if you allow this?

Be nice to have Time Attacks and Races linked. You sign up online for a Time attack, and it determines the grid position for the following race... Yep. QUALIFYING. It's in the game, just needs only a tad of coding to enable.

You have confirmed tire wear. On long Endurance's, will you be able to get a fresh set on somehow? I could care less about a pit-stop animation, but, if your tires are gone after 30 laps or so, what are you going to do on a 99 lap Endurance? If we pull off the track, and hit the 'Change Tires' button, how about 15 seconds of downtime, then we start with fresh (cold) tires?

Will online lobbies be able to filter for full damage and tire wear..? If I want a cleanish race, that's likely where they'll be. The bashers will go somewhere else. Everybody wins...

Will Lobby creators be able to mandate full damage? I don't want S2U to turn into the demolition derby that Shift 1 was. Let the bashers form their own Lobbies with it off. Everybody wins.

Will the PS3 version have an unprotected game save?

Will you be able to create Lobbies with only stock (but upgraded) engines and drivetrains? FM3 is a mess with all the AWD conversions...

Make SURE there is a side-look capability on the wheels (you forgot that little item on Shift 1, doh!)

Just try to remember, a great game caters to the casual AND the hardcore racer. Dumb down the game too much, force the hardcore racers to endure the basher kids, and you'll alienate the very people you have spent all that time creating Elite Handling mode FOR...


It's a pity that historic Monza 1958 was dropped out from track lists. Hope it will be back in DLC (or in the modes :)!


rice will live on forever in the NFS games!

still no real life kits, or at least not show in these pictures.

that simple fact will keep me from buying this game. better luck next time.


I am anxiously waiting to see what the list of Nissan cars will contain. Please tell me that you have included the Z32 300ZX. All I have to work with is GT5 and theres not a whole lot of customization available for this vehicle other than performance options. I would LOVE to be able to have tons of customizing options for this vehicle and be able to create the 1994 Steve Millen IMSA GTS 300ZX. Will this be an available car either coming with the disc or in a DLC?


again with no 2 player split screen action.... lame

i received NFS hot pursuit and paid extra for the online code. it contained the code for online play, didn't work...

is this some sort of scam to make people have to play online instead of some good ole split screen action? i have always been a fan of racing games but when you don't add a vs. or split screen mode i instantly get turned off.

Do all of us just sit alone on the couch while gaming? i certainly don't, and when i have friends over no one wants to wait to play or sit and watch.



no answer about Anti Aliasing? its a very important bit.. could you please let me know if shift 2 has Anti Aliasing on PC of course.


First, congratulations for the work done so far. I frame a G27 wheel and quite often use the box H. The first version of the game had the error that it was possible to change gears without the clutch. What would realistic step was necessary before the clutch to change gears. This bug has been fixed in s2u. Sorry for my English level is not very good.


Can we please have a DRAG STRIP 1/4 Mile ! There are no Car Sims out there at the moment with a drag strip . Would be great for on line racing , top speed runs , testing gear ratio's .....

Pretty Pretty Please


Hi i'm very exited about the new release and i'm following all the news and details but i have a question:

Will there be a weather system on S2U (Rain, Fog, etc) or it will only be night/day racing?


hi im a big FAN of racing games but as an Australian i feel we get left out in all the games we have some of the best race tracks in the world and we never get notice yer you hav one track about time two but wat about some of the AUSSIE race cars!!!!


I'm definitely buying this game day one. I can't wait. I'm going to buy a Logitech G25 wheel too even though it's super expensive.

My only request: 1991-94 Subaru Legacy Turbo Sedan PLEASE!!! :) I know it won't happen but that's what I drive and I'd love to see it in another game. Done right this time, unlike Tokyo Extreme Racer 2.

Good work on the game it looks amazing.



I wana know if there will be drag racing in S2U?


Question: Do I get anything special for throwing out (trading in) GT5 for this game really do I? lol


Excellent!! Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to all of us!!! This game is number 1 on my list, never in my life have I had MY personal question answered! Much love!!!!


Love the screen shot of the NFS Scion coming down off Skyline .

Is eastern Creek and the WTAC included in the game .


NO JZX!00????? WHY?,

also does shift to have 180sx or in america 240sx and an s13 aswel?


So... W12 powered Mk1 Golf anyone?


man you made me get off my ass and play shift 1 :D does this game have the same no-grip problem (espicially oversteer) that shift 1 had?


I sincerely appreciate you guys taking the time to comb over the tidal wave of questions you guys get in regards to the game. It means a lot to the community that the mighty Rod Chong flew down from Castle Greyskull to pander to our needs. Also thank you for answering two of my questions, a victory dance is in order.



will this game have 4 door toyota's? like the jzx chassis? if soo i'm sold

Does the IS-F count? We haven't included a JZX chassis this time around but it's definitely on my wishlist for future projects.

