Random Snap>> Malibu 350 Estate In Tokyo

Coin parking lots are a way of life if you live in central Tokyo. With most back streets only wide enough to allow regular traffic to squeeze through, most of the time there is no way you can get away with dropping your car off on the side of the road. If you do, you will risk getting a ticket by the "men in green," jobsworth parking attendants that seem to pop out of nowhere and leave ¥15,000 parking fines in a split second. So sometimes forking out up to ¥800 an hour at one of the many automated parking lots scattered throughout the city is the only way you don't risk coming back to a nasty surprise. And like most places around Tokyo these are usually great locations to do some car spotting running into cool rides like this 1974 Chevy Malibu 350 Estate I came across the other day. Thankfully this particular coin parking was pretty wide as this is one huge car!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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This one is a '71, not '74... Cool car though ! Thanks for sharing.


'72 Actually, that grille is year-specific, the '71 grille has body color around it.


looks nice and beefy at the front end.. 'parkys' are the same the world over..


Looks like a 1971 Malibu to me. ... Those American car owners in Tokyo really amaze with their driving technique, being able to navigate huge machines through narrow backstreets.


Er... you meant 1971, didn't you Dino?


That's one of the biggest non-commercial vehicle you'll probably see rolling around Tokyo. LOL!


I'm not sure if they kept selling the older versions overseas but in the US that would have been a 71-72.


Very nice....but as Pierre said, definitely a '71.


@Pixel : but on this model, there is two blinkers (not sure of the word. We call them "clignotants" in France ^^). On the '72, there is only one orange thing on each side of the grill I believe. Hybrid maybe ?


Guys, It's definitely a '73. The passenger-side mirror is 2.5 mm back like it should be, and the headlights are oval and not round. Also the front bumper has .06% more chrome than the other years.


Another little nit... an American car called an estate? Sorry, but a Merc would ve an estate, this is a wagon... one badass wagon.


^^ How about its a bad ass classic chevy in tokyo^^ nuff said! Jeez!!


Which could probably be swapped?



haha sweet, those are super rare in the US, I can't even imagine how rare they are in Japan.

1971 Chevelle = Two turn signals (per side)

1972 Chevelle = One turn signal (per side)

1 = two and 2 = one. That's how I always remembered it.


I think you're all wrong, it's a 1975 because i say so.


That is a wagon and not an estate.


is this car park in setagaya?


definitely a 71-72

74s look horrible