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Sometimes it is hard to choose a car for a spotlight because at certain shows there are so many nice builds. But when you walk around and start shooting cars there is always one car that attracts the most attention. At the Midwinter Meeting it was this orange MKI from Germany. All day long, people hovered around the car and I caught myself doing the same.

It's not as simple as some people said in the comments in my first report of the Midwinter meeting. There is so much more to it than dropping your car and slap on some nice and shiny wheels. If you really want to build something special you need a whole lot more than that.

First you need a base car and what better way to start with a Golf MKI? But then you need something to make it stand out from all the other versions. A nice color always work especially when it is painted in orange.

The owner went with the ‘less is more' approach and that is how a Golf MKI should be built in my opinion.

To really make this car stand out the owner went with a set of BBS E50 Porsche wheels. With all the craze these days about wheels with deep dish he went against the grain and did something completely different.


These wheels measure 17"x6.5 et60 in the front and 17"x7 et65 with 165/35/17 tires wrapped around them. The massive drop has been achieved using components from H&R that has been shortened 80mm so in total the car dropped 150mm.

The engine is a 2 litre 16v with Jenvey throttle bodies that results in a power output of around 190bhp. Chrome is still very popular and this engine got the same treatment including the gearbox and other parts in the bay.

The interior has been kept stock with brown leather seats and dashboard. Very typical for cars from the 1980's.

As you can see in the photos it attracted a lot of people during the day. At first you are attracted by the bright orange paintjob but when you take a closer look you can admire the craftsmanship and love that has been poured into this car.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Midwinter Meeting



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Very nicely done. That engine bay is very impressive.


rims are god awful but thats my opinion... other than that car is clean


fwd, not my thing. but very very cool. i dig itz


i dont like the interior, it don't match with the engine bay , and the rims.


nice way for the fuel line, to bad ugly mounts are used.


So fresh!


Feeling it. Simple is always best.


not diggin the wheels, the car is nice tho. i like supras


It looks straight up wak! ET+60/+65 on 6.5/7J is just lame.


Nice but NEEDS 15"s


Thank you for defending this style of car. Alot of work goes into these cars. They are so much more than a drop with the popular wheels of the hour. This car and many more deserve much respect! Thank you for the love.


a very nice example, good to see that it might of started life as a run-of-the-mill model but now looks very high end. pity about how the seat belts are situated on the "not UK spec" models!


Rad. I'm feelin it. Beautiful engine bay. The wheels are such a bold statement and look great.


definately a clean and cool car. but not diggin those rims at all


Wow the rims are hideous in such a high offset. I hate how he STILL managed to stretch out tires on 6.5 and 7 inch rims. I guess traction and handling isn't important.


car is awesome and i love it. Wheels should be burnt imo


sick, sick, sick, love the rims - anti-lip movement starts now!!!


Nah, never been fond of the Volkswagens.

But seriously, those rims are so ugly!


Love it, and love those wheels, stay well away from the kerbs!


The rims are sick. I especially like the orange/ gold combination.

The car looks great. They interior though.....


Those wheels have got to be some of the worst crap ive ever seen. Europe's cars are like 90/10....90% look so gawdawful you cant stand to look in that direction...the other 10% leave you breathless.

This one is on the 90s. So close to perfect, then those wheels.....


Are those really BBS E50's o.O

i've never seen ANY E50s that look like that...


Your wheels are inside


190hp and 165, stretched to hell, tyres?

Must handle like a dream. A bad dream


To point out a few other touches off the top of my head...... That small early dash is really hard to find in such decent shape without cracks throughout. The 3-spoke Wolfsburg steering wheel and center console are from an early MK1 Scirocco and are equally as rare. The MK1 Golf/Rabbit was either carbed or had mechanical fuel injection from the factory, so an EFI conversion like those Jenvey's requires some serious work. Like you said, much more than some paint, a drop, and wheels.


cool rims.


very nice car! Good looks with a nicely tuned engine! And I really like the color


Everything is really really nice on this car except for one thing! Sometimes going against the grain and trying to be different just simply doesn't work, and a good example is those wheels, they just don't look right in any way. Otherwise, a very nice build and clean car!


Do not like that at all...


Horrid wheels, horrid colour, horrid engine bay.

i reeeeally hope people dont attempt to copy this car *just* because it has a volkswagen badge on it, its not a cool scene




the Jägermeister 's stickers are missing, and it will be a perfect inspiration from the Porsche 934 RSR "Jägermeister".


Horrid wheels, horrid colour, horrid engine bay. DO NOT WANT


Bad ass! So different in many levels. Except for the skinny tires to match the skinny jeans...engine bay is effing clean like stainless silverware, inside subtle and flat like Skippy's, outside like orange flavored jelly at IHOP's

Inside Peanut Butter, Outside Jelly, A Couple Different Flavors For A Bunch Of Hating Neighbors (poor man copyrights)


I really like the wheels but unlike others on this site I'm not going to call people faggots or retards for disagreeing with me.


Overall the Golf is of a high quality finish, Not to my taste, but everyone's style is different which makes it interesting. The BBS E50 wheels would look great on a Porsche 911 (where they were originally!?!) if the outer rims were 2" & 3" wider respectively.


Those wheels are just repulsive and the colour doesn't suit the car at all.


You hellaflush nut huggers need to free your minds


Well its volkswagen.. cool I guess for a fwd car. Finally somebody realizes fwd cars do better with positive offset


ugliness aside, how do you even buy 17" tires in such narrow width with such low sidewalls? Different is not always good, and this is a great example of that. some 15" steel wheels with proper rubber would work a lot better here.


i love the wheels.

one of the reasons the germans are all running big wheels is so that their cars can tuck rim or have small arch gap but still pass the height regulations for the TUV. They have some very strict rules its hard for them.

i personally think the car is really nice and looks better than staggered -50 wheels on a fwd car.


Yuck. Disgusting hipster garbage,


the car has a lot of small details that most people just don't seem to notice. There's a level of workmanship involved to build a car to this level. I appreciate it. I think the rims are a bold choice, and have seen a few others with crazy high offsets. cool to see something unique.


wheels are dumb


Rims are great !!!!


After our look at the Tuners and the Race & Drift cars at the Essen Motor Show, let's turn our


After my visit to the 10th edition of the Midwinter meeting organized by Team VW Speed I noticed that


What size are those wheels?