OMG fail! I'm sure the SC/Soarer wont be in here either which sucks!

Any ability to convert to 2wd for drift? Just curious....

We have engine swaps in S2U but no drivetrain conversions. The request is duly noted though.

That makes me pretty sad as well.. always fun to convert subies for a good time!

Please have some DLC cars, do votes like Forza did! To see some of those cars that we voted on actually be put into the game (even though it was none of the ones it seemed most wanted..) it was great to see and felt like we actually helped.

Why don't you guys think about making a Need for speed completely centered towards drifting and one completely centered towards F1 style racing? This is the time of all times to make a game for drifting and the drifting style, all the fan boys are about it right now! That way you could do all the things we (yes I'm calling myself a fan boy hahahah) want, stupid offsets and retarded huge body kits while not having the straight F1 guys getting all mad. Plus wouldn't that mean more money? You already have the physics of both and could incorporate it into them. There's a lot I don't know about how it all works but I think this is the best time for a real, true, drifting game to come out with what everyone (people centered around drifting) want to see. You guys seem to be the ones that could, and would, actually pull it off!


I'm not sure is this is a alright question, but... is there gonna be weather in this game? Like rain or fog?


@Wil Mak: OMG YES.. we need the R31s *i drooled x)


These screenshots get me extremely excited for the game! Graphics look great, and whoever has been designing the Works conversions has some great ideas! The SLR Stirling Moss & Reventon are stunning..


I was just asking myself,how can you reproduce cars feeling and sound,especially for the Pagani Huarey while she is not out? Nobody in the press have already tested it,so I can't understand how you could reproduce an unknown feeling?

Thank you!


Congratulations. You've just sold this game to me.


It must be hard to respond so nicely to some of these people... I really appreciate the time it must take to write this up. thanks!


Yo Samw went over board you might as well race in real life yo


only one main CONCERN. if i have a car, and i take it to a drift match, is the game going to re-configure itself to insure that my car becomes a drifting machine. in the last shift stock cars could drift like tuned ones because of this glitch. i would like to have my car handle the way i set it up no matter what racing competition i enter. a person who does not know how to tune a car shouldnt rely on in game handicaps to win a battle for them.


Will DLC be available for PC?

PC players dont mind paying a little bit for some nice new cars.


Just thought I'd ask why isn't there any drag racing in the game, I mean I know its to late now but I think it would be a great for the game and for those who don't like drags it wouldn't effect there career mode progress or something along those lines because the drag racing scene is huge with all types of cars ranging from Japanese cars like mazda rotaries, surpa's and nissans and muscle cars like camaro's and mustangs ? Put a ADD-ON with drags in it maybe ?

Also will there be any Australian cars to accompany Bathurst because that would be really depressing if there weren't, 1 holden and 1 Aussie ford would be enough and even if its in a DLC or something ? it would be a turn off for some Australians looking at the game.


Pre-ordered limited edition yesterday.

Oh and I agree with this!

Oggy said:

No idea if this will get answered or not. Now, considering this is basically a GT/Forza style game, with an event-based career mode & goal of upgrading your car to the max, have you guys made sure there isn't one overly-dominant car that would be abused in online play? This has ruined a few games for me. In the original Shift, you'd only see maxed-out Murcielagos online, or in Pro Street, it was 69 Camaro's all over the drag leaderboards. I don't want to buy a game where the sole goal of career mode ends up being "save up $1,200,000 to buy the Ferrari F50GT and level 10 upgrades".

Ok if the veyron will be the fastest car in the game (if it can be works modified), then it's ok, but make it expensive as hell then...


oh fuck yes 190e


Great work it looks like this game has improve a lot I totally enjoy the first one beside some points to correct and I know it would be getting better every year till it gets better than other sim racers. good luck with the launch. A little question would you include every Fia GT1 and GT3 tracks like Abu Dhabi, Zolder, Silverston, San Luis Potrero de Funes??? would it be possible a DLC with tracks if they are not included???, and a very big question would you let PC players like me who supported NFS games since they exist paying for my game without DLCs like in shift1 I was forced to get a mod to play with every car totally not cool I have my ps3 too but I like to play with my antialising, anysotropic, occlution, trasparent antialias settings set to full not jagged console crappy graphics


You've totally bowled me over. I was never a big fan of NFS games due to there arcade like handing, but this game is shaping up to be a good one. You've got one more buyer for this game here.


Just curious if you intend on putting any Australian Holdens or Fords into the game? It seems logical that there would be after putting Mount Panorama in.


