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Just wanted to quickly post this Z31 Fairlady picture I found on Minkara this morning. In the US at least, you can pick up a Z31 for next to nothing these days.

Why aren't more people doing them up like this?

-Mike Garrett



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I see these on craigslist all the time for dirt cheap. this makes me wanna pick one up! looks great


Well because the US version is ugly as hell and has all of the 1980's interior attributes that nobody likes. But if they are easily transformed into something like this then maybe we can resurrect the model with more onlines pics and posts, because DAMN that one looks amazing! Awesome setup!


It's the JDM C4 'Vette. Too many people remember them as "the ugly duckling" of their series to be more popular. I don't know if I like the idea of building one when there are more capable platforms available; you'd be able to pick up the car itself cheap but what are your tuning options? I'd definitely stay with the VG30DET because I know it's a stout motor. A full overhaul with some nicer internals and an upgraded turbo would be the core of my laundry list.

Whatever I ended up doing to it, the "Turbo" script rear panel would be mandatory.


absolutely a must!


I agree this looks awesome, and I can actually afford a 80's something Z. I just have a extremely strong disdain for T-tops.


i always like these.. never liked the flat un-inspiring back end but the front and side views were typical Nissan. hmmm those rims suit it too, its even sitting right.


I know a guy down the street thats had one sitting in the yard for years (i live in the US) he wanted way too much for it a few years back.. we'll see!


No one gets these b.c they are a pain to work on


most of the time these cars are not taking care of. they mostly rust from sitting. i have a buddy that has a mint 87 turbo.


I think those cars have been ignored because their trailing arm rear suspension sucks more than the FC (my second favorite car) and in large part because the Z31 given to the US are really ugly up until you get to 1988+



there are actually people out there that (tastefully) mod these cars.


The rear facia is disgusting. Other than that, not bad, especially considering how much they cost.


well im waiting to graduate college and have a decent job to build something like that car, i've found these 300zx for around 1000 bucks running and with surprisingly decent interiors. and i believe with some engine repairs/mods and some small body work and a nice drop like the pic, i think you can get that car running and looking awesome for under 5 grand.


i will always love my Z31


wow. what a completely appropriate and usable ride height !!


Wow, about time for some Z31 love! This one looks great and I've seen turbo models going for $1-$2k here in Cali.


Cause they weigh a tonne.. oh and also in australia they are still expensive.. although everythings expensive here.. dammit :(


Also, I think most of the US models are lux-barges w/ 2+2 seating and t-tops, so we gravitate towards the z32 or fc3s or s13 instead.


After seeing this http://i.imgur.com/Uv2ac.jpg (Full Build thread can be found here:http://www.ziptied.com/forums/index.php?topic=6734.0) I have been keeping my eye out on Z31's it would be a great car to build as you don't see too many out our way, but you'd be surprised to see the amount Turbo Z31's are going for in the Bay area at least,

The interest in Japanese cars from '70 through'90 is growing faster than I can keep track of, but take a quick look at the JDM Z31 vs. the USDM Z31 and it's shocking how much smoother the former looks, we got the shittiest front and rear bumpers on these. still, I would love to see more well built examples around. between this and the MA70 Supra the 80's Japanese Wedge is coming back in a big way.


theres a guy at my work with a black one of these, turbo with new 350z track wheels on it. it looks pretty sick.


Just found my first project car. RB swap? We shall see...


because they're ugly as hell.


I have one, i love this car! i would love to see more of them on this site.


Ugly, heavy, crappy interior, junk engine... Better off getting an early 280 for the same price...


do your homework before getting into any project. i've got nothing against the car. love the wheels as always.


LS1RX7owen, the only thing that has been done to this car is wheels/tires and coilovers. This is a rarity though, due to it being a 'slicktop' or in other words does not have T-Tops.

Andrew, have you ever worked on one? If you did, you would know that they are extremely easy to work on.


I always thought these were one of the most gorgeous of the Z cars. I love the 80's styling and all, but it seems that there is no aftermarket for them like with newer Zs. I think thats why people don't bother with them.


I own one of these, a 1988 2+2 sitting on as set of enkei ek98 and it is an amazing piece of machinery. The best part is gotta be the full digital dash board and the powerful v6, now if only there was some aftermarket stuff for the car


sorry but this is ugly-

no thx


Again, LS1RX7, you are incorrect, the Z31's were mostly 2 seaters, as is this one. In addition, they really arent that heavy, they weigh ~300-500lbs less than a Z32.


They are not so much of a favorite because they have a typical 80's look plus they are a lot slower than the Z32 TT, which has much more aftermarket mods available.


i have one in a yard for years and im only 17

goin to drop a rb into it some day if it doesnt rust away with this irish weather


I had one of these. So many problems. Kept me up at night. Owned it for 1 year and only drove it once.

Far out i miss that car.


Would love to do this but...In Australia 99.9% of Z31s are hunchback 2+2 VG30E junk. Theres some AUDM turbos, and a scattering of personal import 2 seaters, but they're very rare. Same crap they perpetrated on us with only NA, 2+2 S130s and only 2+2 NA Z32s.


My Dad got me into the scene of imports with his z31 rolling on Epsilons circa 1989.



