If you’ve followed my editorials over the past couple of months, you’ll know that I’ve had my hands full directing some of the SHIFT2 UNLEASHED videos. Over the past few weeks I’ve been working closely with Chris Rado and Jon West on this particular video, which focuses on corners. There’s a second installment with Chris which will be coming out in the near future.

I hope you guys like it!

– Charles Kha




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watching videos of chris rado in his 1000whp scion leads me to believe he is one of those people who is scared by corners.

circuit racing is not drag racing with corners in it, chris. youre supposed to accelerate through corners, not after them.


looks awesome


Man you got me hooked on this game with your posts. The only question i really have on it is if the ps3 version of the game will support the Logitech G27's Clutch and 6 speed Shifter


"This is real racing" and all we see is crashing cars and a guy who talks about how those mean corners inherit him from becoming fast and that we should be scared of them (are the physics that bad?).

Come on...

And the next video tells us that the only way mastering a corner is sideways with many smoke or what?


Wheres the "corkscrew" from Mazda Laguna Seca ?

Nice that Au Rouge is in there !


well said..


NFS is a joke. Every NFS game I've ever bought I've played twice and regretted buying. This one is building everyone up for let down. Anyone who knows and loves cars in real life can't be taken seriously if they love NFS shit.


Sick!!! - Can't wait to get my hands on this game!! only a few more days!


Hell yea!!

Can't wait, i've had it on pre-order for what seems like forever =D

14 more days til launch here in good old nz!!!



Would be A LOT better if your gameplay footage involved clean racing. Getting PIT'ed has nothing to do with corners, it can happen anywhere.


is the vinyl editor in Shift 2 going to be good enough to recreate our own version of other GT3 cars?


I hope this one is much better than the first version of SHIFT which was s*** and sitting on my game shelf right now. Awesome video though, will definetely pre-order a copy.

Did you see the in-car shot with the Dash2 display and 5 gauges. Very nice touch :)


Say what you say but you suckas don't bother meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I just had to extend the line


i hella wanna play this game, looks awesome. unicorn planet hey~~~~~~


He's an oddly poetic man.


Meh. Rather see footage of an entire lap in-car, by Tommy Milner using a wheel.


i hope prof jantz grades on a curve, then 50/75 won't be so bad


Really looking forward to this game, the night racing looks awesome. Is that Bathurst around the 0.38 sec mark? Was one of my favorite tracks in Toca Race Driver


Are there ingame sounds in the trailer?


rubberduck 1 up :p

and Weasel: 1000whp time attack car isn't the same as ur MX5..


this gave me chills up and down my spine! great work guys


I'm a bit skeptical about this game... I hope there's going to be a demo so I can try it before I buy.


Corners are all about putting pressure on the other driver into making a mistake that allows you to pass the other driver without illegally punting him of the track or causing an accident. It would have been far more preferable for you to have shown us a video of nice drafting and nice passes. Please lose the XTREME marketing gimmicks. I know what real racing is, many people here know what real racing is, what you do is focus on getting through the track as cleanly as possible by setting braking zones, good corner entry, good cornering line, and knowing when to put the throttle down to exit cleanly, all while knowing when to put pressure on the guy ahead of you or knowing when to pass the back marker. This is all compounded in difficulty by other cars on the track trying to do the same while staying in one piece. This is what makes endurance racing such an amazing thing, you do this for many hours on end, all without screwing up badly. I am much more amazed by amazing passes than by crashes, in fact I cringe at crashes because I hope the driver is fine and the car will be okay so the team can still remain financially afloat.


This game is being made out to be a big deal... the only way that it would be worthy of that is to be completely different to every other NFS game that has been made. Is this actually going to have sim physics? Or is it just another glorified arcade game?


SamW, please be quiet, none of us thinks you are any smarter than the rest of us for that long-winded post.

Anyways, I hope this game is better than its predecessors, seeing as I have it pre-ordered. If it's another disappointment then I'll just have to abandon the NFS franchise once and for all. And Speedhunters will have lost a lot of its credibility for me. I'm sure many of the other readers agree with me on both points.


The more we see of the game the more exciting it appears to be. The new vid is very atmospheric! I'm really envious of my colleague who is out at PAX East right now!


This game is looking great, however, I'm really hoping there will be a demo released on XBL, otherwise I just don't see myself plonking down the money sight-unseen. And really, in this day and age for a company as big as EA, there is no excuse to NOT have a demo for a franchise like NFS.


just wondering oppose to time attack is there hillclimb???


I remember something about videos being put up of actual driving. How is that going along, it would be nice to have some gameplay footage, not PR's greatest crashes and anxiety inducing clips., actual simulation racing, with a good driver using a wheel setup, preferably on a PC.


I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask a question regarding the game, but is there going to be customizable controller configurations? With SHIFT1, I found it VERY uncomfortable to shift gears using the LB and RB buttons, especially at high speed and while drifting(I'd get close to the right corner speed, but because I usually use my index finger to control the triggers, it's awkward braking using my middle finger and I have hardly any range of motion left to turn using my thumbs.). With games like Forza 3 or GRID, I could map the shift up and down to B and X, which is much easier to manage.

If anyone fields this question, thanks in advance!


Still doesn't show actual gameplay. Even if it did, it would show the AI having 1000% grip, going through a corner fast enough to flip their car and not a single bit of tire smoke. Show some gameplay footage or stop advertising your terrible game.


I noticed they are using the on track racing line and points system again. The racing line is acceptable in practice/training, but it looks ridiculous during a race. The points thing is just idiotic. You made a simulation that screams RACING LINE 894 POINTS!* constantly? The only points that matter in real racing are the series standings.


i 2nd the motion for a demo, except for it to be on psn and not playstation plus. a video of crashes that doesnt give insight to crash damage or gameplay mechanics isnt going to win over all the gran turismo 5 players.


So a time attack/drag racing guy is here to talk about passing in corners... NFS keeps the amusement flowing.


PRE-ORDER?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I dont think so. I might try to gamefly this one first, unlike that last abomination you guys gave me... Couldn't even trade that trash in for anything!


@ Max , @MDR, @Spark, @D2, Enough bashing the game for things that are not facts, I have not bashed the game, it isn't out yet. What I am is concerned, there is a lack of information that is deliberately being fostered by EA. Why? Well as of now, no one knows but in the eyes of a long time gamer, usually when a publisher holds something so close to release under embargo it's usually a bad thing. Not showing any game-play, bad, no damage modelling, bad. In short everything is feeling pretty bad without some way to judge the product, all these videos just feel like the wool is being pulled over my eyes.