The first Shift game was pretty buggy - at least on the PS3. Both the Laguna Seca and Autopolis ran in slow motion, until the patch finally came out SIX MONTHS after the game was released. And even after the patch, I tried twice to do a lap of the Nurburgring in Quick Race, but it locked up my PS3 while loading both times. And the sound of the cars accelerating can cut in and out in a very annoying manner.

Is a greater effort being made to de-bug this game?


This game is sounding better and better all the time. G25 900 + clutch support = happy me!

Most of my time will be spent drifting FR Mazda/Toyota/Nissans at Ebisu.


Game looks insane, the Intertwetten R8 pic is just REAL.

Too bad the handling is awful, when using 3rd person you can see the car kinda "waves" left to right like there was a huge dead zone in the steering, exact same thing as in Shift 1, so when they say it's a sim, I think not. I couldn't play more than 5 mins of teh shift 1 demo, I won't even bother with that one.


it looks fantastic. the alpina is such a beauty.

here is my big question*

is there a possibility to drive with large grids. 40+ cars?! like rfactor. if not, shift 2 is sadly a big nogo.


I know that fia gt3 championship includes ferrari f430.

I have a question if you say that all fia gt3 cars are included then IS FERRARI in NEED FOR SPEED SHIFT " UNLEASHED. IT SHOULD BE if you want to say that all gt3 series cars are included.


I thing i've noticed is that your version of Bathurst is highly inaccurate. Its wide enough to fit 3-4 Trucks side by side. Where you could fit 2 max in real life. I'm really looking forward to the game but can you actually make the track the real width, as all codemasters games in the past have had this problem. I know you need to cater for all, from noobs to seasoned sim pros, but it would be good to get it close to accurate as you can.


guess i'll be buying

i can still toy around with my favorite

nissan the r32 skyline, hopefully

you differentiated between the GT-R



Looks ok. I bet it will still feel arcade like just like the first one did. Seems the tuning goes in depth, maybe this time around they will get the toe angle adjustment right and not have it backwards.


Good thing there is a PC version or else I can't buy this game. Personally I love street racing like NFS Carbon but this looks very interesting.


Hi there, I have 2 questions about multiplayer.

1) I like to challenge my friends with selected car on selected track but I need to be sure, they hadnt use any asistance - will there be a way, how to check this? (in Shift 1 we have to record replay with fraps and show that settings in menu)

2) Will there be any matchmaking system for multiplayer? = I dont wanna race people, which are far better than me - it is not fun. I would love to, if there will be some dynamic online rank, which will grow or shrink based on your online wins/loses and when you will find some online game, there will be people with aproximatelly same rank.


DWARRIORZ question or statement here is spot on... ** If you guys can get put together some DLC JDM Sedans(Mark II's, Chasers, Laurels Skylines and Cefiros) for the drift part of the game that would be "epic" **

Chasers, Cefiros, Laurels! The big sedans would be perfect for this game i feel.


In this video: you can see that you can give A LOT of gas, no gas a little bit a gas, a a very very very little bit of gas. Is is possible to do this with your arrows on the keyboard for PC, or is this ONLY possible when you use a pedals and steering wheel?


are australian cars included in this game? please say yes....

i want this game


Is Tsukuba one of the track in this game?Would love to see Tsukuba in this game,,,,


This seems like a cross between Gran Turismo-style simulation and TOCA Race Driver-style career racing. The amount of detail and incredible attention to realism makes these screenshots seem almost too good to be true. Gran Turismo has a quick falloff curve for enthusiasm when you're left with 8 hour endurance races and trying for gold license trophies. Let's hope SHIFT2 keeps it's players glued to their couches.


wow this game looks great and its awesome that u took time out of your busy schedule to answer many important questions that the community had. props


I hate EA.Thay always try to get maximum money of theirs game.First game is battlefield play4free.Thay tell game is you need to pay with real money for weapons.Also wee need to preored shift 2 unleashed and after 2 week's we again droping money for DLC.We drop money on game and now again we need to give money for some cars or track.Ic beter to remove battlefield play4free than to give us free autolog and online play on this game.How codmaster can on some of theirs game can add free multiplayer ,games like race driver grid,also operation flashpoint red river and more.Answer on this guys.


Good that you answered the questions, got me even more happy!!

So how is it gonna be with the adjustments regarding the handling of the cars? Brakes/ springs etc

In shift 1 they just are to poor and the drifting isn't as real.


I would recommend that you guys release a demo that gives a good insight of this game! I really think this could be the turning point that I buy a NFS when it's not in the discount bin. Add a car that can be tuned and options to paint. Racingphysics is a important part but the tuning options make the games replay value a lot longer!

