Event>> Dubshed Pt.iv

Onto the final part of our Dubshed coverage ! I still can't get over just how big a show this was. The organisers have estimated that over 500 cars turned up (they were expecting half of that) and over 2000 spectators came through the gates. I've got to say the show was a credit to the organisers because even if they got double the expected attendance, everything was still well organised to run ahead. Above the red Leon from the first part of the story shows just why airbags are so practical ! 

Skoda Octavia RS – I have a real thing for black four door cars and even a larger want for a sleeper car like an RS Octavia. 

The atmosphere at the show was like most VAG shows, as relaxed as can be. 

Jetta + Alphards – Bonnet Bra = Yes Please. 

This group of airbagged VAGs looked tremendous parked together. Although the functionalist inside me hopes it's not a real MKV GTI that has had the 'bag treatment. Still looks amazing dropped on its Rotiforms. 

Another Jetta, another set of Rotiforms and a massive drop. Still can't argue with the results … 

The wee Giraffe never stood a chance … 

Although these wheels are rocking Vertex centre caps, I'm not sure they're Vertex wheels? 

Thanks to Jordan from Drifted I think we've narrowed them down to VMR V710s. I want them in my life. 

Bagged Jetta on 18" Snowflake style wheels, an unusual but successful combination. 

Someone requested more pictures of the 'Dirty Derv' in a previous post … 

Red Leon on 19s with an aftermarket front splitter.

New Polo on Zender Turbo style wheels ? I'll admit defeat, my wheel whoring skills are still quite weak !

Seat Toledo on Calibre Vintage wheels. Standard body work and a drop on nice wheels is such a simple combination but works so well. 

The Primera from the earlier post after it had some serious stress unleashed on it. 

This Jetta apparently had over 180,000 miles on it … 

A MKIV R32 Golf doesn't really need much to improve its looks. 

MKIV Golf on some 19" Carlsson 1/12s

1300 Volkswagen Beetle was a real crowd pleaser. 

Tidy white MK3 Golf on BBS RS attracted a lot of attention. 

Bentley wheels under a B7 A4 outside the sheds. 

I know plenty of potential candidates for this sticker … 

Simple modifications, maximum results. 

The yellow side of the MK3 from the first post. 

MKV GTI Golf on Alphards – Although a common sight, they still look great on most platforms. 

Phaeton wheels under an A4 – It's kind of strange how good the Phaeton wheels look under anything except a Phaeton. 

20V 1.8 Turbo converted MKIV Golf on BBS RS. 

Dropped Jetta looking good in brown. 

The 'Damn Low' Carrera RS outside after taking part in the car limbo contest.  

Even packing things away into my beloved Caddy, I was still spotting cars I hadn't seen earlier in the day. It's definitely the largest VAG show I've ever attended and perhaps the largest car show that has ever been hosted on this island ? 

The road back turned out to be quite scenic as it had been hidden by the fog travelling up earlier in the morning. 

The long drive home gave me plenty of time to figure out my next move for my own VW. Watch this space … 


Paddy McGrath



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The grey Polo is thrashing around in what look like Compomotive THs: http://www.comp.co.uk/wheels/wheels.asp?range=TH_0061


love the classic red bull truck in the back ground cool snaps


Nice One Paddy, The Jetta on Rotiforms looked Sick :)


why is that Primera here?


ronal r50 aero's on that mk4 in the second to last pic, gorgeous wheels :)


Seat Cordoba on Calibre Vintage wheels = Seat Toledo?


Definitely not a 1300 beetle judging by the gas filler cap.


The dark blue Seat 'Cordoba' is a Toledo, but they indeed look very similar.

The 'NEVERBEEN' sticker is really funny. And to most cars on veedub scene would apply perfectly :)


Cheers guys, sorted that ! Regards the Beetle, it was badged as a 1300 at least !


yes man seat toledooo si si muy wapo y el leon tambien seat made in spainnnn


Good to see more euro scene

BTW that blue one with the Calibre Vintage wheels it's a Seat Toledo


Those are Compomotive THs on the silver Polo. We forgive you Paddy ;) great posts!


The blue Seat is not Cordoba, it is Toledo. And the splitter on CupraR looks pretty standart :)


The caddy is gonna look great with a new nose ;)


Good job paddy, you defo need a wheel whore for shows like dubshed. It was massive didnt even see you all day until the motorway home

good job


Hey, dudes in the blue A4... Haven't you ever heard not to look at the camera?


Great show great coverage Patrick!!


It's not a Seat cordoba, it's a Seat Toledo ;)

Nive coverage ;)


The yellow side of the Mk3 Golf is more pleasing than the green side.


For your Caddy, I would color-match the bumpers and the mirrors, and maybe - maybe - stickerbomb the grille. Maybe. Oh, and get yellow lenses for the little fog lights. How does that sound?


@paddy: not a seat cordoba, but a seat toledo. Nice article!


Mr McGrath, you have been seduced... by the Parked Side.


Paddy, first things first, you need some body colour moldings for the front bumper and bump strips and all that jazz. Then move from there.


First of all: that's not a Cordoba, taht's a Toledo

As for the rest: with a few exceptions its' all show and no go. I mean, how many times can you look at an airbagged car on alphard wheels?


that blue seat qith calibre wheels isn´t a cordoba. it´s a seat toledo.


Nice cars , the new polo with the zender turbo is fantastic

"Seat Cordoba on Calibre Vintage wheels. Standard body work and a drop on nice wheels is such a simple combination but works so well. " it's a seat toledo no?


and the red leon hasn´t got any aftermarket spoiler.


What are the wheels on the Octavia RS please someone


wtf are those bonnet bra's about


More VW Caddy coverage please!!!!


the golf mk5 on bags isnt a gti, its a 1.9tdi


it just gets better and better.. i might have to go next year.. yeah i thought 'Dirty Derv' was a Mark 1 Golf in the previous post, although in Jetta form it is still looking very well presented. - they do like to 'bag them don't they(?) - thanks for quality photo's.


sweet post might try and make it next years, no landrover wheels though? and not as many bentley wheels as i thought i would see in all the post. i think you should get the black plastic bumper removed on your caddy and a gti front end perhaps would be good.


The Beetle's paint job looks flawless !


Best thing on the page is that RedBull Dodge truck in the last photo! I love that thing, seen it all over the country - what about a feature on it!?!


Regarding the bagged beetle it's mine and yes it deff a 1300. Just plenty of work done to get it that low.

Class photos man.