Event>>nfs Socal Pt.3

Let's take a third and final look at Saturday's NFS SoCal event. With some of the best cars the Southern California has to offer making it out to El Segundo, I couldn't think of a more fitting event to wrap up our month long celebration of the car meet.

Here's another shot of the Mastermind V8 S13. There's something about the combo of legit JDM looks and a beastly American heart that makes me love this car.

Lawrence Keller brought out his BRE Datsun 510 replica for the day – another fine addition to the Speedhunters selection of vehicles.

We never got the great JZX cars in the states, but something like this JZS147 GS300 makes a fine substitution when it comes to building a gangster four door.

This colorful S13 has 1JZ muscle under its jigsaw puzzle hood.

I spotted this stylish looking Honda Fit in the parking lot late in the day. Looks like a custom color if I'm not mistaken.

370Z kit with a full Amuse kit. Awesome.

A Z33 sitting alongside the Modified Magazine Evo X project car.

A bagged Y33 Q45 added the perfect VIP touch to the meet.

This hardcore time attack Louts on the other hand is pretty much the exact opposite of a plush VIP sedan.

Dare I say this is the coolest TSX in the US right now? Hard to believe this thing left the showroom as Acura's modest entry level sport sedan.

Our friends from Spectre Performance brought two cars out to the meet. One of them being the infamous 2JZ-powered Ford Maverick. Yep you heard that right, a Maverick with the heart of a Supra.

Gotta dig the old school looks of this S30Z, especially those graphics!

Another one for the Euro crowd – a MK5 Golf pulling off three-spokes rather well.

This wide body Supra should satisfy all of your wildest import tuning fantasies.

I'd seen this beautiful S2000-powered Levin at a few events in the past and was pleased to see that it was out there again on Saturday. This thing is spotless.

Another Evo loaded up with Voltex parts. Function has never looked better.

There's something very cool about S2000's in custom colors.

Well that will just about do it for my coverage of our first ever NFS Socal event.

Once again I'd like to thank everyone who came out. Hopefully we will be able to do something like this again in the future.

Until next time!

-Mike Garrett



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The amuse 370z is, dare I say it, just gorgeous. Also digging the lotus


i LOVE that 90's teal color on that S2000!


V8 powered s13... And a 2Jz powered maverick.... Mmmmmmm that sounds good!


Great writeup, and thanks for the pic of me talking to Gitten in Pt. 1 :)


god am i happy the US didn't get the JZX series cars!


Car spotlight on the Mastermind V8 S13... Killer looking Nissan..


Awesome, simpley awesome... THANK YOU


OMG!! i'd have to take the Mastermind V8 please.. still loving those AE86's, the Orange one is just right!


Is that Honda Fit on RS-Betas?


i see my cressida ;D


That TSX.. blehhhh (N)


The colorful S13 with 1JZ, I think it's Chuck Uemura's S13, but it got no front D: Anyways, beautiful cars. Gotta love the red z33 with meisters.


that TSX reminds me of the J's FD2 front end


That S13 up top is GHHHEEEYYYYY..


more pics of the black car behind the blue maverick?


Bagged Y33 Q45? Q45 is a Nissan President, Y33 is a Nissan Cedric/Cima/Gloria.


putting a Toyota motor in a Ford seems sacreligious......... who gives a crap!?


A quien le van muchachos al 350z rojo o al evo rojo, yo voy al 350z







mastermind chocolate drop s13 sits pretty, nice stance on it


that s2k is super proper


More on the Exige please!


the white q45 is joeys from stickydiljoe.com


The Amuse 370Z is beautifully clean and simple! But can't beat the Lotus! Might try proofreading these articles though. Louts?!?


phwoaaaar love the Mastermind V8 S13. what is the paint color?


That S30 is downright awesome. It kinda borrows it's graphics from Fords old motorsports program, eh?


i still can't get over how ghastly the odyvia's grille is. surely they can do better than that!


what are those rims on the maverick please ?


Clean Cressida next to that Fit!


LOUTS? ha nice pics though mike it happens to the best of us.


No huge surprise that I was more enthused by the time attack style "Louts" Exige then anything else going on.

Some might say that its "sacreligious" putting a Toyota motor into that Ford but lets be honest... Its a Ford Maverick! It was the Probe of its day. There are worse things that they could've done to it.

The V8 S13 looks good but that grille fitment is extremely scetchy. Its a take it back to the shop and fix kind of thing.


HOW DARE YOU! The last picture, I see a brown sharknose zokusha of sorts and you didn't take ONE look at the car for us?!


Love the Supra and GS300!


My favorites are the TSX, the 2JZ Maverick, the time attack Lotus, the S30Z, the widebody Supra, the S2000 powered 86, the JZS147, the 370Z, the S2000 and the Volex Evo.