If I compare Forza with NFS (I have played every NFS untill now) it wasn't worth the money.(exept Underground1 & 2)

Forza was so good because theres so much to explore. The bad thing about Forza is the lack of community based opinions. Something NFS has done properly now! With the whole Speedhunters scene. Always remember that car trends change. NFS was spot on with Underground and Underground 2! I'm just waiting for someone to hit the Form>Function, Hellaflush and Drift scene spot one. Could this be it?

And please at a option that you have unlimited or enough cash at some point to experiment more with cars and tuning.


How about using Live for speed physics !?!?!? :)

If you dot then you will have the most AWESOME ,complete Sim racer Ever created in history of gaming !

I dont think physics can be better that LFS one`s , cause i can assure you being a real life racer/drifter my self the physics on that are pure 100% spot on!

S2U looks realy awesome in everyway, the only concern is the physics now...

Hoping you get those as we sim racers want them..

One more question..

Having 900 degree of support its not if the steering wheel in cockpit turns all the way .. its how the steering acts..

Only Sim game achieved correct 900deegree steering is again LFS.

You can do rfactor wheel turn 900 in cockpit view but still the wheel reaction is just wrong..

Meaning that having a 900degree wheel mean.. that the wheel must be speed sensitive..

when goin full throttle with 150mph on a mild corner you just need just a bit of steering but when goin slow you want more steering...

For example. Gt legends and GTR evo have the same physics .. Awesome physics but you cant run 900 degree as it messes up the reaction of the whell.(personaly i use till 350 on all sim games Except LFS)


Looking forward on trying it out...


Is there like Le Mans 24 Hours Endurance race?

Or is there the Le Mans track?

Please Include the Le Mans race track!!!


Will Shift 2 able to play with a keyboard? The 1st was a little unplayable .


I swear to god If the game would sell double if You had Big 4 door drift Machines!


I'm rather upset that photomode questions were not asked or answered. I love sim games, but I am also a photographer. To be honest, Shift 1's photomode was piss poor. Bad compression, bad everything. Will this be improved in Shift 2?


looks very hot! i definetly will try it!)


Great article! and cool to hear you were part of the mod-community in the past. (I've had a fair share of modding too *really outdated now but nonetheless based on a great physics engine from Viper Racing

I do have one question tho, since I've done some RL trackday drifting in my (somehwat purposely build) S13, The thing that strikes me in all simulators/games I've played sofar is that the drifting never really feels intuitive like in real-life. Besides the fact that the physics in most of these sims/games were not accurate, one aspect that is always neglected is that in real life during swaying left to right while drifting you can let go of your steering wheel, since it will automatically 'turn' while your car 'sways', since the front wheels will want to keep following the line your going. Will this also be taken in account in Shift 2?


i need split screen wtf!!!!


If the engine swaps are brand specific, can you swap a L28 into a 300ZX? That would really lower the center of gravity and give the car an amazing power to weight ratio if you rebuilt the whole engine but left it NA it would rock!


Great article! and cool to hear you were part of the mod-community in the past. (I've had a fair share of modding too *really outdated now but nonetheless based on a great physics engine from Viper Racing

I do have one question tho, since I've done some RL trackday drifting in my (somehwat purposely build) S13, The thing that strikes me in all simulators/games I've played sofar is that the drifting never really feels intuitive like in real-life. Besides the fact that the physics in most of these sims/games were not accurate, one aspect that is always neglected is that in real life during swaying left to right while drifting you can let go of your steering wheel, since it will automatically 'turn' while your car 'sways', since the front wheels will want to keep following the line your going. Will this also be taken in account in Shift 2?


Just wondering: -I've seen in the realism video that the weight is incalculated with the physics model, but do the physics include the weight distribution of the car ? And of the engine swaps? Not just preset that the car goes oversteer more or something like that, but really a different weight distribution.

-Will the online sessions have different categories divided by the performance index? And is it more accurate than the old one of Shift 1? Really dont wanna see all online races getting flooded by allmighty evo's anymore. Okay, it's a great car, but other cars deserved a shot too.

Thanks for ur time.


WTF???!!! This faq still not answer the big question , WILL WE HAVE A TANDEM DRIFT???!!

Such a poor thing if you'd miss this one...


hi guys. first of all the game looks very nice. i saw the volkswagen golf gti tuning video last night and there was no possibility for an engine swap for this car. but the bentley continental gt has a volkswagen w12 engine. so please make it happen that we could swap the engine and create this monster-gti


Of all 3 platforms, which is best, graphic wise? PC, ps3 or xbox360.


So no 2wd swaps...that sucks bigtime!


