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It was back down at the feet of the Yokohama Bay Bridge tonight for the second of four Daikoku meetings this week. Coming across a brief unexpected snowstorm on the way there I thought the night might end rather early but it seemed to all disappear as quickly as it started. I put it down to the extreme pollution around Kawasaki's industrial area, causing strange meteorological phenomena to occur. Puzzling weather aside, the hippest Parking Area in Japan was really buzzing tonight…

…with some serious Skyline love!

There was no waiting involved today, the R33 guys were out in force as soon as I arrived so it was just a question of selecting which car to start from!

Save a 400R I think every model of R33 was present, from a Veilside kitted GT-R…

…to an Autech 4-door GT-R…

…and even a GTS-t wearing a full oldschool Nismo aero kit!

Daikoku is always a parade of personalized cars…

…owners coming down to check out what other people are doing to their rides…

…and of course show off their latest mods.

White on white BCNR33, simplicity at its best.

These two cars were tuned by Auto Gallery Yokohama and kept to themselves all night before taking off early. 

GTS-t on 350Z wheels.

GT-R on AVS Model 5s, obviously built for some serious track action.

Not a bad line up, and what a car to start it off!

I think if you park this car against one of those graffitied walls in downtown Yokohama it may blend in perfectly!

Stance is very important, especially on a drift machine.

Cars never really stopped arriving until about 10 pm…

…pulling into the lot and driving around to find an open space next to the other R33s.

But, as with every meeting at Daikoku, there are always so many other cool cars worth checking out.

As soon as I arrived I spotted this lonely BNR34…

…joined later on by this highly modified example. It even had a US-style rear bumper side marker…maybe the owner is thinking of exporting it to the US!

If Darth Vader drove a BNR32 it would look something like this!

No matter what day of the week, you can always expect to find a few exotics down in Daikoku, tonight it was a Murcielago and an F430 Scuderia

This spoilerless BNR32 V-specII really caught my attention. R32's on BNR34 wheels just looks so right!

Only a Nismo-model lip spoiler on the trunk lid for a bit of a drag-racer look. 

FD love! 

There are so many aero kits out there for this car that it's often hard to identify what one car may be fitted with. I recognize the RE-Amemiya front bumper and fenders as well as the Scoot hood, but not too sure on the rear overfenders. 

March 3rd is also a celebration for owners of the C33 Laurel, and there were a few cars gathered at the other end of the parking area.

Not surprisingly, every single one seemed to have been built for drift. 

Lonely JXZ100 on BNR34 wheels.

Next up it's R34s, so make sure you stay tuned for tomorrow night's meeting!

Skyline Week 11

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Oh Dino how i love you for bringing the R33's to speedhunters!


pretty sure that FD has a FEED for the hood.


love the looks of the Laurel's cool as can be - those Auto Gallery Yokohama cars look wicked, the guys are just like me at these types of meet 'keep to myself then jet off early' LOL that did make me laugh. thanks


Trying to wipe the drool away from my chin...


FD = Scoot hood, rest is re-amemiya.

Nice pics


Yikes! Pretty sad showing for the R33 annual meet at the Daikoku. The RX7 looks pretty nice but wish I could see more 33GTRs in the old parking lot.


I love skyline week. <3


Any more shots of the lavender mazda-2?


Dino, you NEVER fail to impress!!


Finally saw some neons. haha. great pics!


love the looks of the Laurel's cool as can be - those Auto Gallery Yokohama cars look wicked, the guys are just like me at these types of meet 'keep to myself then jet off early' LOL that did make me laugh. thanks


More pics of that Legacy wagon!


Top picture, second from the left. Black and white R33. It's PERFECT.


The rear overfenders on the lone RX7 are the version 2 of the AD-GT kit from RE Amemiya. PURE WIN!


You should just live at Daikoku and post every day about the cars that show up.


that overfender on the rx7 is re amemiya's other overfender. The same one on their 20b super greddy rx7


Sorry David but the FD is RE-Amemiya apart from the Scoot hood. The rear fenders are RE-Amemiya as well, just the version from one of their Porsche style kits I think.


love the glowing rotors on the r33 rolling into the lot. what a sweet pic.


WOW!.... nice gathering. I wish I could be there


C33 Laurels are in the top ten of best drift cars.

R34 wheels look good on quite a few cars.


ummmm tasty selection of cars right there!!!! Cant wait for the R34 favourite model of the skyline family :D


what makes that rear bumper on the blue R34 US style?


i love how they associate special days to match with the chassis codes haha its awesome!


More Toyotas.


More photos of that Nismo aero kitted R33! I love that kit, i'd kill for one of those wings if i could find them locally...


Dino, Y U NOT wallpaper.


burefow  cars in   fast  and   fourius  is  dabest