News>> Smoky Nagata Postpones Stateside Visit

News has just reached us that Mr. Top Secret himself, Kazuhiko "Smoky" Nagata, will not be able to make it to the Import Reactor, in Houston, as well as the Texas Mile this up coming weekend. I'll let Smoky explain: 

"As you all know, Japan was hit by a big earthquake a few days ago and my company is north of Tokyo. Closer to the quake site and nuclear power plant. Until today, I was packed and still scheduled to go to Houston. I did not want to cancel the trip. It has been a very difficult few days for me because I'm was very worried for my employees and colleagues. They are scared about radiation poisoing. I should stay here with them in at this time of much trouble.

My car (the V12 Supra) was supposed to fly out of Narita Airport on Saturday evening. But because of the disaster, there are many problems with shipping now. So my car cannot make it to Houston until later. I am very sorry for this.

I was looking forward to coming back to Houston and meeting everyone again because of the warm welcome I had the last time. I was also looking forward to participating in Import Reactor and Texas mile. I am sad that I cannot make it now and disappointing everyone.

I explained the situation to John Leigh and he is very supporting. Please support him too.

When the problems with shipping is resolved, my car will go to Houston and I will come again to meet everyone.

Thank you,

We wish Smoky and Top Secret the best as they move forward into the recovery stage. We'll also be keeping up with Smoky and his Supra as news starts coming in when exactly he's coming to America later this year. 




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Anime matsuri in Houston,TX 18th-20th.....hopefully fun, not the same without "smoky"!


All the best Smoky and please stay safe.


Been looking forward to it for about 3 months. But if ever there was a good reason this is it. Be well, and your whole country is in our thoughts.




Best of luck to you sir !


Hope him and everyone around him are safe.


Very Understandable given the situation. I wish all the people of Japan, Smokey and his team the best, stay safe! We will miss you at the Texas mile for now, but will look forward to seeing you here when everything is a little more calm, and safety has been re-established in Japan. Please anyone, please keep us up to date when he will return!!!!!


in no way should he be sorry for anything, anyone in his position wouuld do the same thing imo


Been wondering how Smoky was doing since all this went down.

Glad to see he is ok and looking out for his own.


Any news on the shop?


Aww man, would love to see him at Texas mile but I'm glad he is staying in japan to support his fellow colleagues.


Stay strong Smokey!

You are a living legend and inspire all of us Import fans with your amazing builds and incredible talent. You sir are a God amongst us import fans. Cars, shops and Tracks can be rebuilt. But the genius minds that fuel TOP SECRET cannot.

Keep yourself and your legendary crew safe.

There's always next year!

My prayers are with you and all of Japan.

God Bless


man that sucks... i was really lookin forward to seeing him again with his supra

praying for japan!


thats perfectly reasonable i wouldnt expect anyone not to do the same


Let's keep Japan in our prayers. I hope everybody stays safe and this situation is over soon.


my thoughts [and funds] go out to all those families..


Take care, "Smoky".

By the way, why hasn't there been at least one post from Dino? He should know better than all of us the exact situation there.


No apology/explanation needed, my thoughts/heart go to Mr. Smoky Nagata and the people/country of japan. I hope for you and your country a speedy recovery.


What a guy, hes apologizing to America that he can't be here for Texas Mile because of the disaster. Much respect to this man, if anything we should not even need an apology. I think we all understand the state of the matter at hand. Good luck to Smokey and his colleagues to a speedy recovery and hope they remain safe.


Our prayers are with the Japanese nation at this time.


Lol Import Reactor. Pun intended?


Stay Safe and Much Respect and Love to a Captain that stays with is ship even in rough waters like these.


I was hoping that he would go to Houston, but hey it's for his shop and employes, so it's a good reason not to go. Keep it good Smoky


i think we all understand why...Best of luck and stay safe from the radiation!


props to top secret. I was going to import reactor for him only. too bad.


Good luck to you smoky! I hope Top Secret, other shops, and all of Japan can bounce back as soon as possible from this horrible incident.


Mr. Nagata, is the man and has been my hero for years.. He is a household name in my Midwest Texas home.. Every time my dad sees someone doing a 30 sec burnout he yells, "Yeah, Smoky",(Nagata) as he has watched all the footage of him in Europe and elsewhere. It sucks that he is not coming down ton the dirty third this year, but we understand. Him and all of Japan will be in our prayers. THANK YOU


Sad news :(

I hope the you and the Supra are okay Smokey! And I hope that the damage to the garage isn't too bad and that you can get it fixed up as soon as possible. Same to all the other tuning shops that have been damaged in this disaster!


A business owner that looks out for the well being of his employees. There are CEOs that should take a page out of Nagata-san's book!


Shitty for racing fans, but it's good of him to be showing some solidarity with his countrymen


Glad i saw this, I was about to buy tickets to fly stateside from sydney just to see smokey again, havent seen him in a few years now.. Just gotta see this v12 supra in person.


Our prayers are with all of Japan in there desperate time of need. I hope that they can return to normal life in as soon a time as possible.


go smokey you're one of the most worshipped tuners in Japan, People will understand your reasoning


Don't worry Smokey, we understand, may God bless you and the people of Japan..


Let's head straight into the our last look at the car show, Import Reactor, that ran in conjunction


Hey, it's sad that he couldn't make it to Houston, but it's AWESOME that he isn't abandoning his employees, friends, and family during this calamity.