I, like many others, was dissapointed with the customization of the game. The reason GT5 and Forza have done so well is because the driving dynamics aswell as the customization were excellent, and although the driving aspect seems awesome in shift, the customization is lacking. What happenned to the NFS Underground mentality where I had a large variety of front and rear bumpers and side skirts and indiviual control over them all. Im not saying we have to bring back underglow and sound system customization(although that would be cool...) but it would be nice to be able to choose between more than 3 bodykits. Just sayin! Also whats up with interior customization? How about white face guages, leather shift knobs and changable fabrics?


Will this game support the TrackIR device?


i would like to drive the need for speed scion tc,and would like to know if theres any hondas?if not i would drift on this game


I have two questions: will there still be the stupid star system from shift 1, that in some races made you run cars off the road in order to progress through the game fully??

Second have the physics of the game been changed so that the cars drive like a sim racer, not a sloppy arcade racer??


Yes you should add so you can change the interior as well ;)

As said before, real seats and good models of recaros/brides etc ^^

Yepp more bodykit's as well!!

The rims is good :)


I have two questions-1.Does this game support 1080p and I know you mentioned that SU2 does not support split screen 2 player but may I ask why you decided not to implement split screen into the game?


Ok, maybe stupid question but.. Will Shift 2 Unleashed have a car named Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4? because when I think about that Pagani Huyara that was released same time as Aventador was.


The game looks really nice but i'm a big fan of the actual car sounds and i was wondering if you guys focused on that as well??????


I see you guys have added a few more oldschool cars from Europe... I don't know why, but I think one of the "missing" BMWs from the car list (between BMW 135 and M1) will be BMW 2002... I know it's just another prediction, but it would be nice if it's true! ;)

PS: The old Golf looks really good! With a Mk.5 GTI or a VR6 (if there is a VR6 in Shift 2) engine swap it will become a real beast! :)

PS2: Next time you'll have to think about more 4-door Japanese cars for drifting, like Toyota Chaser (like Team Orange's) ;)


some hill climb events would be nice. and here some suggestions/wishes for further dlc: porsche 959, porsche 928, porsche 911 turbo (1982) lamborghini countach lp5000s qv, lamboghini diablo gtr, renault 5 turbo (1980). is it possible to swap the w12 engine from the bentley to the vw golf gti to create this one: ?


Who do I fork over my cash to?


Is there an option to turn off tire wear? Tire wear is really lame in my opinion.


There's a video where you can see that someone's driving the Pagani Huayra around Nordschleife, here you can see that in the beginning of the race, he gives a LOT of gas, after that he gives no gas, then he gives a little bit of gas. So is it possible to do that with your arrows on your keyboard on your PC, because you press the gas-button or you don't. So my question is: can you only do that with pedals???


There's a video where you can see that someone's driving the Pagani Huayra around Nordschleife, here you can see that in the beginning of the race, he gives a LOT of gas, after that he gives no gas, then he gives a little bit of gas. So is it possible to do that with your arrows on your keyboard on your PC, because you press the gas-button or you don't. So my question is: can you only do that with pedals???


Great article! and cool to hear you were part of the mod-community in the past. (I've had a fair share of modding too *really outdated now but nonetheless based on a great physics engine from Viper Racing

I do have one question tho, since I've done some RL trackday drifting in my (somehwat purposely build) S13, The thing that strikes me in all simulators/games I've played sofar is that the drifting never really feels intuitive like in real-life. Besides the fact that the physics in most of these sims/games were not accurate, one aspect that is always neglected is that in real life during swaying left to right while drifting you can let go of your steering wheel, since it will automatically 'turn' while your car 'sways', since the front wheels will want to keep following the line your going. Will this also be taken in account in Shift 2?


Are there plans to support the new high end Thrustmaster T500RS Wheel for the PS3 version (release day or patch)

Thanks for any info!


I think most of us can agree that this game looks amazing, and I can't wait to play, but the lack of local multiplayer just sucks. I know it's probably not a conscious design choice as much as an order handed down by some bean counter who wants more people to pay for xbox live, but damnit, I have real friends!


Please add an option for virtual steering wheel and arm to be removable from cockpit view ... It's a lot more immersive for sim racer having a full racing rig ... All other PC sims have this option ... If you guys claim this title is more sim oriented, please add this option ...



About the only thing that I'm not liking about this game is that there are going to be only a small amount of cars. (in comparison to Forza or GT)


Nice FAQ. Thanks!

Some more questions:

1. What about the Thrustmaster T500. Is it fully supported on the ps3/pc?

2. Is autolog system depended or can I see the stats etc from my pc friends if own the ps3 game (sorry I don't play arcade racers like underground)

3. Can shift2 be modded like shift1 on PC?

4. My biggest concerns are about physics / realism. There is still no clear statement. Take Gt5 to compare. If I'm using a wheel, all aids off, is it better, almost the same, less? Or please compare it to another sim racing game. Please!


