Event>>nfs Socal Pt.1

NFS SoCal was a truly unique event for me. Not only would I be shooting the event for Speedhunters, I would be playing a big part in organization and recruiting cars for the event. Since Linhbergh was busy Speedhunting in Texas and Charles was in BC finishing up some SHIFT 2 work, I would be the lone and official Speedhunters representative at the event. Now I'm used to taking photos, but recruiting and being a "representative"? That was new territory for me.

Teaming up with our friends from Source Interlink Media, we knew had the opportunity to do something special with this event. It's not everday that SIM opens up its facilitily to the public. Early on it was decided that Speedhunters and Source Interlink would split the duties of recruiting vehicles in order to assemble a diverse and high quality selection of cars. With a couple weeks to go before the event, Linhbergh and I got to work recruiting some cool machines to come out.

While not all of our picks were able to make it out, the ones that did – along with the Source Interlink selections made for a very impressive lineup. I snapped this photo on Saturday morning as the cars began to roll in. That's Elliott Moran from Source Interlink there in the baseball cap, he did a fine job of handling the logisitics for the meet and getting everyone placed.

One of the first people I contacted was Justin Hrenko, the owner of the slammed Datsun 610 Wagon that I'm sure youre familiar with. Justin drove the 610 in sketchy weather all the way down from the SF Bay Area to take part in our event. Thanks a lot man!

Since we were celebrating the launch of NFS SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED, we wanted to make sure to have plenty of track-oriented cars out there as well. The Sport Car Motion crew brought their DC2 Integra out to represent the motorsport scene.

Speaking of the game, the car meet was only part of the event. Inside the Source Interlink garage area and photo studio, there were several displays set up where people could get a hands-on look at SHIFT 2.

You haven't experienced a driving sim until you've tried it on a D-Box. With full movement, it was probably better to try one of these before enjoying the tacos that were being served for lunch…

The event also marked the first public showing of the RTR-X since last year's SEMA Show.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. was there to show off the RTR-X and chat with people with the game, which he's doing in this shot

Chris Rado's Team NFS tC could also be found on display in the Source Interlink garage.

There's Mr. Rado receiving an honorary sticker from a group of local Scion owners.

This actually marked my first visit to the Source Interlink HQ. It's quite a place. There were magazine project cars spread all over, this Pontiac LeMans belongs to Popular Hot Rodding Magazine.

Back outside, we see the Bisimoto Honda Civic Shuttle – another one of the Speedhunters selections for the event.

The Evos were out in big numbers as well. You can never go wrong with Voltex aero.

Our friend Jack from Starlite Rod & Kustom even brought out his bitchin' Ford Starliner. I heard several people say this was their favorite car of the meet, if you saw this thing in person you just might agree.

We also had a good number of S-chassis cars out there. These two were both sporting LSx swaps.

As part of our Speedhunters selections, we also asked you guys, the readers to bring your cars out. We had a handful of "premium" spots to give away and ended up splitting these up among a diverse selection of cars.

One of the cars we chose for a premium spot was Aaron Ochoco's Porsche 997. On his way to the event Aaron got a flat tire on the freeway, but still managed to get a replacement tire and was out to the meet with time to spare. Thanks Aaron!

I was also assigned the extremely difficult task of selecting one "Speedhunters Pick" of the event. The prize? A full feature right here on the site. After much deliberation, I selected Brendan Taft's Toyota Supra. Not only does the car look mean, but its naturally aspirated 2JZ with ITB's makes it rather unique. Keep an eye out for the feature coming soon!

Well, that will do it for part one of my NFS SoCal coverage.

Stay tuned for part two and thanks again to everyone who came out!

-Mike Garrett



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yo wheres the euros at? all i see if one bimmer


oooh, classic impreza show it, show it, show it


I love the thought of a NA tuned 2j mk4. I can't wait to see more on that car.


I still despise those wheels and fog lamps on the RTR-X... ruins it.

Looks like a cool meet though.


