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I've just got back from my first meeting this year. The weather is getting better and the winter projects are done so it is time to show them off. So a lot of VW enthusiasts brought their daily rides and project cars to the Midwinter meeting organized by Team VW Speed. There was a wide variety of different cars present, making this a great event to spot some nice cars and see some of the trends that will surface in 2011.

The Golf MKIII was a popular platform and lots of them came all the way from Germany to attend this show. This version with BBS LM wheels and Vento headlights looked particularly good.

The MKI came in a lot of different guises, from full on show builds to complete stock versions and everything in between like this version. I really liked the color on this one and the ‘phone dial' Porsche wheels looked spot on.

This Polo is one of the latest generations and already featured a full kit, wheels and a nice drop.

Here we have another MKIII with Vento headlights that has been smoked to give it a more sinister look. This one was really low and rolled on a set of Porsche wheels.

I told you it was low.

It is still very popular to mix mash wheels from higher end cars. This MKIV had a set of Carlsson wheels originally intended for a Mercedes.

The fitment of the rear wheels was perfect but the front wheels would have looked better if the owner used a bigger spacer.

When you need a bigger car because you need to bring the kids to school doesn't mean you have to stop modifying. This Seat Cordoba is the perfect example with a nice drop and a set of Porsche wheels.

Old school versus new school, which one would you pick?

When this Audi S8 rolled in it provoked a lot of comments. They ranged from good to bad. I'm still undecided but you can't deny the visual impact.

This MKII rolled hard on a set of chrome BBS wheels and big power upgrades.

The engine bay was covered with a lot of carbon details and chrome pieces.

These Land Rover wheels are going to be next big thing. I think that these wheels are going to be a big hit this year. They looked perfect on this MKV.

But they also looked great on this Passat so I expect to see them pop up on every thinkable VW platform this year.

I'll have some spotlights and a part 2 ready to go this week.

-Jeroen Willemsen

VW Speed 



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more on the blue vw wagon in the last pic, pls!! Nice pics- TY!


Audi S8? don´t you mean A8? the exhaust doesn´t look like a S8, more like an diesel powered one.


Where is this show?!

Looks brilliant, any Mk1 Golfs there?


old school mk1 with pepper pots? yes plz.


Not a big fan of that style...but that A8 looks great...massive!


one of the best [if not the only] looking attempts of making a Seat Cordoba look 'good'.. Audi S8 on TSW Monoblock looks very imposing too - plenty here for those of us who like rims - wicked post, lets have some more photos!


That S8 looks AMAZING!


I didnt know that you guys walking there!

Nice pics and the orange vw golf mk1 was the best of cars!


Land Rover Wheels on VW's? maybe im getting old but that really looks hilarious, and not the good one .... plus that S8 really looks bad .. when wheel choice goes wrong ..


cool meet, i dig the wheel selection trend in the euro scene


The Landie wheels look like Schmidt Modernlines. I can't argue with the results, awesome.


More Info of the Seat Crdoba PLZ


this is long shot and is 6 years old lol but where did you get the spoiler for that? or what is it from?! need one so badly dude! thanks


Thank you for the vw love!! Who would have thought-Land Rover wheels? More please!!


the white vw tsi is very beautiful! and the audi s8 have a two double out exhaust ! so it's just a tuning a8


What was the theme for that day?

Switches are for bitchers or bags are for fags?


Thnx for the pic of my Seat, looks great

greetz Johan


The wheels on the first car look ugly sticking out like that. They would look better as deepdish.


more vws pls...


That blue MKI is just spot on. Not digging the A8/S8, though. Fitment is spot on, but for such a large yet subtly sleek styled car, I wish the wheel style was different. Those just scream for attention and they look pretty cheap.


These land rover wheels are called Mondial Wide 5 Star.


what kind of rims are on that A8? they look pretty bad ass.


I really dont dig this VAG movement.

Just add a ludicrous drop and a set of wheels that are "in" at the time and that's it...



I love this site.


That A8 is sick. Also feeling the Land Rover wheels.


Hella sick VWs, luv girl scout cookies too


wolks fail


Wow! A Cordoba!


ha who would have thought it!!! Land Rover wheels on a VW!!!! oh and the audi looks nasty with those sort of wheels i cant stand them!!! YUCK!


Never thought Speedhunters came to the Netherlands but hey that's cool :D

This was around the corner, drove by a couple of times with my Cupra.

Didn't have much time to go to the meeting but it was quit busy with around a 1000 cars if I have to believe the newspapers :P


That MKIII looks great. The Porsche wheels seem to have a very proportional car/fitment style.


hiding wolfrace katanas under white paint wont make it them any better


Golf owners clearly have horrible taste in wheels....


i love the s8 its fluffy and fuck you.


Agree with Gustav, first MK1's wheels look very average at best with that little amount of dish and the centres poking so much!

I like the Landie rims on the last 2, but weren't there a few cars from last season sporting the same rims? Nonetheless, I think they suit well....what'll be next on the OEM wheel swaps I wonder?!?!?


wow, haven't been to this site in a while. it's sad that cars with wheels literally sticking out past the wheel well are praised as having perfect fitment. what a terrible trend.


@ João;

what do you want to know?


the range rover wheels? wow - I envy them on vdub's


not only are vw the worst cars , their owners are the biggest idiots.


why no picture's of the original Golf Limited 16V-G60 and MkII Golf GTI G60 syncro who where also on this show/meeting??? wauw what a beauties these are.

For me these where one of the most beautiful car's that day :-)


@Matt yes... spacers are for show just like that fender rubbing when lowered on airbags.

(wide spacers are also extremely good for fooking up the bearings, respect the O.E.M E.T. value!!!)

VAG in Holland is all show... no go!

Alas each to their own.


I love the S8


@Greg......VW make some of the best cars and always have, and just becasue you don't "get" the way these cars are modded, doesn't make the owners idiots! Behind old school JDM( and I mean 60's/70's), the VAG movement is my next fav scene!


i like ;D



cuanta bellesa.


The black golf lll is awesome,what a ride!!


how i get the foto's of the golf mk2 with the 1.8t engine




Just Overall Info, and more pics if u could send me like a oproject page or something like that i'd apreciate that :D


check this topic.. http://www.teamibiza.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=10778

everything is in there ;) only you need to join the forum....


@ Sancho

Tks...ill join, but i dont undestand the forum language at all :/