I'll add another question to the list. Will we be able to chose different body upgrades like front bumpers before we get up to the works upgrade?



Rod, thank you for addressing my question! I know it sounded a little snide due to the all caps and use of the word "realism" in quotations, but I wanted to make sure my inquiry was seen. As a result I will be pre-ordering S2U within the week! Thanks again!


Thanks for answering my question. Now i just hope they give us a small demo to check it out before we buy this game. May be im too sceptical, but the videos i have seen so far doesn't convince me enough that the physics really improved in this game.


Some bodywork customization would be amazing, i know its to late but couldnt you bring back autosculpt, or maybe DLC packs of bodywork upgrades? Much love!


This looks awesome I love the old mercedes i think its a 190 evoluzione and i noticed the bmw m1 now these old legendary cars are awesome but for years now I have been looking for a game that has a 1991 audi S2 or 90 coupe quattro It would be a cool time attack car and I think it could be converted into a imsa race car which could make it fit into the GT style or category but if you guys could add a 86 sports quattro it will also keep me smiling but since it doesnt really fit into a GT class I doubt it :)


Hey, nice to see that you guys here really care about (pre) user - feedback. The more you refer to the comments, the better you advertise.

Plus the more you calm people like i am one of down (outer US/Asia - regions where most of this blogs coverage [at the moment?] comes from) which just aren't really firm with many of the upcoming request for having this 20 - time- build Mazda ingame or this motorswap there...See, this does scare me a bit. BUT: More or less en passant you present jewels like the 190Merc, the incredible GTs (i am an absolute fan of real existing racecars ingame), the E30 a few days back. Great. Seems you are going to serve motorsport fans of every coleur. Keep that going.

And to make it absoltely lucid please publish a demo. That would be customer - orientated ^2


if there are dlcs we need the alfa romeo 155, mercedes benz clk amg dtm, porsche 911 gt1, porsche 928 and 959 , lotus esprit, lambo countach 25 th. and diablo gtr, renault 5 turbo, audi sport quattro ...


What about the photo mode? I am imaging it would be similar to HP2010's. Shift1's photo mode was as cheap as it could get. lol. Also, is there going to be a drag racing mode? That would be a great way to test cars with swapped engines against other cars.


Great to see all these questions featured! Thanks a lot! Its also awesome to see my cheapo wheel (thrustmaster ferrari gt experience) supported!

That said, I'd like to contribute. Will there be separate physics for drifting? Will it have automatic countersteer? Will it actually be challenging and require some knowledge of the sport? Would there be a "free roam" sort of area for drifting, gymkhana, autocross, etc. with other online players? Would we be able to adjust offset, camber, and (possibly in the future) tire stretch? Custom headlghts/taillights?

Will cars sound the way they do IRL(not over-glorified and tuned)? Will an upgraded exhaust sound like you upgraded it? Will there be multiple paths to upgrading(such as choosing a certain brand exhaust), with different gains depending on the route? Will there be a more realistic approach to turbocharging, allowing for choice between a high power, laggy powerband or a (twin?) quick spool setup? Will we be able to incorporate antilag/2step? Will we be able to adjust boost(to adjust powerband and/or change car hp class? Will there be a supercharger alternative? Will we be able to dyno the car?

Will 13Bs and 20Bs be available to swap into mazda chassis?

That is all, LOL, thanks for reading (if you did).


I can't wait for the release! If S2U is as good as it looks, it will definitely be my favorite racing game to date.

To be completely honest, I've been pretty happy with the grip racing in Forza & GT (though I'm excited to see what S2U brings to the table). What I'm truly concerned about is the drifting aspect. D1GP for PS2 was the last truly solid drifting game. The drifting modes in GT5 and Forza 3 are a disgrace to the sport; the problem most sims have with drifting is lack of steering angle. All these games use stock steering angle, which makes drifting completely unrealistic. Nobody uses stock steering angle in competitive drifting!

The other common issue is steering wheel motion. In a drift car, you turn in then let go of the wheel to let it counter itself, then grab and adjust, then let go to transfer and grab again, etc. I have yet to play a game which feels real both in steering angle and wheel motion, and I hope this succeeds in both. If so it may be a useful training/practice tool.

Those points may already be in the comments somewhere, but unfortunately I don't have time to read them.