I owned two z31 turbos, the first one was nice and i got it for 1800 in 2006, was my 2nd car ever. Rolled it. Got another a few years later and realized how bad the everything was, except straight line performance. The 2+2's actually handle better then the 2 seaters because of the longer wheel base but were much uglier due to the extended roof line. They rust like crazy, no cargo space, Understeer really bad and terrible in the snow. 91 wheelbases suck. That being said i would have loved to see how one handles on coilovers. The turbo motor definitely puts a smile on your face but is still much slower then the competition (supra turbo, fc turbo, starion)


I've been building one for a while, started off with an S1, then bought an S3. The first one: http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c382/Vorian_Hyatson/300ZX/IMG_0084.jpg

The current car in purchased form, and now: http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c382/Vorian_Hyatson/Fairlady/b7881a08.jpg


They get done up often, a lot more restoration over tuning, but there are still some serious Z31s kicking around Aus. Don't dis the Z31! Get on it!


I love all of the mis-contrived information above. It keeps the z31 cheap for me to mod the poop out of. Last year I made 608wtq on a 100% stock vg30e engine. Both my RB z31 and my SS are under 3000lbs without me in them. There are a few amazing z31's in the states and they all keep it quiet. The money spenders in out group are doing big things right now for a mass release of awesome in late may. Take a look at my site for a few shots of my z31's and friends.


This 84-85 car has an aftermarket tail light add on made by Kamimari. I don't like them. I've owned over 20 Z31's, mostly the 87-89 version. They are affordable, easy to modify for power gains. AND you don't see five of them on the way to the store.


While it is true that the z31 does not have the occult status of the s30/s130 .. and is not Honda popular like the z32/z33/z34 (with all the aftermarket support). What is does have is the largest production numbers of all Z's .. and it's still unique (ugly for some) looks. Called "the forgotten Z", red-headed step child, etc ... I enjoy it's unique looks .. the car stands out from the cookie-cutter, mass produced - aftermarket look a-like Z's (no offense intended).


I'm now on my 3rd Z31.. I originally owned an 88 n/a.. I totaled that car. I then ended up buying the very sought after 1988 Shiro Special 1 of 1000 ever made. I sold this car and now am building an 88 turbo all black. I have always felt these cars are just so unique they get attention every where I go with them. In Massachusetts I MIGHT see 5-10 of these in a year.. a whole year, that is how rare it is around here.

I've tried to think.. Ok, what platform could I have chosen instead? How do I maintain that unique look? This car always kind of just 'clicked' with me.. and I never found much else I REALLY liked that fell into this particular type of car. The means to make this car just as badass as some of the cars making serious power out there is certainly possible. Perhaps when my car is done I can get an article up on here.. It will certainly be worthy.


Ive owned my 89 z31 for the last 6 years. The car started out as a worn out non turbo auto when i got it in 05. I have put together quite a few motors/setups in the past few years. I put down 391hp last summer on stock internals and am changing it all up this year and trying to make 580+. The thing that i enjoy most about this car IS the lack of aftermarket and bolt on parts available. To successfully build/mod this car you have to use your brain instead of just a credit card. I do performance work for a living and i can def agree that the z31 stands out from all the mainstream s-chassis, supra's, hondas etc that i build on a daily basis.


The z31 is the biggest pile of crap ever. The z32 has always been better. Everyone knows it is easier to work on the z32 with all of the room in the z32 engine bay. You can obviously make more power on the stock z32 even though both the z32 and z31 have the same bottom end. We all know the z32 is lighter than the z31 any day. Anyone who thinks that a z31 can be fast and look good is either lying or they just know nothing about REAL CARS.


Juan, Speaking about cars you know nothing about???

It is clear you have never compare under the hood of a Z31 and Z32. The Z32 is much much harder to work on. There is no room for anything under there.

You can make more power easier and much cheaper on a Z31 (VG30E) than a Z32 (VG30DE).

And the Z32 weighs 300 to 400 more than a Z31..

And your last statement that a fast Z31 is a lie? Well do you thing a 1/4 mile in the 9's on a road worthy Z31 is slow?

And Fooman, a junk engine? The VG30 was overbuilt and the 1st Japanese production V6. It is a fantastic engine. I got over 300,000 miles on mine with only a turbo change.

Anyone can take out a credit card and modify a Z32, Z33, Z34, etc. However, it takes some brains and talent to modify a Z31, so the fast ones you see are special.


Juan, it is clear you know nothing about the Z31 and/or Z32. The Z31 is easier to work on, the Z31 can make more power per buck, and the Z31 VG30E does not have the same bottom end as the Z32 VG30DE. And lastly, the Z31 is much lighter than the Z32. And is a 9 second 1/4 mile road worthy Z31 slow?

Sex Hammer, the USDM Z31 never came with a VG30DET

Fooman, Z31 is not heavy at ~3000 lbs, and the VG30 is a bullet proof over built, first production Japanese V6, and the interior is better than the 280ZX S130.

Compared to the Z32, Z33, and Z34, the Z31 is cavernous.


Mine is drift spec but im gettin rid of it for durt cheap coz got family now lol