@ you might've missed the porshe on work meisters


awesome pics of my s14 with mastermind's Odyvia. Great meet, thanks


As soon as I saw the Supra in pic 3 I knew that had to be the winner. Seen it in person a few times and while I'm not a fan of the hood, that Supra is easily one of my favorites. Wish I could have gone to the event. Have one in NorCal next time! :P


Great article! Thinking about checking out one of these events sometime in the near future....


Good stuff Mike, glad I was able to make it out with my car despite the flat tire. Good job from everyone that put this together!


Mad hookup , awesome cars !! greetings from South Africa.


1 Word for it, HAWT ! I saw there was the S2000 Bulletproof, I want more pics of it ;D



The GC8 in the last picture would have looked better in a full-body picture, rather than just showing a fender.


love to check out smi shop!!!!

and i wish i lived in socal =/


@fonzie. I think that 997 is a euro, could be an American car though. ;)


That DC2 looks raped/ Riced


the 'first time for a long time' RTR-X is still looking sick, also love the stance of the dropped Datsun 610 Wagon, i think i agree that the Ford Starliner was the meets 'headliner' - never seen a spoiler like 'that' before on a Porsche 997? car looks the part tho' - thanks for the heads up & crisp photos!


idk, as awesome as an Odyvia conversion job is, the one above doesn't really... pop, I guess. It's not any kind of "OHH CRAP, LSx SWAP" mentality going on right now, cause that's a lot of power to really back up the looks, which is nothing short of impressive. I think it's just the fact that the Odyvia swap has a certain sense of a luxury feel to it, so I guess what's really bugging me is just the "over-aggressive" feel to it. That's just me, it's still an amazing car, it just seems to be missing something, or has a little too much of something. I just can't put my finger on it...


loving the old toyotas!!!


NA 2JZ's dont make much power...


Spotted! Evo X on TE37SL, more pics of that? love it!

The Supra looks like it's been crawling out from a JDM dream.


sick event! i had fun!


@ Mike

Maybe the owner wasn't going for power. Did ya ever think of that? A bit of a conundrum for ya huh? Every build has a different purpose and idea behind it.


my pics: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?fbid=1504677254464&id=1160220004&aid=2056569

went for the artsy angle thanks to your inspiration speedhunters!


That 997 is a thing of pure beauty.


you gotta put up some more shots from this show theres alot of good stuff there.


damn that accord so raw!



I thought the F20 powered orange Levin would have won "Speedhunters Pick". Oh well.

Although I am in the picture of the Sylvia, I'm glad to see that by hiding behind my camera my ugly face didn't break your camera.

Glad to see my beat up EK didn't get any pictures taken of it... wait a minute... this is only part 1! OH NO!


I trust that you are also going to take a bit of video of that Supra? ; ) (no music needed i bet)


Event highlight: meeting DJ Miki Taka! She was NOT hard to look at... and a kickin' DJ to boot. Thanks to Speedhunters, the NFS team and SIM for a great cool event.


liking that cd5 accord with the enkei wheels.


PLEASE more on that Blue GC Subie... Is that a 22B or just a replica ?!?!

Great pics & show btw


Great event - lousy coverage here however mr. garrett. Both pictures and words fail to do justice to this event. Sorry bro !

You left out aTON a bitchin cars and FAILED to give any shine to some important people I saw there.

Stick with the snaps garrett and make your apologys to those you ignored here...


how comes you never post a pics of the 91 corolla sedan beside the datsun? you need to get one up on here sir


WOW! Can someone please tell me what car that is on the left of the LSX Swap picture? It looks like a S13 with a widebody, what bodykit is that!?!!?!?


Do you have any pics of the white Corolla next to Justin's 610?


I love that supra !


When you guys lower your vehicle's, How the heck do u change your oil from time to time? especially if there is no way to raise your car?


Any more shots of the sharknose car from the opening pic?


Nice shots. "Any more shots of the sharknose car from the opening pic?" X2 ...what steelies are those?


I saw that same N/A Supra on Stance Nation.