BTW, I started getting really excited when I noticed the drifting in the video looked exactly like Formula D. No game has come anywhere close to the look and feel of FD, and hopefully this will do it justice!


ronweez said: will this game have 4 door toyota's? like the jzx chassis? if soo i'm sold


DWARRIORZ said: If you guys can get put together some DLC JDM Sedans(Mark II's, Chasers, Laurels Skylines and Cefiros) for the drift part of the game that would be "epic"


Agree with both of those comments. Would love to see some of the old 90's or 100's even 110's and give them a good canning around Bathurst. I love doing circuit sprints @ Hidden Valley in my 100 so if theres ever the option for a chaser or mark ii you've got me sold straight away. Looking forward to seeing the finished product guys and keep up the good work.


No NA Miata? It's one of the most raced cars of all time!


What was the WORSE thing about Shift 1?.....

Idiots online.

Track cutting and chicane cutting

People driving the wrong way round the track

People lurking around blind corners waiting to cause a crash

People deliberately pushing concrete berms and blue boxes on the track

People not even BOTHERING to brake for slow corners, and plowing into you at 160mph+

People riding the Aramco round faster than you could drive the track fairly

(and getting no damage)



If ONLY these things were fixed, S2U would be a GREAT game.

If they AREN'T, no matter what else it has, S2U will be as bad as Shift.





Will there be a photomode? I assume so, as all games this year have them. Well if there is can we please open the bonnet (hood) so we can shoot the engine as well?


Hi, I had a question about engine tuning. If you perform engine upgrades (like camshafts) on your car, does the redline increase or stay the same?


So I was almost beginning to believe that NFS series could do an attempt at a sim racing game. And then I saw the screenshot for the E30 M3 race prepared with dual exhaust (one on each side). Please find me a picture of an E30 M3 that was used for any track duty that had this. It's a longitudinally mounted inline 4... It's these details that show you guys have work to do until I take you remotely serious.


Hi ther! for malaysia fella hopes here. we hope there have sepang track for us. so we could really use this game as pratice :)

make it happen NFS!!


I have a question....

is it Mac supported?


Hi ...ive always wanted to ask as to Why EA/NFS hasnt ever thought of putting the Older Lancer Evos like the Evo VI or Evo VII into their games. If u checkout FM3 there's a huge evo community out there so that will be a Plus point for all those evo enthusiasts to buy Shift 2 or any of ur games.


Its been asked 1000's times but not answered. XBOX Steering wheel compatibility.

Is the Mad Catz MC2 steering wheel supported?

Is the Mad Catz MC2 steering wheel supported?

Is the Mad Catz MC2 steering wheel supported?

Is the Mad Catz MC2 steering wheel supported?

Is the Mad Catz MC2 steering wheel supported?

Is the Mad Catz MC2 steering wheel supported?

A complete list should have been listed in the first reponse and not the vague answer provided. Tell us if it is not supported.


what are the weather physics like? will you need to change to wet tyres when its raining?

and, what will pit stops be like?


Oh and please tell me you got rid of the trash "aggressive driving" system where you were encouraged to ram others off the road. If anything, you should be penalized!


NEED JZX. That is all.


I also second the notion for a drag racing mode . . . it's almost crucial to keep things fresh.



When the game is released, buy it. Try your wheel and if it doesn't work, go buy a new one, simple. ORRR, you can completely forget about the game which will also relieve your worries.


Sorry, few additional question:

-Will the driver's weight be incalculated in the physics?

-What cars will be able to drift? For example that hot Lexus LFA ?


As your calling this a sim, if i want to do alot laps in a race will engines overheat like hot water and oil temps like in other sims? giving you that ok ive got to be abit more careful on the next lap real racing feel which is awesome!

or hey im in an indestructible car and nobody can touch me arcade feel which is bad?


I have kinda quick question, but no idea if it was asked or not.

From what i saw, the S2U is quite fun to drift-nuts too ^^ But what I personally miss is the possibility to make ur steering angle bigger. Is it possible to make some strict DRIFT mods? Goin 90'+ like Kawabata is almost impossible in every racin sim and im sure a LOT of us would like to feel like the top japs dudes ;)


Im writing in here not even expecting you to read it, but hey- its worth a shot!

What im wondering is- you claim its a sim game now- what im wondering is if the cars will handle differently wether you choose drift or time attack mode (i mean, the cars should behave similar, its the cars tune that should make the car behave eather way)

locked diffs, stiffen rear suspension, will make the car drift (even in time attack mode yes?) not that im looking to drift in time attack mode, but i hated the fact as soon as you switched into drifting the car turned into a soap.


Is it possible to include 2 player split screen even though the game comes out in a matter of weeks?


If someone can tell me Circuit Park Zandvoort (The Netherlands) is in it, I will buy it without a doubt! =)


I'd like 2 see mazda rx3's in the game and another thing I would like 2 see is the conversions from awd to rwd, that would be cool, skyline r32 gtr drift rwd conversion ;) awesome

what about 2 step for your car for good launches of the line.



