Driver Blog: Mad Mike Whiddett>> The Badbul Unleashed

Sup all Speedhunters! A lot of gamers and fans are anticipating the release of SHIFT2 UNLEASHED at the end of this month and I sure as hell am hanging out for it too! Rod Chong has sent over a few teaser pics of my BADBUL NFS/Red Bull RX8 from in game and I couldn't wait to share them with you all! 

One of the things that always annoyed me with games was you could never get the car's to sit just right (if you're into the same style as myself), one of my main concerns was replicating the look of my car, in a word – Badass. Here you can see the team have accomplished exactly that!

Even down to the zip ties holding on the body work!

It was essential the dish, stretch, camber and offset was all spot on. I must say the team at SMS have done an amazing job replicating the Weds Kranze Bazeria rims and Lokey Industries wide body!

Here you can see how well they executed the livery, the graphics and decals are to no surprise perfect. Their attention to detail is so precise as to what I flossed in 2010 FD series including the incorrect spelling of my last name on the FD door card haha!

Love this pic; what lens did you use here Rod?

I’m excited about the new helmet cam view, this now enables you to see where you are actually going whilst in mid drift rather than looking at K-Rails/ walls and banners. As you can see even my office has been precisely replicated with the HKS sequential box, Tein EDFC, HKS gauges and HKS Camp2 digital dash and Turbosmart E-Boost 2.

So my second main concern was capturing the sound! This was real important and I know a lot of rotary enthusiasts will be eager to hear this for themselves. I was fortunate enough to test the in-game car after Formula D Seattle last year when we visited the EA games HQ in Vancouver.

They had created the overall cosmetics of the car and driving characteristics which had immediately made a massive improvement from Shift1 but straight away as soon as it hit the gas pedal the sound of a crisp 13B screamed through Rod’s speakers. That was not gonna cut it.

So Rod scheduled his sound crew to head out to Willow springs CA for an entire day of sound recording with 11 microphones positioned over the entire RX8. These guys had just finished doing the sound recording/editing for the recent movie Inception so I was confident they would capture all the weird and wonderful sounds coming from the BADBUL. 

Sounds from the pulsing Bridgeport 3rotor, the whistle of the HKS T51R spooling, the scream from the 60mm Turbosmart waste gate, the whine from the Gilmor belt drives, the clank from every gear change and the sweet sound of 666.6hp as it exits the 3 ½” straight pipe.

So in SHIFT2 UNLEASHED I am the Works Champion. You will need to beat me to unlock all my goodies, you also have the chance to win a Mazda FC RX7 with most of the kit from my RX8 including the 3rotor swap. 

The Works FC is also aesthetically pleasing with its oversize wide body, huge dish rims and then of course there’s the symphony of the killer 20b under the hood.

The graphics take gaming to a new level and it’s evident that the input and experiences of the many real drivers featured in the game have a huge influence, ensuring it's the most realistic driving simulation game available.

As the smoke settles and a fresh set of rubber is fitted to the BADBUL I will leave you with that teaser that hopefully has you now even more pumped about the game's release. I am so grateful NFS has given me this opportunity to share the pleasure I get from piloting the BADBUL.  Now you can try and beat me at my own game.


Click HERE to here some layered samples of Mad Mike's Rx8 in game



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Can't wait for this game to come out. Im so excited us rotary enthusiasts are getting pleased.

You guys should make a ringtone of the the BADBUL


i cant wait for this game.


god dam you guys ACTUALLY nailed that sound perfectly from the 115 mil T51 R to the 60 mil gate to the pulse, jesus please don't stop doing what you are doing!


Sooo nice of a sound. I hope this game is as fun as you keep making it sound! lol


you guys have gotten me so excited about this game I went and reserved it yesterday.. I really hope it lives up to the hype!!!!!


looks fantastic..


i hope all the cars have a realistic sound like this one lol. or else this is all ide be driving ahah


omg the sounds are exactly as they are in a real life onboard and or flyby 0_o. are all the cars recorded to such beauty?


That's pretty sick! I used to try and re-create the Team NFS cars in Forza 3, but I just couldn't do them any justice. I'll be sure to have some fun with them in Shift 2, without the pain of having shoddy replicas.

Just curious though: Will there be a feature of the Powers S14 as well, or will we have to wait until the game's release?


The pics are good but the sound samples are awesome ! Can we expect the same level of rendering for all the cars ? Shift 1 felt a bit like all the cars had the same sound. I don't know if you see what I mean.

I have one more question. I attended 24 hours of Nurburgring 2010 and I have to say (again) that the BMW Z4 NFS by Schubert was the car that had THE BEST SOUND of all cars. The sound was crazy incredible and undescriptible. That sound was so characteristic that, at night, even without seeing it, we could tell by the sound it produced, it was that NFS Z4. I don't know what are the restrictions for 24H of Dubai or FIA GT3 but I assume the sound isn't the same because you at Speedhunters, recorded it once (at Silverstone if I remember well) and the sound was nowhere near what it had been during 24H of Nurburgring 2010. I may be mistakening but I think I saw a different exhaust from the regular one of FIA GT3.