I agree about JZX from comments!

Need JZX chasis and other JDM sedans!


Ok, I can understand limited aero parts for the cars, but it seems that EVERY NFS game post-UG2, has had a VERY LIMITED selection of rims. I didn't see where anyone asked about the rim count for S2U...


Another thing to add is that the list of cars needs to grow. IMHO, one unsung hero that should be in ANY racing game is the Toyota MR2 Turbo MK II. I see where you guys are going with Shift, and should there be future releases, I think that is one important thing that needs to happen. Preferably DLC, but future releases should rival the rosters of GT and FMotorsport.



MDR; that race BMW could have had an engine transplant. As a feature in the game it is likely. Your argument is void


also I agree with the spoiler delete :)





I hope Matt Power's s14 is in the game :)


How about a great feature that you can play your own music which is stored in your ps3/xbox and use that for racing music lol.


@ mattman - Its going to be a potential gift so I would prefer to know in advance if possible. Thanks anyways, get back in your hole.


As a long time german wagon fan is there any chance of offering a RS6 Avant in DLC?


Hello, THIS GAME IS LOOKING GREAT!!! I don't want to bore you with any long comments, so just three things:

1) I love the pictures, everything, really hope it will be the best sim EVER

2) You have a buyer

3) QUESTION: Will the 4x4 cars have always a predefined 50:50 torque split between front and rear wheels like in Shift 1? Because in the firs Shift it was quite a pity you couldn't modify it... That way the Audi R8 for example wasn't a "dancing queen" like we know it is in real life. You couldn't really drift it (even with the mods like Sharper Tyres by Juls)

I could also ask about the sounds and weird car stats (like the Renault Megane R.S. having just 222 hp instead of 250), but... Well if you have time, you could also answer to that question :)))

Best regards for doing a FANTASTIC JOB!!!!


Juiced and Juiced 2had a spoiler remove option for standard wings....


Looks wicked. Loved Shift and its dodgy handling chracteristics..I hope this ones just as challenging. Especially the drift!


I'm just wondering if the game got a VW Golf/Rabbit MK1 and Ford Escort Cosworth, why don't you put the rally legend Lancia Delta Integrale?


well so far it's looking ok...i've preordered this game and it's my hope that it wont be a huge let down, like some of the games i've played

my biggest rant is, this. you added bathurst..but where the bloody hell are the v8supercars..i mean come on, you add an iconic australian race circuit and yet no real v8s come on for ffs anyone with any brains in their thick skulls would be asking the same thing specially if you are an australian and passionate about it as i am..


WHAAAT!! How can you not have split screen, that just ruined the whole game for me? After all the work and effort are you really going to just mess up your end game by not including split screen? I really wish you guys would reconsider that decision.


This is shaping up to be absolutely awesome, have been waiting for something like this for a long time XD

I saw a question the other day which made me wonder. You said you've got the 3 stages of tuning, but is it going to be just one bodykit for each stage, or will we have the ability to mix and match kits like the underground series', but obviously with slightly more taste lol. Also, something thats been missing from the past few games is the 'My Cars' option. the sandbox mode where you can just build cars where your only limit is the parts you've unlocked in game. That was sorely missed from pro-street onwards :(


I wish you could have made the online enduro's a lot longer, we race in online championships and under an hour is not what I would call an endurance race... :)


I am getting worried.


Comment after comment about eye candy, and no-one CARES that you can cut chicanes, or ram another car, or lurk round a corner and cause a crash, or toss race ending obstacles on the track and they STAY THERE....


Do you guys want racing, or do you want something that LOOKS like racing, but it isn't?


"Logitech G27 Racing Wheel – full support for all buttons"

Thank you


i don´t know why the most people think that gt5 is the best racing game. ok, the graphics of the "premium cars" and the driving experience are nice, but there are only a hand full premium cars who are interesting. the rest is bullshit. and the standard cars look like a piece of shit in my opinion. and who needs 500 japanese cars??? european cars are the best!!! and the tuning options are crap too. and forza 3 ... i don´t have a xbox so ...


So can you full customize your body work on your car...right


The DLC will be free ?


Just a simple question will there be any cars from the Japanese SuperGT e.g. Nissan, Toyota, etc... If so then I am totally sold here simply because the Japanese are gods when it comes to cars...


I wonder when the NFS series will be brought back to the streets. Hopefully it just doesn't stay on the tracks. Kinda losing interest.


This game is awesome, I've tested it , I have to say I was impressed and I look forward to this game using my G27 at home


In Monza 1958 is the ability to race in the oval an easter egg?