My question is, will we be able to listen this fabolous sound ever again ? I really hope a come back for Shift 2 but the trailers seem to say it won't be there sadly...


front mount looks terrible lol just sayin


cant wait!

sounds crisp!


The graphics, detail, sound, physics and just about everything in this game seem to be the best quality anyone can provide with the technology we have no days which is used for gaming.

Love everything about this game, especially that it allows you to have a car that actually has a nice fitment.

One question though:

Are you allowed to choose the stretch of the tires and other stuff like wheel camber, or even stuff like how deep the deep dish.


Thats awesome!! Keep up the great work!!!!


Churr!!!! Can't wait to try this game out!!! Been hanging out to "drive" the BADBUL!!! When I heard that the BADBUL was in this game I was stoked!!! A Kiwi in a video game!!!! Yussss!!!! Eat you heart out Jonah!!!!!!

Yea. Nah.


got the sound fxs so down bro. haha actually FIENDING to jam this now. will it be better than forza? lol still sceptical... when are nz release dates?










Woah! This is gonna be dope. Hopefully this game plays as good as it looks.

Can't wait to crank it over...


Does anyone else want the HKS T51 Turbo sound made into a ring tone lol ... I DO I DO!!!!


I just hope it won't end up like Need For Speed HotPursuit


That engine, so beautiful!


OMG, this is gona be amazing. Is there any chance his Bad Bull 4 Rotor RX-7 is gona be in the game?


You Had Me At BadBull

I'm shattered Mike wont be competing in FD this year :(


omg omg omg!


I've got a question that I don't think has been answered yet. I was really excited when i saw this game so I went out and bought SHIFT 1 for pc. Turns out it hardly works and a few searches show it's the same for everyone who has it on pc. Will this be addressed with SHIFT 2 if it even makes it to pc?


It was an absolute pleasure to work on this piece of artwork. It was a very exciting time for me when I told that my task was to reproduce the badbul in 3D. It was a pleasure to work with you Mike and thanks a lot for your input and time to answer my questions.


Two words PERFECT and KICK ASS


What about the 26b 4 rotor engine? will it be in the game?


looks amazing well done to Bryn Alban who compiled this awesome piece of graphic engineering.


This is the one car i was praying we would have in the game exactly how it is in real life, because it's so damn awsome in real life, this just made my day :) i'm definitely getting this game,it's looking badass,and Shift 1 i loved the sounds cause the cars seemed alive,not like GT5,it feels like a simulation,but with no heart with the sounds feeling rather artificial


I hope the 4A-GE will sound just as nice :3


This is the one car i was praying we would have in the game exactly how it is in real life, because it's so damn awsome in real life, this just made my day :) i'm definitely getting this game,it's looking badass,and Shift 1 i loved the sounds cause the cars seemed alive,not like GT5,it feels like a simulation,but with no heart with the sounds feeling rather artificial


only thing missing is the 4 rotor...


those sound clips are A-W-E-S-O-M-E !! hope they will remain brutal when incorporated in the game!


This just looks so sick :)

Much better then shift 1 ;)

Real cars like this RX8 is just insane!


The samples are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEAST!


will there be no madbul in this game? :(


i really wish they put your 4 rotor fd in here aswell that would be total sex!!!!


Why does this RX8 can have stretched tires and we don't get an option for the other cars :(


That is AMAZING! :) But are u going to make the other drift cars? F. example the bad ass 2JZ Supra "Chucky", or the TC that Aasbo is going to drive this year? :)


Mad Mike repping NZ big time YEEEAAH! i went and pre booked mine yesterday! 25th March release date in NZ.....Mike doing us all proud!


Awesome sounds!

One question that has raised concern tho (totally different subject, but nonetheless very important for drifters with friends ;) ) In NFS Shift 2 will you be able to drift online together with your friends? (for example tandem-drift and team-drift).


i just came in my pants a lil bit cant wait!


by far my favourite car / driver in the feild. Cant wait to play the game it looks/sounds amazing


EPICCCCCCCCCCCCCC please please please please PLEASE confirm these are definately going to be used, or are being used in the actual game because i cant see why you wouldnt!!! omg, hope all the cars are this good sounding!


i love it!!!!!!!

p.s im making drift team for shift 2.


Mad Mike and his car makes RX8 owners (myself) proud.


Faaaarrrrkin sick dogg!


Car looks amazing as it does in real life. Love the car , but dissapointed that he's not running in FD 2011.


looks awsome but quick question why did they use the older RX-8 instead of your new 2010 one